Jackson Browne - We Can Be Lyrics

Talk with me
I believe that we can find a tomorrow
Lend to me and I will try to borrow
I can see you and me
Love is free
We can be free

Sing with me
Melodies that soar as high as a swallow
I can lead the way if you will follow
I can see you and me
Love is free
We can be free

You show me
Words of beauty that describe your love
Let me know the things that you are sure of
I can see you and me
Love is free
We can be free

You know me
I'm as reckless as a mountain stream
Careless as a could-be, someday dream
I can see you and me
Love is free
We can be free

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Jackson Browne We Can Be Comments
  1. Ryan Johnson

    Sometimes I feel like the pretender. But I get up and do it again.

  2. Kundalinia Kiriake


    Receive PLENTY OF THE BEST THERE IS, Always............🕊🙏☮️💜💝🌹🌹🌹

  3. Terry Steward

    The struggle for the legal tender!

  4. Terry Steward

    Awesome song!
    Work each day, don't forget your job!

  5. cryptobradley200

    I lived it 200 yards east of highway 5 at seaworld drive/now it is about that i should know him and the fellowship of his suffering===and counting it all but dung...

  6. Lisa Weaver

    Folks! This artist to his team is not as underrated as you want to believe. Amen!

  7. Shari Crocker

    Bless you, my FRIEND

  8. Samsung Fan

    My eulogy

  9. Terry Leskow

    True love could of been a contender


    Man spot on......

  11. Blaine Samuelson

    Our Father's Lyrics

  12. Roseanne Azarian

    Where was this photo taken? I believe Sound View?

  13. Richard Fanfer

    Jackson GETS it

  14. Anya Sanchez

    Love this song because of my Irish BF

  15. Richard Conner


  16. Tim Williams

    Get it UP & Do it AGAIN!!!....Remember the Days!!!!

  17. Bob Turley

    My brother home from the military and driving for hours when we saw the Georgia line and laughed and turned around. Always there again when I hear this.

  18. flyinsquirrel48

    Thanks EricShirley

  19. Ali Henrich

    I STILL want to rent a house in the shade of a freeway ....,

  20. mark savory

    During my teens, Jackson Browne was really hot. His other songs, Running on empty and Stay were other good tunes. All on vinyl and cassette tapes. This was the rock and roll 70s. And bou were we rockin.

    mark savory

    You need to get a grip, maybe say a prayer before you say anything.

  21. Vicar Veritas

    Fucking Amazing!

  22. kelly watkins

    One of those deeply meaningful songs that take a while before you can experience the existential truth contained in the lyrics. Sounds better today but it feels so much more.

  23. barbiesguy

    I’m 61. Love this song. In the end it’s a wink of the eye. No truer words said.

  24. Mr1gladiatore

    Anyone as nostalgic as I am, songs like this hurt...in a great way.

  25. Lady Kismet

    Money over all. So damn sad.

  26. brian kukk

    really who are we under the bridge a how a world gone wrong tho spend to live to die for nothing

  27. Peter Metaxas

    I find it difficult to listen to some of Jackson Browns songs, too emotional but it feels so good when I can listen. Amen.

  28. Kaila Owens

    Orange jump suits look great on you idiots! Roflmao!

  29. Kaila Owens

    Not me. Boot Camp ended yrs ago. They couldn’t keep up, got mad and went home. Men are such babies. I’m the one who got shot at. 😎⚡️FU! You missed.

  30. Philip Foote

    You’re right.

  31. Bobby Culhane

    JB he's the best

  32. Roger Palacios

    Always late at night I put on my headphones, click on play, and even with the lights out I close my eyes and as I listen to the words I stop pretending.

  33. SP Roses

    Said my prayer

  34. Rosemary Granat

    Thank you Jackson brown

  35. Shane Burst

    Jackson Browne saved my life with his music when I was in my 20s!!!

  36. John Bickers

    Life is like a squiggly line in the middle of the road. It's not always straight is it? Just like this brilliant photo.

  37. sauquoit13456

    3:55,,, Mmmmmmmmm!!!

  38. 1992ta305


  39. Christy March

    I took my kids to taco bell to lunch yesterday after leaving a horribly toxic relationship. I heard this song playing over the speakers while we ate... as i listened more closely to the lyrics i realized my kids deserve such a better life. I broke down crying right there over my nachos and got up and hugged them both as tightly as i could without hurting them and apologized. Im sure i looked crazy to bystanders, but my kids didnt care. We hugged and cried, wiped our tears and smiled continuing our meal together.


    I hope all goes well for you Christy. I'm in the UK and have always appreciated the lyrics of this song.

  40. h2oboater

    Just pure Awesomeness !!
    This brings some beautiful Memories.

  41. Teresa Loudon

    33 years strong!

  42. Teresa Loudon

    This is totally my husband and I

  43. Teresa Loudon

    Anyone on November 2019


    I am proud to say I'm with you.


    I've been aware of the time going by.

    Richard Conner



    December 6th 2019 and it's my 60th Birthday and I'm still listening!

    Richard Conner


  44. brian kukk

    can music save us lets sea

  45. brian kukk

    M Hear it is up to you

  46. brian kukk

    really you going to sell me under the buss

  47. Chuck Wilburn

    LOL I'll be a happy idiot

  48. Jimmy Mishoe

    As of today we have 513 idiots that listened to a great song.

  49. braunzie2

    I am really curious as who the pretender is.....

  50. Carlton Baggett

    Ur awrsome, allmans love you ....

  51. Bruce Potenza

    One happy idiot checking in 😎

  52. MrJohnisthename

    Young as he was he sure had a way of telling a story from the perspective of someone who has lived an entire lifetime.

  53. Smitty Wess081

    Born in '81 here. I absolutely love Jackson Browne

  54. DKashman

    Love the song but I also love the pic in this clip, it could be anywhere in the world and I think this song relates to just about everyone in this world.

  55. Lisa Weaver

    Jackson is a beautiful soul as a songwriter. Indeed and appreciate!

  56. Jade Zee

    THIS is the greatest song to have come out of the entire era..that brown represented.....nothing comes close to describing society and its people during that period........a Masterpiece!

  57. Lyn Whitey

    "I want to know what became of the changes we waited for Love to bring" well truth be told you only really have yourself to make the changes needed to have a Happy Life and you damn well better Love You !!!

    John Veitch


  58. Michael Strafello

    I lived my life like this until i met suzie

  59. Mike Delmore

    Quite a poignant take on the unexamined life, the day to day pulling the wagon to make ends meet. Can feel his longing for finding more to this life. But there is a pissant arrogance to this coming from a dude who has made a life work while sleeping til noon and playing piano all day whilst criticizing the "happy idiots".

    John Veitch

    He is being ironic.

  60. Wes Warren

    A song for so many songs gone unwritten.

  61. robert persall

    One of my favorite songs, so poetic and so true. Tom Petty loved it also, wish he had written it.

  62. Ed Hyke

    Thnx darling , this man is grateful to you for these wonderful tunes with words that carry tje hopes and dreams

  63. Pam Kaczynski

    such an artist

  64. Frank Lewis Jr

    Awesome, real music, real life, jackson writes and performs just as well as he did 40 years ago......

  65. Ken S

    Jackson Browne, Billy Squier, and the Little River Band...so much greater than most people will ever know.

  66. Philip Foote

    I’m 67...agree. Special song...sung by a special man. Thanks JB.

  67. Karen Griffin

    To me it's a song about the child of the 60's, realizing he's selling out to the Man and that it's inevitable for him.

  68. Jose Ramirez

    This song made me remind us when we broke down on Crystal Beach in Galveston first time we played Jackson Browne all night had a fire lit and drank liquor we evolved that night we became better people but we know many of y'all will never understand the meaning or the moral unless you know Jackson Browne🤔🤔✌

  69. Scott Berkowitz

    These are some of the best lyrics I've ever seen written. The only other artist who comes close is dan fogelberg.

    Robert D.

    @Scott Berkowitz I agree completely powerful song and so true.

  70. s wykrent

    I’m gonna be a happy idiot and struggle for the legal tender ✌️

  71. Greg Allen

    Simply timeless, rendered masterfully with wisdom from the ages. I have every LP. Mr. Brown had a way of writing that painted a picture in your mind.

  72. llewellyn williams

    wonderful song

  73. Lindy Primo

    I'm GONNA PRETEND I'm YOUNG tonite in my 5hr driving class for a photo radar ticket..😢😖

  74. dean Harris

    Working since I was 11 years old at 20 working construction jobs for 35 years now retired it still move me

  75. kevin hillhouse

    Don't agree with his politics, but he is brilliant in his songs.

  76. LTK

    And we'll fill in the colours in each others paint-by-numbers dreams

  77. Dianna Burge

    Love Jackson Browne! This song is awesome. I'm sure many people can reflect on this song too.

  78. Steve Eckstein


  79. Steve Eckstein


  80. sj122s

    Did this for 42 years... Retired... Lovin it...

  81. sammy scotch

    Never have known if I should enjoy this song or avoid it. Not so pretty when at 65 it applies to me

    jemma g

    I think every person on the planet can relate to this song. We have all had to make compromises on our dreams in order to be able to live in the world xx

  82. Hall Boylston

    Maybe his best.

  83. Jamie Bong

    Master of words

  84. Thomas Reynolds

    i get so sick of reading these reviews that long for the past and fail to appreciate the great music being made today ... I am the biggest fan of Jackson Browne ever ... one of the great lyricists of the last 50 years of pop music ... I can quote from many of his songs and often do ... (and not a bad singer either) ... but for God's sake...stop the belly aching as if their are not amazing lyricists and singers today ... sample a little John Mayer ... or any number of amazing artists around today and stop the whining .

  85. michael bradley

    As a TV Reporter, I interviewed Paul McCartney and asked him besides Dylan, who he thought was the best American Songwriter.
    He immediately answered Jackson Browne. He couldn't have been more correct!

  86. Ericd Denison

    Susan and I often quote a line or two from Jackson's PRETENDER (...get up and do it again...)

  87. Neil Ladd

    Life in the slow lane.. Sweat equity.

  88. Adolfo Soriano

    In my moments of great drepression this song lifts me up and makes me appreciate life as a poor man working for the legal tender.

  89. max burns

    Folk rock

  90. MrNewman46

    Ur not alone. He is, without a doubt, the best lyricist of all time. Just reference, in addition, The Dancer....he always gives me the courage to go on...

  91. Mariann Cadmus

    I loved him til he started to slap Darrell Hannah around.

  92. Soila Cantu

    A beautiful but sad song with a lot of meaning. ❤⚘

  93. Rich Handley

    There's a modest wooden yellow house just beneath the Freeway 101 overpass in Ventura Ca. I always think of this song when I drive by.

  94. Samantha Maksimow

    Say a prayer for the pretender, the one who gets up and does it all again, every day, and acts like they’re okay, when they’re really not. Sorry to say it folks, but that’s me. And I’m sure it’s a lot of other people out there too, than can relate to this song. Jackson Browne is a beautiful musician though. Here’s to the ones, here’s to those of us that are the strong ones, and they have been for their whole entire lives, because they’ve had no other choice in the matter but to do so. I feel very fake and fraudulent, acting like I’m happy every day when I’m really not, but I have so much optimism and hope for my future, that it’s unreal.

  95. Jimmy Lewis

    We're all pretenders.

  96. Terry Weathers

    As I get older I realize this song is about me. What the hell happened?? All the love that came and went while trying to make a living. I started out so young and strong only to surender!!

  97. L C

    Welcome to USA where a German can write basic words about his day and sell it to all the tools who think he is a master song writer.....bleh.

    Jimmy Lewis

    Yoy obviously don't know good music or songwriting when you hear it.

    L C

    @Jimmy Lewis yeap you got me there buster and I'll send you a postcard on my reasons.

    Zorak Zoltan

    you are an obvious ahole. please don't have children .....please!!!!

    L C

    @Zorak Zoltan your mom begs me for more sperm daily while your grandma licks it 👵 oh yeah. I just sent you a postcard.

  98. Kimberly Perry - Wrinkle

    He is the all time best !

  99. jmj bulltrout

    Easy to listen too

    jmj bulltrout

    Reminds me of my youth lol