Jackson, Alan - Appalachian Mountain Girl Lyrics

Beneath the floor and never greens
that kept the ridge on high
there lives a green-eyed mountain girl
that stoled my heart one night
She loved me like I never know
and chased me down below
To never feel her touch again
or taste that mountain snow

That Appalachian Mountain Girl that haunts me from above
my heart will never beat the same without her mountain love

I often wakeup late at night
dreaming of about her
then walked on floor till morning comes
and hope she will return

That Appalachian Mountain Girl that haunts me from above
my heart will never beat the same without her mountain love

Sometimes the wind will blow just right
and I think I can smell
The flowers that headlined the road
That led me to this hell

That Appalachian Mountain Girl that haunts me from above
my heart will never beat the same without her mountain love

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Jackson, Alan Appalachian Mountain Girl Comments
  1. Gilberte LeBlanc

    so good drinking song

  2. LinuxWired

    it irks me how he said Appalachian..

  3. Tonya Reddinger

    I enjoyed the music and your songs too i just love Alan Jackson and i like all your songs even the up beat and and I like your bluegrass music and awesome

  4. Eloise Westler

    When I hear that beat , there goes my feet No greater than Alan Jackson


    Waluigi time.

  6. bltefft

    I play bluegrsss guitar and harmonica - have been for 25+ years - I gotta learn this song!!!

  7. Carolina R.


    Jennifer Dijames

    Buffalo too baby.

  8. AMA-G' 1957


  9. chevy 350

    Love his music 👍

  10. Joshua Knoebel

    Baby if you'll be my mountain girl I'll be your forever.

    Joshua Knoebel

    She agreed to be my green eyed mountain girl...praise the Lord.

  11. Alabama Fisher Of men

    Ive got me a beautiful Appalachian mountain girl

  12. Linda Gunter

    You want me to keep òń þypeing, i doñ't know what type but i won't stop anything þö màke you happp?

  13. Linda Gunter

    Your playing all the ŕìght songs baby, i love lístenìng to them.

  14. Linda Gunter

    Çan yòu cò,me to me.

    Linda Gunter

    Alan oòù ßounď ßò fine.

    Jennifer Dijames

    Come to me too baby.

  15. Linda Gunter

    Ì love you Alan Jackson and i wànt the world yo know.

    Jennifer Dijames

    ME too sweetie.

  16. Linda Gunter

    I can't erase my mistakes on thiß type writer

  17. Linda Gunter

    I must bè a nut for sure for leaveing the great Alan Jackson. I shoulď have gotten in touch with you years ago.

    Jennifer Dijames

    Same thing here Alan. I love you honey.

  18. Linda Gunter

    Àm i the angel that sent you to the wall in that soñg baby, i am sorry that i left you.

  19. Linda Gunter

    I now live in Ohiò and it sucks. I wißh i had never sent my ďaughter up here to ĺive with her father. If i hadñ't sent her up here i never would have met Alan Jackson in SC. Boy am i going nuts again but ìt iß a nuþs i çan hàndle ìf it is Alan on the other side of this converßation.

  20. Linda Gunter

    I love Alañ Jàcķßon and i need him, i wañt to þaĺķ about SC and Florida añď what we did þhere with each other.

  21. Donnie Brite

    His fiddler is the best and that bajo rocks me to the core I love Alan Jackson and his bluegrass is just as badass as his country songs

  22. Chandler Robinson

    love him best bluegrass ever was and still am raised on it now I'm 33 and kids listen to it with daddy!!

  23. Harad - Fantasy Music

    Always a treat to my ears... always a pleasure to listen to Alan !

  24. carlos sanson

    geeeeaaaaa!!!!!! like apalacian monshinners way....hahahahahahah...nice one

    carlos sanson


  25. Kay P.

    Alan is from Georgia; he pronounces it like we do in Tennessee - Appa lay chen.

    Jennifer Dijames

    I have been there done that before keep it up baby.you're doing an awesome job on your music.love it.

  26. Bryan young

    Becky lose your ego we don't like it in Oz

  27. Missy Kerns

    nope we are a better state then nc here in wv

    Bert Richards

    born and raised in good ole Wilkes county nc right by blue ridge

    Bert Richards

    born and raised in Jefferson nc

    Bert Richards

    born and raised in Jefferson nc

    Hannah Sammons

    Missy Kerns, I agree 100% us West Virginians rock.

    Curtis Beal

    Robeson County, NC here. Screw your West Virginia.

  28. Missy Kerns

    I love this song everybody here in wv love this song k

    Hannah Sammons

    Missy Kerns, another West Virginian here.

  29. Becky Overstreet

    I do not like his bluegrass at all. His voice isn't high enough, bluegrass is all about the range :)

    Jim Keith

    True but it is about the stories told.

    Tom Rakos

    Couldn't be more incorrect, bluegrass is just like everything else in the world you can judge a book by it's cover bc there are many different varieties in any capacity on every category

  30. EclecticHillbilly

    Where I live in North GA, we pronounce it Blue Ridge Mountains. ;-)

    Laura K. Payne

    EclecticHillbilly I live in Northeast GA! Love it—God’s Country! Where abouts are you in North Georgia?

    G L

    EclecticHillbilly where I live in the Appalachian mountains we pronounce it “apple at chin” Alan Jackson is from GA

    Alan Watson

    @Laura K. Payne used to live in walker cnty ga cloudland canyon lookout mtn ga

  31. william gayfag roraback the fifth

    i think saying the right way would mess with the melody.

  32. Jesica Zuleta

    If you like this, then you'll love these: How mountain girls can love, Raining in L.A, Old Slewfoot, Molly and Tenbrooks, Big spike hammer, Georgia rose, Where there's a road, Long gone, Carolyn the teenage queen... to name a few. Welcome to Bluegrass music, the white mans' soul music.

    Steve Cleveland

    don't forget Dolly Parton Grass is Blue album!

  33. Jesica Zuleta

    This is great!

  34. Yzzy Cronin

    I thought this was pretty cool . . . until he mispronounced Appalachian . . .

  35. Mary Davis

    Great music by Alan Jackson

    Jennifer Dijames

    Sure is. Keep it country forever baby.

  36. BloodyWolf 43

    Best bluegrass song ever in my opinion

  37. Jonatas Mendonça

    I enjoy this kind of music very often, though I'm not American nor a countrysider... but culture is food for the brain, wherever it can be found!!!

  38. Kristin Hollis

    us Tennesseans say it just like our fellow Tennessean.

    Kristin Hollis

    everyone says it differently..


    yeah but most southerners pronounce it that way

    Curtis Beal

    Alan Jackson is Georgian.

    C A

    Curtis Beal that's right. Newnan GA

    Jennifer Dijames

    YOU'RE darn right on that one.in fact I have been there before. I was there twice.

  39. ura machode

    his mispronunciation of "Appa LATCH un" grates on me, but I still adore Alan.

    Tommie Lyn

    I agree...it bothers me every time I hear someone mispronounce it. But I love Alan Jackson's music.

    Jody Burton

    In S.C. we just call it "The Mountains"


    I'm guilty of the mispronunciation myself, I blame it on my Western accent.

  40. B Cooke

    I don't know about Kentucky, but North Caroilina's pretty big on bluegrass, and here the pronunciation is Appa-"latch"-ian, with a soft A.  A little grating, sounds like a northern PBS documentary, but the music is much better, lol.  Gonna buy the album based on other songs.

    Matt Seifert

    Haha I'm from PA and we also pronounce it with a soft A but the dialect in the song doesnt make me dislike it. I still think its a great song.

    Matt Seifert

    And just another thought, you do realize that the Appalachia mountains larger and more prevalent up north than down south, so a norther PBS documentary would most likely pronounce it correct.

    David little

    I'm in Kentucky & I seem to say Appa-latch-ah

    Frank Jones III

    Lord how I miss the ol appa-latch-ans lol 3 more years an in fort Carson an I'll get my Dixieland back gotta say these Rocky mountains are beyond beautiful

    Alabama Fisher Of men

    B Cooke Kentucky definitely is and I'm from Appalachian Ohio we love it here too

  41. Mercury26222

    Alan Jackson Najlepszy :D :D

  42. Tim Powell

    I have loved all of Allen's country. but this is stepped up to a new level. Alot can sing country, but it takes a specialty to sing grass.

    Adam Bertilson

    Its Alan...

    Jennifer Dijames

    IT sure is.

  43. Frantz Hansen

    Can anyone keep their feet still, hearing this??? I cannot! Wanna dance!

    Jeremy Black

    LOL-LOL.....nope, as I tap my foot.

    David little

    @Jeremy Black As I'm snappin my fingers!

    Jennifer Dijames

    Oh come on.I think so. I love his music.

  44. timothy faust

    I love too hear music from Alan Jackson like this I met him in Atlantic City in 2009 he was in a bar in the casino I was about half drunk and here he was setting next to me at a table listening to a band. I have a picture of me and him his wife took of us.... Very down to earth man!!!!


    you are lucky !

  45. Will Stroupe

    it's pronounced in NC, it's appa-latch-ian

    Gerri Petress

    Will Stroupe Who gives a shit about nc!!!!!!!

    Curtis Beal

    ^ Me Dickhead.

    Justin Toole

    Second that

    G L

    That’s the correct way to pronounce it, anyone from the Appalachian mountains pronounces it this way, and nc is very beautiful. Appa laycha never was and never will be correct, anyone who says it that way is wrong... like pronouncing Illinois with an s or Louisville like Lewissssville. It’s wrong. Either way, I love this song and Alan Jackson even though he says Appalachian wrong 🤷‍♀️
    -a green eyed mountain girl 💚

    michael hancock

    @Gerri Petress A lot of people.

  46. Tommy Chandler

    KILLER! ive always been a Jackson fan but this takes it to a whole new level. KICK IT IN OVERDRIVE!!! gotta love bluegrass lol

  47. Mary Yang

    Awesome song!