Jacob Lee - 1-800-273-8255 Lyrics

I've been on the low
I been taking my time
I feel like I'm out of my mind
It feel like my life ain't mine
I've been on the low
I been taking my time
I feel like I'm out of my mind
It feel like my life ain't mine

I don't wanna be alive
I don't wanna be alive
I just wanna die today
I just wanna die
I don't wanna be alive
I don't wanna be alive
I just wanna die
And let me tell you why

All this other shit I'm talkin' 'bout they think they know it
I've been praying for somebody to save me, no one's heroic
And my life don't even matter, I know it, I know it
I know I'm hurting deep down but can't show it
I never had a place to call my own
I never had a home, ain't nobody callin' my phone
Where you been? Where you at? What's on your mind?
They say every life precious but nobody care about mine

I've been on the low
I been taking my time
I feel like I'm out of my mind
It feel like my life ain't mine
I've been on the low
I been taking my time
I feel like I'm out of my mind
It feel like my life ain't mine

I want you to be alive
I want you to be alive
You don't gotta die today
You don't gotta die
I want you to be alive
I want you to be alive
You don't gotta die
Now lemme tell you why

It's the very first breath
When your head's been drowning underwater
And it's the lightness in the air
When you're there
Chest to chest with a lover
It's holding on, though the road's long
And seeing light in the darkest things
And when you stare at your reflection
Finally knowing who it is
I know that you'll thank God you did

I know where you been, where you are, where you goin'
I know you're the reason I believe in life
What's the day without a little night?
I'm just tryna shed a little light
It can be hard
It can be so hard
But you gotta live right now
You got everything to give right now

I've been on the low
I been taking my time
I feel like I'm out of my mind
It feel like my life ain't mine
I've been on the low
I been taking my time
I feel like I'm out of my mind
It feel like my life ain't mine

I finally wanna be alive
I finally wanna be alive
I don't wanna die today
I don't wanna die
I finally wanna be alive
I finally wanna be alive
I don't wanna die
I don't wanna die

Pain don't hurt the same, I know
The lane I travel feels alone
But I'm moving 'til my legs give out
And I see my tears melt in the snow
But I don't wanna cry
I don't wanna cry anymore
I wanna feel alive
I don't even wanna die anymore
Oh I don't wanna
I don't wanna
I don't even wanna die anymore

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Jacob Lee 1-800-273-8255 Comments
  1. Alexandr Remez

    не ну все было норм, пока когда ты на ультру не перешел)))

  2. Alexandr Remez

    как можно исусу ставить дизу лал))))

  3. Lady Thuza

    All your covers are better than the original 💕

  4. Edwina Marez

    I love you so much. You’re so great

  5. tazz14966

    Love this mans music keep up the good work your voice and music always gets me through it’s so beautiful

  6. Joicy An Mendiola


  7. h z7ci68u, b7o dji gr ugo

    You have very beautiful voice😘😊☺☺☺😊😊#AngelVoice

  8. Asad Salman

    I call hacks, He downloaded autotune into his lungs guys don't trust him. He's not human anymore

  9. Jericca Young


  10. Rose Shilko

    That's a feeling of used and throw a way. People can have a sickness so much to a point. They use you up. No thank you. I am learning too let go of people. Be a healthy me.

  11. Suchismita Shunya Gupta

    all the creators r made in your image :)

  12. Cheryl Williams

    I love this cry for life! The agony of wanting to live. So good.

  13. BTS_fan girl

    My fav song and this beautiful voice is the best combination 💙

  14. Madison Wright

    I’d love to hear him cover Linkin Park’s One More Light.

  15. Roseus Diiamond


  16. Dieketseng Bolofo

    Yoh. This song is deep. His vocals! - phenomenal.

  17. Kento Bort

    I love you😅😂

  18. Shannon Mcdonough

    Extraordinary voice is an understatement. ❤️

  19. Dawn Lambert

    ... Speechless!!! ...

  20. Coolir Carey

    Love this! But then again I love all your music.

  21. Maureen Miller

    Thank you, Jacob.

  22. Marls Larson

    This right here has just started a whole new type of love inside this young girls heart. Your voice is beyond this world, Jacob. The emotion you use when you sing this is so pure and captivating. I've got no idea how you aren't on hit records yet. Wow.

  23. Fifi Dipholo

    Where have you been all my life? This is too beautiful 😍

  24. Cookie Jara

    Heaven sent .... You are freaking amazing. Omg i cant stop listening to your music. Makes me cry. You an amazing person. Fucking aye. Aye aye aye 😂

  25. Cookie Jara

    Wow. 😀😂amazing i think its amazing your amaing killing it.

  26. Shi

    Your voice legit makes this song have such a different meaning to it than when Logic did it

  27. sally forth 67


  28. Ravi Vansia

    If I had a Record Label !! I would sign him with the best offer anyone who would give ..more like 70/30..which 30 would be to me...his voice is 🔥🔥

  29. Chris Osorio

    Man. Should put your covers on some streaming services. This is freaking AMAZING my man.

  30. nounoute pepette

    ouha !!!

  31. Karrie Guhse

    Love you r voice. ❤❤🖒

  32. Jette S.

    You’re a huge inspiration! Amazing voice, amazing looks, what can I say... IN LOVE

  33. catia&gerson tavares

    im your fan love all your songs! all the world need to listen your songs!!!

  34. sandra Ferrington

    Know the feeling

  35. Moco Loco

    Hey😍 Sir...!!! Y don't u make with some beats it will rock...
    Plz do it🙏🙏😬😘

  36. Nyalla

    This should be one of your releases. It would resonate so much with so many. I did with me.

  37. Shubhra Das

    I had stopped listening to music, actually I was in dearth of the right kind.. and then I have found u ♥
    I wish I could complete the journey of my life listening to ur voice ♥♥

  38. Hailee Smith

    Such true words. ❤️

  39. Maureen Miller

    I feel like I'm out of my mind! You're songs will follow me for many years. Thank you Jacob Lee

  40. Jasmine Mendivil

    Honestly better than the original 👏🏻💖😭. Amazing

  41. mmy ezn

    U r too.. cute.. n ur voice... 😚😚

  42. Hillz Angel

    Am in love with his voice ❤️ .. makes me wanna cry 😂😂 even if he said hello 👋🏾

  43. Mandy Stone

    So, I'm legit over here on the other side of my computer screen sobbing my eyes out from the beauty and intense emotion of your performance... Bravo, Jacob. I honestly cannot say enough how talented you are... It seriously is not every day you find a musician who can express the depth of emotion like you can through not only your lyrics, but your vocalizations and overall execution of bringing the music that is within your soul to life. You truly have a very very very rare gift, one that I for one am glad you are sharing with us out here in the world. Thank you for staying true to your authentic self, and never let anything or anyone ever stop you from doing that, yo! <3 <3 <3 <3

  44. Yasmin Sangi

    What a voice dream !!!

  45. Sonii Naaz

    Amazing Voice 😋

  46. Love Star

    holy shit...explosives within

  47. Jennafir Joelli

    IE2W1 💓

  48. Ashley Berryhill

    Jacob Lee gives me eargasms! ❤️

  49. Calypso

    Great one !

  50. park Ill

    You are my bae i love you hearing your voice make me fall in you more ❤❤❤ thank you

  51. Moh. Ferian Fakhrul Zain

    Did someone thinking like what I'm thinking? JESUS

  52. Thalita Alves


  53. Lona Hardemon

    Love you.

  54. Veronica Glapa

    Are you married ?🤣👋

  55. jitender singh

    India loves u......voice is perfect

  56. Sas Singh

    I love this. Fave version, literally in love with your voice and the passion you make us listeners feel. I adore you Jacob. x Lots of love from Barbados

  57. Ariany Lacerda

    I'm not crying you are

  58. Ash

    Jared leto?

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    ✝his is 🌎ne of Many Favori✝es y💿u Cursed Blacksheep💚🎵🎼🎶

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    Wow I was not expecting this from you. You gave me goosebumps. You're fucking talented.

  61. All By myself

    You gave me cold chills. Instantly subbed. Its hard to do that

  62. HarlemDillonMMA

    Had to rewatch this again bro, mad vocals 🔥🔥🔥💯

  63. Tina Dm


  64. Shreyasi biswas

    Voice for the trapped ❤❤

  65. K. Lawrence

    Wonderful 😍

  66. Alaina Christy

    Absolutely amazing! You’re definitely one of my top three favorite artists! (Also Demons is a stunning song)

  67. Cactus slay

    Your voice is so beautiful, so soulful, so perfect...

  68. Mr. Noodles

    It's not good how better it is than the original version

  69. Bibiche Biche

    Wow... you just dont sing ... your telling a story ❤️

  70. Victoria Proctor

    "I dont wanna die i just wanna feel alive"


  71. Awesome Adrian

    And that's all the views this gets?!

  72. ma bataille perpétuelle

    I'm depressive and suicidal, but this song gave me some hope ! Thank you a million times 💖
    (Sorry for my bad english, I'm french)

  73. Mihnea Chirita

    imma boy but oh boy marry me

  74. Ashley Jeche

    Wow! ❤️

  75. Fanny Kim

    wow! I like this song so much and with your voice this is perfect

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    Achei melhor que a original

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    Perfect cover pleaaase!!

  78. Alyssa Rice

    You are so amazing! I listen to all of your music on Apple Music as well. My sister and I are big fans, if you ever go on tour we would love to be sitting right in the front!

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    Please put this on Spotify 😍😭😍😭

  80. Sarah Stevens

    Your voice 😍😍 it gives me so much chills and inspiration towards you. Marry me, you won’t regret it

  81. Z.I.Q Royal

    Ok go die then hehe

  82. Hannah Creer

    Hey mate loving the music. I love your philosophical sessions. Me and a mate are starting out as a band called No Youth. Have you any tips to help us get started? Your an inspiration, look forward to new music. :)

  83. gholem amamra

    1:28 <3

  84. Thomas LaConte

    This is amazing discovering your music has been a gift man .

  85. Mello

    just beautiful.

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    u soound great bruh! awesome. keep it up. but u should improve on rap! sorry to say

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    what an amazing voice!

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    Obsessed legit 💖

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    A little bit addicted...

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    I don't wanna cry anymore, I wanna feel alive, I don't even wanna die anymore

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    I love you Jacob! You’re amazing ❤️

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    You voice is so heavenly. And you are extremely beautiful. Wish there were more artists like you.

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    this cured my depression thanks daddy