Jadakiss - Hold You Down Lyrics

I love you, muah
Ah, yeah, yo, lot of square feet chopping speed is the minimum
Talk all subliminal in love with a criminal
It's all coming back to the pot no chemicals
She can get hired on the spot no interviews
No carbs, just vitamins, mineral
Riding shotgun in the coop with the general
You go hard for the kid so I'm into you
Yeah, hold you down, that's what I'm fina do

No girls are right, like you do for me baby
That's why I hold you down, that's why I hold you down
Girls don't decide and got I need baby, that's why I hold you down
That's why I hold you down

Yo, cash coming rapidly, chicks coming after me
Here cause I wanna be not cause I have to be
You the one I wanna be with ma actually
I knew you were special cause we hit it off naturally
Had your guards up at first now you're attached to me
Gotta give you all of me, can't give you half of me
You can take your time girl, we gonna move carefully
Hot bath water, the meals you prepare for me
When nobody else was, you were always there for me
And I love myself just need you to care for me
You got more than enough, I owe you now
So it's only right that I hold you down

No girls are right, like you do for me baby
That's why I hold you down, that's why I hold you down
No girls on the side, I got what I need baby, that's why I hold you down
That's why I hold you down

I'll be damned if I let this one get away
She's what I'm wanting, ain't no comparing to you girl
I'm never breakin your heart, concealing games, no need for looking
Cause there none that hurt you girl

Hey girl, it's lame trying to play with you, I'm trying to stay with you
Nah mean? spend forever and a day with you
Never mind them side chicks and they issues
It ain't nothing but bad luck that they wish you
It ain't about them knowing, it's bout the 2 of us
They can't stand to see us doing us
And I told you this is what I go through
But words can't explain it so that's why now I gotta hold you

No girls are right, like you do for me baby
That's why I hold you down, that's why I hold you down
Girls don't decide and got I need baby, that's why I hold you down
That's why I hold you down
You in good hands, we gonna be high, haha, I love you, muah

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Jadakiss Hold You Down Comments
  1. ENaTasha W

    I love Kiss! This is one of my faves!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  2. b andersen

    Jada fan for LIFE! Still in 2020

  3. DiDDy

    2nd verse is 🔥🔥🔥

  4. flightyy

    G tested Wifey approved 😍🔥🔥🔥🙈🙉🙊

  5. Brother Hasan

    2019 son!!

  6. Dannie Harrington


  7. Alonzo Moses jr

    DJ just hold u down genius trax keep them hot traxs coming jadakiss salute loxs

  8. The Lit Chronicles

    mY sH#t

  9. Alonzo Moses jr

    The trax was called hold u down jada kiss geniuse trax DJ just says salute

  10. Alonzo Moses jr

    DJ just salute genius trax jada kiss

  11. Charlene

    My husband sent me here 😍🥰

  12. Rajeana Flade

    Jadass kiss 💖💙💚

  13. David Haygood

    🔥 real talk thank you tiffany nicole haygood 😘😘😘😍😍😍😘😍😍

  14. Darlene Reese

    My kids dad dedicated this song to me and I’ll never forget it 🤞🏾

  15. Zaria B.

    This song didn’t get as much attention as it should’ve gotten!

  16. Milan Jackson

    Jadakisss SALUTE kingggg so fucking OFFICIAL BLESSINGS BRO. -Jada Milan

  17. Michael Corbin


  18. Craig Mack

    Deadass thought this was Ne-Yo.. that’s how I searched this up.

  19. 2019 still banging this!!!!!

  20. starscream bumblebee

    Who listeng this in 2019? Damn ! This sound remember me in these time i does skateboard i teenager. And now got 24 years and me like this song . Saludos from argentina

    Richard Wyn

    This is still crack in 2020

  21. loyal first

    2019 anyone ?

  22. Tony Rich84

    Kiss a lyrical genius

  23. Neil Natic

    Emanny is so under-rated.

  24. Tae_Nc_919

    The hate you give brought me here

    Beyoncé Snatching wigz

    Me too I’m on the playlist

    Ra Um


    Lauryn Gray

    Same lol

    Ole School

    I didn't even watch that😂

  25. Maria Santiago

    Still my shit

  26. Graciela Acevedo

    Listenin still 7/18/18

  27. Rajesh Singh

    wow, super Hip Hop Rap, Jadakiss ✍️

  28. Tangled Tunes

    I really love this song. Time to go make some music myself with all the inspiration! 💟💜💜😌💝

  29. Black Phoenix

    425 Mumble rap fans

  30. Andrew Burns

    I’ve got to say, you are very talented. Keep up all the fantastic work. I need to get my butt in gear and get out some more compositions!

  31. Paige Cat'lynn

    Quality Street Music.. This a good Cd..



  33. Jamaal Gillespie

    it aint abt them tho its abt the 2 of us they cnt stand to see us doin us smh nobody is fuckin with this man 💯🤞

  34. Troy Johnson


  35. melaningirl Stacy

    My bf dedicated this song to me before we even had our twins shit takes me back to good times

  36. Mack Mickens

    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  37. dubluvscali

    Kiss and E BODIED THIS SHIT !!!

  38. Carla Williams

    Love me some JKISS.... SMOOCHES

    Riley Whitfield

    Carla Williams let me talk to you Lady

    Samuel Surur

    you life money not hem

  39. Krystal Whitlock

    it,s cool dudes just cool

  40. Reinvented Keys

    Maino on the grill


    Had Maino flippin' Burgers....lol

  41. fishgrz125

    Hasn't always gotten the credit that he deserves, however, Jadakiss very well may be top five dead or alive.

    David Jones

    Absolutely! Nigga never jus give us throwaways. Shit always been nothing but high caliber true lyricism that solidifies his top 5 dead or alive seed in the all time bracket

    stepyourgameup playa

    top 30 at best

  42. Adalberto Gonzalez Hernandez

    2016 and i still listen this song. We need D Block again and those Beats. Damn!

    Graciela Acevedo

    Adalberto Gonzalez Hernandez agree but more if the lox without Jhood when he came apart it was no longer The Lox it became D block but agree

  43. Adam Johnson

    i thought this was neyo back in 09 i think


    nah that was the song be by my side similar jadakiss rnb track

    kareem jabbar

    Adam Johnson me2😂😂😂

    Michael Lighty jr

    Adam Johnson 😭😭😭

  44. isaiah rowe

    low life future


    ? 😫😣🤔

  45. Morn Wood

    Dude sounds like NE-YO. His style and sound are exact. I swore I always thought this was neyo.

    Neil Natic

    go listen to his catalog. Such an under-rated artist.

  46. Wasteland wolf

    anyone know were i can get this instrumental ??

    Dan Hollands

    hello fancy seeing you here lol

  47. Allno Masour


  48. Cynthia Noble

    Yo I love jadakiss.Now thats some Real Shit he be Talking.

  49. Goldenboy Double0

    this my song

  50. DiDDy

    You had your guards up first, but now you attached to me.. I gotta give you all of me, I can't give you half of me

  51. DiDDy

    You the one I want to be with mah actually.. I knew you was special because we hit it off naturally

  52. bigdrely25

    dope my boy Emanny with Jada

  53. lauren johnson

    All i can say is LIT

  54. Anonymoose Plague Doctor

    i love this song

  55. emil willy

    mannn jada is fire, styles p&sheek thumbs up boaa... :)

  56. Claudia Silva

    Even when Jada puts out a pop joint,his lyrics still are fire....

  57. Gina Cangin

    Yupppppppppppp!!! Smart words!!!

    Riley Whitfield

    Gina Cangin need to see you sometime soon

  58. Keisha Dell

    Dude sound like NEYO

  59. Amani Rogers

    Thought this nigga was ne yo for all these years 😂😂

    Jessica Rodriguez

    Hahaha mee tooo


    @Amani Clopton me too girl .

    The Good Life

    You guys are all clueless clowns. This is Emanny, he runs with Joe Budden.....From Jersey a.k.a. Brick City...

    Pearlie Pinkett

    Amani Clopton 😂😂😅

  60. Rareeighty Stories

    Need a video with him fab, yo gotti, Jeezy, & Rick Ross, features with Boosie, Camron, Bun B, J.Cole, Paper Hunterz, & Kevin Gates,
    Poobs, vinny idol, justice league, HPK productions call it Top 5 dead or Alive kiss album

  61. Rareeighty Stories

    Need some Kiss music like right now fck a mixtape tho we need a Kiss Album my dude deserves more accolades 2, 3 videos and a champ is here pt. 3

    Mo Ali

    you got what you wanted yo lol .. Jada put out and still got more fire coming him and Fab killin it for years at a consistently high level from NY

    Mo Ali

    you got what you wanted yo lol .. Jada put out and still got more fire coming him and Fab killin it for years at a consistently high level from NY

    Mo Ali

    you got what you wanted yo lol .. Jada put out and still got more fire coming him and Fab killin it for years at a consistently high level from NY

  62. Robert Mensah

    3rd June,2015.
                        My Eternal Prayer in Heaven.
             The Book of Song of Songs Chapter 8 Verse 6.(NIV).
      6 Place your hubbie "Sheer Immortality Itself" my God like a
       seal over your heart J.Lo & on yo' arm; for My King is as strong as death,
       it's jealousy unyielding as the grave,it burns like blazing, like when
                        you dance wit' Fat Joe & Big Pun Jenny!
                                                     #mjkingofpopenjoyyourself   #14thfebruary

  63. Jaquay Jenkins

    The Quayage T shirt

  64. Alexia Marie

    The original hold you down 😂

  65. Damian Copado Maynard

    When is jada going to make another album?

    James Caine

    @Copado Americano soon bro from all the shit hes putting out everyfriday

    Kevin Khederian

    +Copado Americano top 5 doa out in stores

  66. IloveD

    This song was so fucking underated...while garbage ass music continues to rise...unbelievable!

  67. Emajanashun

    they work well together

  68. NS Kwatcha


  69. William Brockenbury

    Had your guards up at first now you attached to me

  70. davan stanley

    245 ppl are tone deaf dumb an blind ..#iluuyou;)

  71. SoulBrotha91

    A shame this single didn't get the push it should have gotten. The game is missin music like this

    Juan gutierrez

    SoulBrotha91 facts :/

  72. Fallbackdigital

    This what R&B dont have !!!!!!

  73. Fallbackdigital

    So Fire !!!!!!!!!

  74. Maria Harvey

    This is my shit

  75. J Dee

    I don't always listen to songs for the ladies, but when I do. It's shit like this...

  76. Joanne Rivera

    Hold you down !!!! 

    Riley Whitfield

    Joanne Rivera you are pretty talk to me please reply to me

  77. Killa Skrilla


  78. xbeautyb00

    wow I always thought Ne-yo sang the chorus lol 


    So did I haha


    it sounds like him . 


    I know right, Emanny has a beautiful voice though


    he sure does.. too bad he underrated.

  79. Md Ali

    This is what I listen all the time

  80. Kid Kapam

    shout out to them for recording at 5 points r.i.p

  81. Taneka Bellamy

    Thid still my shit!!! And love emannys voice

  82. Jorge Apantenco

    we gone be aight..... muah lol

  83. Jasper van den Berg

    exactly, that's something I cannot stand, but fuck it, they the ones missing out on great music they cannot feel nor enjoy just because they too close minded putting it away as 'gay' just because it sounds 'soft' to them or w/e, damn it's their loss ;)

  84. Jasper van den Berg

    no need to miss it, it's right there ;)

  85. diandre erdogan

    That bol

  86. J Buttah


  87. GMS Trinidad Foolishness Of Preaching humble

    Emanny should make hole song like this hook

  88. dj dk diamondkutzz.com. dj dk djdiamondkutzz 4111

    jada u my boyyyy u no i hold u down boyyyy u no i gotch u jada u no that boyyyy yeh boyyyy

  89. felicia mapp-griffin

    Damn is all I can say

  90. shhhhhhhhhh10

    these dudes for real? idk which ones worst.

  91. GMS Trinidad Foolishness Of Preaching humble

    luv d hook

  92. SaskatoonStoner420

    daddy will keep a close eye on you now . enjoy :D

  93. SaskatoonStoner420

    im not a kid ... and ps i prolly no more about trojans then you sir considerin u need ur lil russias. ps i dont need others to do my dirty work . if i want i will take u out myself cuz im not bitch made an i no watsup mao . this is just one of many accounts i manage. so you dont fuck with me ... goofy foreign fucks nowadays i tell you ...

  94. SaskatoonStoner420

    if you can not speak our language then do not make the attempt, that easy, also you are dumb as fuck. i love seeing you try so hard. LMAO

  95. SaskatoonStoner420

    with some shitty typing like that and the gay periods used for absolutely nothing , i am going to guess you are a dumb ass foreigner with no music knowledge at all lmao , Ps don't embarrass yourself now... jajaja

  96. NicoGee1

    maayn why something so brilliant gotta be so short.!

  97. SaskatoonStoner420

    lmao at classic ... cuz this songs so classic eh ? ahaahahh