Jae Millz - Hold On Lyrics

I switch flows like mannequins switch clothes
Call my girl the bag lady, she just switch and go
Shine on hoes, when she walk even her switch glow
Nice frame and she pose like she in vogue
And I ain't talking 'bout the group
I'm talking the magazine, like Martin, I have a dream
He [?], rich enough that I don't give a fuck
[?] state, like Gatsby, party and live it up
They downplaying my success but I don't live off luck
And anybody across you, so I don't live off trust
Top down on the jeep
Coughing on sour and a sweets
Sprinkle powder on the street, tossed the profit in a stash
Fuck my money up, you tossing back shots, no glass, no gas
I'm a true Harlem nigga 'til I pass
Keep a top notch bitch, [?] down to her ass
Niggas countin' me out, I was down in my last
Had to bounce back like 'Money May' off the ropes
I don't play, I don't joke
When it come to the flow
I run circles around these niggas like I'm lapping 'em
You left the club in a sedan, like damn
Too many hoes, ran out of space, started lapping 'em
Call me sugar Jae [?], what's for dinner
Roundhouse, rappers upper cut bars, no jabbing 'em
The rap game used to be lyrical
Now your name don't mean shit if you ain't digital
Speak my mind in rhymes, motherfuck your interview
Let this hollow fly in your body give it an inner view
I make a few racks then I spend a few
If I'm in something designer then my lady in it too
A couple jams, I've been in a few
Down ass bitch, using a pencil only time she hold a number two
T-bone steaks and champagne
[?] everything is the campaign
New york blood in my veins, bitch I can't change
I come fuck shit up and leave like I can't aim
Hold on to your love baby
Just enjoy this good dick, don't go love crazy
[?] blue spur in the guts gravy
And these niggas is meatloaf, I'm D-Rose
Back off an injury, not a better sympathy
Rappers albums dropping but they flopping
Or pretend to be, hotter than you are
Going wood, ain't no wood to me
Like Millz, what you sold?
I guess we gotta wait and see, nigga

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Jae Millz Hold On Comments
  1. ChompingDiMystik

    Surprisingly well done... im not a huge Millz fan (mainly cuz he signed to YMCMB) but this joint dope.

  2. fuckyourfresh

    who does the original "hold on"??

  3. Eddie Sille

    Not bad...

  4. - Swayze -

    Damn.. i was expecting some garbage but this shit fire !! Dis dat real hiphop right here...