Jade Bird - I Get No Joy Lyrics

Military march
In and out my head
Everything I did
Everything I said
Take you to the arch
For your happiness
Or spend it like a lark
Singing for nothing

I get no joy
I get no joy
All the words my mother said
Can't seem to get them out my head
Everything becomes everything
You live, you learn, you love, you're dead
I get no joy

Together and apart
Do it all again
Right back to the start
Straight up to the end
I'm such a fool
Got everything and you
Yet my heart is so blue
I'm singing for nothing

I get no joy
I get no joy
All the words my mother said
Can't seem to get them out my head
Everything becomes everything
You live, you learn, you love, you're dead
I get no joy

I swear that I don't pay attention
If I did, would intervention come to me in a dream?
Or is that just what the directors and the pills and
Other deflectors would have you believe?
Psychotic, hypnotic, erotic; which box is your thing?
Fact how many days a week
Do you feel
Electric, connected, unexpectedly affected?
What do you need?
What do you need?

I get no joy
I get no joy
All the words my mother said
Can't seem to get them out my head
Everything becomes everything
You live, you learn, you love, you're dead
I get no joy

I know the sun will shine
Another day another time
I know the sun will shine
Another day another time
I know the sun will shine
I know the sun will shine
Electric, connected, unexpectedly affected
What do you need?
What do you need?

I get no joy
I get no joy
All the words my mother said
Can't seem to get them out my head
Everything becomes everything
You live, you learn, you love, you're dead
I get no joy
I get no joy

No joy

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Jade Bird I Get No Joy Comments
  1. Anchal Sharma

    Underrated masterpiece

  2. JT F

    I hate this fucking song

  3. Brenda Yenitzel

    I came because of artv's best songs of 2019 countdown
    I regret nothing 💖💖

  4. Andy Frise


  5. Dan Miller

    Maybe you're trying too hard.

  6. Chris In Concho-County

    One of the most horrible songs I've ever heard.

  7. Guus van Vught

    What is the name of the car?

  8. Slampion

    This is literally the most annoying song on the planet. It fucking sucks.

  9. Yvette Gonzalez

    This song was on @ the Walmart this morning. Thanks Walmart for introducing me to this song.

  10. Robert Currie

    Thank you WFUV for turning me on to this artist!

  11. Stephanie Schutz

    This song came on SUN radio Austin Texas again and I looked up the lyrics. Thank you for saying things straight

  12. Finn Lander


  13. Nugsy Malone

    Yea if you could go ahead and stop making music, that would be fantastic.

  14. Sho

    I really loved the visuals in the video. I felt like the video talks about a girl who was in a toxic relationship and always changed her actions to suit his needs and it made her sad. She continued acting for him till she realised she no longer wants to do it anymore. She decides to leave the relationship altogether and this leaves him confused because she could no longer be manipulated and thus is no longer in his control. I loved the vocals and the power behind the song. Loved it. Much love to Jade Bird for such a beautiful song.

  15. I T S O K ENQ

    Lamentable la verdad.

  16. tommy gun

    See Jade live with the misses about one month ago she sounds way better live!

  17. tommy gun

    This needs more views!

  18. パンダの死体

    I get no job

  19. Dro khachatourian

    This is the dumbest song of all time

  20. Gibbstronic

    This song has big mid-90s vibes.

  21. A Public Forum for Discussion

    I get a lot of joy from this

  22. tommy gun

    This is so good love Jade Bird 🦅

  23. Fabio Arias

    Tbh I thought this song came from the 90’s

  24. 3IN1CRAFT

    I Hate this song!

  25. ThiccWizardProductions

    Just my opinion but this song annoys the FUCK out of me for some reason

  26. Armando The gamer/12

    Best song I’ve ever heard 😂😂

  27. al bi

    why is she only 600k's?

  28. Michael Brodie

    Of course you get no joy. You're jaded.

  29. James East

    Damn does she song her heart out or what. Shes awesome.

  30. Jason

    Personally, this is honestly one of the most terrible songs Ive ever heard in my life. It sometimes comes on the satellite radio at work and we all just groan.

  31. Herwan Dinata

    Ahh...Ahh...Ahh I get no job

  32. JT F

    What a horrible fucking song. Completely untalented

  33. Sheepdog

    This is the WORST song I’ve ever heard. They play it at my office and everyone hates it!!!!!!!! There’s about 150 ppl here.

  34. ARIEZ YT

    This shit comes on everyday at my job (Ross) every time I hear it, it makes my day worse

    A Public Forum for Discussion

    so you come here to listen again?

  35. Frank Fonteyne

    Son and heir production? Like "How soon is Now?" by the Smiths?

  36. eric Pedraza

    Sorry, but i hate this song

  37. Kev'z Sab'z

    This girl needs to be nominated for the Best New Artist category this coming Grammy Awards 2020.

  38. Mystychrysm The Human Prism

    I can't THIS SONG outta my head for some reason. It reminds me of Alanis Morrisette doing her impression of Bare Naked Ladies.

    Mystychrysm The Human Prism

    I was up all night b/c I'm sick and out of nowhere I heard the verses in my mind but had no clue what it was and then "I get no.... (wait for it & finally) joy". And BAM then it repeated all night to the beat of my throbbing headache. Naturally I had to hear it today!


    Are you aware this song is being used to psychologically torture employees of Superstore in Canada? We have to hear it three times per shift, have for at least six months now. Every single employee hates this song, some of them may have become fans of yours but not now. If the playlist they run everyday is nationwide, there are probably thousands of Canadians who despise this song. Also your lyrics are nearly unintelligible, it took me months of closely listening to figure out enough lyrics to google it and find this track. That part after the chorus where you sing fast, you may as well be making technical deathcore here, can understand a single syllable. Anyways, I hate this song with a fiery passion, every time I hear you go into the part before the chorus, where you make warbling sounds or whatever, I want to scream. I want to scream and scream and smash everything around me. And it IS psychological torture, being forced to hear the same songs every day for a long time. I believe your label has probably licensed this out to "safe" playlists for retail stores. I would try to get off those playlists as fast as  you can, unless you want more people to hate your music.Nice voice you have tho. Shame I hate your music.


    If we, as humans, were given infinite time and resources, we could not create anything worse than this piece of shit song. Actually, all of her songs suck. I honestly believe that anyone who likes her "music" is retarded, evil, insane, or all three.

  40. Christne Lavigne Sant's

    I love u Jade Bird

  41. Ё Ж

    Sima Halep))

  42. Hoze 123

    sadly mainstream radio only cares about hip hop

  43. Forzon

    Megacable Xview ;D 💓🔥🎤
    I love this sensation.

  44. Jordan Rider

    My on campus job plays this song on repeat...... really ruined the song for me but it was good while it lasted lol

  45. Thomas Leahy


  46. Richard Sarkisian


  47. Marisol rdz

    I Love this girl

  48. Roy - txt. blog Hakanen

    Fuck you ! Jade Bird has canceled her performance at the In the Park event in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki.8.24.2019

  49. John Chang

    Brutal - the "Groundhog Day" of being a performer!

  50. Richard Bool

    Some one just brought me here from you tube watching Jodi Mitchell singing Big Yellow Taxi.he said she was good so i replied Is she on you tube and then entered her name VOILA.

  51. maria

    such deep lyrics and music video ❤️ you will be BIG

  52. Павло Різник

    Perfect voice!

  53. NaughtyVampireGod

    Jade Bird said, "I don't want a MIDDLE-AGED WHITE MAN telling me how to write my feelings." Nice. She managed to be racist, sexist, and ageist all in one sentence. And, no, it's not all right, or excusable, or trying-to-make-a-point or whatever the apologists may say in her defense.

  54. jesus lamuño

    i love for you :* <3

  55. Benjamin M. Fischer

    She puy a smile on my face <3

  56. Abe S

    I can't get no....

  57. The TARDIS37

    Am I the only one who thought this was Kitt from Knight Rider at first?

  58. Rachel Geraci

    Janis Joplin is that you??

  59. Cha Chachacha

    노래 너모 좋은데 멜론에 안 나와

  60. first last

    AAA aaaa aaaa aaaabsolute shit!

  61. Jeff Oliver


  62. mat101979

    The car inside is not the same of outside.mercedes inside

  63. Vendetta Jr Official channel

    Song popped up on my Spotify and I’m glad it did

  64. Jane Cheatham

    What else do you sing that is that good? Wow. You got my attention! Well done

  65. Sean Waters

    This is dynamite! The song, the lyrics, & the video....

  66. Dodo M

    Pointless video, meh lyrics

  67. Victoria Florie

    Saw her as an opener for Hozier! Awesome, talented performer!!!

  68. I Luv No Sleep

    I work at Wendy's at this song manages to play 4 times ever hour, for the whole day. It has become somewhat of a meme at this point. Every few times within the hour someone will yell out "Hey, its that ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh song again"

  69. Sneha Tiwari

    I am just amazed by how much her voice resembles indian folk singer Ila Arun.
    Listen to her 'Resham ka rumal' or 'Bichhuda' for proof :p

  70. Valeria Ines Torres Martinez

    I love #Igetnojoy 🎵

  71. Felina Teh

    I'm here because of McDonalds...

  72. Stork Kitty Kat

    Wat r u saying help me

  73. MrSsadab

    Is this music? Fuck I'm out.

  74. tester testington

    2:22 that is not the gear shifter of an 86+ Firebird (its not even the gear shifter from earlier in the video...)

  75. Rodrivan Neco


  76. avril.1980

    i love u since august 2018

  77. avril.1980

    this girl deserves more than 500,000 views

  78. Carel Schipper

    i just love this too much!

  79. Jubeda Khanam

    this song is eeewww

  80. skool suks

    hoppity hoppity i subbed your property

  81. Christian Di gennaro


  82. Im The Ruben

    tô viciado kk

  83. Matthew Andrews

    I just heard this today on WERS 88.9, Emerson College, Boston, radio. What an amazing voice! I had to look her up here. I love discovering new music. Remember to support your local independent radio stations!

    Robert Currie

    Matthew Andrews . Same here. I heard her at work while listening to WFUV in nyc. Fordham University’s station.

  84. cristian ledda

    Voce sublime...

  85. Electrical Porkchop

    Don''t trust a director that makes you shift an automatic.

  86. sading rome

    She sounds like an Indian girl shouting

  87. sading rome

    Jade bird means dick give me a blow job

  88. Dupree Blosch

    Am I the only one who thinks she is absolutely adorable????

  89. John Wood

    With that much spirit coming from her and her soul, this video doesn't come close...

  90. AltoonaYourPiano

    I love the fact that it's impossible to classify her into a single genre.

  91. Jeff Brown

    Just saw her last night at San Diego State Cal Coast Open Air Theater. Such a great talent. She sounded awesome live!

  92. Moshiac Sun

    You got the baddest name. We are namesakes. It has Jahs name it.

  93. Okamying FL

    Esta canción sale en megacable cuando te cortan el servicio...

    La odio.

  94. 강지

    목소리 너무 매력적이에요❤️👍

  95. Marito Gonzalez

    Alto tema

  96. Lily Queen

    the fucking definition of underrated SMH

  97. Дмитрий Прозак

    I get no job.