Jackyl - Kill The Sunshine Lyrics

Full moon rise, fear-filled skies
Delicious evil in her bloodshot eyes
Hearts beat loud, to the bone
One way ticket, never comin' home

I got to kill all the sunshine
Cause, I'm the King of the Nighttime
The Lord of your Lifeline
And darkness is divine
So kill all the sunshine

Set your clock, Start your chime
Come midnight, we'll celebrate that you're mine
Fell the fire in my touch
You're gonna get the thing that you
wanted so much


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Jackyl Kill The Sunshine Comments
  1. VonHoganSchmidt

    tremendous music

  2. Roger Pollard

    🤘get them dog ears up🤘.....PUH POW

  3. joe singleton

    u r 100% spot on



  5. Tim Jordan

    As a rock singer and writer Jesse James Dupree far exceeds the talents of Brian Johnson.  Jesse and the late Bon Scott had a lot more in common.  I challenge anyone to find a singer on the big stage with the rock n roll fever and personality than Jesse.  Jesse James Dupree pisses in one night,  more rock n roll than most bands will ever fathom or create in a life time.  He carries the same energy as AC/DC except with a rebel Georgian, twisted, wild-eyed country boy touch.  He makes that show "Full Throttle Saloon"  rock.  When Jesse leave the FTS, that place will go under. 

    shane campbell

    bullshit dude

    shane campbell

    +shane campbell to what Jordan said

    Jordy Clements

    +Tim Jordan what about Lemmy

    Douglas Canipe

    Tim Jordan LOL!


    You're an inbred dumbfuck!

  6. Doug Kringle

    Jackyl kicks ass

    Doug Kringle

    I love you sexy momma

    Bonita lynn

    Oh hell ya sex action #1 is I found you

  7. Martijn Beekman

    It looks like the number Higway To Hell of AC/DC...

  8. bucky468

    JJD & BJ wrote it cuz (JJD) felt the success the Spices got in 1997 (Jackyl released a new album at the same time) was totally undeserved, and he even said he hated the Spices WAY more than he did Nirvana (who many hair bands blame for the demise of their genre.)

  9. bucky468

    "Kill The Sunshine" was originally supposed to be called "Kill The Spice Girls" (JJD said in an interview on "Rockline") but because of all the bitching from Richard Branson and Virgin Records (not to mention a lawsuit) Jackyl changed the title. If I were JJD I would've said to that t-bag "Fuck You!" and still gone on with the title.

  10. Dauntless Dan

    Actually he its Brian Johnson and Jesse.....They switch off verse lines.

  11. Tyler Wisniewski

    Im sorry guys, but Brian didnt sound this good in 1997, maybe in the 70s but just no. Obviously Jessie

  12. Brandon L

    This is Jessie singing not Brian. There's a big difference.

  13. Lucas Andrew

    @MasterTterb98 I know that, but we've heard Brian singing Highway to Hell before. Anyway, I was just implying the band connection, not necessarily the singer. Also that comment was 2 years ago, maybe I wasn't thinking straight.

  14. Nick Earl

    doesnt matter, brian wrote, and jesse sang the shit out of it, its awesome any way u cut it!

  15. Zack Myers

    Brian Johnson does not sing for Jackyl except for on locked and loaded. Jesse James Dupree is the lead singer for Jackyl. Many people confuse these two singers. They do sound a lot alike but they are two different singers. This i promise you

  16. airemaximo

    Very Nice song! but i think its Jesse singing

  17. Gustavo Ramirez

    Brian Johnson Was the one who sang the back in black album

  18. M P

    @stonechild656 jesse dubree actually

  19. Rage


  20. Derald King

    i heard this on my rock channel in 05 or 06 i could of sworn this was johnson i stand corrected

  21. Pat Nugent

    Yeh I messed up yesterday. your right billman. I caught it as my reply was being posted, then my computer locked up and I couldnt remove it.

  22. billman121

    @Pnug93 it is not brian singing. it is just jesse jasmes dupree, you are thinking of the song locked and loaded, the two voices are distinctively different when you her them back to back

  23. Sherri jane


  24. Sherri jane


  25. Harrison Roberts


    Brian Johnson is the lead singer of AC/DC dumbass

  26. Dan Ryder

    Check out Locked and Loaded by Jackyl...back to back you can tell the difference between Brian and Jesse.

    Marty Schriver

    Johan Hegg from Amon Amarth and LG Petrov from Entombed also have very similar voices. Listen to Guardians of Asgard by A.A.

  27. Adam Musial


  28. Slangh

    I know Brian Johnson doesn't sing on this song, but this singer does sound like him, indeed like Brian in his early days.

  29. Kori Quillo

    oh my god u guys are f'n retarded for thinkin brian johnson is singin.... if u guys actually knew ur music, it would be sooo damn easy to tell that this is not brian johnson. this is Jesse James Dupree singing. there is a big difference betwiin them. and true... wikipedia is a load of shit. the info can be changed by anyone at any time. f'n morons

  30. billman121

    wikipedia is a load of crap anyone can change it to what they want, or maybe you misread the information and it says he CO-wrote the song it is not brian johnson singing

  31. Adam Musial

    If you wanna know this is JESSE DUPREE, he sunds like Brian

  32. 9misuraco6

    Bon Scott sang Highway to Hell NOT Brian Johnson

  33. billman121

    brian is not on this song.. read the description

  34. Elliot Waters

    Brian sounding good!

  35. Lucas Andrew

    ironically brian johnson singing on this track because it sounds exactly the same as highway to hell

  36. billman121

    im not sure who your aiming your comment at but it was co-written by brian johnson from ac/dc he didnt sing on the track

  37. sleezboy

    what a cool song this is

  38. Sweet111323

    In 1997, Johnson recorded with the band Jackyl on their song "Locked and Loaded", and in 2002 wrote lyrics and sang on the track "Kill the Sunshine" from their album Relentless.

  39. Rage

    Brian Johnson is a genious!

  40. BillysBMW

    the riff looklike at problem child and highway to hell
    good job Brian !!!

  41. casinodoug

    Heard this song for the first time at Rocklahoma 2008 - I couldn't stop banging my head! Rarely does a song I don't know affect me this much, but it's THAT FUCKING GOOD!!!

  42. will rinehart

    the singer is related to ac/dc thats probally why they have the same kind of sound

  43. billman121

    brian just helped to write this song

  44. Breeze Aubrey

    Kick ass thanks for the song. I have been trying to find this for a long time.