Jackson 5 - Mama I Got Brand New Thing (Don't Say No) Lyrics

Sunday morning I heard mama pray
From a room I heard her say
"Good Lord help my son find his way"
"Lord he's just a country boy"
"Thinks the world is great big toy"
There ain't nothin' he can't do
If he wants to

He got himself a part time job
Saved his money and bought him a guitar
Played from sun up to sundown, hey, hey, hey

(He don't wanna) Go to schoool no more
Don't do his household chores
But I'm a hit, the neighbors biggest sound, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(He's) Got some big ideas
He's talkin' 'bout leavin' here
Going to a place called New York City
And here's what he told me

Mama, I gotta brand new thing don't say no
Let me go
Mama, (Yeah) I gotta brand new thing don't say no
Let me go

Mama said, "My son, my son you're only sixteen"
"I know being a star is your dream"
"But I think it's time you stop all this foolin'"
"And get to your schoolin'"

Living in a state of frustration
Stop preachin' that education
'Cause this job is gonna make me a king
Above everything else, listen
Donned from head to toe
First class everywhere we go
Just give me a chance to do my thing

Mama, I gotta brand new thing don't say no
Let me go
Mama, I gotta brand new thing don't say no
Let me go
I can see it now

Champagne and caviar
Black limousine, chauffeured car
Trips all around the world
And I'll have my choice of any girl
People lined up as far as you can see
Standing in line just to see me
Money stacking up to the sky
There ain't nothin' that we can't buy
Have a little faith in me
Mama I'm sure

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Jackson 5 Mama I Got Brand New Thing (Don't Say No) Comments
  1. tray cute

    I like bet of this song

  2. Vicki Maxwell

    Love & PEACE Michael & the Jackson brothers. I understand X. Credit to You Tube for retaining his/their music, & not having a 'knee-jerk' reaction to the latest pathetic allegations from proven liars! He was PROVED INNOCENT - END OF!

  3. Oleg Ozon

    Мой любимый концерт у этого бенда.

  4. charleslongshanks

    norman whitfield in total control here - very reminiscent of ball of confusion. a great song in it's own right still. bad groove!

  5. Jr Films

    I love how you can hear all the brothers in this song

    Johnny raven

    Right On! some of their unreleased material has that like "Pride & Joy" and "If The Shoe Don't Fit"

  6. Cas82958

    I used to play this song a lot as a kid. I was very mesmerized by it. It's a very fun to record to listen to, especially in headphones. Every brother gets to sing. Marlon in particular had a chance to shine..

  7. Torian McNeill

    Michael didn't say owwwwwwwww until he was 19 or 20 years old when he and his brothers did blame it on the boogie so Mike was still a kid

    Leanne Heseltine

    He sings "Owww" on "True Love Can Be Beautiful" in 1970 on the ABC album.

  8. Kiko Li

    I like how this is a mixture of Mike's adult and younger voice.

    R. Ryan Heath

    i like how cute kiko is

    Todd Pace

    You mean puberty?

  9. BransinQLFChico

    damn this song is hot

  10. jackbourassa

    This record is always so criminally overlooked even though it had a big hit song on it with "Dancing Machine."

  11. Himadri Nandi

    excellent track