Jackson, Trevor - Superman Lyrics

With a super-plan
For your super body babe
It's super crazy
I'm Superman
With a super-plan
For your super body babe
It's super crazy

Let me rescue you
He's bout to break your heart
But he won't get through
If you let me be your guard
So hear me babe
I'm talkin' to you, babe
I'm swooping down to save you

From that future heartbreak
I can't let that heart break
I'mma be ya'...

With a super-plan
For your super body babe
It's super crazy
I'm Superman
With a super-plan
For your super body babe
It's super crazy

I gotta get to you
No matter what it takes
Baby I'mma fight for you
No, it ain't no way
He ain't got nothing on me
Oh, he ain't seen nothing I see in you
That's why I'm swooping down to save you

From that future heartbreak
I can't let that heart break
I'mma be...

With a super-plan
For your super body babe
It's super crazy
I'm Superman
With a super-plan
For your super body babe
It's super crazy

Look up in the sky
It's a bird, it's a plane
No baby, it's your man
Give me another, gotta fill me in,
sure I keep it because I can't...
Do nothing but love you
Baby I can't do nothing but love you
I'mma be...

With a super-plan
For your super body babe
It's super crazy
I'm Superman
With a super-plan
For your super body babe
It's super crazy

It's super crazy babe
It's super crazy baby
It's super crazy babe
It's super crazy baby

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Jackson, Trevor Superman Comments
  1. Jade Mathieu

    Here in 2019 guys 😂💖💓💝

  2. omari tiger

    Omari. Chelsea. Kersten. Sarah. Jane. Eden

  3. Debbie Parker

    Somebody please HELP ME! I’m tryna find this r&b song buy this dark skinned dude. There was a really nice video for it. Think I came out in 2000s. Starts out as “ Oo *bass hit* Oo! (Repeat 2xs) Yeaaa😫..... “ I can be your Superman”somethin like “ I know you’ve patiently waiting for a real man....ok tbh idk much of the lyrics but he’s talkin about how her man ain’t shit and how he’ll step up.

  4. Aisha Touray

    2019 right here

  5. Baby ChimChim

    2019 and still in love with this sing and his voice

  6. Kylia rxxn

    2019 and I’m still listening to this song 🥰😍

  7. dba quando

    2019 is here💯🔥💥

  8. Michelle kerr

    Look up in the the sky its a bird it's a plane no it's your man 💘❤😙😍

  9. Pamela Minter


  10. Samukelisiwe Sithole

    2018 and still here babe🧡💥💥💥❤️💕💕💕💕💛dopOne💛💕💕💋💋

  11. Queen Javi412

    2018 anyone?!?!🤔❤

  12. Tierra Triplett

    He So Sexxy<3

  13. Danielle Saydee

    Hope brother Danzel Love ❤️

  14. Orlane King James

    2018 still here💪🏾🔥❤

  15. Rihanna Fenty Beauty

    Hey Angel Ty Im sorry for really talking to the old you. My bad. But i like it sometimes. Hey cuz......

  16. Rihanna Fenty Beauty

    Come and be my superman.

  17. Rihanna Fenty Beauty

    Come save me Trevor.

  18. Ange Journals

    Funny when I saw SuperFly that's what I thought to he's superman for sure

  19. Alexis Jackson

    Good because via his via

  20. Tauvia Whitlock


  21. Raziya Miller

    He is so damn fine 😍😍😍😍😍😍finest boy i ever seen omg 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  22. Lacey Kellogg

    I like it song is great <3

  23. Karma And Ty

    Come grind on me my superman let me be yo super woman and give you my super body baby😚😍

  24. Leanmaria Wallace

    Still listening rn 2018. Next person reading this should watch burning sands starring him in it.

  25. Dinique Henry


  26. Jearline Berry

    Wyd superman

  27. secret peeler

    and they wonder why he's my role model

  28. kool manibo

    this gone always be a good song shout out to u Trevor Jackson

  29. Amica Jones

    I LOVE U

  30. Ms.Madame Monroe


  31. Jernisha Ellison

    Trevor Jackson Trevor Jackson Trevor Jackson i love you so much I love your new song drop it and here I come and new thang and like we grown and I think u or my cousin because your last name is Jackson and I have Jackson on my grandma of my family I loveeeeeeeeeeee u so much and I have 2 pictures of you and u r 20 years old and am 12 years old reply please

  32. Ernest Darko

    I know right 😀❤️😍

  33. Gregory Burleson

    I. love you so much. Trevor. Jackson

  34. shardonnae Skeete

    i like you sexy boy kiss

  35. Raquel Lopes


  36. Tanesha Thomas

    I love this song. My first time listening to this song and I'm like wow Trevor know how to make them good songs. I'm just feeling this song so deep.😍😘💖👍

  37. Sandra Witcher love


  38. Alexis Davis

    can u be my Superman 😘

  39. Alexis Davis

    Trevor Jackson will always be my Superman😘

    Kay Holmes

    Alexis Davis mine to

  40. Ty'Shawna Brown

    Listening To This In 2016 It's Still 🔥

    Makayla Green

    same here

  41. Vitória Darling

    - Superman 😍💜❤

  42. Monete bennett

    I love The way u sing Treovr Jackson

  43. Miracle Williams

    I love this song

  44. Dominator tentwentyone

    Girlfriend has this guy that likes her right... So what does he do he tells her to listen to thing song and ignore the chorus, and everything else is him talking to her...so whadya think of me coming back with the chorus of One Call Away?

    Kay Holmes

    Dominator tentwentyone exactly

  45. Romain reclaire

    superman 😀😊☺😀😂😅😆😉😎

    Yombo Adekeye

    My song

  46. bamise maforikan

    love it by her 8 year baby

  47. sumura bell

    he needs to make a video for this song ...I love this song @trevorjackson

  48. Kevin Ownbey

    I like his sonfs my daughter likes him

  49. misss Wayne

    Ahhhmazing voice wow!

  50. Alrenzo Walker

    Trevor jackson and Chris Brown should do a album together because they both sing about girls and they both can sing and dance


    @Alrenzo Walker damnn that's really inspiring. me too. chris brown is my idle in singing and dancing especially dancing, and trevor is really close to him. they would be perfect in a song or album or even just  features together. that would be soo firee. the replay button would be murdered.

    Alrenzo Walker

    +Mr_Splash _00 yeah i feel man.... shit.... i'll put bout like 4 commits on that bitch asap lol


    @Alrenzo Walker lmfao facts... mann we could only hope...it could be possible tho in the future... he did a song with zendaya so its only a matter of time trevor is next

    Alrenzo Walker

    @Mr_Splash _00 I feel ya man.... I can't wait when Chris calab with Trevor that album going to be one fire. But do you know what album would be the number 1 album this year?

    Alrenzo Walker

    Chris Brown, Tray Songz, and R.Kelly should make a love album together. Now that will definitely be a number 1 album for real.... Lol

  51. Sasha W

    Everyone needs to stop comparing artist saying he looks like and sounds like. Goodness the man is his own person, has his own voice and sound.

    T Tt

    but this is a world we live in people make opinions and I agree with them

    miya hall

    +sasha williams
    im with you on that one

    kool manibo

    sasha williams thank u that's wat I'm saying

  52. Babykeke

    I need him to grind on me😫😫

  53. Charlene Ford

    sharane. Boddle

  54. Cosmo O_O XD

    yes he is kind of cute too

  55. Chelly Quamie

    I Love his voice and his lyrics are amazing.

  56. Taniyah McClain

    tomorrow will be the day that this will be 2yrs that this came out omg im hitting the replay button like 80 times because im in love with this song and it is my jam

  57. Honey Dip

    it's better than Chris Brown

    trevor jackson fans

    f*ck u, are u dam?

    kool manibo

    Honey Dip nobody better than chris brown remember that

    Ayanna Legend

    To far honey

  58. Shyrese Jones

    he looks like trey songz a lil bit and sounds like him too

    Kay Holmes

    Shyrese Jones i now right

    Racquel Anderson

    kk holmes I love that songs

    Raziya Miller

    Shyrese Jones He don't sound like Trey Songz at all 💕😍😍😍😍

  59. Taytiana Hill

    Trevor Jackson is so fine that is Baee right there😍😘💯

    miya hall

    +Taytiana Hill
    trevor jackson is baeee tho

    Melissa Calderón

    Hola melissa

  60. lil_ monie

    love it

  61. Sergio Ricardo dos Santos Santos

    Crazy music

    marie ledbetter

    Trevor Jackson i love you and diggy Simmons

  62. Stacy G

    Stop comparing him to cb. He sounds deeper and he not so vulger

    E Winter

    +S E Know what? Chris wasn't vulgar when he was trevors age either. And sure enough trevor is transitioning into a sex symbol artist, so eventually they might just be one in the same. Happens to most of the fellas in the music industry, and its happening to him considering his recent songs. Not that its bad to be a sex symbol, but it will change him even if you think it wont lmao.

    Not to anger you or anything, but don't be blind to these situations. Remember we are in the real world, not fantasy world where everything is unicorns, rainbows, and good boys lol.

    miya hall

    +E Winter
    my boyfriend got mad cuz i told him that he is hot and sexy like shit tho

    S M

    he does sound like cb when he first came out tho

  63. Jessica Tuttle

    I love this song<3

  64. Kennedi West

    I love him

  65. Shizz baby

    Heaven and Jackson

    Shizz baby

    Challa trouble Jackson I love your movie that you had made and I want to come from one year and cancers I hope you have a concert and I want to do it for my birthday and my name is heaven

  66. Said Kaddi

    i love this song ;o superman

  67. Iam Tamba

    You are so better brother let me follow you

  68. Anna-Marie Pierreline Joseph

    I love this song😍😍😍😍

  69. Aylin Poturlieva

    u r maa superman love trevor😍

  70. Trish Conyers

    I love his songs😘

  71. akasha johnson

    ayye that beat thoo

  72. Iyanu Oriakhi


  73. Gabby Nunley

    U are fine!!!!

  74. Phillip Coleman

    i love this song & i love you trevor jackson 

  75. Iyanu Oriakhi

    Love the song

  76. Bryanna Dean

    Your so sexy trevor

  77. Arianna Degrasse

    Love this song 🍸💗💗🍸💗💗🍸

  78. Kurtura Darkins

    I love you so much you are my everything😘😍😙

  79. Kiana Deville

    Bomb song

  80. Ashley Fleming

    this my staff my song .......... love this song

  81. Janelle Johnson

    Trevor Jackson is BAE

  82. Janelle Johnson

    That's is true the world is messed up

  83. Colby Collind

    I just got put up on this song.. I dnt know how late I am but this that shit. Lol 🎶❤️

  84. Gaelle Makonga

    Love you trevor j you are the best

  85. Demetria Harbour

    Look in the sky its a bird its a plane. Nah baby thats yo man...love that verse

  86. Danaisha Mccray

    I love him  Zendaya and him are the best couple ever

  87. Destini Carter


  88. Londongyal7Tiyarna

    He sounds too much like Chris Brown 

    Bish whet 100

    different people have different opinions...


    Yes he kinda does but u can tell them apart ; )

    brentten Settle

    Yeah definitely!

    Jalen Jackson

    Londongyal7Tiyarna 😑😑😑

  89. Light blue Cinderella

    Or sexy

  90. Light blue Cinderella

    Wish. I can get to meet him to one day this pic looks hot.

  91. Aaliyah Marie

    Omg 💖💖

  92. Bish whet 100


  93. kyxhxx xx

    💛 💙 💜 💚 ❤ 💔 💗 💓 💕 💖 💞 💘 💌 💋 💍 💎 my baby. ilysm

  94. Tay Lee

    I Love dis guy hope i can meet him one day and dis song is super emotional

  95. Skye Lloyd

    Your my Superman

    Orianateyor Beard


    Orianateyor Beard


  96. Skye Lloyd

    I love you Trevor Jackson

  97. Jae J

    super sexy !! <3

  98. Meggy& Kassi

    Trevor reminds me of a younger version of Breezy👏they both act, sing, dance, and write. I expect Trevor to get as big as my favorite artist soon