Jackyl - Problem Lyrics

You want the truth!
You want the truth!
In my hands I hold a problem
It has a will
It has a mind of it's own
I got a problem (problem)
As it stands
I got a problem (problem)
In my hands

You want the truth!
You want the truth!
In my hands I hold the key to love
Out of my hands it's gonna come to me
It's on its own
I got a problem (problem)
As it stands
I got a problem (problem)
In my hands

And it the morning you just told the son
That is the way that things are done
I'll take myself into my own confidence
It won't take long in my hands

You want the truth!
You want the truth!
Out of my hands it's gonna come to me
It's on its own
I got a problem (problem)
As it stands
I got a problem (problem)
In my hands
I got a problem (problem)
As it stands
I got a problem (problem)
In my hands
In my hands

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Jackyl Problem Comments
  1. XenoGamer

    Operators that get banned every ranked match (Xbox):

  2. Spiegel

    I don't really play much ranked but I never thought Jackal was that big a deal, until I played him recently. I realized I was able to waltz into the building and not really fear roamers, cause if I don't see any footsteps I wouldn't be scared and checking every single corner like I normally would be. Is this also a reason he's banned?

  3. John Morris

    The reason his win delta and pick rate are so low is because he’s always banned😂😂😂

  4. Nick Comer

    Jackal I feel like isn’t a problem. I think he’s pretty easy to deal with. My least favorite operator to go up against in attacking is probably Dokkabi or Ash. I hate those phone calls when I’m roaming and Ash is basically the Flash with no hit box

  5. Autism Kat

    To this day jackal gets banned

  6. Fbryn 06

    Jackal is still banned every game i play. I have only played one game where he wasnt banned

  7. HolyMith

    If you're wondering why people ban Jackal, look no further than 3:32

  8. SonsyWhale

    If he's soooo good then why don't people use him???? Makes 0 sense. Never see him in a casual game.

  9. Kyle Pence

    I think he needs a buff in the form of a rework. So that way he cant just suffocate someone. I think you should only be allowed to scan them once but double how man times it pings you with the same amount of tike

  10. clash of arenas

    I think a good nerf is that when jackley scans a defender all there footprints on the map disappear and kindof reset so he would have to find a new trail

  11. deedee

    I'm a caveira main. Makes sense?

  12. Pvz gamer XD

    I like how in rank you can ban different operators so a 12 year old doesn’t yell in his mic that he lost because of a certain operator


    You’re 12 yourself though?

  13. I’m Anonymous

    It’s always jackal. And sometimes blitz and caveira

  14. Ray Taylor

    I think the reason he is band is because there is literally no op that can fill his role I think in the new season they should make a new guy like jackal

  15. Jackty89

    I dont get the jackal ban either usually when he tracks me i try to bait him to me XD
    Also echo always gets banned cause ranked and unranked are always bomb and no-one want to lose a round because echo is alive at the last 15 sec with a 5 v1
    2nd Most ban is usually Kali right now 3rd Ban is Monty

    For defense
    Echo obvious reasons
    Caveira (cause they are scared of her)
    And clash (she's just annoying to deal with idk why ubi implemented her on defense especially when she has a completly seethrough shield out of plastic)
    Make her shield breakable by explosive would be awesome

  16. WWE Commenter

    My argument is his win % is so low simply because he doesn’t get picked because he’s always banned

  17. WWE Commenter

    I’m bronze and jackal is still banned %100 of the time

  18. Cool As Ice

    Has one problem with jackal: He needs a nerf! He’s to over powered


  19. white fox

    I am pretty new to r6 but till today I have never seen a single jackle in a ranked match

  20. Xavier

    >does he need a nerf

    Yeah, the guy who is supposed to be zeroing in on one person, noT really playing the objective, who can easly be baited into traps when tracking someone.

    That's the guy that needs a nerf.

  21. Noodle Boi

    I think alibi is just as annoying as jackal tbh I've shot way more prismas than I have been tracked by jackal

  22. Ben Wade

    Just take away prompt to defenders letting them know, that they are being tracked. It’s a buff! To Kill 2 birds with one stone. Improve his win delta/pick rate and also makes him
    Less annoying.

  23. Jake ValorOfArms

    Also that's the point. Attackers have a horrid win rate as it is. Defenders always have things armed away from them.
    Defenders get a timer on their side, Defenders can defuse the defuser.
    It lets defenders win gap more operationally.

    Attackers though do have better cams. Defenders get top end anti intel if done correctly.

  24. RealSpartan 5206

    ngl, ying is more broken than blitz, 1, lmg. 2, I think each candela has 5 flashes, (3 x 5 = 15)

  25. San Andres

    A nerf yes, my team bans him just for comfort. Just knowing that we dont have some bs operator telling his team where we are at. Fuck jackal

  26. Diego E Arosemena

    Absolutely no one:
    Banned operators all the time:
    Jackal blitz clash echo

  27. Lincroy

    I haven't used jackal since this season started

  28. Danger

    He needs a rework. Not a buff/nerf

  29. first name last name

    A would say the perfect nerf is he can only track each defender once per round

  30. Loco Lumber

    He does NOT need a nerf who who would counter cav ??????

  31. Alma Serna

    Im gold 1 I have not seen jackal not get banned

  32. Imu Lippo

    "to be honest" i know it's a phrase, but that's annoying as hell when you're literally saying that until now, you were lying

  33. Tom Sanders

    Make it so 3 scans every 2 seconds, the annyoing part of jackel is how long that 1 scan lasts

  34. Gr0use

    I think that jackal is broken Becuase no matter what you do roam stay in sight he makes everyone aware of your position! It’s ridiculous and it goes on for so long it’s pretty much game over after he scans you

  35. chefmarcg

    it never occurred to you that he has the lowest win delta BECAUSE he is the highest banned ??? its hard to bag W's if youre banned from playing......

  36. Bacon._9836

    Then if people dont want him in ranked... PLAY ON CASUAL👏😉

  37. Your local Trash panda

    Most commonly I’ve seen jackal, clash, echo, and some other attacker in high copper (I don’t play ranked often)


    clash is extremely annoying to deal with in ranked, although i never get why people ban echo as most people spam his ability when its not needed wasting their own time

  38. Alan Gillespie

    No retards just think jackal is op cos he might track you

  39. Kreepy Kiraly

    The people not banning jackal is are probably not good players so his win delta is lower

  40. Skorlano 56

    this is like the echo banning,noone want’s an invisible drone to disabilitate your eyes for a good amount of time

  41. Skorlano 56

    jackal instant tracks you ,he gets you by surprise ,he is really ferocious

  42. American Hound

    I’ve Always Thought That Itd Make Way More Sense If Jackal Could Only Detect A Certain Op Once And No More In A Round. Because When I’m Roaming As A Defender, Jackal Always Manages To Detect Me With 10 Fucking Pings Which Is Ridiculous. I Also Think It’d Make More Sense If U Would Know If U Are Being Tracked Or Not, Because Realistically, How Would U Know? But That May Be Too Powerful

  43. JordanThreinen

    If Jackals scan didn’t ping you multiple times it would be fine. But I can’t spend the whole round running circles trying to dodge wall shots. Fuze and a hunting Jackal

  44. TxTsavage

    It’s always jackal and blitz


    I usualy choose to ban nothing be cause what you ban is something someone else enjoys to play
    alright i see what you want me to do game

  46. FluePeakツ

    Sorry but i dont want my dad to track me in game

  47. TTV Paynepogo

    Haven’t played a game in 2 months with jackle

  48. WhoaThatsCRAZY

    Jackal gets banned because people want to use caveira

  49. Bluegamer 79

    I always voted for Maverick i hate that asshole

  50. Murphy 04

    Some people just ban him because they seen it in yt vid and they don’t even know why

  51. Ginger Ninja

    All I see get banned is jackal blitz cavira and echo

  52. GunRecon 11

    Jackal is simply not fun to play against.

  53. IMX. Pharao

    Jackal and Lion

  54. ZxUxNxI

    Maybe the community should get some balls and stop roaming, I mean it’s like every Ubisoft game they have misleading titles “for honor” more like no honor, “rainbow six siege” more like rainbow six shit I was just walking here and now I’m getting raped by a Brazilian girl

  55. Expired Lysol Can

    Jackal: *exists*

    Pick and Ban system: I’m about to end this man’s whole career

  56. Jesus Christ

    I don’t understand why banning jackal is not a tactical move? Jackal can pretty much almost eliminate any form of roaming which I think is an essential part of tactical gameplay. Roamers play a really important role in putting pressure on attackers, delaying time (the plant) and getting frags. Have you ever played a game with 5 anchors? If the team you’re playing against is competent that’s almost a for sure loss. Yeah he’s uncomfortable and maybe that is why people ban him. Even if people are comfort banning him I don’t think that eliminates the possibility that those bans are inadvertently actually a tactical move. I think the reason he is so strong is because not only is he an operator that takes away that comfort aspect but he also provides an important tactical advantage to the game.

  57. DevaWay

    I think he dont need to be nerfed nor buffed, but balanced

  58. Maniachook 4099

    I think instead of making the Jackie tags longer they should be shorter les of a pain to deal with

  59. Jason Dinsmore

    What is broken about the ban process is you can have 2 votes on an operator before any one votes against a different operator and at the last second 2 votes go against another operator and the second one gets ban not the operator who had 2 votes first

  60. Your Waifu's Waifu

    "in what world can you justify nerfing an operator with the lowest win delta?" - Same world where they nerfed Clash despite her being never picked.

  61. Chiese The New

    I agree though, jackal can track anyone and especially me when I go up (when the obj is at the basement or wnd floor) or down to barricade and edd entrances and intercept drones so they dont know where the obj is.

  62. Jarrett Justin


  63. Cole Harris

    It’s because he’s so annoying

  64. Random Crap Content

    He isn't op he is just annoying, because he can track you down ane wall bang you

  65. Jack for fun

    Operation ember rise : lets ban jacksl every single round

  66. Endzeh

    Cav/ clash

  67. _Sero_

    He aint op just annoying

  68. Showag 04

    To this day.

  69. Isaac Daniels

    It’s because people don’t know how to play them they just track some random person and annoy the crap out of him and get kill hungry and end up losing the gun fight

  70. Max Lanzinger

    1,000,000 of the time its always jackal banned even if its bronze,silver and upp but not so much ban on jackal on copper.

  71. Opp KiLLa

    They just suck at ranked😂

  72. Felix

    I ban Jackal because everyone bans Jackal. I have never seen a Jackal ingame. I ban Jackal.

  73. Power Strike

    I will say as a jackal main that maybe some other jackal main might not think this but I use him as a psychological way when someone sees that they realize that are being tracked and they’re hiding/location spot is now ping for everyone on the enemy team

  74. MrNobody The Second

    Put the speeded up bit at 2x video speed

  75. Mr Johndownzz

    Tbh I’d rather just have no scan and use guess work via footsteps, when I first got jackal I didn’t know I could even scan and I played for like through rank 70-85 and never used the scan I just used the footsteps. Even without the footstep scanning I believe he’d still be a really good op, I also think they’re should be a way to counter the scan, or they just change the distance of the scan, like how do they tell where you are by scanning if your already at the other side of the map lying down behind a desk on another floor? It should be distance based I think not time based

  76. XxJORGEPRO21xX noob

    Jackal is my fav and i dont play that mode

  77. Lucas Todra

    What if they let the footsteps stay visible for 90 seconds, but decrease the time for when you can scan them.

  78. Oscar S

    Jackal is OP his tracks should be 3 pings and only 2 total tracks imo

  79. DJ Lairson

    I think jackal shit only be allowed to scan a person 1 time a round just me tho

  80. deyan latif

    You have a hard time understanding, let me tell you, he has the lowest wins cuz he’s always banned

  81. Portgas D. Ace

    I think he should have a rework, not a nerf...

  82. Daddy Tac

    He doesn't need nerfed as much as he needs a counter

  83. OptimusPrima

    Honestly, he’s more frustrating when you’re anchored on site and he tracks you and you can’t move. I’ve had this happen to me so many times and it almost always ends in my death and I couldn’t help it because I literally had to run out of the objective room to put up defenses. So yeah, reducing the time in which he can scan would be a huge help. Maybe also, reduce the number of times he can track a single operator? Maybe instead of scanning and harassing a single op the entire time, using all three scans on the same guy, make it so he can only scan the same operator once per round? Or instead, reduce the amount of pings he gets per scan? You could be running around the entire map the whole round for no reason sometimes.

  84. LitCreator

    Nerf please, should just be 20 seconds or 25 seconds he can see your footprints

  85. Alpha Force

    I fuck around a lot I’m ranked and I’m mainly in copper to silver and I’ll play gold some times and he does get banned a lot even with low ranked players they ban him and blitz

  86. TheRealRiq

    jackal does not need nerfed!!!!

  87. TheRealRiq

    so why isn't dokkabi and finnka getting banned too

  88. SimpleGamingPC

    even copper and bronze, jackal banned everytime

  89. Normi

    Jackal limits roamer, roamer is the reason defenders have any good info at all, default cams are practically useless, valk cams are somewhat good, but still very limited, a roamer can go anywhere to get info and maybe pickup a few kills along the way. This makes me think that jackal is a very tactical ban despite his win rate.

  90. Manolo Martinez

    Every time jackal’s tracked me. I think ive killed him like 7times at most

  91. Puritania

    For short : he's annoying.quit spend your time watching the whole video

  92. renagale

    People please reply and let me hear what y'all do. I have been playing siege since release and by far the most overrated operator I have ever seen is jackal as a cav/maestro defense main I play both heavy roamer and heavy anchor and I have never had a problem with losing a fight with jackal because I'm tracked. I'm not a great player he'll I've never made it to gold but I get matched with people lvl 100-200+ most games and jackal isn't as hard to counter I believe he's easier to kill when tracking you. Jackal can only scan tracks where you have been he doesn't just pick someone and say ima track them no he has to go where u have gone before and any good roamer knows their rotations and movements and knows where a jackal may be and if you get scanned just run back to those locations or to objective you have plenty of time it's not a lion scan there is 4 seconds between scans if you are on obj who cares if your roaming your fast enough to do something about it. Jackal isn't hard he's predictable jackal players run solo after their targets while other people are playing solo. Push jackal or go to obj and hold angles

  93. Encrypted Sniper

    I ban gridlock and sledge just for his destructive ability and gridlock can lock both bombs and a hallway and is really annoying

    Encrypted Sniper

    On defense I ban lesion because hes an annoying cunt who can change a game just by sitting in a corner and I ban mute so I can use my hibana charges

  94. fuck boi

    Cuz we like to roam

  95. doahl

    on xbox i play champion so it’s usually echo clash jackal and ash

  96. u wut M8

    late but i ban him cuz he is just annoying i find playing against him super unfun. to fix it i would recommend lowering from 5 pings to 3 that way if he decides to use 3 scans on me i will still be pinged 6 less times

  97. Slowly Drowning

    No he doesn’t need a nerf stop

  98. Alex Gonzalez

    Jackal has been banned in every ranked and unranked games i’ve played and i play in low level ranked games

  99. CJ Merritt

    Maybe his win rate is so low if because he is always getting banned

  100. Alan Henrique

    Ranked does needs ban phase, ban is for the camps only