Jadakiss - Intro Lyrics

The following is a presentation of HBO Sports

[DJ Drama:]
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
I go by the name of Dram King
One half of your conglomerate, bringing you this historical fight this evening

[DJ Green Lantern:]
And back ringside is DJ Green Lantern, bringing you full fight coverage
Ladies and gentlemen, this pay-per-view event will be epic beyond belief
Let's go right to the tale of the tape

[DJ Drama:]
Hold on, Green, I think I see some activity over there in the far corner of the arena
I-I think I see... Is that...?

The champ is here!
The champ is here!
The champ is here!
The champ is here!

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Jadakiss Intro Comments
  1. carbone or

    The voice,the lyrics,the flow ...what more could you want from a MC ?

  2. ls1killa


  3. didier mongo-gouala

    Dope lyrics

  4. Roneshia Gibson

    Westcoast mobbin .. we slap dis

  5. TheDivine2007

    this beat though...

  6. christopher joseph

    Jada is no joke!! Nas, jada !! Two best ever

    Bryan McEntee

    What about big l fabolous az ect jada a given top 5 of alltime


    @Bryan McEntee big l and az sound like kool g rap

  7. Andre Jeter

    D block and black thought the goony gang and been da bucther and them that's all. Want to hear and shit like that

  8. Desmo Thomp

    Jadakiss been been that nigga wut ah real story He Da Truu Fxkin Goat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💪💪💪💯💯