Jae Millz - NBA Allstars Lyrics


(Let's Go) It's the N.B.A!
(YEA) They cheerin for me
(Huh it's me) And now (captain of the team)
(I love you too) (Alright let's go) Startin at
(I love you too!)All 5 positions (ha-ha)
Straight from Harlem N.Y.C
(Lights out for me) it's Jae Millz
Ownin on the beat...it's the N.B.A!

We up and down the court
Back and forth
Save the talk for the post-game
It's time to ball
It's the N (n) B (b) A (a)
N (n) B (b) A (a)!!
I'm shootin, I'm dishin
I'm dippin, I'm dunkin!
Nobody lazy on my team
Playa we all runnin
It's the N (n) B (b) A (a)
N (n) B (b) A (a)!!

[Verse 1]
Homie I'm too fast for an instant replay
You gotta freeze that, speed back
The defender ain't even see that
Guardin me is like the ref. tryin to D' Shaq
Or seein a citizen tryin to guard T-Mac
Don't even reach haters
I'm like B. Davis
One dribble (LOOK)
Now I'm past three playas
No matter who you ask (ask)
I'm the main topic
Roll it better than Gerve
Not even Yao can block it
When I'm heatin up
There's no way to stop it
Perform like LeBron

Dribble up stop and pop it
I'm like Jermaine O'Neal
Fresh outta high school
Playa don't hate me
Get the roc and switch speed fast like Steve Nash
And get my Jason Kidd on and dish off a sweet pass
And just when you think the lane to the basket is empty
I finish it off with an oop like Finely OH!


[Verse 2]
I'm tough in the zone
Can nobody stop me? (Nobody)
And I love this game
It's not just recreation or a hobby
No point-guard
But my no-look is swifter than Vlade's
And my young energetic defense is like Omarie's
So don't drive down my lane
Cuz like Artest
I won't just lock you up
I'll rap you in chains
And in offense
Who you gon get to get me
When I'm movin' through the D swiftly
Rainin on 'em like Nowitzki
Droppin trips like Stojakovic
My shot fierce like Paul Pierce
I barely acknowledge picks
Put your best man on me
Put your whole camp on me
I'll leap over your team like Vincanity
Or Shawn Marion cause I be jumpin
But my game is big
Like T.I.M Duncan
My heart is huge like Iverson's
And if you ever guard me, like Marbury
I'm invitin 'em and slicin 'em


[Verse 3]
I doubt you find anyone as smooth as this
I'm a Vet like Erving
Whether it's Johnson or Julius
The court is where my heart beat
You can't guard me
I'm a beast on the court
Like Lenny B. and Barkley
If I want I can glide like Clyde
Or drain three's in your eyes
Like Byrd from any side
I could, lace up my sneaks
And leap like Dominique
Or I, could give your team flashbacks
Of Pistol Pete point blank
Gettin the win for my team is the job
That's why, on the court
I'm the King like Bernard
All in above the rim like Daryl Dawkins
Or flat our single handedly
Disgracing your team like Jordan
Either way I'm puttin it down
Playa I been had games
Since I've checked
The Mack-a-Do was around
You ain't gotta ask
You know how I'm built
Drop three digits on your team
Alone like Wilt
You know what it is


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Jae Millz NBA Allstars Comments
  1. CodeBreaker

    One of the best AllStar game intros ever 🔥

  2. Kath Lee

    Nowitzki, Wade and James❤

  3. Cassandra Lee


  4. Owen Smith

    We need Kevin Hart doing the intros every year no cap.

  5. Ariel Aulia Daizar

    Giannis is fine af he looks so humble

  6. zhawin

    Looking back now, LeBron literally picked his team as if they will pick em up next szn.. basically all of them he tried except for wade and Lamarcus. Lol.

  7. Daniel

    Is it just me or is Steph's cheer louder than Kemba 😂😂

  8. Tupac Shakur

    Brooklyn lets

  9. Jarifurrr

    Now add Kendrick to the mix 😈💯

  10. Starlise Jun.from.17

    Lol they kept showing that same girl!! that upset me lol like show the guys or at least other people

  11. Sa. Br.

    Whats the song called at 8:47? Thanks

  12. Kolz J6

    Kawhi: *no man stop it, I'm not smiling*


    Kolz J6 lmaooo

  13. Kolz J6

    I miss Kevin Hart roasting every NBA Stars in Live TV highkey 😂

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    Russ Westbrook is me when my crush start complimenting me

  16. Dylan David

    Brooklyn Lets 🤣🤣

  17. MTran0708

    What song are they playing during team lebron?

  18. Wassee Judah Israel

    Name of the beat on 11:24?

  19. Manan Agarwal

    Which was the song to which team giannis starters were introduced

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    Dlo my g🔥🔥🔥

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    12:44 Kawhi smiles lol

  22. Alex Castillo

    Westbrook look so mad that he didn't make the starting lineup lol

  23. Lanz Matthew

    Team LeBron dudes really love moving back and forth

  24. jaytolbert9

    D Wades intro...Salute

  25. Κωνσταντινος Ασημακόπουλος

    06:50 May i have the name of this song please????


    Ima boss - meek mill

  26. Siphe

    Anyone who knows where i can get the beats after meeks performance, damn sounds so good in the background

  27. De Creed

    Meek mill tough asf ,no joke!!

  28. Yasser Stass

    The first 5 minutes is just a shame for humanity!

  29. FoxDoesGaming

    What is the title of the songs

  30. Eduardo Hernandez

    12:39 Damn that chick has the feels for The Fun Guy.

  31. Andrew Gutierrez

    4:06 ain't that song on 2K

  32. Matthew Ritter

    Really chose Beal over gobert...

  33. Jamal X

    Who back here because the season ain't Start Yet

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    What if the nba players danced to the music

  35. Noodles Raids and Dungeons

    Dirk look like he boutta cry lol. And they did bradley beal dirty

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    the music really legend

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    This get me so hype I want to work out.

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    What's songs name 8:14

  39. Lyre Eddamag

    Everybody just talkin bout the super bowl af

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    Streets saying they need that dope
    They having withdrawls

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    Meek mill and king j are the best


    Beat at 10:38 ?

  43. Exclusive Deliveries

    Man You and Cole are top tier ya born to do this.......................

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    What is the name of the second song guys ?? Please 🙏.

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  48. Carlson

    I like that echo effect on Lebron, LEBROOOOONNNN JAMES James James James James James James James James....

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    Not sure if you found it by now but it's called 'ima boss'

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    The look at Stephen curryface when the dude say from Charlotte North Carolina lol

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    They should go back to the West and East format

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    Dlo is from what team?

    Adrian Diaz

    8 o i9 u k u

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    The hole world is watching nba.

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    5:16 did anyone hear the way he said Brooklyn Nets

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    Isn’t Kyrie Irving from Melbourne Australia

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    who is there after the wnba all-star introductions?

  59. UGO DAU

    13:39 wow i didn't know LeBron won the FIBA World Cup with his national team for 3 times...that's impressive, congrats...

    Fuckin americans' ego

  60. John Shepherd

    Who else heard him say the Lets instead of Nets

  61. Omar Saho

    Meek of championships🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯

  62. MTMBeats

    Best opening ever

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    KD & Kyrie on the Brooklyn Let’s 🔥🔥

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    Please get jay z this year.🥰

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    No Kevin Hart intro? WHAT!!

    Zuko23 Bfo

    Onyeil onyeil it was last years

    Onyeil onyeil

    @Zuko23 Bfo He should do it every year till he can't do it anymo. Great idea adding jokes to intro

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    does anyone know beat for giannis? thanks whoever will reply my comment

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    Team Lebrons starting line up is actually over powered

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    they shoulda had travis perform here instead of the superbowl bruh 😂

    and yes ik travis did perform at like the nba awards last yr but that was in a room full of nba players sitting down. this is way more his environment

  70. Dillon Smith

    I like how it was in Charlotte but Meek acted like it was in philly.😂

  71. You boi Max

    Did anybody notice that they said Bookyn nets for D’Angelo

  72. nonplussedsurfer 4691

    What do you mean australias first all star what about kyrie hes australian

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    Very good song! I've heard it before.What's this song?

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    baseball Player uptown vibes

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    murder look 6:17

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    Commentator: The rookie of the year, is favored to win it again, Ben Simmons

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    Can we give it up for the announcer as well? His voice really hyped the atmosphere!

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    I wish rose have entered that..

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    dirk and wade... end of an era

    i dont get all the smoke and goofy music.... NBA is so childish sometimes.... its a league targeted towards teens lol

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    i liked Drakes jumpman one better tho

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    Then going bad
    Then uptown vibes
    Someone tell me the fourth song please!

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    千年之狐狐鸣风啸 Dreams and nightmares

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    4:24 Meet the Team Giannis

    9:57 Meet the Team LeBron

    Ray Lizana

    4:43 Reserves for Team Giannis

    6:49 Starters for Team Giannis

    10:12 Reserves for Team LeBron

    12:16 Starters for Team LeBron

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