Jackson 5 - Reflections Lyrics

Through the mirror of my mind
Time after time
I see reflections of you and me

(Reflections of)
The way life used to be
(Reflections of)
The love you took from me, oh

I'm all alone now
No love to sheild me
Trapped in a world
That's a distorted reality

Happinessyou took from me
And left me all alone
With only memories

Through the mirror of my imnd
Through these tears that I'm crying
Reflects a hurt I can't control

(cause although you're gone)
I keep holding on
(to the happy times)
Oh, when you were mine

(all the love)
All the love that I've wasted
(all the tears)
All the tears that I've tasted
All in vain

Through the hollow of my tears
I see a dream that's lost
From the hurt girl
That you have caused

Everywhere I turn
Seems like everything I see
Reflects the love that used to be

The love you took from me
In you I put all my faith and trust
Right before my eyes my world has turned to dust
The way life use to be
The love you took from me

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Jackson 5 Reflections Comments
  1. JDM

    Damn, this song really gets me

  2. Jerry Williams

    Reflections this song touch my soul,cause a great impact to my spirit,i do not know the remedy for me to get over this song i was very young,i will never get back my youth,i always listen to it,i love how i feel it will always have a reflection on my life that past i am 64yrs now.

  3. Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker

    did you know it's NOT over yet! 100% proof+evidence+clues all based on facts proving Michael Jackson faked his death! watch this now: www.vimeo.com/ondemand/improvedalive1 & www.vimeo.com/ondemand/alive2michaeljackson & www.vimeo.com/ondemand/aliveiiimichaeljackson

  4. Toni Cody

    It Was My First!!! Album.

  5. Manuel De Jesus Avalos Merino

    Anteriormente la cantaron Diana Ross y Las Supremas. Los Jackson 5 realizaron una excelente version acompañada por Jermaine.

  6. Elana Snyder

    2nd album purchased about 1971


    Elana Snyder '73, and it was my second album 😉

    Antoine Emory


  7. King of Youtube

    This is when Michaels voice was changing around 1974/1975

    Garret Jones

    King of Youtube it was 1973

  8. Steve McMillan

    A truly excellent track from a likewise excellent album ("Get It Together") from one of the greatest groups of all time, the mighty Jackson 5!

  9. Steve McMillan

    ME TOO!!

  10. Steve McMillan

    I agree! Loved this song ever since I was a toddler. J5 and MJ forever!

  11. Neomi Lopez


  12. Obsidian Doll

    I love J5, but the Supremes original is the best imo.

  13. Jennifer Varnum

    the lyrics of this song are EXACTLY how i am feeling about a friend right now... i have always loved this song, i really like now that i can really relate to it <3 thank you Michael <3

  14. Jc Pineda

    1000 GRADES

  15. frankie hunter

    Extremely good overall.

  16. Spargold1

    Wow! I had been listening to the Jacksons all day long and began to looking for this song ! To realize it is also sung by the Jacksons, themselves!!! Ha ! Ha! Ha! If the Jacksons knew this, they'd be laughing!!!
    I love this tune ! I must burn it on to a CD! I heard the Supremes Version as well ! Both are technically superb!

  17. KathleenM1986

    I love it :)

  18. johnny raga

    best j5 album to date together with abc and third album

  19. ThisIsWEB

    You can Don't Say Goodbye Again ending at the start. :p

  20. 1980Triumph

    aside from dancing machine this is my favorite song off the album, i was never too impressed with the GIT album...Dancing Machine and Moving Violation were better total albums, but this song is great

    Johnny raven

    I don't mind this album, I liked Michael during this era, though Moving Violation is a bit of let down for me, I like very few songs, like "All I Do Is Think Of you" "Breezy" "Honey Love" "You're My Bestfriend, My Love" "Pride And Joy" "Moving Violation" and even "Forever Came Today" but that album is a flop for me, I like "Skywriter" that album was pretty funky, ditching the bubble gum alittle bit. I think they should made ballads on this album though, it's just dance track after dance track. My favorite aside from "It's too Late to Change The Time" "Dancing Machine" and "Don't Say Goodbye Again" is "You Need Love Like I Do (Don't You)" cover, it beats the original to me. But yeah their G.I.T. album is just alright, it's a album I can listen to but kinda skip most of the songs to a song I like and move on. "Let's Go Back To Day One" should have made the album though it was a catchy song with great vocal work between michael and Jermaine. I get that Berry was off doing movies and all but this kinda made the group start to really go downhill in terms of sells of their albums.