Jackson 5 - My Girl Lyrics

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside I've got the month of May.

Well, I guess you say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl
Talkin' about my girl.

I've got so much honey the bees envy me.
And a sweeter song than the birds in the tree

Well, I guess you say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl
Talkin' about my girl.

I love my baby
She makes me feel proud
I climb the highest mountain
And say it out loud

I don't need no money, fortune and fame
I get all the riches, baby, one man can claim

Well, I guess you say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl
Talkin' about my girl.

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day
With my girl.
I've even got the month of May

Talkin' about my girl...

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Jackson 5 My Girl Comments
  1. The Humble

    People hate that Jackson 5 was better

  2. Brix X

    It's great, because it's from the king of pop.
    Nevertheless the original is unbeatable ;)

  3. Karina Napoli

    ❤ best

  4. oscar daniel

    Omg the young Michael

  5. Martin M

    My girl andrea!


    I love you

  7. iris Mesman

    Yesss Finally!!❤🌻

  8. Valdirene Fonseca

    E eu não tenho palavras para descrever,o quanto eu amo Michael Jackson,ele bem pequeno já apresentava,sua linda voz e todo o seu talento,juntamente com os seus irmãos talentosos tambem,para o mundo,fan Brazil💟💟💟💟💟kisses

  9. javiera gonzalez

    q wen tema

  10. kelvin blankenship

    It's a simple cover. they never tried to top the temptations.

    Michelo Nyaundi

    Published on Sep 8, 2011

  11. Sexy Potatoe

    I like MJ music but not him for reasons

  12. khalil thomas

    Waaaay better than The Temptations version.. I'm just saying. 😅😅

    Bee Pbn

    You lying too you self....david ruffin

  13. Haley Marlin

    I love for the harmony at 2:20

  14. Patrick Tuliau

    Michael and Jermine are so close because jermine is one michaels left in every song

  15. ItZRareZ


  16. Christian Zapata

    2017 still jammin


    Christian Zapata even in 2018😜

    Itz_ Kamralena

    2019 still jammin

  17. Dedrick McConnell

    This is great, but nobody sings this like David and them Tempts. This is second though and that's saying something!

  18. Michael Jackson Is Life

    So much hate. Saying the Temptations were better. It's a cover. *facepalm


    They were not this one has so much happiness in it. They were eaqually good as was otis redding. Michael could sing it without the disapointments of an older man though which makes it purer.

  19. Filha e pai

    to hear the songs from the time of jacksons 5 is as good it seems to revive until we got back to the past even though I am not that time

  20. Gel Raquel

    does anyone know if there is a karaoke to this version?

    krizzxd _

    Just search my girl instrumental

  21. Ariel Ramon

    :') ♥ hermoso!!!

  22. Pablo Espinosa

    I love this but you cant say its better than the temptations. apples and oranges.

  23. MJadorable123

    he was 5 when he first performed, he was about 8 when they recorded this <3

    Johnny raven

    1971-72 Recorded during his Ben album.

  24. sküll düggery

    and coming around the final clubhouse turn, it's smokey by a hair on the motown label, with those gary boys right behind!...

  25. Shannon98Foster

    3 years ago today our beloved MJ passed away. I love you so much Michael. You will forever be in my heart. <3

  26. Mahmud Mustapha

    damn who wouldnt want to sign this kid up

    Lyrics !!

    Mahmud Mustapha I know!

  27. caneut

    i just disliked it.

    khadija forever baby

    caneut why

  28. Jesse Ventura

    A little more than 3 now :)

  29. Aron Demeter

    he was about 8 yrs old. not 5 or 4 omg -.-

    Luis Roman

    When he first sung this he was about 5 recorded at 8

  30. Jennifer Melchior

    msica mt linda de verdade MICHAEL PARA SEMPRE !!! ∞

  31. Queen Victorya

    @98mgempp1 mmhmm

  32. Mikayla Gempp

    @j5lover32543 EVeryone did

  33. Queen Victorya

    @98mgempp1 yup they lost someone valuable

  34. Mikayla Gempp

    @j5lover32543 I feel so bad for his family!

  35. Queen Victorya

    @98mgempp1 ikr it should have been joe *covers mouth* srry that wont nice

  36. Mikayla Gempp

    @j5lover32543 Ik it was terrible!! he was amazing! he didnt deserve to die

  37. Queen Victorya

    @98mgempp1 ikr i cried 4 days

  38. Mikayla Gempp

    @j5lover32543 Yea! I wish he hadn't died though :(

  39. Queen Victorya

    @98mgempp1 ikr

  40. Mikayla Gempp

    @j5lover32543 He was always amazing

  41. Queen Victorya

    @98mgempp1 yes he is good 4 5 years old

  42. Mikayla Gempp

    @j5lover32543 yea! crazy right?

  43. Queen Victorya

    @98mgempp1 OMG really !!!!

  44. Justinas Galentas


    Haha.. now its 5 of them! ;-)

  45. Mikayla Gempp

    @j5lover32543 5 about

  46. Queen Victorya

    how old was he!?!?!?!?!

  47. Noah Phillips

    @909TOSHIBA Do you purposely spell every word in your sentence incorrect?

  48. sweetsugarsourspice

    Okay this version is way better than the original. And in the beginning is that Randy on the congos? If it is wow he is an awesome drummer! <3 them all

    Johnny raven

    I love this version. Motown should have allowed the brothers play their own instruments in the studio.

    Anna Mancino

    This is before Randys time

  49. eric smith

    this version is better than the temptations

  50. Lauren Hall

    Just cried and had goose-bumps!

  51. AJ August

    beautiful god really help his life and gave him talent

  52. 1goldbaby

    black america was so proud of these boys inthe 60s /70's classisc

  53. Yordanos Berhe

    im 12, and i've been listening to this song since i was 5(:

  54. ivorycrystal150

    he had so much talent! this is the first i've heard from the Jackson 5

  55. cheesenut pea

    2:03 ♥

  56. Angelo.C.

    I got the sweetest voice, yeah, than the birds in the trees!!!

  57. adorioss

    I got sunshine on a cloudy day when I'm listening to your music Michael :)

  58. kemps95

    Does anyone know what year this was recorded?

    Johnny raven


  59. Lou zerr

    @baseballllll1 yeah and ?

  60. Rachelsally

    @fluffypillow916 The names were preceded by "RIP"

  61. Myrill Tracey

    jackson 5 are gods

  62. bigmjfan1

    amazinnng! he was so talented!
    does anyone know what year this is recorded?

  63. Yordanos Berhe

    why'd he have to go?
    he was one of the most talented people to ever walk this earth

  64. Lou zerr

    @fluffypillow916 yeah what about him ?

  65. fluffypillow916

    @EazyE275 what about otis?
    lol the 1 who didnt die? lol

  66. Paige

    I woke up humming this song, so it's been a pretty great day, haha :)

  67. charles long

    ii lovee thee wayy theyy sinqq ithh!! theyy sinqq ithh better than the temtationss.


  68. sweetlikez

    wow i didn't know they did a cover for this song.

  69. hantonioea ea

    @TheSk8erboyyy that is the reason why he finished so crasy and paranoid, this boy was the money maker in his family, and without bad intention( may be) they distroy his mind.

  70. SuperStigmata

    i have the real original version where jermaine sings it !!!

    Johnny raven

    Can U upload it.

  71. EMD123

    @clockshoe123 well he sooo wasn't 9! he was 12 or 13 cause the recordings took place from 1971 to 1972

  72. fluffypillow916

    how old was he when he sang this? like 12?

  73. Vashti Seecharan

    @TaylorLautnerRocks98 the temptations 1964

  74. speedytaj

    if i ever find out the 3 ppl who disliked this video, im gonna kill them >:D

  75. nick2cnick

    this is a song that can be dedicated to your girl

  76. Lily

    I love the jackson 5.They are so talented at such a young age.
    R.I.P Michael Jackson The one and only king of pop.
    God Bless Michaels soul and the Jackson family.

  77. SuperStigmata

    is that really michael ?

  78. Time12

    yes i have i meant thiws version of the song

  79. ChoosingLove&Truth

    you never even heard it by the Temps?

  80. Time12

    what does my fuck mean ?? was that suppose to b funny n e way

    I never even heard this song b4 but now it's another one of my favorites by the King

  81. TheBrandon2003

    stupid ZONA619

  82. Candace Michelle

    judging by his voice he was probably 11 or 12

  83. LaShell Green


  84. inlovewith_drew

    i think he was 14..LOVE him 4ever! <3

  85. miaccordionyyo

    love it

  86. besaliel1

    Muito boa.

  87. chucks1990

    I Love this song..
    R.I.P Michael

  88. Geggo124

    Very good song....but its a cover of the temptations....but still great! :D


  89. dha1208

    What a besutiful song!! LOVE U MICHAEL!!! How old was him when he sang this?

  90. beariendeay

    i dont like how he misstreated michael but if he hadnt, we wouldnt have known the worlds greatest entertainer. michael wouldnt even have been in this world if it werent for joseph, so in a way, you gotta also love him.

  91. Jocelyn McCain

    what can make me feel this "my girl"

  92. Lou zerr

    This Is Really Awesome
    To Be Sung By The Best

    The Temptations & Jackson 5
    And The Temps

    Thanks For Everything

  93. Liz Hines

    i love this song sung by them!

    R.I.P. Michael Jackson. i love you and miss you everyday

  94. Mirko Böhme

    i hate joe jackson!!

  95. Madelaine Stein

    temptaions made it and sound alot better singing it

  96. FlipNinjaXX

    jackson 5 are like the temptations only better :D

    Vertix Quezy2x

    FlipNinjaXX noooo

  97. S. Jackson

    I love this song!
    my girl, my girl, my girl! :))))

  98. Snaffleur