Jackson C. Frank - Cryin' Like A Baby Lyrics

Crying like a baby
In my momma's arms
The day they came to tell me
You were gone

What have you done to me
You did not do before
I had you standing right next to me
On the floor

Well, we sang in the same places
We were a double-draw
And the folks came to see us
Had it all

But they took you to some stony place
And they broke your double-jaw
Now the pieces of its ivory
Line the wall

With cold iron in the fireplace
And pictures on the wall
Well I guess it's a-dying peacefully, so far
Yes, I guess it's dying peacefully, so far

Crying like a baby
In my momma's arms
The day they came to tell me
You were gone
You were gone
You were gone

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Jackson C. Frank Cryin' Like A Baby Comments
  1. Isahiyella

    I wish Eddie Vedder would cover this one


    I never realized just how much I would be over the moon for such a thing to happen. Can't think of a more fitting musician, honestly.

  2. Jacob Rubel

    is it just me or does this not sound like jackson c frank? i know there are a lot of songs floating around youtube that claim to be by him but are actually covers. not sure on this one. maybe this is when he's older, but the singer sounds like he has a southern accent--and his voice sounds different too.

    Stephen Wilden

    I'm sure it's him, his voice did change, but the guitar is right.

    Morgan Witt

    This is from "The Kitchen Tapes" that he recorded at home on a tape recorder -- the songs were recorded in 1997.

    Ray LaRue

    @Morgan Witt wrong, you can hear how gruff his voice sounds on the kitchen tapes, this was recorded in the 70s and written about his son dying

    Kevin Scott

    @Ray LaRue Listening to the lyrics I thought maybe it was about Sandy Denny after she died in 1978. The parts about singing together and "We were a double draw..."

  3. makenzie chisholm

    anybody know what chords he's using?

    Joseph Grady

    Think its an alternate picking of 32013 chord structure, similar to blues run the game

  4. TBBMusicBlog

    Got the Jackson C. Frank box set the other day. (Couldn't be happier for stumbling onto his work.) This song is exquisite.

  5. Andy Sutcliffe

    Very moving.

  6. Tamro Kankava

    I am crying like a baby, a song has never touched me that much ! I imagine the whole story, how sad it is !

  7. zimmerman421

    Didn't do any bad songs did he.

  8. Senpai

    They don't know jack shit.


    +LandonLuffsU hahaha true.

  9. EverDownward

    A friend missing yet never known

  10. robnoxable

    First time hearing this song...
    It is just as amazing as the other songs from J.C. Frank
    and that means it is really amazing. Thank you.

  11. wooden stairs

    luv this song..yes