Jackson 5 - Hum Along And Dance Lyrics

Ain't no words to this song.
You just dance and hum along.
Ain't no words to this song.
You just dance and hum along.

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Jackson 5 Hum Along And Dance Comments
  1. Tarkeema Lewis

    i wonder did Public enemy cut them some dough?

  2. Rickybization

    Funky monumentale!!!!😨

  3. Victor Perez

    i was 16 when this came out, my uncle had a record shop in the bronx, so i got albums cheaply, this song wasn't for the radio because it was so long, but it was great!

  4. rondmc44

    The last 8 minutes sounds like stoner music.

  5. Elizabeth Williams


  6. Jim Cairns

    Pure fire ❤️😍

  7. TheShackbully

    Dumpster fire, rotten potatoes dinner, bad girl, digestive problem, something died in here, funky ass SHIT!!!!

  8. ronald williams

    Wow! This was very very funky brilliantly done! Go On Jackson's!👍👂👋


    This version been around for years

    Michael Dees

    I first heard this on a J5 live Album in 1972 .....banggin!

  10. Nathan Haynes

    In 1984, I went to the Paradise Garage for the first time, heard this song, my older brother had a bunch of albums so I ask him about this song, he had the Temptations version, I told him who else made this song, he said THE JACKSON 5, I ask him what album is it own, he told me, my boy Scott had the album, I traded him a album for this and the rest is HISTORY. Larry Levan rocked this like no other DJ!! Hum a hum a hum along and Dance,


    True story

    Daimon Mario Perez

    Larry played homage to the early days of Hip Hop. He played this, Just Begun, Give it Up Turn It A Loose. Larry selection of records is what made him great....

  11. boinkye

    Love this by Temptations❣️

  12. Byron Franklin

    zulu nation

  13. arthur workman

    My dad had this on 8-track and he'd blast this in his car - we'd be just down the highway with no where in particular to place we would just cruise.

  14. DJ Gary

    Chuck Raniey on bass I know that style Rock Steady by Aretha Franklin

  15. MrAntiSellOut

    Rest in peace Michael. It's been nine years since we've lost you brother.

  16. zsugar19

    I'm old...ish but I'm pretty sure we danced to this in the 70's👠🎶

  17. Mister

    Keep in mind that the Jacksons played no instruments on this song.

    Elizabeth Williams

    Says who

    Elizabeth Williams

    They didn't sing either right.. "PERP HATER"

    Elizabeth Williams

    Sister... Skirt down hater

  18. Richard Morgan

    Soul Sista Get It!👍

  19. Orlando Gaffney

    Sounds like first ever early p-funk music before Bootsie, Kool and the Gang and George Clinton.


    This was written by by Norman Whitfield...Car Wash Movie Soundtrack....Papa Was a Rollin Stone....Ball of Confusion....Psychedelic Shack....Which Way Is Up Movie Soundtrack....it's called Psychedelic Soul.

  20. Lovely Givan

    Jermaine wore that bass out! Sorry about it!


    None of the Jacksons played their instruments on recordings at Motown (Except a couple of live albums)

    Kev E. Kev

    They really never played live much either. I've busted them in several performances where they're supposed to be live and weren't. Still my favorite act in music, though.


    @Kev E. Kev Wow...... So Tito and Jermaine "lip-synched" their instruments?

  21. Mannchild11

    If you only had one track to play...

  22. Lano 1968

    Heard this at the Funhouse back in the day...Just when you thought you were too tired and you hear this and in a instant your back on your feet going off..

  23. Jair Smikle

    I literally was looking for this song for ever

  24. franco agazzi

    Bellissima versione..grazie

  25. Calvin Brown

    Why was Michael and Jermaine the only ones with perms


    One of the reasons why Mikey and Jermaine both had their hair styles permed like that . . . could be this one  . . "  ON A HAND-FUL OF THEIR ALBUMS THAT THEY HAD DID TOGETHER AS THE JACKSON 5 , THEY BOTH HAD DID A NUMBER OF SOLOS ( and  / or  ) DUETS TOGETHER " .     Now . . that reason might be a possibility could be why they had their heads looking texturized or permed like that.

    Calvin Brown

    christianblackman I figured it was because they were the lead singers

  26. slh36

    Bad a-- song

  27. SonicVision

    Rare Earth also did a ripping' version of this.

  28. Harvey Mcknight

    Temptations did this one also you can hear them in the background

  29. Mr.Ripper

    Rhymefest sampled this song for his Man in the Mirror Mixtape

  30. Make It Happen Productions

    Lol look at Mike in the back

  31. PhuckHue2

    in those days nobody could fuck with Jackson 5. I saw them perform this live in a sold out 20,000 seat arena in 1974. they played all the parts and were dancing. Michael was dancing his ass off!

  32. tray cute

    I like this one better

  33. Latifa B


  34. Lisa Blackmon

    Used to dance my behind off with this!!  And yes, I was one of those in the circle!

  35. Muzik Michael

    I remember The Temptations first did this song back in the day.

  36. tina bryant

    i never knew that micheal marlon and jackie knew how to play instruments 


    Jermaine is very underrated as a bass player and is a victim of the huge success of his famous family. But us musicians know how good he and Tito is. 

    Muzik Michael

    @Mannchild11 Thank You

    charlton myers

    @Muzik Michael


    Michael plays drums and piano

  37. Trill Bill

    The drum solo reminds me of the Blue Man Group

  38. Anthony Newlon

    Wow! I've never heard this version before... Ever! I owned this album as soon as it hit the record store. My mother saw to it that she got every single album they released. My bedroom wall was covered with Jackson 5 pictures. I was a follower(more than just a fan) and I remember distinctly when this album came out. The name of the album was "Get It Together" This is an interesting song better charting how their style was changing from 'bubble-gum- pop to a much more expansive sound... I like it though.. Nice joint,...

    George Terry

    its hot

  39. jaye reid

    u know what if any body usurped them of their God Given talent and God Given Unity to make a buck and them lose one Judgement day is so near and divide a femily for money no excuse but truth will previal and all yo once collaborators and conspiratores  will eventually SNITCH the  sh___ yo did if this was their MUSICAL MASTERPEICE poltricks should have never played a part for this was our HISTORY that we so much needed instead od pawing them off ass unmusical paws in the game and they all still looke good and Mike well we who believed in him know where he his for ALLAH sent us one as almost as an angel

  40. Spyros Andrianos

    megavega4 Probably you are the one bubbling around....This jamming made in the studio by the two brothers...And also it was an attempt to test Tito's abilities for a solo album that never made...

  41. megavega4

    Spyros... I hate to burst your bubble, but that is NOT Tito and Jermaine playing on this song or any other studio recording that the J-5 released on Motown. Berry FORBADE them to play in the studio, opting for seasoned session players. Taking nothing away from their talents, which were well documented on "Live At The Forum", but by their own admission, neither of them recorded a note of music with the J-5. 

    Muzik Michael

    I can believe you on that.

    Hank Johnson

    jermaine prodUced it so i say its inaccurate bro the credits say otherwise


    megavega4 you are so correct, also including "J5 live in Japan" and half of the "Goin' Back To Indiana" album.

  42. anguitenens4003

    'Ain't no words?? Ain't no words??? Whatchoo mean???'
    'Like I said!! We didn't have time to write none.'

    That clavinet is funky!! ;)

    Fábio Wolarski

    no need no words......telll me a town which plays shit like this, so i can move there


    Ha!! ;) right on!


    @Fábio Wolarski save me a room Fab!

    Orgon Solo

    #komstevje Norway. You are welcome Fabio :)

  43. mike1who1

    This is funk...like rare earth funk

  44. Mannchild11

    Good grief. As soon as you heard the beginning there was no turning back. Leaps, dives, 360 spins and bouncing in between the HUGE balloons at THE LOFT.   

  45. Spyros Andrianos

    For those who said that Jackson brothers never played at the recording sessions(only at the live concerts)listen at the jamming of Tito and Jermaine after the 8.00 minute.....

  46. johnny Harris

    now that all of you young people have heard music at last. This is what you call music, creativity , arrangement, melody, I'll held sheer music the way it was meant to be played and enjoyed by everyone.

  47. BeCoolHomie

    J5 Forever!!!!

  48. zsugar19

    Never forgot this-it's amazing--it got frequent play in nyc--not on the radio--on the turntables:)

  49. 8ohm1

    I wish when they are touring now - they would perform from some of their earlier work - like this one.... bring on the funk..

  50. RicArtistProduction1

    Thanks for posting this song brought back some great memories, I use to dance to all 15 mins of the song but at times it was a song for a dancer showing off his or her dance skills similar to break dancing it was the start of break dancing.We us to crowd around to watch a dancer or group of dancers showing off their moves against another dancer or dance group.

  51. RicArtistProduction1

    Went to all the J5 concerts in my area back in the day, their shows were always great.The excitement was always there,especially with a gifted Michael performing lead and because they were a family act with great talent.There will never be another talent like Michael Jackson or the Jackson Five. IRREPLACEABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. RicArtistProduction1

    In the city where i am from this song was played at our dances by our djays we use to jam off this song it was one of our favorites.I still love this song.You are right it should have been played more by the radio stations.Thanks to YouTube it can be revisited.We had a dance that we did when this song came on it was awsome.

  53. mike1who1

    this was never played... I heard it for the first time in 2012. It was remixed. they could have done a lot with this jam. I like this, real instruments and effort.

    Elizabeth Williams


  54. Carlos Henrique Gomes Siqueira

    Thnx :-)

  55. Musicvegan01

    Yes, that's Marlon in the picture with the sax, and Randy on the conga drum.

  56. Musicvegan01

    A few years ago, Motown re-released the 1976 album "Joyful Jukebox Music" for the 1st time on CD as a limited edition of 5,000 copies that were numbered. This version was a bonus track.

  57. Carlos Henrique Gomes Siqueira

    Where did you get that version?

  58. Mannchild11

    Use it as an alarm clock. LOL.

  59. Papitschku

    thanks a lot - heard it meanwhile 8x in a row :-)

  60. Mannchild11

    This song is strong enough to pull someone out of a coma. Ridiculously dance inducing song.

  61. Mannchild11

    No matter how you cut it this family is talented.

  62. Spyros Andrianos


  63. Sheyimash

    The Hammond B-3 organ is mind-blowing, delirious... thanks for uploading this version, I never heard it before.

  64. Alex Haynes

    INCREDIBLE!!! Where'd U find this?!?