Jadakiss - Smoking Gun Lyrics

[Chorus: Jazmine Sullivan]
You're the only one I love
The only man I know that I can trust
And if I ever should need you
I know you'll come ready to kill
With a smoking gun
With a smoking gun

Yo, shorty is courageous, going through the stages
Of where her body is more mature than her age is
Far from the daddy's little girl type
Can't even imagine what her world's like
It all started off from a young'n
Stepfather used to touch her and she couldn't say nothing
The more she in held to the pain, it kept coming
Eventually, it scarred for life as a woman
And then he just kept touching her
Inside, that was crushing her
I got something to discuss with her
I'm coming with the tech, with the air holes and the muffler

You're the only one I love
The only man I know that I can trust
And if I ever should need you
I know you'll come ready to kill
With a smoking gun
With a smoking gun

Uh huh, uh huh, with a smoking gun
Uh huh, uh huh, with a smoking gun
Uh huh, uh huh I know you'll come ready to kill
With a smoking gun

[Jazmine Sullivan ad-lib]

[Jazmine Sullivan]
I know you'll run ready to kill
With a smoking gun

Yo, now she really stressed bad, baby by her step dad
Her and little man all alone up in West Ham
Tough road and without a car, it's a tough walk
Worst part about it is her mom think is her fault
Word get around yall, you know how the town talk
Babygirl is innocent, labeled her a town whore
Suicidal thoughts on her mind, even now more
First the abuse, now she gotta raise her child poor
And that's why I feel for you
That's why I'm ready to kill for you
That's a black girl lost for you
Call me, I'll come through and let it off for you (Blaow)


[Jazmine Sullivan ad-lib]

[Jazmine Sullivan]
I know you'll run ready to kill
With a smoking gun

Yo, it ain't your fault boo, I'm always here for you to talk to
Hold your head high when you walk though
Sometimes the devil's temptation will force you
But one thing about the lord, he'll never cross you
Look at all the bad things that they tried to do to you
And you still queen of the earth and you're beautiful
Everything happens for a reason
If you ever need me, call me, I'm coming through squeezing (Blaow)


[Jazmine Sullivan ad-lib]

[Jazmine Sullivan]
I know you'll run ready to kill
With a smoking gun

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    Who still listening in 2020 this my ish ‼️

  2. Brenetta Bowens

    2020 and it's still the shit nothing but love for this song .truthful about what black girls do go thru and a wake up call to any mom who doubts they daughters. Make men understand how we go thru a lot. Jadakiss you have always speak the truth 💪💪💪❤❤❤

  3. reunicie boyd

    Listening in 2020 💨 🔥

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    Who dislikes this type of classic!!!!!!!

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    Still rocking 12/30/19. Still coming through SQQQEEEEZZZIIING!!!!!

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    This song always reminds me of my Dad. Love you Dad R.I.P.

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  16. Big Boi

    Lord have mercy on her. I wonder how she’s doing now.

  17. Jeremy Clark

    Somebody disrespect my girl I’m coming through shooting everybody

  18. Aaron Coombs

    So sad to read how many women can personally relate to this.

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    Hold your head high when you walk through 👸🏾💁🏾‍♀️. Sometimes the devil’s temptation will force you, but one thing about the lord he’ll never cross you 🤞🏾🔐💯

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    2019 , this song still does something to me

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    Jada. You wrong for not making a video for this gem. Anyway take this Grammy sincerely from tha hood.

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    2019 still bumping this song just everything it should've had 200m views tbh

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    This song helped me threw high school but dont matter what color you are everyone deals with simulare shit i have me a jada😘😘😘😍

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    it ain't your fault boo I'm always here for you to talk to Hold Your Head high when you walk through sometimes the devil's Temptation will force you but one thing about the Lord he'll never cross you look at all the bad things that they try to do to you and you still queen of the earth and you're beautiful everything happen for a reason if you ever need me call me I'm coming through squeezing 🔫

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