Jackyl - Down This Road Before Lyrics

Well I've been down this road so many times before
You know it never seems to pay
Every town just another town
Just as every night turns into day
And the miles and miles they take their toll
And add up to the lines on my face
I'd sell my sole right here and now if I could only only win this race

I've been down this road before
I think I can take a little more
Just load it in and set it up
And I'll throw down one more time

I've been down this road
So many times before but as for now I feel no pain
I cross the fine between pleasure
I tipped the genius to insane


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Jackyl Down This Road Before Comments
  1. Jennifer Van Noland

    jackyl me off

  2. Jennifer Van Noland

    Phil would be proud.

  3. Haywood jabroney

    Skull bone Tn

  4. Pete Ch

    That's a MUSIC !!!



  6. sean judd

    Jackyl is the best band

  7. Wisconsin222

    Jackyl played the guitar solos like a Thin Lizzy song on this track if anyone noticed and that's just awesome!!!!!!!!

    Joe Blough

    Hell yeah I noticed it brother! I just wish, after seeing this band live 50 f'n times, that I would have seen this live version of this song. Sometimes I tell myself, "dude, you probably DID hear it at least once, but you were so fucked up you don't remember!" . LOL......Jackyl Me The FUCK Off !!

  8. tom cordwell

    Jackyl thurs night at WV Mountainfest! I cant fucking wait!

  9. frank ledoux

    I agree 100%,awesome song!!!,anyone who don`t like this song needs to get a reality check!!!


    frank ledoux tremendous

  10. Joey170690

    thanks for watching and for comment! :D

  11. Nitty Gritty Smitty

    Damn right !!!

  12. 9hondacr

    Thank you for posting!!

  13. Kendra Minary

    :) good song!