Jae Millz - Ice Cream Lyrics

Love town nigga till the day I die
Niggas had their time, still tryna get on mine
If you tried, then you flapped, then you had your chance
Now move and enjoy the rest of that fitine while you can
I always play it cool with these rap niggas
But fuck that, nigga, I'll get in your ass, nigga
New boy George, I know that, nigga man, we calling cap
Niggas from the shotgun, bullets, we pass the niggas
Been here befo' and I'mma be here after niggas
They for the moment dope, but I'm for the everlasting nigga
Swerve it down, simple pads, since we're blasting
Looking at the Dikeman blunt action with a stallion
Western nigga, Moroccan and Italian
My mom's was a mixture, pops fresh off the Allan
Been hot since Ashley, bent slated her balance
Black buff Caesar, another African medallion
Take a few days, my team is stalling
Had to fight to make it back across the bridge
Cause Bronx niggas was wilding
Kids radar, I'm still able
Run shit like the Mayor, New York savior, fuck handouts
No favors, I'm a money maker, born a money maker
When motherfuckers 'bout that paper, fuck a hater
Baby, watch this Harlem nigga get all up in your guts
I don't give a fuck which [?] came off your butt
Hold up, 1990+, flow, big and tough
[?] when the ice cream trunk, motherfuck

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Jae Millz Ice Cream Comments
  1. sk8barber

    Milz a legend

  2. Abony Blanchard