Jackson, Michael - Love Is Here And Now You're Gone Lyrics

Love is here
And oh my darling, now you're gone
Love is here
And oh my darling, now you're gone
You persuaded me to love you
And I did
But instead of tendeness
I found heartache instead
Into your arms I fell
So unaware of the lonelyness
Thar was waiting there

You closed the door to your heart, girl
And you turned the key
Locked your love away from me

Love is here
And oh my darling, now you're gone
You made me love you
And oh my darling, now you're gone
You said loving you
Would make life beautiful
With each passing day
But as soon as love came
Into my heart
You turned and you walked
Just walked away

You stripped me of my dreams
You gave me faith, then you took my hope
Look at me now

Look at me
See what loving has done to me
Look at my face
See how cryin' has left its trace
After you made me all your own
Then you left me all alone
You made your words sound so sweet
Knowing that your love I couldn't keep

My heart cries out for your tuch
But baby, you're not there
And the lonely cry fades in the air

Love is here
And oh my darling, now you're gone
Love is here
And oh my darling, now you're gone
You made me love you
Oh oh my darling, now you're gone
Talking 'bout love, love, love, love,
Ooh ooh my darling, now you're gone

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Jackson, Michael Love Is Here And Now You're Gone Comments
  1. willthebest1

    Still a favorite 2020!😊

  2. Michaela Luthuli

    Remember Michael that I love you and miss you so much because you were the only one who is truly a blessing when you were born and I understand that you have to go to Heaven 😇

  3. Blessed Man

    I love this version. He sings this with so much passion and pain and anyone who has ever lost someone or a loved one knows excactly what I mean. So therefore, I dedicate this song to all of those who have lost someone or ones. It is Thanksgiving Day 2019 as I write this and as happy as a day it can be for many, it can be just as sad for so many more. It is okay to express your feelings and emotions through tears for those who are no longer in your life or who are up in the skies. We shall love and miss them forever even though they are gone. Happy Holidays To All!!!

  4. pseudosun

    so much talent. He knew how to cut with that voice and place it just right to create the perfect compliment to the music.

  5. arthur workman

    never heard his version but damn he blew Diana Ross' version out of the water.

  6. Matthew Person

    The doubling of his voice at 2:09 on the recording is sheer brilliance

  7. Monila Ninetynine

    Wow! This child certainly could convey anguish.

  8. bahkara94

    Mj for ever

  9. ammy smith

    My idol love u mj

  10. Radio Sobral City webradio


  11. 0 waste Vegan

    Love you Michael

  12. Gina Pellicciotta

    So sweet,cosi dolce cantato,grazie 💖🦋🐞🐝🌴🌻💌

  13. Waykers 13

    He's in the class of the best adult singers as a child @2:26 his background vocals are angelic

  14. Liz 8

    Love this song 🎶🎶🎶👍♥️♥️♥️🍀

  15. Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Oct 18, 2011

    FanMade Music Videos # 24

    March 15, 2009

  16. blackmore4

    Girl? Yeah right.

  17. Yvette Sanchez

    Listen to that sweet voice!! & Such a beautiful & touching song!! Love it! & He was so adorable!! No wonder MJ was a big success from day one!! We were so blessed to have had him!! He was destined to be what he will always remain, the one & only King of Pop!! Thank-you so much, MJ, for everything & for touching our hearts!!

  18. Kruegerisgod

    RIP Mike

  19. Blessed Man

    Michael, you made us love you and now your gone. Love is here and now your gone. Our hearts cry out for your touch but your not here and our lonely cries fill the air. Love is here and now your gone. We Miss You Michael!!!

  20. Faith Miles


  21. Geraldo Barbosa

    The greatest performers of all time. Great Michael Jackson.

  22. BigT56

    This kid could take a great singers song and take it to greater heights. The live version at the fourm of bill withers aint no sunshine is scary. Simply not from here

  23. Marg H

    All my love michael 💋🎶💋🎶💋🎶💋💝💟💝💟💝💟😘😘😘😘😘😘⭐🌟✨🌜🌎😉😇😇🌠

  24. DJ Gary

    In a lot of ways Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 sometimes out did the original version's to the artists on Motown they out did The Supremes in some cases

  25. Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker

    Docs prove Michael Jackson faked his death. After an 8+ year investigation his "death" is nothing but smoke & mirrors, like a magnificent magic trick. Learn more here: www.vimeo.com/ondemand/alive2michaeljackson

    and www.vimeo.com/ondemand/aliveiiimichaeljackson

    and www.vimeo.com/ondemand/improvedalive1

    or order the DVD here:


  26. Sherayx Sheracks

    Love is here and oh my darling now ur gone...look what u done...you made me love you💕 and oh my darlin now your gone💕
    Oh I love this💕
    Thank you! Great video💕

  27. Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!!

    See I'm not gonna make this an Osmond vs. Jackson scenario and Donny was a tenor but not like this. Not like this.

  28. The dancing Alien

    Doctor my eyes too

  29. Michael J

    Fantastique...! J'adore cette chanson...vraiment.!

  30. Adrian John

    The influence of Diana Ross on Michael and his style is clear in all he does.
    She was the Queen of Motown and Michael was the Pearl.

    Punkanelly Lovejoy

    Adrian John .. Diana Ross was nothing more than a dirty conniving boss-fucking bastard-breeding bitch

  31. Paul O

    Without the best version of this motown classic - hard to believe the complexity, wandering rhythm with this challenging song is mastered by little more than a child - but certainly no ordinary kid!

  32. Ben Jackson

    Love the cover! Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 had some great covers. They'll live on!

  33. George White Jr

    Robin thick

  34. Ericka Morales


  35. kristi schrittwieser

    Michael's voice was amazing. I like his stuff from when he was a kid better then his newer stuff.

    Ben Jackson

    To me it depends on what it's about

    Vision L

    I always did... from Off The Wall to Jackson five.

    My favorite is this song... Darling Dear, Lookin through Window, and Maybe Tomorrow.

  36. Norman Shinholster

    💘 💘 diana ross version what what knock me out the funk brothers

  37. Terryz T

    awe Mike.

  38. macreal65

    Wow this song make me think of my mom, me and my older brother. And how we were trying to be the J5, and of course he had to be Michael and I was just one of the brothers. We tried singing this song and my mom and little sister was our Go Go Dancers. Man that's was over 45 yrs ago, man I do miss my family. Especially my mom, just simple good times.

  39. lmanol jack

    quien puede ser tan imbécil para darle dislaik

  40. lmanol jack

    que bella interpretación

  41. Taylor sara

    Is diana singing the 'love is here' part?

  42. RJ Smith

    We DO love this version of the Supremes song...I grew up on this music...Both singles are greeeat, but I agree, young Michael shows his vocal talent in a major way. Thanks for the music!

    Ben Jackson

    Yeah. thanks!

    Jon Dishmon Music and STUFF!!

    I'm more interested in the fact that you identify as "we." Is your name Sybol? hahahaha

  43. Supa Kent

    OMG MJ!

  44. Clara Kirkendoll

    I agree with sondano and heather. very well said. so all you haters stop trashing him. love you forever mj

  45. Clara Kirkendoll

    you're right its not the supremes. it's better! you have to realize this is a little boy singing. great!!!

    Ben Jackson


  46. Luke Padgett

    It's great singing...but it ain't the Supremes.


    Its better diana had no depth to her voice . Supremes were a good group but no one can compete with mike even on their own songs . Ask smokey ask bill withers ask diana

  47. mark styles

    Motown cycled songs all over the place, it wasn't uncommon for a song to passed arount 3-4-5 bands.. Till Motown found the version they liked.. Some Boston friends of  mind back in the late 60's or early 70's got a Jackson 5 reject song (Dancing Machine) to try.. My friend was in this 9 piece White Soul Band.. Not sure if Motown was courting them or not.. Anyways the band did their version... Gordy liked it so much, he gave it back to Jacksons, and told the arranger, to copy the arrangement my friends had made up.. Also at that time, Mowtown was pumping out songs like crazy. For album filler, they had to recycle the hits of the other artists.. Extremely good business technique, kept writers and royalties coming in,, also sometimes  revitilized the original artist too.. I like some of the early Michael Jackson covers.. He did an amazing job for someone so young.. Also the studio band, The Wrecking crew did the music for all the acts.. They would try to slightly stylize a song different for each artist, to make the artist stand out stronger.. For instance Supremes often had vibes on their songs, where it was rare, for the other Motown acts to use vibe.. The Supremes generally did the best version of their songs.. They had their style of singing complete down, Each Motown band had a particular strength an surpassed the others in that particular aspect.. Its amazing, with the same band, a lot of the same writersl and producers, they were able to turn out the huge assortment of songs, and artists they did.. What I didn't like was the Contours, were given a back seat to the other Motown male artists, they could really raise the rafters.. I think in one way, they were just a little too raucous for Motown, although later, A Contour singer took over David Ruffins place..

    Matt Kustom Kostumes

    Cool backstory on Motown production methods. One correction (or delineation) I'd like to make though. Motown's Detroit-based house band was The Funk Brothers. The Wrecking Crew was LA-based and were known to play on/for Motown TV specials, but not the biggest hit studio records of the 60's. The Wrecking Crew may have played on later records (after relocating to LA in early 70's) but I'm honestly not sure without googling.

    Norman Shinholster

    💘 is here now u gone

  48. shawnone

    To those who keep saying the Supremes were the originals need to keep in mind that the Supreme's nor the Jackson 5 wrote any of their songs.  So neither own these songs.  They had no control over who sung what anyway.  Not only that just because it was released by the Supremes it doesn't mean they were the first to record it.  Sometimes once a song was written they would try that song with several artist before they found the write fit.  It might be the third try before they release it.  Where did our love go was written for the Marvellette's but they ddn't want it so they gave it to the Supreme's.  They did that all the time with each other songs!


    You are right....but the Supremes took this song to #1 in a time when black artist rarely hit the top 20 (let alone #1)! I think people forget that. Blacks couldn't even vote 3 years before that. The Supremes were true trailblazers!!! Micheal and his brothers (and every successful black musician after) are recipients of their accomplishments!

  49. Rebecca21

    I prefer this than the supremes version

    Bradley Scarton

    This is good, but the Supremes version is fuller.

  50. Liza Nichols

    Hey Heather Dianna Ross discovered the Jackson 5,so why wouldn't she allow them to sing her songs, Listen to this Boy sing he has perfect pitch , any one with a music background can hear that this is a studio version, and we are maybe privy to hear this now because he has passed away , so why not just enjoy it !

    divine williams

    diana did not discover the jackson 5!! that was a publicity gimmick by motown. they were discovered by gladys knight and bobby taylor of the vancouvers. check your motown history!!

    Liza Nichols

    Hello you are correct,he was discovered,by Bobby,and trained by him also,I had the privilege of meeting and hanging out with most of the great entertainers of this era,and thanks for your comment, I was engaged to one of the Delfonics,Garfield Fleming and we stayed together for 10 years,so I met most of the stars from him,so I stand corrected, I can send you some of my pictures of some stars if you like?

    Ben Jackson

    She mentored and introduced him and his brothers on screen for the first time but Bobby Taylor was the one who actually discovered them. Yup.

    DJ Gary

    Liza Nichols to stand correct it was Motown/Producer's Choice for Jackson 5 to sing Diana Ross and Supremes songs not Diana she never had written any of those songs she could never give out permission

    Tommie Reed

    she didn't do your homework

  51. Heather Ferreira

    Hey, help me with this: this isn't the version by the Jackson 5, is it?  Instead this is one Michael did himself as a one-off, right?  The reason I ask is I own the Jackson 5 cartoons on DVD and this does not sound at all like the version heard playing in one of the episodes.  Am I just crazy or mistaken?  Is this the J5, or just MJJ alone?

    Supa Kent

    +Heather Ferreira I can't answer this but I have this album and it's from his 1972 solo album

  52. Yuland Goodgame

    Mike was baaad!!!! There is no other word to describe this very talented human being!  Sure, the Supremes song it the way they wanted to!  But to listen to this very small little boy making this song his own, and listening to songs like who's loving you....words just can't describe how remarkable of a singer he was as a young boy.....but he was destined to become the King of Music....Michael Jackson will live on Forever!!!

    Brenda Garrett

    So true!!!

    Ben Jackson

    Yup. Who knows what would've happened if Motown had let him and his brothers record their songs. They'd definitely be great.


    Yuland Goodgame And there has never even been another little kid that has come along to rival little Michael in all these years. Not one!💯💖❣️

  53. The Supremes Archive

    Why did the Jacksons 5 recorded so many Supremes songs? Ex: "I Hear A Symphony", "Love Is Here And Now You're Gone", "Touch", "Forever Came Today", "You Can't Hurry Love", "Reflections", "Keep An Eye", "Sunny Boy"

    The Tyrie

    Are you saying the Jackson 5 messed up the supremes songs ?

    Norman Shinholster

    hell 👎 they did great


    The Supremes Archive It was a thing Motown did. They all recorded each other's songs. Easy way to fill up an album.

    Punkanelly Lovejoy

    The Supremes Archive Berry Gordy made them record those Supremes songs. He was a greedy and deceitful man and he wanted those royalties.

    R B

    There was a love and admiration between the jacksons and Miss Ross. She helped introduce them to the world.

  54. Darrell Swinson

    Donnie Elbert, Michael Jackson, Diana Ross & The Surpremes covered this song when I was a young kid.

  55. polski1910

    Very troubled man, indeed. Couldn't escape his terrible childhood. I'm just sorry that other children were abused by him. He should have been put in prison, unfortunately.

    Heather Ferreira

    To this day I refuse to believe Michael touched any of those children.  I believe he was drastically immature, thought of himself as a child also, feared adults, preferred children's company because it seemed safer to him at the time, and was an asexual.  Asexuals exist and asexuality is a recognized orientation.  Michael was targeted and slain by an envious American media and that is all, full stop, end of.


    So that's what you do in America. Put people in prison no matter how much evidence is against their accusers, right?
    Welcome to the land of freedom.

    No child was abused by him!
    First of all  the evidence is overwhelming that he was barely interested in sex at all, he could go without it for years, he was basically asexual,  but he had an eye for the ladies not males. That evidence was introduced during the trial. But you ignore it.

    He couldn't harm a fly, sometimes literally, let alone a human being, let alone a child!
    He spent his entire life trying to do good things for them. Ever since he was 12 he cared about other children and their well-being. He saved lives not ruined lives.

    He was a profoundly gentle person and extremely sentimental, not just with kids but adults too.
    Like this:

    or this

    He was used and abused by grifters, extortionists, lowlives who wanted his money!
    They should have been put in prison not MJ.
    He didn't have a single accuser who didn't want his money!
    Think about that.
    What are the chances that a real pedophile who had contact with hundreds of kids all over the world would only be accused by a few with crooked parents and a clear financial agenda? Zero. Just think about the Sandusky victims
    how different they were from Gavin Arvizo or Jordan Chandler!

    More than 30 kids were interviewed by the police in 1993.
    None accused him.
    You may say some  lied for him under oath but all of them??
    That's just impossible.

    Here's a list of the kids who were around him, even slept in his room and never complained, quite to the contrary every single one of them is on the record saying only nice things about him:
    Brett Barnes, Mac Culkin, Kieran Culkin, Sean Culkin, Dakota Culkin, Quinn Culkin, Frank Cascio, Eddie Cascio,
    Aldo Cascio, Angel Cascio, Nicole Cascio, Nicole Richie, Corey Feldman, Alfonso Riberio, Dave Dave, Ryan Folsey,
    Derek Emerson, Anton Glanzelius, Eric Trump, Michael Gibb, Gotham Chopra, Omar Batthi, Richard Maatsura, Ahmad Etabad, Kelly Parker, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis, Michael Jacobshagen, Sean Lennon, Mark Ronson, Tracy Dyer, Amy Agajanian, Rashida Jones, Emmanuel Lewis, Lala Romero, Nisha Kataria, Brock Goldstein, Karlee Barnes, Amanda Porter, Alison V Smith, Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, Ryan White.

    Do you believe them or the ones who wanted his millions and were caught in numerous lies?

    Heather Ferreira

    I agree with all the points made by Sondano.  Michael was slain by US and UK media, in much the way HRH Princess Diana Spencer of Wales was by UK and world media.  They both were terribly sensitive, almost suicidally generous people, in a way almost too good for our sad, imperfect world.  

    Another thing I want to point out about Michael: it's only beginning to attract discussion, but just as there is transgender, there is also transrace: looking like race X on the outside but feeling like race Y within.

    I believe Michael may have also been transracial.  It's interesting MJJ was ridiculed and hunted to the ground for his identity but Chaz Bono receives accolades and sympathy for his.  Decades from now make no mistake: Michael Jackson will be looked back upon as a pioneer to thousands of transracial people all over the world.  May what happened to that poor young gentle soul never happen again.

  56. Jerry Nechemya

    top class of song

  57. Aprillis29

    How ironic, that the one song of Diana Ross and the Supremes that he sang a cover, the lyrics ended up being the exact summary of his relationship with Diana Ross (he wanted to marry her in 1984 and she left him for Arne Naess in 1985, remember?)

  58. leegenix

    One of the greatest performers of all time. 

    Royce Freeman

    the GREATEST 

    Ben Jackson

    You can say that a million times!

  59. claude moreno


  60. ureatowel15

    now he dead

  61. eritreangurrl

    Awww look at that picture, little Mike, big eyes , sweet shy smile, beautiful!

  62. joe boyles


  63. ladymusiclover

    @1995MrsBieber I think she's talking about her ex boyfriend.

  64. Stick_it In_your_ass

    That kid could really sing....never have seen anyone come along ...in 40 years that is better.

  65. Epitome

    The best may come close ......... BUT Michael Jackson is ONE OF A KIND !

    R.I.P. MJ and Thank you so much

  66. Gabe Hills

    LMAO.. MJ has more power and soul to his voice than at 5 than JB at 17

  67. Born2Assist

    I.Me and my sisters played and played and played this album over and over again. Bottom line it's all ABOUT THE MUSIC AND THE LEGACY OF A TALENTED ONCE IN A LIFETIME INDIVIDUAL -- May he have peace at last on the other side of Paradise that we believers will see at the end of THIS life ... in Jesus Name!

  68. Omorro Bey

    @8mycrab very well spoken...

  69. Spargold1

    A very melodious song by the King of Pop! The photograph, gives him a real baby look ! But then again, Michael Jackson is a baby! I love him! Chubby cheeks and all !

  70. lillaydjackson123

    @ILUVMJ101 thank you for speaking the truth... it makes me angry sometimes.... ive seen people who were haters suddenly become fans right before my eyes, and it's as if the fans who were there for him thorugh everything don't matter no more...

  71. Chris Gould

    How can someone so young sing with so much passion. Its beyond. Its sounds like he's been through a rocky relationship at the age of 10 years old. He's little 40 year old midget

  72. TheBoyFrom1962

    What a cracking tune this is

  73. lillaydjackson123

    @ILUVMJ101 I gets me really angry.... but we know who the real fans are... ♥ Love 4ever u Mikey!! ♥

  74. Reginald Greene

    This just might be the best period of Michael's unparalleled career. Still so innocent, soulful and raw yet poised, talented and in totel command of his immense gifts

  75. Yuland Goodgame

    What a gorgeous and talented young man who grew up to be the best entertainer in all the world. No one can ever take that away from him. He will be missed tremendously, but always remembered. Michael you will always be here, like the song says, love is here, and now you're gone. You were my love, and now you're gone, but never forgotten. I will always love you Michael Joseph Jackson, forever and always. [email protected]

  76. Yuland Goodgame

    What a gorgeous and talented young man who grew up to be the best entertainer in all the world. No one can ever take that away from him. He will be missed tremendously, but always remembered. Michael you will always be here, like the song says, love is here, and now you're gone. You were my love, and now you're gone, but never forgotten. I will always love you Michael Joseph Jackson, forever and always.

  77. MrBmic

    Got to be there was great album. As a child, I always thought this was an MJ song. He had a few remakes on that album. They were al great.

    Ben Jackson

    Yeah there was a balance between original songs and covers on that album

  78. Queen Victorya

    @strangefruit64 i dont think no child ever sang it

  79. thejulianarodrigues costa

    "love is here and now , oh my darling, you are gone". It doesn't make sense to me. I would do anything to being you back to me, to us....

    you are living on every day anyway...i will not say goodbye...

    RIP - that's all for L.O.V.E. and love lives forever

  80. DeishaGuy

    @MyMelody5 I have to say I agree with you...(Even if this comment is 1 month old....LOL)

  81. NewWorldRob

    @ILUVMJ101 I Love MJ and I Love YOU for feeling the way you do about him, and for those sincere an tender comments.

  82. NewWorldRob

    He Snapped !!!!!!!!

  83. Gipsylady74

    JUST ADORABLE.....My heart melts like butter i the sun....

  84. DeishaGuy

    @ILUVMJ101 Likewise...I totally agree! I've loved him and the fam b/f all this happened! Now everyone loves him!! sad

  85. NOYB

    you know he was DYING to be Diana all his life-closet case ......

  86. Lies Macias

    love this song, first time I heared it

  87. Jody Pate

    this from his first solo album Got to Be There, used to play it to death in the late seventies

  88. MotownConnoisseur30

    @strangefruit64 I never said that Michael's vocals weren't good. The whole production lacks the beauty of the Supremes' version. Vocally they are on par with each other, but when it comes to the instrumental and production value, the Supremes' version is better.

  89. paradais2

    @strangefruit64 one of a kind definitely. others try but never heard anyone anywhere near the level of purity and perfection Michael achieves. pure delight.

  90. MotownConnoisseur30

    @frak2003 Although Michael's version is really good, it doesn't equal the beauty and flow of the Supremes' original.

  91. paradais2

    This is so sweet and pure as is Michael. I do remember this one. Beautiful.. thanks for sharing. If there are disrespectful comments on here, consider just accepting friend's comments and others by approval. that way these videos can be places where fans can all love Michael together without the distraction of slapping haters, which does get boring. l.o.v.e.

  92. DeishaGuy

    Got to be There, Ben, Music and Me the best albums OMG his voice was amazing and ALOT of ppl don't even know these songs becuz they weren't really hits...(I WISH PPL KNEW ABOUT SONGS LIKE THESE)!!!

    killer leatherface

    Your awesome man you are a true mj fan brother

  93. lhejein

    LOVE is here and Oh Michael, now youre gone :(

  94. sketchley80

    @8mycrab SO well said - we have judged so so harshly...it seems MJ's death and has made some people (hopefully many) to reflect on how they judged him - and in doing so...how they judge others in today's world...
    MJ does epitomize bravery and not giving up easily...he kept on keeping on...and I believe he would have...he seemed to love life and to always find a way to smile...

  95. Diogo

    @dany6153 tem uma tradução automatica, nao muito fiel aqui: letras .terra. com. br/michael-jackson/1518870/traducao.html

  96. K WIn

    mj is THE child prodigy. cant believe ppl r comparing him to justin bieber now.

  97. Maggie Pachoco

    wow! ganda ah ngayon ko lng to nahanap. :)

    great song!!!

  98. Andrew MJsOldestfan K.

    Diana Ross & The Supremes wrote and sang this song in the mid 60s!!! Michael does it better tho'.!!!

    It's All for Love.......L.O.V.E

  99. MichaelJacksonIsYumm

    So cute and adorable!
    i love you mikey.
    your truly missed.<3
    your my little baby and angel.
    amazing voice and talent and amazingly loving person!
    i love you babe.