Jadakiss - Somehow Some Way Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen this is nothing short of a celebration. The champ is here part 3
Green Lantern & Jadakiss

As far as the ice go, ya'll niggas don't want it with him
Just for Jacob coming home, spent a couple hundred with him
Handguns everywhere even out in London with em
Might be in OKC he got the thunder with em
45 ACP, u know he brung it with em
He don't never go over budget
Cause he under bid em
As far as connects go
Takes one to know one
You gotta be kidding me
30 for a whole one
Rather kick back, light a sack, and drink a cold one
Cause niggas don't even wanna cop, they wanna hold one
Bitches still sucking dick, niggas actin funny yo
War about to pop off ain't over no money though
Something stupid gon happen the first day it sunny though
Ima have my feet out low shorts and my bungalow
Still transporting the Audi
No good at the line so crunch time it's important you foul me
Baltimore style, get yourself caught in the alley
Tried to hide out in LA and got caught in the valley
I'm just tryna get richer son the according to sally
At times I be talking to dirt think I'm talkin to mally
(It's crazy)
I been in the hood I been in the trap
I done shot it out with niggas
I been in the strap
I know who my friends are and where my enemies at
Niggas be sending me threats I'm just sending them back
I hesitate to squeeze the day that hell freeze (never)
My mix tapes be better than niggas LPs (yup)
If I ain't selling records then I'm prolly selling e's
Or down in west v with dilaudids and OCs
Yea nigga I bless you with out sneezing
Stretch you with out reason
The best that's out breathing (the best)
K I dub dime
Ya'll scared of ya'll hood but I love mine
Bunch of institutionalized niggas that love time
White collar crooks, soft niggas that love crime
Everybody starving it's always grub time
Hurricane Katrina on the dope its flood time
As far as the chicks
We just bending them back
This for niggas with at least 10 in and a kack
If you up north already or you waiting on a bus
Faggot ass Co's hating on the cuffs
Shits is all tight
10 hour ride when you could've took a flight
Nothing looking right
Feeling all alone
Thinking bout home
Being charged with a black pistol but you had a chrome
Ya co-de is scott-free you ain't even downstate
And you might not hear a word from him for a pound cake
Other words 5 years
Now you tryna hide tears
Cause u gotta do whatever now to survive there
Even though the letters spray there gotta be a better way
Coming from the hood jail or death is the only getaway
You already locked up, options is limited thinking to yaself
Would you be able to finish it
Find the nearest wall then put your back to it, shit is gonna change but you just gotta adapt to it. NIGGA

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