Jackson, Michael - Little Susie Lyrics

Somebody killed little Susie
The girl with the tune
Who sings in the daytime at noon
She was there screaming
Beating her voice in her doom
But nobody came to her soon...

A fall down the stairs
Her dress torn
Oh the blood in her hair...
A mystery so sullen in air
She lie there so tenderly
Fashioned so slenderly
Lift her with care,
Oh the blood in her hair...

Everyone came to see
The girl that now is dead
So blind stare the eyes in her head...
And suddenly a voice from the crowd said
This girl lived in vain
Her face bear such agony, such strain...

But only the man from next door
Knew Little Susie and how he cried
As he reached down
To close Susie's eyes...
She lie there so tenderly
Fashioned so slenderly
Lift her with care
Oh the blood in her hair...

It was all for God's sake
For her singing the tune
For someone to feel her despair
To be damned to know hoping is dead and you're doomed
Then to scream out
And nobody's there...

She knew no one cared...

Father left home, poor mother died
Leaving Susie alone
Grandfather's soul too had flown...
No one to care
Just to love her
How much can one bear
Rejecting the needs in her prayers...

Neglection can kill
Like a knife in your soul
Oh it will
Little Susie fought so hard to live...
She lie there so tenderly
Fashioned so slenderly
Lift her with care
So young and so fair

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Jackson, Michael Little Susie Comments
  1. Laura Steyn

    The intro is just magical

  2. Tara Milosavljevic

    Who is here after Shane Dawson video????

  3. Mystye Schoenekase

    Shut up and that is rude

  4. Cam R

    his voice. beautiful

  5. Chacelyn Toller

    Poor little Susie this is how we fell about your death Michael Jackson plz come back Michael plz love you 😘❤️❣️🖤💖💕💞😭😪💘💝💯

  6. Regean Kinard

    here from shane lolll

  7. Ben Phillip

    Demmet Shane you gave me nightmares

  8. Latin Dance

    Waaaaaw! This is the first time l hear this sing fm MJ 😥😥😥

  9. alysha gerst

    I feel like Michael's childhood was "Susie"

  10. king of the jungle vlogs king of the jungle

    Fun fact there's a legend about the song

  11. Unknown

    There was blood in her house and soon blood on the dance floor

  12. Bojana P

    "Neglection can kill like a knife in your soul" this is so trueee he really was a voice for the voiceless, he was neglected as a child so he was able to relate to children so much expecialy to ones who were neglected by their parents as he was

  13. Tak- E Taf- E Films

    This song made me 😭

  14. Cathy Kim

    Heard this song for the first time. It was very different from his other songs. I can imagine MJ being devastated and hurt by this girls abuse and murder. MJ really wanted to change the world into a better place. His voice is so angelic but the lyrics really is sad and shocking. MJ was a lovely genius expressing soo much through music. Miss you with great respect and love.
    Michael Jackson =LOVE & Greatness

  15. Pisces Fanny

    I miss Michael, may he rest in peace :(

  16. Marilena Kolountzaki

    Ok is nobody going to mention that it sounds just like hijo de la luna by mecano???

  17. - Hopeful -

    Poor little Susie.
    We all cared way to late..

  18. Breeanna's Brilliant World

    This is sad. Rest in peace Michael Jackson 💔💔💔

  19. Lolita Subliminals

    Bet it was Pennywise

    NinaPluta2016 Pluta

    Lolita Subliminals Lol 😂

  20. Kimberly Legarda8010

    "She was there screaming beating her voice in her doom nobody came to her soon" That part reminds of there's some people screaming for help inside and no can hear so we can't help them ):💔

    NinaPluta2016 Pluta

    Kimberly Legarda8010 I some times scream in pain inside-only I hear it ...

  21. Levi Suárez

    No sé si sentir miedo o tristeza por esta canción

  22. joelma melo

    This song reminds me
    Michael childhood and life
    All his alone and lonely life
    It's like he was into the song

    jayanti Ch

    yes... its a mix of the story of little susie and his own life.... his voice breaks my heart, it's filled with so much despair

  23. sherry.oxo1234

    Everybody is listening to thriller today (Halloween 2019) but im over here listening to this to really get scared

  24. Superstar Worm

    I want to date anime girls

  25. GIANA Ficara

    Shane dawnson

  26. Azriel Wutka

    I like this song and I came here frome Shane so yeaaaa

    NinaPluta2016 Pluta

    I saw your profile pic and your fave song list so I. Just-BAM WHAM-Subsribtie

  27. kxller-friend

    I don’t know why but I’m terrified of the song

  28. Moonwalker777

    Michael Jackson is the only singer I have ever heard to make a song about poor children being abused and the other injustices of this sick world.

    oh.x honey

    The sad thing is this is a true story😢


    @oh.x honey I know 😢

  29. I'm A Centrist

    For some reason this song reminds me of the Aokigahara Forest.

  30. Gugarko Jack

    Name one current mainstream artist able to pull off a masterpiece like this one.

  31. Mayara Jackson

    Poemas de Mayara Jackson para Michael Jackson 💙💙💙💙💙♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💟💟💟💟💟👄👄👄👄💓💓💓💕💕💕💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💝💝💝🙄🙄🙄💔💔💔💔💋💋💋💋💛💛💛💞💞💞💚💚💚🤗🤗🤗😦😦😦💗💗💯💯💯❣️❣️❣️😻😻😼😼💘💘💘💓💓💓💕💕💙💙♥️♥️♥️💟💟💟😍😍😍😟😟💖💖❤️💕💕💕💕💕💕💕♥️♥️♥️♥️💟💟💟💟👄💜💜💜💘💘💘💘🙄💝💝💔🔥💛💛💛💛💛💔💔💔💜💜💜💜💙💙💙💙💙♥️♥️♥️♥️

  32. Mayara Jackson

    Já rasquei o meu coração só por ti perde nesses caminhos sem volta e sem direção pra te encontrar na linda estrada da solução de você volta 💙💙💙💜💜💜💜💜💜💔💔💔💔💋💋💋💋🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗😼😼😼😼😼


    Only the king of pop.....

  34. Peter Griffin

    I remember listening to this for the first time It was late at night , I was about 7 years old a felt a horrible chill down my spine and someone watching me . Weird ? . Now I've heard again it's just a very sad story .

  35. Dodo Jackson

    Didn’t someone realized that “the man from next door” could be Michael???

    Michael Jackson

    I never thought about that!

    Dodo Jackson

    @Michael Jackson I wish you were the real Michael...😢

    Michael Jackson

    @Dodo Jackson bruh me too 😭 my life hella boring

  36. Giblet The Unicorn

    what the heck michael

  37. Anette Salonen

    Masterpiece 🌸 MJ 💗💞

  38. Hope 777

    One day, all the greedy and satanic people, who claimed that MJ was a child abuser, and all those traitors who helped to push this evil agenda, receive their punishment in full force.

  39. angel walvin

    the'is song is sad it is a rill store

  40. mymainbitchissatana

    This song hits weird as fuck considering that he may or may not have touched kids 👀

    Fountain of Fire

    mymainbitchissatana He did not.

    oh.x honey

    He doesn't touch kids, he sung this song to tell her story, it truly is a heartbreaking story😢

  41. Sunay Chowdhury

    What lyrics! Such an unforgettable melody. Michael had penned a genius of a song.

  42. ugh

    hey! what the fuck!

  43. Isabella Mcfetridge

    Anybody else here Because of Shane Dawson??


    What do you mean?

  44. Kylie Harvey

    Such a pretty song omg!!

  45. reem Ayman

    This song breaks my heart EVERYTIME

  46. rosenoire2100

    does anyone know any similar songs ?

  47. wetookachonce

    This song is one of the saddest songs Michael has ever made. Rest in peace Susie and Michael 😔❤

  48. Cheyenne Houlle

    It is amazing how he goes into a falsetto so easily 😍😍😍

  49. Antonija Senekovic

    Ooo, Jesus ... his voice .... oooohh Michael Jackson you were an such a beautiful soul ... from another world.
    Regards from Slovenia.❤😉😊👋🙏👌👍

  50. Caroline

    His voice here gives me life i swear
    it's so sweet

  51. Roger Taylor’s Bitch

    I came here bc of shane, thinking this was like some kind of creepy song, and I leave completely sure of it. This song just gives me the chills

    Kylie Harvey

    What video?

  52. Angel Walvin

    Michael Jackson's is the best artist and the best man😘😘

  53. jas the queen

    Its 3 in the morning and im lessoning to little susie im a have a night mare even tho i love this song

  54. Zay Sears

    Wtf Michael why so mirbid 😓

  55. Mattie Hall

    Shane dawson anybody😂

  56. Angela Marie

    Can a movie director please make a movie about poor little susie

  57. Maisa Viinamäki

    This creeps me out

  58. joan capalad

    This is a prove that michael is not making a song about non sence like gutchigang lika WHAT THE F*CK

  59. elmas jackson

    rip the king of pop :(

  60. Mimi shawi

    One of the greatest things about Michael Jackson was his selfless character and his great ability to feel empathy for others this is something always admired - even as rich and popular as he was he still gave and helped and felt for peoples sufferings. What a King.

  61. Spoty The Cheetah


  62. sahar hassan

    I used to listen to this song when I was a kid, I didn’t understand what is it about but I used to feel sad when I listen to it
    Michael is the only person who shed light to very important issues the world is suffering from
    We lost that after he was gone

  63. Ani Vai


  64. Juanita Torres Lopez

    I mean I love mj but this song is creepy

  65. Farah Jabeen

    MJ had a voice straight from heaven. How melancholic, how sad, how melodious! I so miss his creations!!!

  66. HistoryFacts Frenzy

    Oh my god just read what the story was her murderer and abuser can go to freakin HELL! She never even got to live her life such terrible People live in this world Rip susie😭😭

  67. TheBlueApple

    Poor Susie

  68. Gaming Child

    I got the chills

  69. Sharkgirl Fortnite

    Who cried while listening to this i did 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺 poor susie

  70. The Division

    This song scares me in the beginning and when Michael Jackson comes in it just makes it less haunting but it’s still disturbing... just the sound and the lyrics and the way he sings it is also creepy but the story itself is sad af

  71. kaberi talukdar

    If are a mad fan of Michael Jackson then like here

  72. gg allin

    can someone please provide a link to the shane dawson video

  73. Geetha Santhosh

    His voice here is priceless

  74. Jain Jain

    😭😭😭😥😥😥😢😢😢😢😥😥 i miss you Michael forever always.. you always lives i my heart forever

  75. Tīna Kristāna Švarce

    Im crying sooo hard, anyone else?

  76. OSAMA Ga'far

    Brilliant mic, bravo

  77. Lady Gahgahsixtynine

    Skinny Legend

  78. Makiah Hawes

    i love michael i wish he would be at my house playing laughing handshakes. i have something to share with you michael who killed you we love you mj mj

  79. Existential Crisis

    2:55 you're welcome

  80. Existential Crisis

    Tell my why I knew about this song when I was 6


    Shane Dawson fans here?

  82. Hr Vunts

    I can't 😭....I feel soo bad about Susie☹Poor little girl😔I hope she is on heaven with Michael😢

  83. Kelly Gonzalez

    Who has actually tried to call out to Susie? Idk if my mind was just fucking with me, but I swear to god I had weird ass dreams with a little girl just staring at me from the corner of the room

  84. Jessica Oleary

    This song scars the HEHE out of me but I lv Michael sm

  85. Sylvi aus DE

    Sehr traurig und tragisch der Song :(
    MJ stimme ist noch schöner bei diesem Stiel des Liedes ❤

  86. Moonwalker Life

    Michael took a turn didn't he?

  87. - Buehmann

    This song always creeps me out. If it wasn't about a true story, it (part of the first verse) would be about something I dreamed about two years before this was released.

    A fall down the stairs
    Her dress torn
    Oh the blood in her hair...

  88. Princesswithclass

    Damn....michael jackson is there anything he could’nt do? Sooo talented i miss you

  89. Kaelabear 2002

    I told my friend, about this song. And she was like woah crazxy

  90. Naomi Lapaglia


  91. jackson passionn

    I'm here because of Michael Jackson. Anyone?

    Antonija Senekovic

    I'am too... because of Michael. His voice is from haeven.❤

  92. Dan Fernandes

    If ever a song could prove someone isn't a sycophant, this is it. How many child rapists go on to then show compassion for a child that was raped and then died? I doubt very many. Where there is money involved, you have your answer. Someone who was abused would not only remember it (lol) they would't give two shits about money, all they would care about is justice. The documentary was released about Jackson (I say documentary but it wasn't two-sided) on the same day Harvey Weinstein case was heard. Anyone recall what was the result!? I rest my case.

  93. Sarah R.

    Slick move dude

  94. harmony jade Jackson

    This si so sad

  95. Army _28


  96. Army _28

    The meaning behind the song is about a girl who was hated and so she got killed

  97. amethystangel212

    Immediately came here after reading about La’Rayah Davis