Jack's Mannequin - Release Me Lyrics

I've been running such a long time
I've been hiding from the truth
I've been battered, been broken, been buried
Now I'm death proof, death proof

And I been known to take a big chance
But I can't waste another shot at redemption
Oh, I'm ready don't let me go passing through the wrong hands, wrong hands
My confidence is in crisis mode, your fingertips well they know the code

Release me and take another piece of me and there won't be another left
C'mon release me, release me take another piece of me
And there won't be another left unless you let go, unless you let go

I've been waiting for the sun to shine
Another winter ends, the winter's starting over
We met beside a land mine waiting for the wind to blow

Now I'm in trouble with these friends of mine
A change was in my blood, I lost my sense of direction
I dragged us to the bright light, life is like a TV show
My fuse is set, I'm pressing go, your match is lit but it's burning slow

Release me and take another piece of me and there won't be another left
C'mon release me, release me take another piece of me
And there won't be another left unless you let go

I'll be nothing but sand falling down through your fingers to the ground below
Through your fingers to the ground below

Yeah I've been running, I've been running
I've been running such a long time

Release me and take another piece of me and there won't be another left
Try to believe me, release me take another piece of me
And there won't be another left unless you let go
Unless you let go [x8]

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Jack's Mannequin Release Me Comments
  1. Jonathan Sullivan

    This is the heat

  2. SensiRippah420

    This is What I imagine the inside of Kurt Cobain's head was like before his suicide, only Kurt's version was a lot more macabre 😫😫😫😫 RIP Kurt!

  3. Brad B.

    I had a couple of those notebooks to write in. When he tore a page out and threw it. It meant the binding would come apart. lol

  4. A. Jay

    Dark blue and the mix tape bought me here!!! this one sucks!!!

    INSTIG8 / / Enlunix

    No one fucking cares about your opinion.

  5. Lunchy

    Still listening in 2016, I love this song.

  6. Baela

    What did we do to deserve the beauty that is Andrew McMahon


    Baela ikr

  7. CatNipSmoker

    I believe getting beer spilled on his shirt would constitute it as 'dirty'.

  8. Jope Prunes

    I wish he went back to do something more corporate

  9. sblake1989

    ...The cancer happened at the beginning of Jack's; it had nothing to do with him retiring the moniker. He just wanted to put out music independently under his own name and felt the Jack's name had told its story. And Jack's Mannequin doesn't have a new EP: Andrew does. Two of the members from Jack's are in his current band, but he has three new members in his band as well.

    The Renascense Daily

    I remember going to Warped Tour, i forget the year... i went to go see Jacks because i loved Something Corporate and at the time Dark Blue was a really great song for me and i was super excited to see them play. I remember getting there going to the little stage that was set up for them and i found out they couldnt attend because of the fact that hed just gotten cancer. I still always wished i had a chance to see them live. I saw senses fail live that day, they put on a great show as well. that was a good Warped tour. that was the Warped tour where A7x went full singing also because of his throat.

  10. Tony C

    Or, you know, do a google search and read he had cancer, fought and won. There's that too. And they have a new ep.

  11. Tony C

    He's like Dashboard without all the creepy Christianity :)
    Both extremely talented people, though.

    Disney Vasquez

    ur a moron

  12. Lirielle ♡ Foamia

    An alcoholic drink poured on it, yes, very clean.

  13. Liliana Eusse

    where the fuck have you been, so stoked to have just found this song

  14. Nemeankitten

    I didn't say it couldn't be. I kinda like the irony.

  15. HellJustFroze

    Why can't it be?

  16. Nemeankitten

    Lol, probably. I didn't say I expected anybody to care, I just made a simple observation. But there is always music to be written on any subject and there is an endless amount of beautiful things to write about. Regardless if anyone reads or hears it. Why is your name about freezing when you have a picture of the flame alchemist?

  17. HellJustFroze

    And nobody cares. :D Yay

    Not to mention, unlike yours, his songwriting notebook people will actually read and give a shit about.

    Joe Cole

    HellJustFroze Go take your negative energy somewhere else.

  18. Nemeankitten

    1:35 he's using the exact notebook I use for songwriting. :D Yay

  19. inventedsexybeast

    Alright Andrew, untuck your shirt.

  20. HalfOfHannah

    that guy at the end looked like he really wanted to give andrew the cup...

  21. Jacoby Phoenix

    It got dirty. Didn't you see the woman spill her drink on it? ;)

  22. Illusions

    Tom Delonge paved the way...

  23. carnige4

    fuk makes me miss the 90s

  24. Leo Gaspar

    doble nueve

  25. Kha'al Amen

    this song sounds so incredibly 90's

  26. Leo Gaspar

    doble nueve

  27. Daniel Neill

    I would argue that point, that is not true of all artists. It is true,(as I said) artists need funding to make their albums, but it is not true their main intention is to make money and go places. Example of a band more interested in music than any other: The Beatles. The Beatles went as far as to create their own record company.

  28. ubernathe

    Each to there own. Just looks and sounds like every other generic "rock" band for a younger audience. I was more annoyed at soccerkids ridiculously stupid comment. No one gets into that business if they are modest, gets you no where. You release songs and sign a record deal because you want to go places, no other reason. You want to be noticed and be successful. That idiot just idolizes this guy, he's really nothing special, seen a few vids. Probably 20 other guys exactly the same on the web.

  29. Daniel Neill

    A lot of artists do it to become famous, but the main reason for it is to have funding to make music in the first place. Andrews first band, Something Corperate, was much bigger than Jacks Mannequin, yet he quit it because he wanted to make a different form of music. I do not see Andrew as being whiny, how can you? "You've got to swim, don't let yourself sink, just fallow the horizon, I promise it's not as far as you thing." Listen to more than just this song.

  30. ubernathe

    Whiny MUSIC. Learn to read.

  31. ElectricTable

    Tom Delonge is whiny, Andrew isn't.

  32. ubernathe

    Yeah no one signs a record deal to hopefully become famous, be the lead singer, have the video of mainly him singing to the camera. If he doesn't want attention who would have done none of that shit. You trying to sound like a stereotypical hipster talking about him not "conforming"? Urgh, if you weren't being serious with that crap it would be funny. What is with Americans loving this whiny crap music?

  33. Aidan B

    First time I've ever heard of him... does that make me a bad person? I DID get here from a comment on a One Republic video...

  34. Gray A

    Hold up. Did he just make this song and video about him giving up the title of his band? Holy smokes...

  35. TommyLarsonz

    I want to marry this song.

  36. Jenni Perdzock

    He's married?

  37. Evan Vandegriff

    i love jacks mannequin...but really dude...are you that worried about the hottest girls in the world hanging off you?

  38. Kyle G

    Pretty crazy there breaking up

  39. Meg Herring

    Oh Andrew. He is truely one of the greatest writers of our time.

    I see this song as a protrayal on the obvious repition or "same old thing" that the industry likes to push. I see this as "I'm moving forward. I'm moving another direction. Try and keep up".

    Jack's Mannequin really does music right.

  40. BorisWree

    This song/video describe exactly how I'm feeling right now in my life. I've been stuck in this rut for over a year, doing the same seemingly important but actually meaningless things over and over...same s**t different day. It just feels like your life is on repeat. A very mediocre repeat at that.

    Then one of those different days comes along where most of what we've been doing doesn't really matters to us anymore. And there's no way we can be free or released of it...unless we let go.

  41. ouayang18hotmail

    it is dirty! they keep spilling beer on his shirt!

  42. Alex HAMILTON

    iam belive if they made more videos about this can be better or made more like this ones they need to made this better becasue they get this on it.,,

  43. Nate Nemetz

    an honest encapsulation of 10+ years in -4 minutes

  44. boostedsrt405

    such a tragedy this video has so few views.. i've been a true fan for a solid decade now!

  45. Taylor R Horton

    i was kinda iffy on the video at the beginning thinking it was kinda cheesy but then towards the end i was like "hmm that was actually good"

  46. John F. Kennedy

    Something Corporate :'(

  47. Brandon Hoornaert

    45k? wtf. COME ON

  48. sector9rider1

    seriously how can you make and end a relationship with better music

  49. RFCnathBFC

    I have a man crush on Andrew.

  50. Jillyo89

    Andrew always wears those type of clothes! He's always true to himself and doesn't care about his image! This is one of the best music videos from this band! I would rather spend their money on touring and creating new music than music videos anyways!

  51. brandon sparkman

    yep buy out all local stations and play the same songs from sea to sea. Killed the local industry a monopoly if i'd say.

  52. Jared Cortum

    Because people don't know what real music is. Show's what the radio does to people.

  53. Zander Hayes

    he deserves millions of veiws, fuck 33,000

  54. MacSculptor

    Thank you! :)

  55. MacSculptor

    In the song I'm Ready, he says "When did society decide that we have to change or wash a T-shirt after every individual use? If it's not dirty, I'm gonna wear it."

  56. BoltroBankai

    Eh, fail video in my opinion.
    You'd think in this day and age they could make a video look better than this, and wtf is up with Andrew's outfit in this?
    To be honest, I just think they should have kept the short films as the music videos. Make "Hostage" and "Television" hit singles now with that in mind.

  57. brandon sparkman

    What it tells me is that, Meaningless repetition in life is a not so good of a life. :) thank you Jack's Mannequin - Release Me

  58. brandon sparkman


  59. Ibrahim Aziz

    what do you mean ?.

  60. soxrok09

    it kind of makes me sad to know that this is how he feels. but im glad hes going to do his own thing now. i want the best for him :)

  61. soxrok09

    hes a rebel :)

  62. Mirjam Hoeijmakers

    Great clip, Great song!

  63. Ibrahim Aziz

    god, i love his fashion.

  64. Line Nygaard


  65. glassboob

    I like People And Things very much, but I still think The Glass Passenger is my favorite, his best album.

  66. funkydiscoduck

    Ok, I'll give you Casting Lines haha forgot about that one. I'm not even saying the album's bad (every song has at least 20 plays) I mean it's jack's mannequin, it cant be bad... I just meant as a whole I felt the lyrics were more genuine. maybe it was just that they were easier to relate to

  67. Greg Poole

    I have to disagree, Casting Lines and Hostage great songs. With that said, obviously a songwriter is going to write about what is going on in his/her life. You have to take into consideration that while writing some of those songs he was going through once in a lifetime events..

  68. rofldak

    I still like him with dark hair. But he's cute as a blonde.

  69. julian johnson


  70. Ongoing Discovery

    thats "I'm Ready"

  71. Bayli Shelton

    This is the worst Jack's video ever. I am a Jack's fan, through and through, but I dunno. Not a fan of the direction they went in...

  72. Gray A

    8 people want a video for SoCo

  73. Lizzo13

    I love the new stuff, but I have to agree that this isn't one of my favorites on the album. That said, I haven't heard a bad Jack's Mannequin song yet. Just some I love and some I really, really love.

  74. TheDappleapple1

    love the video, love the song, love JM, love andy!

  75. Naoko Y


  76. Gio.Zavly

    I just peed myself.

  77. KyleNBD

    This is the first song I listened to off of "People and Things". Love it.

  78. CliffordN25

    This video and song is amazing. I also have a crush on Andrew. (Yeah, I'm gay for Andrew) I disocvered Jack's Mannequin on Pandora around 2007 and love everything he's done so far.

  79. sblake1989

    I think it's all opinion. For instance, I don't really like this song in and of itself. Don't get me wrong, I adore and support Andrew, but this is that song that I never got into. Amy, I on the other hand is my absolute favorite! :)

  80. funkydiscoduck

    i still find myself going back to the old albums because of the difference in the lyrics... this song and restless dream (in my opinion!) were the only songs that even came close to those... like look up lyrics of amy, i and put those next to swim or rescued. that being said, i still support andrew through everything he does and the video was pretty cool :) especially the end

  81. Kara Smith

    this is amazing.

  82. try

    this reminds me of that terabrite - decisions video, good hommage andy! miss ya bud!

  83. Gia Adhika

    Amazing, as usual! :D

  84. Kealley Mayhew

    Awesome video, just wish we had a moment of piano rock!

  85. yodanielcarter

    Incredible song, visually stunning, story telling, illustrates the lyrics....yet nicki minaj is more popular. FML.

  86. nbwsoccerkid

    I dont understand why people are complaining about this video. This just shows that Andrew is truly a modest person and doesn't crave or even want the attention he has been given. He just wants to go out there and share his music. He isn't going to conform to what society wants like whatever is happening with the so called "top 40" songs. Everyone has their own opinion but we can all agree that Jack's Mannequin and Andrew especially are/is extremely talented in everything they do.

  87. Katie Irving

    First time in awhile that a music video has actually fulfilled its purpose and helped me understand a song's meaning better

  88. missolivee

    so good!

  89. TheJournoNerd

    what happened to "if it's not dirty i'm gonna wear it" ? ;)

  90. Katt Karnage

    I met andrew, he is the chillest fucking people ever he is really sweet and uber nice we chatted and stuff when he did a concert here in fort collins at the Aggie Theatre and is a great person with great talents.

  91. thisisrachels

    That just made me really sad..

  92. tehsmug

    This video is so, so well put together. I find the message quite..confronting. It's like he's saying he doesn't want this - the popularity, the expectations, everything that goes along with his fame anymore and that really makes me incredibly sad.

  93. Emily Wolak

    I love Jack's Mannequin. He's golden and perfect.

  94. Victoria Dickey

    it's like with the release of this video he's almost making his break up of Jack's official and it just breaks my heart:(

  95. Patrick Dempsey

    Such a good song, but such bad tucking..

  96. Bo Lamvino

    Wow... it amazes me how everything, all the songs and videos, Andrew does always spell out my life. This one came out at the perfect time, I really saw myself in it... To Andrew, thank you for another song that I know will help me through