Jade, Samantha - Shake That Lyrics

Shake that
We're gonna take it
From Miami to Australia
Shake That
That's Right

Tell me what you've been drinking
I can tell what you're thinking
That I'll be yours for the weekend
Honey, I gotta do it my way so
Don't rush, don't rush
Just lay low
But be ready when I say go

If you just want one hit
I guarantee you'll miss
Because my heart and this
They go together
If all you want is fun
Then after that you're done
I'd rather wait for someone
Who loves me better

Don't talk to me
Prove to me
You won't only be

One foot in, one foot out
Gotta step up
If you wanna get down
Shake that
Shake that
One foot in, one foot out
Better man up
If you wanna get down
Shake that
Shake that

I'm all about my business
Make 'em work, make 'em work
With the quickness
Girls, can I get a witness?
Honey, I ain't sayin' I'm perfect
But I know I'm deservin'
And I'm gonna make it worth it, yeah

If you just want one hit
I guarantee you'll miss
Because my heart and this
They go together
If all you want is fun
Then after that you're done
I'd rather wait for someone
Who loves me better

Don't talk to me
Prove to me
You won't only be

One foot in, one foot out
Gotta step up
If you wanna get down
Shake that
Shake that
One foot in, one foot out
Better man up
If you wanna get down
Shake that
Shake that

(Wanna get)
(Wanna-w-wanna get down-down)
(W-wanna get down)

Shake that
I wanna see you in your birthday suit
Take that
Mami, show me where your sweet little cake at
I wanna take a little nibble or maybe a full bite
And make a full night, I roll dice and gamble
Too hot to handle
Me, I'm all ears unlike Vincent Van Gough
So tell me what you want, tell me what you need
Tell me what you like and I'll do it, do it right
Me, I'm 'bout my business
No, I'm not the mob
But your boy got a hit list
My life's my trial
Jehovah's my witness
Rewind it a couple of times
And maybe you'll get this
You need a man in your life
Them boys that you're playin' with
Ain't doing you right
Two times, say it twice
Need a man in your life
Them boys that you're playin' with
Ain't doing you right
Samantha Jade, talk to 'em

One foot in, one foot out
Gotta step up
If you wanna get down
Shake that
Shake that
One foot in, one foot out
Better man up
If you wanna get down
Shake that
Shake that

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Jade, Samantha Shake That Comments
  1. Judge Dredd

    She can be my funky town for life :) true blue aussie girls for true blue aussie men like me :)

  2. Howie Ghana

    Incredible song AND video! What a beauty she is!!

  3. Bashir Artushi1

    Pitbull and Samantha! 🔥💋

  4. itzboba

    I remember being a Sammi fan, I am back in my childhood (I was a fan before Ariana Grande, I became a fan when it was 2014)


    Pitbull zero

  6. Thony Souza Official


  7. Indyanya Ta

    Mr worldwide girls line up... who’s who? Jk ha I’m sorry Sam

  8. Angela Darlington

    Pitbull's role in this song was only to look cool, do one verse of rap and throw in the occassional "yeah". Hahaha!

    Sebastien Le

    That's pretty much his whole career

  9. LaserBlox Gaming

    this should’ve been posted on Pitbull’s channel!
    would’ve got more recognition

  10. Bella Cuar to cruz

    HELLO,,, #2019

  11. Simply Erin xo


  12. Aoi Nightcore

    Actually, I think Pitbull doesn't care about Samantha Jade and this song..... So sad..

  13. Suerte y Pulso

    Anyone else here because of the Today Show performance?
    Her voice is liquid silk. I want to hear more!

    edit: I need to hear more!

  14. Grigoriy Snitsar

    I like it!

  15. bollyBob1980

    Songs that require Miss Jade to be charismatic and sensual suit her best. Heartless by Kanye West was sublime. Her aura supersedes Kylie for Kylie was no Bond girl, Samantha was born to be one; I particularly like that she keeps improving. Miss Jade is the unfinished article in the best way possible. I was not a fan, but am fast becoming one. Congratulations and keep it up.

  16. Yuli Darmi

    The best song Pitbull and Samantha Jade

  17. Isaiah Tukuvaka

    sweet talk pipis samanathra jade OK kiss joyne me candan OK at candan your jade star romieo kiss loves..

  18. Isaiah Tukuvaka

    went candan city with young joyne holiday beers candan city boss joyne sex inside room OK..bed going no beer no party like Sydney going crazy wild party OK jade angry for fat pipis joyne OK loves kiss sicks come back Mary street OK jade drives town romieo drive at back of me romieo OK..byes kiss loves wife Sarah your best friend kiss loves..

  19. Decki Iswandi

    the best

  20. kaytlen craig

    Hey 😊😊😊😊

  21. johnny lo ricco

    This song is a complete smack in the face  Hit ...Deservers air play world wide, managment please but her on  James Corden show USA and any show like that in the UK,people will go nuts

  22. Michiko chi

    I cant stop listening to this song..
    Watch it over anfmd over again.. Love Samantha Jade 😍😍

  23. Don Pepino30

    The shake that of eminem is better than samanthajade

  24. selene smart

    One of the shittiest songs pitbull has been in

  25. Mina Spainrose


  26. reversed music

    Eminem shake it better

  27. ASHKAN aeon .

    👌👏👏👏👏👏good jabe

  28. Michiko chi

    i hope i can do collaboration with both of them someday. and make a good music, good video, and good album. A music that can be revolusion of the music itself.. music that can make people dance, happy, and smile. music that can inspires the people to do a good thing to other.. NOT like the music nowadays, only concern about sex, kissing scene, almost porn..,. 🎶🎶🎶 .
    ↗leave comment, if you agree... down below.

  29. Jay Nightclaw

    ❗️ Samantha Jade's brand new smash "Circles on the Water" is available NOW! 🔵💧
    Stream on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/2EnaF6Nll7GTSAyaXvd2qW
    Buy on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/circles-on-the-water-single/id1239657509

  30. Raito Digital

    Cooperation with Pitbull? Too little to late. Should do it right when his first hit came out. She should find better luck with Bebe Rexha or Macklemore right now.

  31. Paul Palogakis

    Samantha has an amazing voice !!!! she is very sexy. !!!!

  32. Tamás Kiss

    Sexy and hot clip.

  33. Lawrence Dangel

    lol not even 1 million views. talk about a flop.

  34. Colox

    this is not the "shake that" that i was looking for

  35. Pak Samnang

    I'm going back and forth just to see this vid music reaches 1 million views

  36. RampantArtist

    he said he's like Vincent Van Gogh... uh, no, just no. I like some of his tunes for the sound but Van Gogh he is not.... looks more like lounge lizard larry

  37. Modelfanatik4

    961.961 views . Good job everybody.1 million views.

  38. worldunivers.1

    you call this rap?
    what the fuck happened to you bald bitch

  39. Usvahauahahghab Bsbshehshhah

    Great Collab 👌 Luv from USA👌

  40. AJ Nappy

    wow not even a mill views
    ahha rip

    Usvahauahahghab Bsbshehshhah

    AJ Nappy ah look again

    AJ Nappy

    Usvahauahahghab Bsbshehshhah nope still behind 1 million



  42. Mikayla Hall

    Hi Samantha Jade I LOVE your song it is one of your best Please Reply Samantha I'm 11 yeas old but I'm null 12.

  43. Eva Blanca Uguina


    Sean Leckey

    Eva Blanca Uguina she also my future

  44. Kayla Tavares

    good song

  45. James Pelletier

    Anyone else find all the camera cuts off putting?

    Alejandro Ochagavía

    Yeah this almost looks like the fucking Catwoman basketball scene

    valerie therrien

    Shake that sexy

  46. G SAU

    Thank god for Audacity so I can edit Putbull out of what is otherwise a not bad song. Fkn Pitbull. That dog's shit is everywhere!

  47. Jade Chotard

    my name is jade

  48. r Sweet

    Why is she so beautiful?

  49. The Goddess

    vaya una copia de britney spears

    Eva Blanca Uguina

    jajaja, mas quisiera Britney Spears cantar en directo como Samantha

    Edson Luís

    Lara лариса Never

  50. Tina hagh

    I love this song
    I'm your fan Samantha ❤️😍

  51. jeyagi the poet

    Lol she added pitbull but she still has 700,000 views :3

  52. Sangharsh Bhondekar

    I seriously think Pitbull and Samantha shot this video at Miami and Australia respectively!!

  53. Judge Dredd

    I wish you would sing blues.. with soul :) you would be awesome....

  54. Kaylane Vitória

    like....not i love

  55. Alleigha Lester

    My 'guy friend' has a huge crush on sam and now he's got shake that stuck in my head
    THANKS Isaac

  56. YTB S

    Love you os much

  57. Alex Truong

    wow the young kylie minogue

  58. Paul Nickerson

    Absolute horeshit.

    Kyle Turner

    +Paul Nickerson could not agree anymore

  59. oysinims

    wow cool

  60. Anna L'Aimable

    Done omg that's amazing Sami

  61. dj12

    Dancing with the Stars, anyone ?

  62. jose luis Garcia

    Vil dio zoo si ayo erro dio erro al ah río erro OC en OC el OC OC OC inning punk red Unix error UFO pos leeR la así otra mayo IEEE Pum MHz erro kHz ario Hz zoo tul kHz erro luz Irak kHz la otra las el

  63. divizionx

    anyone have a version wtihout MR305

  64. Mia Stanton

    u guys are are awsome and Samantha your my fave singer 😘😚

  65. yangsta9

    this is why i cannot tolerate the australian music industry when they try to promote artists like samantha jade they get shit producers and shit songs, this is pitbull and samantha jade and not even a million views when i heard the first few seconds of this track i knew it was not going to be a hit, you got to talented artists why why why not a get a better producer and song choice

  66. Anna L'Aimable

    Shake that

  67. Cai Miranda

    Why are people being so hateful against Sam and her music ?? She Aussie, like come on. What is she gonna sing about, sausages on the BBQ... no !!! This song does deserve heaps of credit, and needs to be promoted everywhere. But people saying her music sucks won't get her anywhere and quite frankly she's an amazing artist. She's better than those artists that sing about drugs and love... and its not like you people that are picking on her music, could do any better. I would love to see you guys try to make a decent album with less than 12 months... trust me it's difficult.


    +Cai Miranda its not her music it the sony australia people who are promoting her that are not doing a good job at directing her career because they are the ones that call all the shots

  68. jaziii kaur

    This song is amazing...good job Samantha

  69. Jay Nightclaw

    Love this song? Make sure to buy Samantha's new single "Always" on iTunes now: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/always/id1056026736?i=1056026965

  70. Cheryl Gavreluk

    Sammi is awesome!!!!!

  71. pablo5p5

    love it

  72. Liz Colaiacovo

    Love it so much I want to see you

  73. owowoful1

    This song should have been promoted in the USA too and it would seriously have launched her career into the stratosphere! Why does Sony Music Australia never make any attempts to market our singers from Australian xfactor overseas like UK xfactor does? Samantha Jade could seriously have taken the U.S. by storm- body, personality and voice are all on point, your loss Sony and love you Samantha no matter what ❤️

  74. lsyun0129

    Another shitty copy of 'Problem' Geez

  75. SamanthaJadeMusic


  76. Mel Kennedy

    I am a beautiful d

  77. Erlangg Ariefi

    I tought ariana sing this 😂 bcoz that voice hear be like

  78. Kenzie_Kat

    I met Samantha jade 3 years ago. in a special event I met her backstage. since her appearance on x factor. I still love her!

  79. Ростислав Рогозин

    Nice video clips( ft. Pitbull)

  80. MIN HUA

    She is good:)

  81. Isabel Rodriguez

    not a lot of people liked it.

  82. James Wellington

    Why on Earth wasn't this song an international hit?!!... What is going on with her 'record label'?!?!?

  83. Isra Adiputra

    young Kylie Minogue

  84. Millicent Okonkwo

    she rocks even though she's from Australia

  85. Matthew Hickman

    This sounds like Ariana's song 'Focus'. ;)

  86. Caleb Montgomery

    she's so hot 😍

  87. Kane

    she should of never auditioned for x factor aus and instead gone through YouTube and be picked up by a label, sony music australia never promotes their artists and it's quite sad how people from example Step Up have no idea she is back...

    But then again, they've already killed out Reece Mastin, Marlissa & the newest winner has the same cheesy song as Reece did with 'Good Night', it's quite sad..

    Hopefully Sammy changes labels soon.

    Kylie Middleton

    Find the difference



    +Kane Ok Dude exactly right. And the worst part is that they (Sony) keep using DNA Songs to pump out 'hits' that go nowhere. They need some inventive and innovative production rather than cookie cutter crap which, let's face it, isn't doing shit for their artist roster. I know that DNA didn't produce this track but they do for a lot of the Sony Music roster.

    Danny Di Nunzio

    +Kane Ok i am from canada and i just found out about this girl from a list called "hottest girls to audition on xfactor"

  88. D. Theo

    I'm really annoyed that this song didn't get more popular because it is so damn catchy and it had Pitbull; thought it would promote her presence in America. Plus that sustained G5 is literally my life. :P

    She's a fantastic vocalist technically and musically (cough unlike most X Factor contestants cough) and I wish Australia could get deserving acts onto the global stage like X Factor USA and Britain can. :/

  89. Susu Lala

    Tries to hard !

  90. Deafia loves TACOS


  91. Jack Pedersen

    Kylie is that you!?

  92. It's TimTam Time

    love this song

  93. Emilee kilian

    One foot in
    One foot out
    If you like ducks
    Then shout it out loud
    Quack that
    Oh ohohohoh
    Quack that