Jack Harlow - Hitchcock Lyrics

Watching Hitchcocks till I drift off
Woke up to this beat let that shit knock
She won't give top till my dick's out
Clockwork every weekend it's like tick tock

I just hit Atlanta I got 2for with me
In the cockpit, I might just take em to Pluto with me
If Bruno hit me we might have to fuck with Mars
And they don't want to hear me sing
They told me rap those fucking bars
Well alright
Trust I ain't forgot how to do it
I been in hibernation trying to fucking stockpile this music
I heard the shit that y'all been dropping
Is monotonous to me
You got a mic inside your room, well see that's not how you use it
Y'all fucking suck
Keep your distances from me
They should've warned y'all don't be fucking with that kid from Kentucky
I know some hipsters in my city, won't admit that they love me
'Cause back when they were my age
They wasn't shit except ugly

Chandeliers swinging through my comfort zone
Standing here thinking how we gonna blow
She got the manicured fingers with the butt that go
With her jeans, fitted, yeah she covered in Atlanta snow
And as for me, I'm just a young one
Walking, talking hundreds with her
I'm been trying to find the next step
To make my best friends rich
And you been sitting 'round wondering if the blunt is rolled

Y'all come and go with them 20-minute dreams
Blown away by a coincidence I wonder what it means
Check your horoscopes at night and fall in love with what you read
Like the universe gon have my back in 2017
You ain't bout shit
Feeling like I'm Reggie Miller down six
Doing 90 looking out for undercover Crown Vics
Flying out the city, paying zero dollars round trip
Saw her take a picture of me told her take it down quick
Bitch I'm from the Lou
And they know me when they see me
Ever since I was in school
I should shout out to my father
Know they peep me handle business
All you really gotta know is I get it from that dude
Shooting from the Nazareth
We shooting for that platinum hit
It's Jack from out the Highlands
Going stupid on these tracks again
I'm moving with a pack of kids and supervising acid trips
Rappers getting worse I think they using too much Actavis
It's cool though
I'm just a guest inside the house
Of a culture that ain't mine
And I'm just blessed to be around
These kids be talking bout what's trash
Man I swear that y'all got some nerve
How you gon be most opinionated from the suburbs
I hope they bump this shit on Bardstown
With the windows down
Riding round while the stars out
In the garden now, this the wrong tree to bark down
Finally snapping on these hoes and I don't need no hard count

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Jack Harlow Hitchcock Comments
  1. Valarie

    Audrey brought me here

  2. Justin Levay

    I need jumpman in my life again. And the rest of this album. See i been reppin since way back. Shine one me one time bro!

  3. chase davis

    This the type of shit you hear on 2k🔥

  4. Jared Piper

    This sing sold me as a fan. He's gotta blow up soon if my out of touch ass heard about him.

  5. Curriculum Raps

    dudes highly slept on

  6. F W

    He so fire

  7. Ta'zhané MicWilliams

    A lot of music being made recently by crazy talented artist is before it's time rn. Jack is one of those before it's time artist. He is deff gone be out AND WAY UP 🙌🏽 very soon tho he low key already is !

  8. Tou Z.L

    Say Jack! keep doing your thing much love shit hard.

  9. Charles Ellis

    Kinda got that Russ/drake/ ownstyle it's nice

  10. dawn d


  11. dawn d


  12. Rodney Derrick

    💣"I'm just a guest inside a house of a culture that ain't mine and I'm just blessed to be around "💥

  13. Sam Hendersonn

    Easily one of your most underrated art pieces.

  14. Noodle

    This song needs a video, and it will blow up for sure

  15. Carlos Hernandez

    Amazing. I keep listening to every track I find, and I'm becoming more of a fan. This kid is one of the dope ones from this new generation.



  16. K.I.D Casper

    Straight fuckin heat.

  17. Preston

    most underrated guy ever

  18. Scott J

    She got manicured fingers with the butt that go with her jeans fitted yeah she colder than Atlanta snow 🔥🔥 🔥 🔥

  19. Moderately Cool Kid

    This gives me 50 vibes frfr

  20. Scott J

    This needs a Million

  21. Zinedine

    That's some gangstas beat type, 50cent would be happy with this

  22. Zinedine

    Dear EARTH, why tha fuck are you sleepin on my body jack?

  23. Tyler Freeston

    Just know we fuck with you! #Canada

    Ps sadly couldnt make the tour as i just found you

  24. Chris Mikesell

    Fuckin fire God damnnnn. Dark knight, sundown, this, keep pulling the trigger homie you ain't missed yet!

  25. haikel Zaghdoudi

    2forwOyNE & J-Reid
    beat is so fire !

  26. HighTolerance


  27. Ethan Mcntyre

    South side 502 boy

  28. Ethan Mcntyre

    People need to fuuuuk with my man here he's dope

    Quentin Beck

    This comment is like a year old, so are you like 12 now?

  29. Aslan Marples

    If this man isn’t next up I’ll jump off the 2nd street bridge 😂🐐

  30. Dylon Murk

    This joint should have a couple commas in the viewcount!

  31. Jakob Spaulding

    Why don't this have a million views?

  32. Fabulous Disaster

    This kids nice 🔥 🔥


    *so good*

  34. xSazTVx

    hes russ and lil dicky mixup

  35. Pete Street

    This boy up next

  36. Jack Hancho

    Who tf disliked this 😴😴

    Jack Hancho

    Tell everyone to stop sleeping on Harlow

  37. Jakob Spaulding

    Jack doing it for are city

  38. Alright alright

    Love the Rear Window set used as the cover, excellent movie. Excellent track as well

  39. Folks

    i need da beat

  40. i2 Frosty


  41. Folks

    nah hes nice man. id love to feature. these producers are even more fucking nice.

  42. Jack sizon

    This is music 🔥🔥

  43. Jay Cobarrubias

    People sleepin on 2forwOyNE but he's dropping those Pharrell 2000s type beats

    Baby Blue

    Went to middle skoo wit dude!

  44. Jay Twitty

    Here Before 100k.... He bout to blow 🤙🏾💯🔥

  45. Tha Swami

    This is fire, flow is dope and drums is crazy. 🔥🔥🔥

  46. Don Tapatio

    This kid cooler then two scoops of polar bear shit!

  47. Jack sizon

    That nice flow 🔥🔥

  48. Riq

    Good shit

  49. Miranda Altice

    Love this fucking song

  50. Element 47

    Keep it up JH! You bout to blow the fuck up. You did good linkin up with drama. Smart move. Keep droppin these hits and keep hip hop alive, young man.

  51. DEWAGE 83

    "woke up to this beat and let the shit knock!"

  52. Douggie Fresh

    wasted youth brought me here and every song I've heard since was fire 🔥🔥

    So Instinct

    Douggie Fresh Same here man.

    Marichiel Jauregui

    Sameee, only that sundown was the first song, this man iss so underrated.

  53. Forealstho Lilpeepee

    Hahahaha you got a mic in your room and thats not how you use it daaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmm real talk

  54. Jaki Stewart





  55. Fernando Moreira

    I love your music bro! Love from Brazil, u are going to be big, really good artist <3

  56. Trippy Girl

    Yo J is sexy tho 😍

  57. Lorenzo Acosta jr

    The come up

  58. Bryan Bleitz

    Got me thinking enough said

  59. JohnMichael

    Where's the music video at?

  60. Geoffrey Smith

    This young man is the future

  61. Fxns

    Goes way too hard

  62. MrSK8bacon

    They shoulda warned you don't be fucking wit that kid from Kentucky#bars

  63. C Stratus

    this slaps and this boy can spit whats not to like

  64. Mateusz Warchol

    "im just the guest inside the house of a culture that aint mine and im just blessed to be around"

  65. DJKRAZE718

    Hey bro I just recently heard of you and started checkin out your stuff, hella dope bro 👌🏼

  66. Gordon Hanners

    i hear the mac influence and goddamn did you do it correctly. fuck this is phenomenal.

  67. Edgar Hernandez

    Who was here at 2.5k ? Lol since fb shared dark knight hella people been bandwagoning

    Edgar Hernandez

    Giantsarebeast13 cuz then foos like You will burn it out ha

    Edgar Hernandez

    Giantsarebeast13 lmao watch when it gets burnt out and u Stop listening to him completley i guess u dont understand what underground rap is u dont know shit bout rap gtfoh leva ass vato

    Edgar Hernandez

    Giantsarebeast13 whos bringing people down lmao what u said made no sense ?

    Albert Alias

    Been here

    Anis Raho

    u want him to stay broke to satisfy your desire of feeling unique

  68. Liv Appollonia

    He's got style man you wild

  69. Ryan Alves

    Clipse shit

  70. Pat

    that Virginia beach rythm

  71. Ej Lea-Scandrett

    This beat is crazy! I fuck witchu Jack!

  72. David Ramey

    Kentucky Stand up! Go Young pimp

  73. Hermann Pranks

    walking out to this my next mma fight that way my opponent knows he shouldn't of fucked with that kid from Kentucky

  74. moe ambila

    art work is flamin brbr

  75. Darius Brown

    Hard asf

  76. Irv Swirvy

    Bro nothing but respect for u I fuck w ur music heavy please drop a video for this imo this is one of your best Songs

  77. x PH42

    Covington Ky ayeeee

  78. Léonardo

    Kid needs to blow, his flow is crazy 💯

  79. Taylor Snider

    I've told everyone I know to check this out. I NEED this dude to blow up, get some serious funding behind this art

  80. Hunter young traplord

    wtf. this guy is a god.

  81. MerelyVladimir

    Noice m8

  82. Fitz MLG

    I don't care I will bump this music for years keep going Harlow you will blow up soon

  83. kandacq28

    What Happend to finally handsome

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  85. Custom Flip

    This track is BANANAS. Don't stop man, you're growing better and better. God damn you're beats bang! Props to 2for, killed it.

  86. Ben Wellman

    This shits fire

  87. marley michel

    i like this beat

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    logic x jack harlow .

    B- Wells

    nartsivle jack would body logic 😂

    E N Z O

    nartsivle 8

    Joey Hall

    nartsivle Logic and Jack have two different of flows

    Trent Nixon

    B- Wells jack flow crazy but I think logic would win this

  89. fatpack89

    no point in pointing out he's white cause I can't hear color😑


    u just pointed it out wtf?

    Res TheeLegendary

    Period im tryna colab with bro

    Jeremy Santos

    Most underrated comment he can't hear color mmm mmm mmm I feel that man respect you keep that energy everywhere

  90. Chris Cordell


  91. poppy chandler

    Ayeeeeee he's a family friend. Nice one🤘🏼

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  93. Chris Anthem

    Louisville got the skills. Show 'em how we do Jack!


    Chris Anthem fuck yeah

  94. Chris Anthem

    That's that shit!