Jackson, Wanda - Let's Have A Party Lyrics

Some people like to rock, some people like to roll
But movin' and a-groovin' gonna satisfy my soul
Let's have a party, hoo, let's have a party
Well, send him to the store, let's buy some more
Let's have a party tonight

I never kissed a bear, I never kissed a goon
But I can shake a chicken in the middle of the room
Let's have a party, hoo, let's have a party
Well, send him to the store, let's buy some more
Let's have a party tonight

I never kissed a bear, I never kissed a goon
But I can shake a chicken in the middle of the room
Let's have a party, hoo, let's have a party
Well, send him to the store, let's buy some more
Let's have a party tonight

Honky Tonky Joe is knockin' at the door
Bring him in and fill him up and set him on the floor
Let's have a party, hoo, let's have a party
Well, send him to the store, let's buy some more
Let's have a party tonight

The meat is on the stove, the bread's a-gettin' hot
Everybody run, he got the possum in the pot
Let's have a party, hoo, let's have a party
Well, send him to the store, let's buy some more
Let's have a party tonight
Let's have a party tonight
Let's have a party tonight
We gon' have a party tonight

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Jackson, Wanda Let's Have A Party Comments
  1. dan parks

    I remember growing up in Fairfax Oklahoma and on Saturday night going to Jumper's Roller Inn to listen to and see Wanda Jackson in the late 50's and early 60's. Now that is what I call growing up.

  2. egads2

    Lady Little Richard

  3. Nemeraton 45

    I love you so much, the biggest sadness is that I cant huig you, love you Wanda

  4. Wayne Elmore 1963

    I grew up with this kind of music and it's some of the best rock and roll out there!

  5. mosrite60

    Bakersfield gal. great song . great singer. mos60

  6. Michael Naisbitt

    What ever happened to her

  7. Kacema70

    Rock & Roll rude girl. I love it.

  8. Charles Kelemen

    There is a Wanda Jackson suite at the Safari (?) Motel in Tucumcari, New Mexico. It's on the old Rt. 66 and it's rather cool.

  9. Callum

    A woman called Wanda I know died earlier this week. Can't say I'll miss her she was horrible.

  10. purple plump

    82 and still rocking !!!!! Gooooooooo girl, keep rocking ! Awesome 😍

  11. flomurdock

    Anybody paying attention to the piano player? It was revolutionary.

    Robert Vaughn

    A Jerry Lee Lewis kinda player


    @Robert Vaughn Big Al Downing

    Robert Vaughn

    @flomurdock yes, I was just comparing similar styles. love it!!

  12. Игорь Воронин

    Сильнейшая рок н рольщица супер таких не много

  13. Lee Rocheleau

    This is going to be the first song at midnight 2020

  14. Francisco Javier Rodríguez Hidalgo

    Simplemente genial. Impresionante

  15. Abbey Orr

    Wow she is good

  16. Robert Phillifent

    A colleague of mine thought this was Brenda Lee but Wanda's is much much more gritty, A brilliant record!

  17. anthony belcher

    Awesome song

  18. RockRobT01

    Our little combo, we call ourselves Sentimental Journey, perform this song at our old folks home gigs in the Kelowna area, British Columbia.  Wanda's is one of the most perfect rock'n'roll recording ever made.  Wild, but utterly smooth.

  19. Eric Elmer

    I love her voice

  20. Eddie Renegade

    "I ain't but never kissed no bear, never kissed no goose, but sure cin catch a chickin in the middle of the room....." them thar's lyrics, you best believe!

  21. Frans Dielis

    Maybe the best R&R song ever

  22. Carl Paulsen

    Jeg syns så synd på dagens ungdom som ikke fikk oppleve dette. Ikke rart at verden går til helevete!

  23. Jo-anne W

    I am Australian and walked into a shop when in Manhattan a few years ago and they were playing Wanda Jackson...from that moment on I was hooked. Still am.

  24. robert sinnett

    saw her in montreal......energetic x100

  25. robert phillifent

    Amazing! What a performance. A friend of mine thought this was BRENDA LEE!

  26. tippimail1

    She's 82 today-this sounds as good today as is it did in '58.

  27. Naomi Brunt

    Rock n roll is the best

  28. atomi kid

    She sounds like a dude who's voice was edited

  29. John Hull

    Sweet looking young lady with a distinctive baaaad girl voice and persona. Loooong before the likes of Madonna, there was Wanda Jackson ... at a time when the overwhelming majority of female singers like Brenda Lee, etc were consistently groomed for the “good girl” image, Wanda Jackson broke the mold.

  30. zygfryd69

    whole lotta love!!!

  31. freddy wessels

    sy was so COOL  xxxx

  32. Rony

    I'm so happy she's still alive ☺️

  33. Iris Rodriguez

    Great song! Miss music like this!

  34. Sandrine Rousseau


  35. James madison

    She should stock up on beer so she doesn't have to keep sending her her Friends to the store to buy some more.

  36. SuperHOGGA

    The original version !!!!!!!!!!!!! Better than the re-recoding of later years by Wanda

  37. Fluffy Hamster

    Holy shit!!!

  38. TheKalle45

    What a voice... and how many lines in 2 minutes...

  39. Lupo Pizzajola

    Real Woman Power, Timeless

  40. Christopher Smallbone

    Most definitely the Queen of Rockabilly she is 81 and retired in march this year she was the queen when making music meant something not like this mass produced bunch of kids being rolled out as quick as Simon Cowell can get them out milking them dry before throwing them away and moving on to the next one.

  41. john e Lawler

    he was massive in Germany in the mid 70s

  42. Christina Jones

    You can't sit down when this is playing.brilliant so catchy.

  43. CastleMr40

    Did Wanda record this before Elvis did?

  44. freddy wessels


  45. Davey Stein

    I like when she goes "hoooo" :^)

  46. Frans Dielis

    The ultimate R&R song ever !!!

  47. fred apps

    the donald duck version

  48. pips first

    excelent rockabilly

  49. Aswin Thakuri

    Came here from legendary movie "dead poets society" 2019 anyone??

  50. Francis DiMenno


  51. Lovely Lozer

    WONDERFUL voice

  52. Christopher Bawson

    When this was released in I believe 1960, for a week or so. stations were saying this was Elvis, on 78 speed Turn it to 45 and it slowed down and the voice changed Elvis was king in the 50's, Wanda was Queen!!!

  53. doowopnuts

    What a talent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. madbear3512

    Born in 99 listening to that come out in 1960

  55. lorenzo magazzeni

    Basically a female Jerry Lee. Give me Jerry anytime.

  56. tessa littlecook

    Love this song to rock around and to have a party

  57. Sola Monroe

    love it...thank you...!

  58. Megan Shell

    Elvis cover is better.

  59. Francesco Alcozer

    WANDA JACKSON one of the most important interpreters of Country music. Congratulations and greetings from Italy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iI4O0URG0BU VENUS

  60. WallFlowerr

    Anyone here from long gone gulch?

  61. paprikash

    A classic frozen in time !..........For Sure

  62. Antonio Dimitrov


  63. Mrpachuko13

    The male version of little Richard sounds about right ;-)

  64. Ladislas Durade-Replat

    Deads Poets Society ❤️

  65. fred apps

    This the donald duck version. Elvis did it SO much better.

  66. Lennie Larsson

    Det är annat än Cardigans

  67. MR.Galaxy 264

    who else is here because of long gone gulch ?

  68. M_Christine

    Sounds like Elle king,rob Schneider's daughter.she has the song,exes and o's.

  69. coralarch

    I can't believe such a pretty woman can have such a harsh voice

  70. Basil Oloughlin

    wanda is still the queen of rock

  71. Otto Greenleaf

    R.I.P. Roy Clark.

  72. Notta Victim

    That’s Roy Clark on guitar, right there

  73. ToOxT57

    2018 <3

  74. Obito _uchiwa

    Plagiat on little richard

  75. tippimail1

    81 today-i don't know who the piano player was but his playing is a 11!

  76. Donna Frost

    Happy birthday, Wanda!

  77. Christopher Smith

    Ok this lady is way before my time but WOW 😱 this is ROCKIN. I really love Rockabilly. Shes kinda like an old school Joan Jett.

  78. Frans Dielis

    One of the best R&R songs ever !!!

  79. David Gillmore

    Best version ever still rocking today

  80. John Jurkewicz

    I love listening to Great songs like is and I love it

  81. Alana Lino

    Carpe Diem

  82. Pieter Zandvliet

    she is the greatest

  83. TimeRider762

    You all know that Elvis did this song in Loving You?

  84. Connie Michels

    Absolutely the queen of rockabilly!

  85. lawdog490

    Heard this on XM oldies party...I am 60 and never heard this before...needless to say it is in my favorites...

  86. Hey there Peeps

    I'm singing this song at my Broadway
    Highschool class

  87. John Jurkewicz

    I love it and she has Great voice

  88. Phillip Kiskaden

    Not the song I was looking for 😂

  89. Robert Cubinelli

    Total respect to the very first lady of rock n roll. Hail Wanda Jackson !!!😎😎😎😎😘😘😘

  90. Brian Trueman

    What a singer. I never heard her in Canada, but she can really put out a song. Wow

  91. Andrew Noott

    Great thought it was Brenda Lee on first hearing!!!!!!

  92. Kay Prout

    wow. WOW!

  93. Hank Crawdad

    lmao one of my teachers has extra credit where I just have to send her this song. the instruction is hidden in the middle of the syllabus, and it's supposed to be proof that I read it

  94. Stefan Stig

    Vecken go röst ho har.