Jadakiss - Celebration! Lyrics

Ah haaaa!
This the celebration after the fight
You know what I mean, Green Land, DJ Drama
The Champ is here part three (it's an invasion)
The bar is open, everybody in the sweet
Let's go

Nicki got em ready to take half the year off
Rihanna got the bitches shaving half their hair off (Riri)
Niggas is so wack, I took half the year off
Roll up the bamboo, pass the smen off
Dope is intended, take awhile to wear off
Keep straight full by the mild and veer off
Solid gold chandeliers, the champ is here
Big cups and liquor, cans of beer
I rep' Y/o hard, right up to the square
And I can pull a town card, right up to the lear
Hopping out all rugged, LV on the luggage (louie)
D block chain, you think I'm playing for the nuggets (nah)
Nah, I'mma boss son - I ain't Ty Lawson
And even though I'm on, I still got them things off son
All black attire, rapping fire
In they raps, just try reenact the wire
Ain't yo' fault the kids think you wack, they by us (they by us)
And these young cats easily adapt the liars (easily)
It's written on a blackboard
Death is a trip that we all have to pack for
Ain't no coming back ya'll
Still can't fuck with the God, it's a fact ya'll
Flow is like Asthma, the way that I attack ya'll
Take ya heart away then rob the Yay
Do you like Frank did Arty Clay
Bought cribs in April, buying cars in May
Bullet wounds tomorrow, knife scars today
Game look easy but it's hard to play
Many niggas got a career, it's hard to say
How many win, when high demand - it's hard to lay
You don't want em to know you scared, it's hard to pray
Yea, now they calling you gay - it's The Champ (Pt. 3)
You can call it a tray, off this to NY all the way to the A
Then take it from Miami all the way to the Bay, hey
(Green Lantern)

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Jadakiss Celebration! Comments
  1. Vendetta X

    Where's that "yeah" sample from?

  2. Jamar Jackson

    Do you like Frank did Artie Clay

  3. Stace The Rapper

    The dopest word play ..

  4. erica queen


  5. Grizz

    how many nigga got a career it's hard to say

    Kendall Jones

    Dope mix tape kiss kill it Jadakiss real ness

  6. LIttleMan1798

    This is Chaka khan "ain't nobody" .... I believe like the intro into the song ....


    LIttleMan1798 dude I been trying to figure that shit out for months to

  7. tariq Reynolds

    What beat is this

    Al Bundy

    He shitted on it didnt he?

  8. thirdeyeindoctrine

    damn he did his thing on this, crazy

  9. pi1k

    can someone pls help me out with the samples?

    Michael Williams

    Chaka Khan ain't nobody love me better

  10. Jr Jr

    Naa Imma Boss Son!! I ain't Ty Lawson.... Denver Nuggets. Ill line!!

  11. Gerard Lewis

    who ever that person who said jada aint shit.dsn,t reckonize real lyrics now a dayz.and i,m from the 80,s. jada still keeps it skillfull .real rapp!!!! knowledgeseven!!!

    Jeremy Dyar

    You don't want him to know you scared it's hard to pray

  12. CHRisdr13

    grapes.....strawberries.....ehhhhh haaaaaaa



  14. SupaUgly TV

    @TheIcecoldkidd BIAS

  15. mrhudah

    Yo...My man Jada is the Truuuhhffff!! This dude is unbelievable. He's grown too. He figured out he has to brand his self. His business is in his hands...Get that paper baby boy!!!!! 1 Love to Real Hip-Hop! Bump this from NY all the Way to A, I'm bumping his Shit in Monte Carlo chillin down at the Bay.

  16. rde cartier

    my nigga stop wirting

  17. jac5562

    ya whos instr. is this omg

  18. goofyguber7

    Thats raw!

  19. iikananoii

    Rihanna got them bitches shavin half they hair off..........SO REALL

  20. Lavine Stein

    @Joebleezi dammit y u had to beat me to it!!! lol nah good looks i was tryna figure it out too

  21. Swift Smith

    if im not mistaken, the beat is sampled from chaka khan's "ain't nobody"

  22. shadowh4ck

    jada is still jada