Jackson, Michael - Speechless Lyrics

Your love is magical, that's how I feel
But I have not the words here to explain
Gone is the grace for expressions of passion
But there are worlds and worlds of ways to explain
To tell you how I feel

But I am speechless, speechless
That's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am far away
And nothing is for real

When I'm with you I am lost for words
I don't know what to say
My head's spinning like a carousel
So silently I pray

Helpless and hopeless
That's how I feel inside
Nothing's real, but all is possible
If God is on my side

When I'm with you I am in the light where I cannot be found
It's as though I am standing in the place called Hallowed Ground

Speechless, speechless
That's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am far away
And nothing is for real

I'll go anywhere
And do anything
Just to touch your face
There's no mountain high
I cannot climb
I'm humbled in your grace

Speechless, speechless
That's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am lost for words
And nothing is for real

Speechless, speechless
That's how you make me feel
Though I'm with you I am lost for words
And nothing is for real

Speechless, speechless
That's how you make me feel
(You're always on my mind)
Though I'm with you I am lost for words
And nothing is for real

Your love is magical, that's how I feel
But in your presence I am lost for words
Words like—like "I love you"

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Jackson, Michael Speechless Comments
  1. Mona Travis

    10 seconds in.... im gasping for air!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😭😭😭

  2. Karen Devonne

    Hoje ta sendo a madrugada mais intensa, desde as 2 da manhã, eu estou ouvindo Michael <3


    <333333 Michael Jackson, I'm SPEECHLESS <3333 I Love you

  4. Star Rainbow

    Then 2000 watts

  5. Renata Barbosa

    Ooh god!!! Don’t walk away and speechless it’s my favorite song from invincible albun.

  6. hadian messado

    But I'm speechless that how you make me feel 😥😥😥🙏

  7. Sma fa

    Michael Jackson make me SPEECHLESS

  8. Sheila loves MJ

    This song makes me feel so good❤😍😮I just wanna say:hehe

  9. Jocelyn Lloyd

    Really needed this today

  10. Зарнигор Пулатова

    It is unprecedented talant👍

  11. Kung LoveMJ

    I love you and miss you so much ❤❤❤

  12. Abril Agustina

    más que dedicada a vos, mi rey

  13. Gol Lum

    Tu as une voix magnifique Michael, et sur cette chanson...on dirait celle d'un ange ❤

  14. Life can be beautiful if you are clever

    love it ..........we are speechless I am....he was so good..his soul comes trough his voice smile..we should respect him instead of what happens now..I will defend this man always on social media everywere! he was a big example specially now with Xmas this was a man how others should behave! with l.o.v.e

  15. Francisca Alves

    Todas as músicas do Michael Seja dançante ou mais românticas para mim sempre fica uma mensagem Boa.

  16. Emily 016

    I listen this song when I feel very sad!

  17. Elena Бурих

    Плачу навзрыд❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Caecilia Hoek Middelkoop


  19. Moonwalker NK

    I am speeachless that's how you make me feel, yes, you Michael❤😔

  20. Pius Muchira

    ... ....😎...✌️...

  21. ceo los

    Love this song

  22. safiul lathif

    Miss you 😔😔😔

  23. MJ invincible TV

    Michael Jackson's voice sounds like heaven

  24. Henrique Nogueira

    I Love❤❤

  25. Raheel Baig

    this song is much better in today music

  26. Elena Бурих

    Божественная песня,до слез,Майкл это шедевр

  27. Billie Jean

    I love you

  28. Sayanora Dias

    If anyone asks me did u anytime hear the voice of an angel.... Me: yes Michael ❤❤❤

  29. moonchild army

    toda vez que eu escuto essa música eu choro e fico triste, porque ele não tá mais aqui. ♥♥♥

  30. Marty channel

    One of the few songs that with its words and its melody manages to make me cry a lot all the time...❤ this is pure art. I miss him everyday...

  31. donna hookem

    Your a gift off my life x

  32. Maria Sousssa

    That beautiful music❤

  33. Joseph Martinez

    everything on my conputer im micheal jackson i love his music

  34. Joseph Martinez

    i miss micheal i love his music

  35. Mendu Mbilase

    Ed Sheran has nothing to match this.

  36. ReXrig G R

    I'm having this song playing when I pass away 🥰👼🙏🤩🎤🎶 Beautiful Song🥰

  37. Tyler Smoov

    I’m playing this song at my wedding.

  38. Henrich Gervais

    it's funny that this was released in the early 2001 and probably recorded in 2000

    Henrich Gervais

    whoops Wrong song

  39. Tia Herbert

    This is such a beautiful song😭

  40. Heiko Rastätter

    Ich liebe den song

  41. Tatyana Panta

    This song relates. I love it so much❤

  42. Lizzie Bennet

    Beautiful voice. Hugs from Brazil, MJ!

  43. Joshua Thomas

    Kannte ich bis dato gar nicht.. Aber wunderschön. Danke dafür

  44. Luan Oliveira

    Algum br aqui?

  45. Herald Sinaga

    sorry y'all, but i should say that...

    MJ's speechless>Naomi Scott's speechless

  46. Ewerton Kelvin

    Perfeita esta música

  47. Gol Lum

    The music of Michael Jackson is so beautiful that she will leave me now "speechless"...

  48. Ana Cláudia

    This Song is beautiful 😭❤❤

  49. Bobby Paul

    Wish artist would listen to his music and be inspired to change the world the way he did rip Michael Jackson

  50. Janiah mays

    When i listen to this, I don't know if I wanna be happy... or sad...Its giving off mixed vibes.

  51. Wong Kai Yi

    One of his songs that touches my heart 😭

  52. Nicolas Mateo

    Omg is so perfect

  53. Der Lehrer Zockt

    your love is magical, that's how I feel
    But in your presence I am lost for words
    Words like, "I love you". 😍😭😥

  54. Der Lehrer Zockt

    I think nobody has so much feelings in his or hers song, or can sing it like Michael




    The album Invincible is criminally underrated. It’s so sad Michael didn’t get what he deserved in his final years.

    Sachin Janwadkar

    Still it's his 6th most sold album


    @Sachin Janwadkar Well that's true as well :-)

  57. tsangpogorge

    The best moment in This is it was the part where he sang the intro to this song.

  58. Gianni Vieri

    I carnt even breath. Bring him back

  59. Thaya Rammal

    Love you Michael

  60. Sanda Bonciu

    O voce calda plina de iubire esti unic MJ

  61. Empowered Empath

    Lucky to listen to his music. He is a legend.❣❣

  62. Maryenne

    This voice... I can’t

  63. Retro Vybz

    Why does this not have millions of views?

    Jacob Reynolds

    Because Invincible didn’t do as well as Mike’s other albums, thus not as many people know about amazing songs like this one, it’s unfortunate.

  64. tatá Cristine

    Essa música, meu Deus do céu. Eu amo o Michael, sempre que ouço essa música parece que sinto ele tão perto, mesmo estando tão longe, tão longe. Eu sinto tanta falta dele, isso dói tanto, e nunca ninguém vai entender isso.

  65. tatá Cristine

    Te amo Mike, eu te amo muito. Você se faz tão presente, só queria ter te dado um abraço antes de você partir neném, te amo e vou amar vc sempre. 😔❤

  66. Elisabete Petit

    Rare Diamond you are MICHAEL JACKSON!

  67. thew mr2

    Quando tiver um cantor melhor do que michel eu mudo meu nome

  68. luisa gamarra

    Amo esta canción, lo amo, amo tu voz MJ te amo a ti, gracias por existir. Te amo

  69. Kitsuneorebon

    he lowkey alive, still making music

  70. thekingofpop.daily Mohammed


  71. Maria Velazquez

    OMG! It's so beatiful 😭 💕 ✨

  72. Sokmeng chhoeun

    Especially this song is written and composed by himself. He really means it in this song. His feeling, voice, style of singing in this song OH My Buddha. This song is just perfect

  73. André Mendes


  74. Lyte42

    Michael I'm speechless when it comes to you 😭 your always in my heart. R.I.P gone 2 dahm soon

  75. Juan acuña

    Que errmosa la cansion

  76. Leonildo Nonato


  77. Daniel Garcia

    I'm never going to forgive Android or google for not delivering that video on that day at the moment I sent it to Catie.

  78. Moonwalker NK

    I love this song and you,Michael❤ You are my life and world😭💓

  79. Alberto Gabriel

    I love that song! Amazing!

  80. Koko Master

    This song gives life.

  81. Koko Master

    This song gives life.

  82. Koko Master

    This song is live

  83. Florencia Nievas

    September 2019??

  84. AppleheadLovesRoblox

    I love the part that he says "like....like..i love you..." it makes me smile every time but at the same time i want to cry...3:04

  85. Rafael Alves

    Olha a voz dele que coisa linda,a música em si,show 👏👏👏

  86. annie mijac

    Goosebumps.... Magic forever . Love u Michael ❤️💙

  87. Loucif Fouad

    😍😍😍 très belle chanson

  88. BrandPross .u.


  89. Ridwan Fitness

    *Michael Jackson uploaded a new video*

    Me: Speechless... Invincible album will never be forgotten. 🙂

  90. Angel Matty

    You're love is magical Michael❤

  91. Trace Campbell

    This gives me chills and goose bumps and makes me cry no matter how many times I hear.

  92. Nares Bt

    Michael jackson forever

  93. Chat Noir

    happy 61th Michael :D

  94. Angie Boza Ramos

    Hermosa voz, te amo, feliz cumpleaños Rey del pop

  95. Raheem Peterson

    Love You Michael 💙🙏🏾

  96. Enne Duraes

    I miss you, Mike😭❤

  97. crazy coco

    that this man was a pedo licking wade 7 years old ass make me speechless...😱😱😱

  98. Ella Bor

    Happy birthday Mr. Michael Jackson see ya in heaven someday. Luv ya