Jae Millz - Above The Rim Lyrics

I'm coming for whoever is poppin'
And I'm feeling like cow wax
And I'm in my crib with my push-ups and my sit up shit
Lost 30 pounds now I'm back with some filling shit
Murder was the case on MP
I', ma kill this shit
Everybody is on competition
If you rap, you're getting it
You think that the haters are like little boys with stomach
I'm feeling downy
Slick mouth with a slicking closet
No guilt just some quicks and a bunch of flashing
No one learns
Kiss my day when I ride with you
Cause when this humming bird
Niggas will be the ones who fly
I heard a nigga saying
I'm done, get off my dick
There's no room, I'm already fucking your wife inside
Give my money and I'm gone
I'm master full of strength
I ain't asking what I don't want
Kill the motherfucking Pete like in the casquette of the lounge
Chicking them rappers it's like
I'm eating a basket of corn
Dress me as your Majesty
I sleep good cause I know that it ain't no one as bad as me
Deep, deep girl, in your mouth like a cavity
Rappers want a battery
Tragedy, why at my casualties?
I'm actually a man like a masterpiece
Superman swallowing kids like'
Up down all my'
Were raised by losers
I was raised by the movies
And I'm not talking furniture, nigga
I'm talking snowflakes
Keep a theme with me to test how a dope is
Poking this game in this bitch
Then you supply 50
Third wing on my chick back
I'm a bullshit
Don't be stupid, get a grip up early
But I'll do you like a birdy, motherfucker

Is that above the rim right here?
1990+ shit
Dididididi da ri da
Didididi da ri da
Up down, nigga
And wild nigga
Shut the whole up town

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Jae Millz Above The Rim Comments
  1. Rome

    Millz flow nice asl

  2. Robert Tanner

    snoop doggy dogg  "Pump Pump"..1993

  3. trudon

    jae millz should come back to battle rap


    He needs to until his rap career goes some where

    samuel adams

    mrcrack15 most definitely

    Lorenzo Chapman

    He's back!!!!!

  4. Benjy

    Nice af

  5. Jdubbz Jamison

    I'm Jdubbz, a young recording artist from NY,please take some time out of your day to listen to & critique my music. https://soundcloud.com/therealjdubbz