Jackson 5 - Get It Together Lyrics

You better get it together
Or leave it alone
If you don't want my lovin'
I'll be gone

Get up, get up, get up
Get up off your high horse, girl
Think what you're doing, doin'
Get up off your high horse, girl
Think what you're doin', doin'

I'm spinnin' around on your merry-go-round
You got me dizzy, dizzy, dizzy, dizzy, dizzy

Get it together
Or leave it alone
If you don't want my lovin'
I'll be gone

Now, now, babe

Get it together
Or leave it alone
You better, get it, get it
If you don't want my lovin'
I'll be gone

Get up off your high horse, girl
Think what you're doin', doin'
Get up off your high horse, girl
Think what you're doin', doin'

I can't stand all this confusion
All this shuckin' and jivin'
You're putting down, down, down

Get it together
Or leave it alone
If you don't want my lovin'
I'll be gone
Gone, gone, gone, gone

Big girl what you're doing
Throwin' this heart of mine all away
Oh, big girl you know I love you
To keep a love like mine is hard this day
All ya gotta do, girl

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Jackson 5 Get It Together Comments
  1. David Shareef Impossible

    The guy in the background playing the drums is my cousin Jo Jo a few years ago about 10 years ago his girlfriend murdered him and Janet Jackson pay for the funeral

  2. SPF Sincerely

    I wonder can Tito and Jermaine can dance just as the other fellas did.

  3. Karen Emerson

    Bob Hope is Fool. He and Michael are probably swapping jokes and pranks on each other. R.I.P. to both Michael Jackson and Bob Hope.

  4. hbk. talasi

    Best group in the king of pop💯💚

  5. carolki13

    man j5 were the shit!!!

  6. حمودي محمد

    مايكل جاكسون افضل مطرب في العالم مللك البوب احبه كثيرا كثيرا كلم موثر اخ بس فقت احلى ملك بوب في العالم فقته والله دنيا صرت ظلم كثير ودنيا ظلمه من دونه مدري وشسوي من بعدك انت احلى مطرب شفته في حيايتي ربي يخذ حقك منهم الله على ظلم السببولك التعب والرهق وكلشي فيك هم سببوه وشسر بهدنيا يصير كلهذا اه مايكل ميستهل اسومبه كذا صح ولا بس حرمتونى منوه فقدن احلى الغني مايكل جاكسون الحلى والجمل مفيه اه فديدك والله احبك كثير ا جدا انت في قلبي الاانساك ابدن انت مايكل جاكسون في قلبي وحياتي عمري ودنيتي وافظل احبك موت اه لا انساك انت في قلبي احبك كثيرا انت وعيلتك وخونك وختك احبكممممممممممم

  7. Cas82958

    Great song, legendary group but that ending can literally cause a seizure

  8. Anthony Taylor

    I'm digging the hat let me clarify that

  9. Anthony Taylor

    I'm digging that bro wit that hat on that keyboards

  10. Willie Greenway

    Smooth with the spin...

  11. Lynn LeRoy

    Love! 💖

  12. Clifford Ulmer

    I recently saw the 4 Jackson brothers on stage performing some of their hits and it was painful to watch...... See there was something or someone missing.......... And since Michael is no longer with us or them what they need desperately is a frontman...... Not an MJ impersonator but a really good and talented person who at best fill the void left by Michael....... Hey, it worked for Queen...

    John Rodriguez

    Clifford Ulmer i was thinking the exact same thing like justin timberlake

  13. Maurice Mayhams

    Michael Jackson I will always love u forever and forever and Michael Jackson u will always be the greatest forever and forever

  14. JaQuayvius Deonte Riley-Wooden

    I Love Platforms. But those were some HIGH Heeled Platforms. Those would be a little to HIGH for Me to Rock out! I am digging the Costumes and I Love the Album. What a Show!! They're My favorite Band of All Time.

  15. Victoria Johnson

    Cute little Randy.😘

  16. Fantastic Voyage Official

    Love this funky and extralove Michael 😍

  17. carolki13

    mj always had the moves!!! love all these classic j5 clips!

  18. Pauline Peep. J K S N.

    Randy in the back

  19. Maurice Mayhams

    Michael Jackson I love u and Michael Jackson u will always be the greatest forever and forever and Michael Jackson u will always be in my heart forever and forever

  20. soulman2000

    This is the song that officially broke them away from the bubblegum sound. They were emancipated as a mature group and not just cute kids singing “ABC” “Mama’s Pearl” etc. Their best years at Motown IMO is from ‘73-‘75 when they got funkier and had a more mature sound.

  21. Nichole Waller

    I love this♥️ this one of my favorite Jackson 5 songs and a GREAT performance!

  22. Chase Jackson


  23. rrockhard1

    The sylvers was my group but the Jacksons ...where bad xxxxxx

  24. carolki13

    man, j5 were really good! i missed out on this time, but so glad i grew up in the 80s when thriller was so big!

  25. MusicLover P

    They should've let them perform that hit song live instead of lip syncing

  26. Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker

    U can't guess how Michael faked his death u must learn how
    he did becuz it's never been done b4-

    Watch mind-blowing genius of Michael Joe Jackson here:








    or dvd:


  27. Joe Hodges

    Growing up in the '70's there was no group even close to the J5. Thier dance routines where tight. What a time that was to be a kid. So much fun.

  28. soulman2000

    This song was their very first non "bubblegum" song. The Get it Together album and single took them to a new direction. Especially Dancing Machine.

  29. Torreano Lamont

    So was the ending live or the whole thing was lipped

  30. patricia san

    The best group ever to grace this world in my opinion

  31. Tazia Daniels

    I absolutely love this stage of his voice!😆😆😆😆😆

  32. Hobert Goode

    Thank you Jackson nation! Rest well Mike, Johnny, and of course you Mr. Joe Jackson.

  33. Jenny Sharp

    pure entertainment. they give me so much joy! ☺

  34. T Dubb


  35. crystal lee

    So good 😍

  36. Pearl Jr Documentary Filmmaker

    Docs prove Michael Jackson faked his corpse to fake his death! Watch this 100% factual documentary here: www.vimeo.com/ondemand/alive2michaeljackson then watch www.vimeo.com/ondemand/aliveiiimichaeljackson

  37. Freddy B

    BIG GIRL..whacha doin!!

  38. Brian Jobs

    Acid trip at 2:30

  39. Angus Jones

    When it kept cutting cameras at the end, that was fucking trippy

  40. Pets

    I know all the names of the Jackson 5🍩🍦🍰🎂🍫🍎🍌🍉

  41. RJ Renee

    No one had their dance moves on point like J5!!

    MusicLover P

    They did their choreography

  42. bigpoppa 1967

    Is it coincidence that the maturity of the lyrics is coinciding with Michael's age and physical changes?

  43. Perlita Habanera

    sfter sooooo many years listening to allichael'songs . i dont remember this song from the jacsons five.

  44. Fred Hadley

    Impeccable choreography, lead vocals, harmony, and showmanship.... saw the guys four times over the years: Aug 1974, in St Louis, Kiel Auditorium (I was a kid, couldn't believe I was actually watching them... my sister surprised us with the tickets), Summer 1984 (Victory Tour) in Jacksonville & Miami, and Aug 2014, in Orlando (The Gaylord Hotel), Tom Joyner's Labor Day Family Reunion, (needless to say, w/o Michael, but they gave him a heartfelt tribute).... we were right by the stage (a couple of sets from Bernadette Stanis (Thelma Evans of "Good Times")... and, I step up to fist-bump Jermaine.... then, some lady flew through the air (like Wonder Woman)... knocked me out of the way (she was pretty good size, too)... and, he fist-bumped her instead.... but, I each time I saw them... enjoyed them immensely !

  45. because0011


  46. heyheyyou

    YESSS GET IT!!!!

  47. Elizabeth Lowe

    Michael Jackson has been the lead dancer and singer and forever will be


    The Jackson 5 were a cohesive, collective unit. And yes Michael (sometimes Jermaine) were the lead singers BUT it was their older brother Jackie who choreographed their moves.

    Wavybone Andretti

    Elizabeth Lowe shut up bitch

  48. Supreme Ali

    Jackson Five stole those moves from New Edition


    uh the jackson 5 came BEFORE new edition ;) new edition is early to mid 80s, jackson 5 was late 60s ;)

  49. D Me

    Marlon, dude......those pant-leg stripes weren't cool, man!

  50. Darkness 2k

    Who's the boy that's singing in the middle? he's gonna be a big star one day!!!

    doc doo

    The young man you mean.......Not BOY!!!

  51. dakliq420

    Only the Temptations(Ruffin and Dennis Edwards eras) looked as smooth dancing

    D Me

    @dakliq420 All due respect goes to the icons of yesterday. I grew up with them & imitated them. David Ruffin was a great singer and while with the Tempts, they danced - or, did choreographed routines. Ruffin's solo career was about crooning, not dancing. Individually....MJ outdanced everybody. He influenced generations with his moves. C'mon man. That's not even close!

    Stuart Perry

    If you want to talk about influence how about James Brown and Jackie Wilson.

    D Me

    @Stuart Perry MJ was influenced by those greats, & he took it to another level....one that won't be seen again. Where else is there to go? Unless somebody learns to become invisible & reappear, he's set the ceiling way up there.

    bigpoppa 1967


    Funny you should say that....this song has the "Temptations" vibe.

    Linda Hopkins

    All of them came out of Motown , plus the Jacksons work mostly by themselves for a while.

  52. Clarence Marsh

    THE FUNK!!

  53. horace bradford


  54. JeffGR4

    Bob Hope introducing _The Jackson 5_ —now that's mega-superstardom all rolled into one!

  55. Michael Jones Jr

    A Boy Band where some of the members actually played instruments and are actually Tainted

  56. Ink Pen

    The song is hot, but this performance wasn't very entertaining at all...

  57. Mustafa Jackson

    The Family.

  58. Geminisixtyfour

    By this time, the music that the J-5 made was getting more adult-sounding. Compare this song to, say, "I Want You Back", and you'll notice the difference.

    bigpoppa 1967

    William Reed

    It starts with Michael who was going through a voice transition resulting in the group steadily moving past the "Bubble Gum" type of music into a more mature style.

  59. renarga

    The only boy band that doesn't suck.

    Pauline Peep. J K S N.

    And queen

    Pauline Peep. J K S N.

    And temptations

    Pauline Peep. J K S N.

    And melisizwe brothers. Ect ect

    Taylor Howard

    renarga I love you carson

  60. Sheila Gandy

    If i could turn back the hands of time.......

    Myth Detector

    Videos like this are a window to the past. If you could actually go back in time, any slight interruption would alter the trajectory of things.

  61. laydon onton

    1973 was the year Michael's voice matured, and he was only 15 years old.


    my voice deepend at 13. unless you mean his singing voice

    laydon onton

    That's what I meant.

  62. BlackCreationTV

    Man Randy Jackson is something else. He could play the hell out of them drums. Him bouncing and hitting them drums without messing up his rhythm takes timing and skill.

    John Colvin


    Dora Greene


    Ricco Barnes

    BlackCreationTV The actual name of Randy’s instrument is Congo’s or Congas . Bongos were smaller and are usually held between the legs when played .

    Clifford Ulmer

    Fuck Randy...

    Wavybone Andretti

    Clifford Ulmer fuck you....who molested you as a child nigga???

  63. Derrick Ingram

    Jermaine the better singer

    Brian Gore

    Michael is better

    Angus Jones

    I'd say Jermaine is very very very underrated though. People just alwaays compare him to Michael so his extraordinary talent goes a bit unnoticed

    William King

    You just prefer deeper voices. MJ had a wider range than Jermaine. There's virtual no other adult male vocalist (in popular music) who could hit c5 notes (and above) as easily as MJ without using falsetto.

  64. FlamesAt1000ft

    Right On!!...to Orlando Gaffney!!...you hit it right in the mouth!...Damn!,,it's great to know that my own opinion is verified by others. (if more are out there ,.then speak up now!) Just to add to that comment,..I also believe that poverty also played a role in the downfall of great R & B artist development. Most of those DJs and the like couldn't afford instruments or training due to poor income and other complications of "the 'hood"...so they could only get their hands on tape recorders and samplers in one purchase. Most wanted to "participate" in the music but couldn't play any instruments and it would cost out of reach to attempt to. So,..in order to "be involved" with the glory of being a successful,admired Soul Artist or Group,..one got accepted by "Jammin' " with the records being spun at the clubs & discos by "mixing" the jams. Thus, creating "extended" versions. But,..just making the jams longer for there dancin' customers wasn't enough,..after one spun the record on the turntable,..just standing there while it played still left the DJ out the limelight so....enter "scratchin'"...by leading the crowd on with enticing "intros" to the next upcoming hit tune by forcing it in the mix. (ok,..yeah..some did this to match tempos and such..) Now,..if you are up on Black Music culture then you get my drift.
    Moving on to "Rap"..this was simple,..can't "sing" then speak in tempo on the beat with the music! Hell,..you've got to get involved and express yourself some kind of way right? You can't sing well or at all nor play an instrument but damn,..you ARE culturally incline to "keep a beat plus have natural rhythm sense...so why not use it and "speak" your "lyrics" in time with the groove! Whala!!....Rap in born and good ethnically attributed Black-American R & B fades away to it's demise.
    But folks there are STILL young and old Soul Warriors out there striving to revive and keep traditional R & B alive and well!! More power to those fine people!! I'm a Musician,..also one of such Soul Warriors!!...till I exist no more! (but the music & cause shall go on...) v('_' )

  65. K. B.

    That adult voice kicking in

    bigpoppa 1967

    Stuart Perry

    Mine's changed in early 1981 when I was 13.5. Shocked the pants off my family. I eventually became a bass.

    Kazama Boy

    For me, it was sometime after 8th Grade to Senior year.

    Reno Parker

    For me it started sometime during my 9th grade year and it is still changing

    Gawdly Money

    My voice started changing when i was fifteen so the same around Michael’s in late 1972.

    Gawdly Money


  66. TriL TV

    A real "Bass"

  67. Orlando Gaffney

    The base is what really carried this jam. That is so unique at the time during those years. The instrumentals track was ahead of its time on this song.
    I became disappointed during the 80s because black jam music and creativity went down hill big time when rap started to take over. The bands substituted good ole live musical instruments for a duo turntable scratching sounds and stupid lips and mouth sounds like donkeys and jackasses trying to do instrumentals with their mouths. Thank God that Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie,  Kool and the Gang continued with traditional black music and R&B along with all of the black female singers because that Rap Hip Hop music in the 80s and 90s was just a cold slap in the face to black talent and creativity I couldn't take it anymore. I started listening to New Wave music where people still played real instruments such as Duran Duran, The Clash, B52s, The Cars, Sting, Billy Idol and a taste for Rock And Roll like Journey, Def Leopard,  Eddie Van Helen and so on. At least it sounded good and everyone played their own instruments instead of using someone else music playing in the background. Never thought the day would come when I would start liking Rock&Roll and New Wave music at the time due to black music going down hill to a primitive state using other peoples background music and scratch duo turntable music mixing crap. But it helped Michael Jackson big time becoming the greatest entertainer of all time and largest record sells ever because he stayed the course and kept it clean and people who took music seriously turned and crossed over to him along with the black female divas and the white audience who kept it clean.

    skylan Freire

    lol but very true

    Jaylen Thrash

    Michael Jackson actually composed many of his classics by beat boxing. Just thought you'd be interested to know that.

  68. Jerry Johnson

    The Jackson Five...NGO...Never Gets Old. Blessings

  69. Taina Chapman

    The 2 different voices you all hear are that of Michael and Jermaine both are singing the 2 part lead vocals in this song... LOOK VERY CLOSELY AT THE VIDEO!!!

  70. sda1225

    That bass lick is SICK

  71. OldskolFan

    I watch all of their old clips, it brings me joy...I must say, their choreography was always perfect, in step all the way.

  72. lexdee523

    OMG! I can't believe I came across this song, it was one of my favorites from that era. It's good to see the video

  73. lexdee523

    OMG! I can't I came across this song, this was one of my favorites from that area. it's so good to see this video

  74. Kennya Vandom

    I love how his voice sounds like a  combination between his child voice and his mature voice

    MusicLover P

    Umm that's called puberty DUH We all went through that phase.SMDH


    I love this period as well. 1972-1976 were the years were he did the most transition


    Yes. Ive been loving this '73-'78 era of the Jacksons, and Michael. They were so good.

    Willie Greenway

    I can hear it also...wow...great ear you have...

    Andrew Crawford

    This was the first song I heard the voice change. Fall of 1973, I believe. No new material from the Jackson 5 most of that year. When this song came out we knew why. Michael and Marlon were seen as tall as Tito for the first time and Jermaine was taller than Tito. The Jackson 5 had changed slightly. Michael basically would no longer have his child like voice. He may have been about 14 or 15 here.

  75. Laporche 21

    They killed that choregraphy

    Rose Smith

    I saw them in person. ELECTRIC. They danced the entire time they were onstage. Incredible. Never seen anything like it before or since.


    Yesssss INDEED! 😍😍 I had 2 play it back like 3x's in the very beg, like WHAAA ???!! Ya'll betta COME THRU with this choreography, YASSS!☺☺😍 Insane the amount of talent Michael was blessed with from such a young age (may my King rest in the heavens but never b forgotten and 4ever b loved❤🌻❤) and with the Jacksons boys together they were nothing 2 b played with! Loved it!🤩😍😍

    Maria Ellicott

    fuck yeah

    hbk. talasi

    Yup they sure did💜

  76. Maira Lopez


  77. Monique Cooper

    25 million an counting yeah how bout got it together an aint nobody out here yet that can touch him happy birthday in heaven Michael we miss u

  78. Emil

    i want those pants!!!

  79. Obsidian Doll

    I absolutely love Michael's tween voice. You can hear both little Mike and adult Mike at the same time.

  80. Kevin Mayes

    As great a band, ive always wondered where the horns came from...

  81. Brian Saines

    i guess 2 people couldn't get it together...

  82. Minnie Mouse Stewart

    Ok! You don't see choreography like that anymore.

  83. snapple147

    I love u Michael!!

  84. stephen miller

    This is an amazing video

  85. Goddessofmydestiny

    Damn !! they had that dance tight.

  86. Gabe Hills

    Over 25 Million in 5 years. wow. If mj was an adult he would laugh at that he sold 25 over 25 million with one album

  87. kprodigy11

    From 1970 to 1973 they sold OVER 25 million that's amazing...especially for that time....Some people go there whole career and never get that close...

  88. uncleO


    Lori Harper

    uncleO same here in 2017.

    wanda Richmond

    me too!🏵💕🌹

    Haley Marlin

    Same. I wanna go back.

  89. Ari'ze Women Network

    .."I can't stand all this confusion." Say that, Michael. R.i.P. I like this song. Look at Randy on Bongos.

  90. 87alsjth

    "Get off you high horse girl, think of what you doin' doin'." That is what I want to tell every teen girl that is having sex and getting knocked up.

  91. AndreaElizabeth100

    Who is the man who talks at the start?

    Jeff Dickerson

    Where are you from Mars Or Pluto?

    Lori Harper

    AndreaElizabeth100 The Bob Hope Show.

  92. gothamjediknight

    Jackson brothers, masters of funk

    hbk. talasi

    Yup always💚❗✌😸

  93. ladymusiclover

    @shorty1ification They're not related but just have the same surname.

  94. tonygrooove

    The cat on keyboards is ICE COLD

  95. dua72

    Did he say OVER 25 MIlLION records if that aint legendary I dont know what is?!

  96. nutothis1

    Good to see Johnny and Ronnie playing with them.

  97. reallyblessed

    @luvdrmd34 This was the Bobe Hope Show 1973. The Ed Sullivan Show became defunct in 1971 (FYI).

  98. Jacqueline

    @miamisteele was just thinking the same thing. this must have been the transition from boy to man voice. both equally impressive tho. shocked me when he started singing. i thought he was older for this song. wow. talented little mikey