Jackson 5 - Papa Was A Rolling Stone Lyrics

It was the third of September, That day I'll always remember
'Cause that was the day my daddy died
I never got a chance to see him
Never heard nothin' but bad things about him
Mama, I'm depending on you to tell me the tuth
And Mama just hung her head and said, Son

Papa was a rolling stone, Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died, All he left us was alone
Papa was a rolling stone, Wherever he laid his hat was his home

All he left us was alone

Hey, Mama, is it true what they say
That Papa never worked a day in his life?
And Mama, some bad talk goin' around goin' around town
Sayin' that Papa had three outside children and another wife, and that ain't right
Hey, talk about Papa doing some storefront preaching
Talking about saving your soul, and all the time leaching
Dealing in debt and stealing in the name of the Lord
Mama, I'm depending on you to tell me the truth
And Mama hung her head and said

Papa was a rolling stone, Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died, All he left us was alone
Papa was a rolling stone, Wherever he laid his hat was his home

All he left us was alone

Hey Mama I heard Papa called himself a jack of all trades
Tell me is that what sent Papa to an early grave?
Folks say Papa would beg, borrow, steal to pay his bills
Folks say Papa wasn't much on thinkin'
Spent most of his life chasin' women and drinking
Mama, I'm depending on you to tell me the truth
And Mama looked up with a tear in her eye and said, Son
Papa was a rolling stone, Wherever he laid his hat was his home
And when he died, All he left us was alone
Papa was a rolling stone, Wherever he laid his hat was his home

All he left us was alone

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Jackson 5 Papa Was A Rolling Stone Comments
  1. Ayanna Ricketts

    Woah 😨!!!! That intro at the beginning tho...I wasn’t ready to see them go down like that

  2. Paul-E G'z

    Michael had to ditch these scrubs.. but he never should've touched his face, he was actually a handsome negro

  3. Tenacious T

    No! Just No!

  4. Lightning One Lightning

    Michael Jackson. Is king of the pop. But temptatiions papa was a rolling stone is unbeatable good

  5. Sydney foote

    Michael Jackson,Obama,did nothing for Jesus believers

  6. Sydney foote

    Name one song done by The Jackson 5 originally that has any Spriritual comforth?

  7. Yo Mama

    That was a wtf performance? That it sucked is an understatement!

  8. Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker

    If you haven't watched "Alive III Michael Jackson The Living Dead" please do! I prove that Peter does what ONLY Michael has the power to do!!!


    and to learn the facts that prove NO-THING proves Michael Jackson is dead, watch this:


    and to watch the early WTF's in regards to MJ's death announcement, which was one of Netflix's most popular documentaries, please watch www.vimeo.com/ondemand/improvedalive1

  9. nancy barrass

    Marlon was quite a dancer as a youngster too, he was born in 1957, 1 year before Michael. We saw them in 1970 !! (my dad's idea to bring the entire family)

  10. Arthur Morgan

    Sounds too upbeat it's supposed to be smooth and mellow

  11. Rosee Negri

    Lovin the Temptations moves! Get it yall!

  12. Rapportus5

    Tried to do that move at 0:49 and tore my groin :(

  13. Yaki Kadafi

    Marlon can do James brown

  14. Amit Ben-Hur

    They're amazing performers but man is that an awful rendition of the song...

  15. Michael Johns

    This was horrible!

  16. MusicLover P

    This isn't Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 they were only known as The Jackson 5

    Melyssa Cooper

    MusicLover P actually this group is “The Jackson’s”

  17. PaulGreen11

    Randy: "He was my Daddy."

    Marlon: "He was my Daddy, too!"

    Michael: "AaaaOoooh! AhhHeeee!!"

    Tito: "Well, he gone, he gone."

    Jackie: "Nigga wasn't all that anyway."

  18. blkpanther11

    I Love You Michael But The Tempts Version is a Masterpiece

  19. GinoGiovanni Feliciello

    The Jacksons were great at what they did, but this is Temptations territory.

    Tee X

    GinoGiovanni Feliciello https://youtu.be/2s6W4FR39qQ

  20. Nicola Moran

    The arrangement and mood here is unintentionally quite comical when you think about it...

  21. Sabrina Lockhart

    okay, they can sing but this is way to much excitement.

  22. Dave D'artigan

    fucking shit's should be eternally grateful Randy pushed those kids

  23. Solomongrundy11

    These are not the Jackson's Five ..... These are the Jacksons (without Jermaine)

  24. armelle lapoussiere

    my god it's a very bad bad version  LOL

  25. mrquizical

    This is hilarious, funny beyondo.  are you kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my gosh.............

  26. Emma Andreassen

    Im so sorry but I couldn't stop laughing at 0:32 lol :DD

    mamingos b

    Michael's ass is peeeerfect.

  27. Philippe Deleage

    worst version ever

  28. Menaceri Samir

    the art of destroying a master piece of music by a bunch of amateurs.

    Hazel Amarie

    Amatuers? Get a grip dude......They sped up the song? BIG deal.

    Menaceri Samir

    speed up and a crash ... never heard about transit authority ?

  29. masquenada8

    Still it is....

  30. Uncle Rho

    Thanks forever Jackson Five!!! The soundtrack of my life. Y'all are the best!!!!!!!!!! Hands down!!!!

  31. Kendra Moore

    The Jackson's poured everything into their tours...a lot of songs their tempos were expedited so they could stuff all they could in every tour!

  32. Robert Green


  33. Robert Green


  34. mjlover584

    Amazing!! Great cover. Better than the original

    michael sharp

    the original is a masterpiece...this isn't.

    michael sharp

    no...it really isn't

  35. Dan Bray

    well....that was a worse butcher job than his nose


    this was better than the original

    Dan Bray

    you need to lay off the acid

  36. Destinymsc

    Their performing u know like acting made ut theur own it shows their youth by them going this fast it was disco era remember their father was their for them so its a song

  37. Destinymsc

    Talent runs in the family they can dance

    Foster Mac

    Listening to this again tonite. Just had the revelation that Randy (at such a young age) was as gifted as you can be on the Tom Toms and other percussion. I mean he didnt miss a lick! All crisp, tonal___the whole nine yards.

  38. xWhisperx

    Damn! Did they have somewhere to be.? Looks like they were rushing the fuck out of this performance.


    rofl! For real though!

  39. DeAndre Kelly

    one song they shouldn't have sung.

    DeAndre Kelly

    they don't have the voices to pull this song off


    What a joke, they have great voices.

    DeAndre Kelly

    Not for this song

    Granola Bars

    Please shut the fuck up. They sounded fine

    DeAndre Kelly

    Granola Bars nope. they didn't have d voices for d song in my opinion. now this is my opinion now shut da fuck up about it

  40. Loan Wolf

    ironic he his dead his dad is still alive

    Nyah Pearson

    @Nyah Pearson OMG

  41. deep jones

    Even though I don't like like it when performers speed up on songs, this was an awesome performance by the Jackson 5! And I think that was the reason they sped it up. They did a lot of dancing and aerobatic moves. I liked it when Marlon did that jump-spin!

    Foster Mac

    +Darnell Jones I don't know this for sure, but I had always heard that when a song with a different arrangement (like this one was), the performance royalties are different. Somebody with greater knowledge of the point system will have to back me up, or disprove me on this one. I know it works when artists record live albums, but there are many guidelines about this and I'm not aware of them.

    nancy barrass

    Marlon was my favorite, growing up as he was only 1 year younger than me. We saw the Jackson 5 in 1970 ( my dad's idea to bring the entire family)

  42. Arimas Memphis

    That song is supposed to be sad and mournful but they're cheerful and happy as hell,  like they're in a circus, flying through the air like Peter Pan, turning flips and doing squats, while clapping in unison. Nothing at all how one would be expected to act while reminiscing on the day that they found out that their father had died, even if they never had a chance to meet him. On the other hand, their father is Joe Jackson so maybe they were just excited at the thought.


    The Jacksons were marvelous performers and their style was fast, not standing and swaying to the rhythm. You're getting heated over a rendition of a Temptations song... get a life, mate.

    Arimas Memphis

    [email protected] another one. Okay, the bottom line is that song was a poor choice and clearly not right for them.

    Granola Bars

    You can always go fuck a cactus

    Arimas Memphis

    How about you try it first and tell me how it was.

    Magic ManOKC

    i actually agree. This song wasn't right for them.

  43. dmnds979

    Cute little Randy doing his thing!

  44. MrsD7777

    .....and Papa Joe beat tha mess out of them boys when they got done....cause he WAS a rollin stone, & where eva he laid his hat was his home! SMH!

    Foster Mac

    +MrsD7777 This was in 1975. These boys were grown men. I don't think anybody was going to beat anybody. I think u been watching WAYY to many made for T.V. movies. Remember that was a movie (entertainment), not a documentary. Besides the only brothers that had anything to say about harsh treatment was Michael, and sometimes Marlon. The reality, is they got they're asses beat like all of us in the 60's. Timeout and 'taking away privileges' and all of that assorted stuff didnt come till later. All you got to do is see all of disobedient and hard to control youngsters in this society to see that time-out bull is worthless. End of story.

  45. Lakmalie Kohombanarachchi

    As usual...a lively performance by the one and only Jackson 5! If you have any more footage if the Jackson 5, please post it!

  46. Poggle

    These guys were tight in their day! Well choreographed and everything!

    Messiah Soka


  47. V Guillin

    HHHHHEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!! they shoud have been arrested to play it this way!!! AWFULL! it's like if they all were in hurry to finish and go to piss....

  48. Arimas Memphis

    @ 2:13 I'm dying. Ya'll laughing too, RIGHT??

  49. Gabin Bifele

    J'aime cette music c'est le meilleure

  50. Leo Scarpoli

    You can hear more bass than usual in Michaels voice

    Knightscroft Squire-Muldoon

    No he sounds about right...

  51. ilj274

    2:22-2:36 My favorite part of this performance, aww1 Michael is so cute and talented <3.

  52. Jourdyn Lehr

    michael jackson didnt even know about he knew it was gonna be a problem but i think diana ross started it

  53. tina bryant

    i hate when people put Micheal Jackson and the Jackson 5 its like dam its the Jackson 5


    I agree but I think they were called the jacksons here, because Jermaine married berry gordys daughter and a whole buch of stuff I am cloudy on.

    tina bryant

    unless u want to pay money u have to change your name

    nancy barrass

    though it sounds like Jermaine singing in the middle.... (The Jackson's) included their little brother Randy. all 6 toured together around mid 80's.


    Sorry but he only one with talent ! Voice is just divine ! everyone love it !

    Ayanna Ricketts


  54. Julie B

    Jackson 5, were supreme entertainers, and like no other  :)

  55. Ace Greene

    Michael scatted that shit! Awesome!!!!

  56. Shaniya ToCute Brooks

    nice Michael and Jackson 5

  57. amensupremera

    good points BUT they were doing it live and they couldn't just do it like The Temps

    Cassie Oh

    amensupremera exactly !!

  58. amensupremera

    that was little Randy Jackson

  59. Iron Potato

    Sorry, but they killed this song, it´s too fast, out of rhythm. The best cover version is from Phil Collins, it´s the most similar to perfect original version. He sang this song just for refreshing, so also young people can hear and know these 40 years old songs. He did great job.

  60. SmellyRhythm

    Michael is a dancing miracle!

  61. Jalen Colbert

    i never heard marlon sing lead vocals before and he nailed it

  62. Greenteagoody

    Correction: They put their

  63. Greenteagoody

    They their spin on it to be fitting. They were a much younger and funkier group, so their goal wasn't to copy because ut wouldn't be believeable. I like their energetic and entertaining spin. Y'all act like they jumping around singing about abortion, but opinion is just that, opinion.

  64. Philip Jacobsson


  65. Srinath Chintakunt

    Can't beat temptations and George Michael. No way near!

  66. Haris G

    Conga not congo lol

  67. donnie adachi

    Hahah sorry michael rip temptations and micael jackson king of rock roll

  68. Deja Williams

    Excuse me, THE TEMPTATIONS made papa was a rolling stone.

  69. Lamar

    My thoughts exactly.

  70. TheAithWONDER

    Thats their baby brother Randy.

  71. TheAithWONDER

    The choreography alone is enough to make me watch this.

  72. henrietta6100

    George Michael and Seal do a great cover of this;-)

  73. shelbydawkins

    George Michael does an amazing cover of this song...

  74. jesusthroughmary

    2:30 My Lord, what a voice. His brothers had to know from the jump that he was way out of their league.


    Michael Jackson & the Jackson 5 really did not do justice to "Papa Was a Rolling Stone". I've heard the Temptations classic version with the meaningful and heartfelt base in their voices. This is really a horrible cover--especially when considering the talents of Michael and even the talents of his brothers the Jackson 5. I'm thankful I've had the opportunity to hear better covers of this and Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 truly utilizing their vocal, musical, dance performance abilities.

  76. Tech Dude

    I didn't ever think I would say this but MJ murdered this. There's been many better versions.

  77. Texugo2000

    Papa was a rolling stone - 220Volts

  78. marilyn wrightner

    the kid on the congo was going hard

  79. marilyn wrightner

    some of those dance moves was kool tho but too fast for this song

  80. Jeremy Clodfelter

    i think many of you are not realizing the fact that this is how artist actually performed back in the 70's. They actually gave a show. Something worth seeing. Yes the tempo and theme seemed to defer from the Temptations view, but they had to make it unique in their own way, or it would've just been the Temptations up there instead of the Jackson 5.

  81. Dom Templey

    I agree the song wasn't meant to be lively and happy like this

  82. LK Powell

    The tempo was a too fast, the music too energetic, and the key a too high. I personally think this was not a good cover.

  83. bigbribol

    Poor fella was just doing what he had to do before he could get a real platform to show his talents. If he was on the X-Factor he would've crashed and burned before he could make a name for himself. The guy paid hie dues and conquered the whole world.

  84. AdamAtz

    Oh my G-d. What a silly show. The meaning of the song is just lost in the production. The dancing is absolutely amazing. But I am sure that Michael wanted to be an artist, a singer, not a dancing Broadway puppet. Come on!!! It really takes away from the authenticity of them as real soul musicians. I am so glad Michael ran away from this!!!! It must have drove him mad. He doesn't look like he's having fun.

  85. MRSVISHOUS2012

    wow i lovee some of the dance moves