Jack's Mannequin - My Racing Thoughts Lyrics

She's a black cat
hanging 'round my doorstep
I'll need all day tomorrow
to recover from today
I was boxing with my shadow
At a stoplight when the clocks changed
It was midnight I was mixed up
When she called to drag the lake
I think I'm running short on inspiration
She's running long on borrowed time

We break with speed
That girl can read my racing thoughts
She asks the questions
I take the floor
She takes her shots
Taught her a lesson
About a forced confession
We break with speed
That girls can read my racing thoughts
My racing thoughts
My racing thoughts

So I'll try to keep her steady now
But steady's not her strong suit
I was raised going to church
But couldn't practice what they preached
So I'm hiring a DJ
For the eve of our destruction
It was midnight I was mixed up
When she found me on the beach

I think I'm running low on inspiration
She's running long on borrowed time

We break with speed
That girl can read my racing thoughts
She asks the questions
I take the floor
She takes her shots
Taught her a lesson
About a forced confession
We break with speed
That girls can read my racing thoughts
My racing thoughts
My racing thoughts

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Jack's Mannequin My Racing Thoughts Comments
  1. Labeeb Hossain

    Does this remind anyone of Dashboard Confessional

  2. Increadible Angel

    I was searching remedy for my racing thought comes here good music ... really helpful

  3. codesdk

    Reminds me of Manic Monday by Bangles.

  4. Perla Lopez

    My raisin thots


    who gave you the right

  5. MrSupernooner

    Too bad the band ended

  6. Faith Nadeau

    He's my inspiration and is the reason I'm still here today. Andrew is my hero. I just shaved off all my hair and so far have raised over £650 and it's being split between Cancer Research UK and the Dear Jack Foundation because I wanted to say thank you :)


    Faith Nadeau How are you today?? Hope you're well

  7. mrjj022

    I completely agree.

  8. Stephanie Butters

    i saw them play at my college and he straight told us "Feel free to illegally steal my music....just as long as your listening" I LOVE HIM.

  9. Jordan Clermont

    Me searching for Jack's Mannequin "My Racing Thoughts" brought me here!

  10. MyUsernameWasTaken

    ...how did I get here from assassins creed videos?

  11. Alicia Chan

    Nothing brought me here. Oh yeah, the EFFING INTERNET.

  12. Joe S

    the reason we all like Andrews music is that hes not in it for the money! he just makes sure that we can learn something from, and enjoy his music. and this new album as taught me a valuable lesson in life........ that were all lucky at one time or another

  13. IC THREE

    I usually dont like this type of music but i like this song a lot

  14. poppa108

    what do you mean?

  15. Ivan Cas

    i brought myself here

  16. KWinchester

    I'm glad Jack's Mannequin isnt the MOST popular band ever. I dont think the world is ready to know what music ACTUALLY is.

  17. ChuckD

    sounds a lot like tom petty

  18. Not Frances

    Am I the only one who thinks of The Fault In Our Stars by John Green when they listen to this?

  19. lucjabberponting

    Does it matter who brought you here? Just enjoy the music...

  20. Jessie Jenson

    my love for jack's mannequin and andrew mcmahon brought me here

  21. Kino K

    @joeyzalot SAME I'M GOING THERE TOO!

  22. lowerazizi

    My cursor brought me here ..

  23. Joey Zalot


  24. socolala17

    Who the french toast is Chimney Swift?

  25. EpsilonX

    @countingcrows123 He said "I thought he was boxing the stars, not his shadow" or whatever, which i was assuming was a reference to the fact that dark blue has a line that says "boxing the stars" and this song has a line that says "boxing with my shadow" that's why.

  26. countingcrows123

    @EpsilonX that may have been one of the stupidest things i've read recently. why would that be a silly reference to dark blue?..

  27. nksw1

    It's 8.30 am and I've had slept about 3 hours per night for the last 3 days. Yet somehow listening to this song has infused me with so much energy and made me just want to get up and jump around the room like a crazy person.

  28. crisjoy7

    This is so far from Something Corporate.

  29. The Polaris Airship

    If this is Jack's Mannequin running low on inspiration, I would kill to see what it's like when he gets a rush.

  30. RayceGunnar

    My good taste in music brought me here.

  31. t5en

    I like this song and new album !

  32. Angel Rodriguez

    @6for24 LMAO

  33. Sam Ryell

    I dunno this song reminds me of something from Brandon Flowers

  34. Dustin Jolley

    This makes me happy I thought he quit making music I've been listening to him since like 4th grade so 5 years ago ((:

  35. EpsilonX

    @joshcarr789 i think it was just a silly reference to dark blue haha. but good analysis

  36. wokiepokieable

    loving the new album!

  37. Trish

    @xTheMilkshake Who is Chimney Swift?

  38. Clarissa Moore

    Thank you AltNation! <3 This song is AMAZING<3

  39. Companion2

    \/ \/ me agree with the dude below me

  40. Ryan M

    The California Raisins should cover this song.
    Get it?

  41. ButterJelly1263

    chimneyswift11 sent me

  42. Heidi M

    I Love Andrew McMahon!!!!!!!!!!! <3.!!!

  43. Kylegoesmeow

    chimneyswift11 sent me

  44. Ongoing Discovery

    ive followed andrew for ages and he never lets me down, i love the new sound as much as the old one. just a really nice song. andrew is the king

  45. Dan

    chimney swift

  46. minibilal

    chimney swift bring me here


    minibilal where are you now

  47. Charlie Chafin

    @LooseFalcon I would agree with the Bruce feeling this song has

  48. Kelsey Lythgoe

    This is a solid reason to why I have Jack's Mannequin lyrics tattooed on my body.

  49. Adam Laperriere

    This song is phenomenal.

  50. kire1033

    @sedohrj87 I see the Petty resemblance. This song actually uses the same chord progression as "Learning to Fly".

  51. loosefalcon

    I dunno whether it's just me, but I hear a little bit of inspiration from Bruce Springsteen in this. Andrew = The Boss 2.0?

  52. CassJayTuck

    OCTOBER 4TH!!!!

  53. Rachel Oyoung

    i'm kind of iffy about the new songs, but the typography in this video is so awfully mediocre. :/

  54. Saffya Attaie

    Jack's Mannequin's back!!!

  55. The Art of Jimmy

    Comon Oct 4th!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. sedohrj87

    Tom Petty + Bob Dylan + Dashboard Confessionals = Jack's Mannequin.... so win

  57. Stephanie O'Neill

    <3 this song. . . Can't wait for the album

  58. sedohrj87

    @imadome563 this is pretty much the only reason I used my phone to figure out who I was hearing on the radio lol. Like Tom Petty + Dashboard Confessionals

  59. The Art of Jimmy

    Has the sound of Tom Petty, which means it doesnt get any better than that!

  60. 0xMusicManiacx0

    It's about time that they got their own channel. <3

  61. Julie Manning

    Came on the radio today and I almost cried. Love it. :) <3

  62. Wen Loong Loh

    woohoo ! this was on the radio yesterday in malaysia

  63. xuwouldkill4this

    @BillyMaysLives Technically he was an Audioboxer before boxing the stars or his shadow...

  64. Bo Lamvino

    Wow, I did not think I would like this song that fast, but I stand corrected.

  65. Guido Conrad

    Selling out? WTF? This song is fantastic! This is what good music is about!

  66. Jonathan Garnett

    October 4th can't come soon enough!

  67. Christian Deel

    I fucking love you, Andrew.

  68. Dank Williams Jr

    I'm liking what I'm hearing! Glass Passenger wasn't bad but I missed the upbeat feel that most of Everything in Transit had.

  69. SchindlerHaughton

    this sounds a lot more like Everything in Transit. didn't care much for the Glass Passenger

  70. EpsilonX

    didnt care much for glass passenger, but i love leaving through the window, north, everything in transit, and this song.

  71. nutters34

    @setphasers3 we can be :D

  72. setphasers3

    @nutters34 Why aren't we best friends?

  73. Mark Price

    i think 79,095 of the views are from me alone..

  74. CrmsonKnght

    This song refilled my Inspiration.

  75. Shelbi Jude

    Happy birthday, Andy. Thank you for the music. Thank you for everything. This new record is going to be epic.

  76. Chelsea Yates

    I just saw them last night :D JM played after I passed out on the floor twice. I still managed to suck it up and watch JM ♥ And then he signed my phone case for being a trooper.

  77. Jenna Calderara

    @drummerkid1022 I definitely agree. TGP has some great songs but I like EIT more as a whole. It fits together like a story. I'm still a fan of TGP and even the Dear Jack EP but I just don't like them as much.

  78. Jenna Calderara

    @Passionized everything in transit was the best. I didn't like TGP as much and I definitely don't like this as much. And your opinion becomes invalid when you accuse someone (smiley face and all) of not having a good ear for music because they don't agree with you.

  79. drummerkid1022

    @jennarara Just curious, but why do you say that? The Glass Passenger has some great songs, as well as Dear Jack EP.

  80. nutters34

    People never understand my love for Andrew and Jack's Mannequin, but I don't care. He is my fucking idol. He gives me hope when I want to die. I love him and all of his music. Thank you so much for being alive because truly there have been times where I probably would have died without you.


  81. Jenna Calderara

    everything in transit > everything else. disappointed.

  82. wokiepokieable

    they are back! yay! :)

  83. Adam Laperriere

    So amped for this album!!!

  84. musicrulz04

    i always have to listen to his songs a few times fav song by him is def mixed tape

  85. Chloe Diraimondo

    Anything Jack's Mannequin puts out is great.

  86. EpsilonX

    @MuppetsFan1 i never noticed that before, but now that you mention it i kinda can see it

  87. Cody B

    @ccbc23 I noticed that in The Glass Passenger as opposed to Everything in Transit. I don't know what happened but the vocals on TGP just seemed a little sloppy

  88. Elijah Cox


  89. Nicole Parry

    @MooseOrNothing you can use after effects or even Final Cut Pro. FCP is a little easier to learn. Motion may not be a bad one to try either

  90. Brian Moore

    not his best work but still, its andrew....bring back SoCo

  91. ccbc23

    I don't know, it just seems like the vocals are mehh. He just kinda drags them a bit, and I can't even pin point in, but the vocals just aren't crisp. Still love Jack's though.

  92. Peter Karleskint

    @christmas141grimple it's already out on Itunes came out August 2nd

  93. Will Bauer

    @rcop1 Ditto :)

  94. Tyler Andeerson

    Sounds like he says "racist thoughts"

  95. Nicole Parry

    @MooseFlakes The colors match what is on the album cover. And that font also happens to be the official Jack's Mannequin font.

  96. cirdan250

    @MooseFlakes It's not the official video. Read the title, it's a "lyric video." It's just a visualization of the lyrics, that's it.

  97. Jessie Jenson

    Andrew has a way of saying things like no one else can. Jack's Mannequin's music is just so colorful. love itttt, so amazing <3

  98. MooseFlakes

    Why is the video itself so..... poorly made...? I feel like it was made by a kid on windows moviemaker or something: typography was fairly poor, stretched images, stretched text, jilty pans, cruddy transitions, random colors, etc. Love the song, but despise the visuals. (Graphic Designer speaking)