Jack Johnson - Questions Lyrics

Questions, I've got some questions
I want to know you
But what if I could ask you only one thing
Only this one time, what would you tell me?
Well maybe you could give me a suggestion
So I could know you, what would you tell me?
Maybe you could tell me what to ask you
Because then I'd know you, what would you tell me
Please tell me that there's time
To make this work for all intents and purposes
And what are your intentions, will you try?
Impressions, you've made impressions
They're going nowhere
They're just going to wait here if you let them
Please don't let them
I want to know you
And if they're going to haunt me
Please collect them
Please just collect them
And now I'm begging
I'm begging you to ask me just one question
One simple question
Because then you'd know me
I'll tell you that there's time
To make this work for all intents and purposes
At least for my own
What is a heart worth if it's just left all alone?
Leave it long enough and watch it turn into stone
Why must we always be untrue?

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Jack Johnson Questions Comments
  1. harlie_the_marshmellow

    Childhood right here 💔😭

  2. Min -

    Curious George soundtrack bomb as fuck

  3. Tim Baker

    The Curious George soundtrack is a treasure in my home. My little boy has autism and communicating can feel like we're trapped in ice sometimes. But humming along together to Jack Johnson always puts us in the same place together.

  4. John Vessenmeyer

    This is a really good song....better than I remembered lol. He always could out life into a poem so well ☮️

  5. adrienne_leah_

    i can't think of any better lyricist. Jack you are so poetic. Love you.

  6. miro78

    Love this song. One of my favorites to play whenever I pick up my guitar, as Jack Johnson is one of my favorite artists ever since his first album. The Curious George movie soundtrack is a wonderful album with chockfull of great songs.

  7. Jessica Coleman

    i love all his songs <3

  8. ginger farkus

    Why must we always be untrue, untrue, untrue.....

  9. Sunny Jules

    one of my fave songs by Jack <3

  10. Jimmy Khann

    With a glass of milk~ lol ^^

  11. OhheyitsApril

    Oh goodness.

  12. greeksdorok


    John Vessenmeyer

    greeksdorok cookie ready to launch.

  13. MrAlexEatsYou

    :O yes please :D

  14. OhheyitsApril

    really would you like a cookie? Are people really starting this on youtube as well?

  15. MrAlexEatsYou

    FIRST ! good song though