Jack Harlow - Drip Drop Lyrics

[Jack Harlow:]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

If you want it you can have it, that my old style
Moving through the night just like an old coy-
-Yote, low profile, sippin' something, got my piss lookin' like the Oh-hi
Push it 'til it's broke down
Somethin' like my momma when I take the bag home to her
Con artists talkin' like some connoisseurs
If you want the beef we can put them bitches on skewers
She the one I wrote this song for
And she put it on while she puttin' on the contour
Phone calls from the concourse
Long way from home and that pussy what I long for
But, for now I'm on the clock, uh
Give myself off to you right before I knock
Once I'm back home, then you know it's Yung Joc
We gon' set the camcorder up and make a Hitchcock
I'm a uhh, big shot, uh
I can't eat it cold, so I hope this shit's hot
I can't eat the leftovers out the Ziploc
It's a mental thing for me, I can't really explain it
I know we're friends, but it feel like we datin' sometimes
I feel the tension in all the conversations we have
I know the beat ain't really hot 'til I'm pacin' around
And I'm pacin' right now
Yeah, this shit knockin'
And she, and she, she tryin' give noggin (Ooh!)
Tryin' show the youngin' what the the tip top is
But see me, I'm just tryin' see what the drip drop is, uh
Hit it once, she say that we been talkin', uh
I don't mind, I'm enjoyin' the company
And it's validatin' for me, fill the void I been strugglin' with
I rock a soldier out of Troy when I'm bussin' this shit
It's an infection I avoid, I been wantin' a kid
But, I been flip floppin', huh
Indecisive how I'm tryin' get poppin' (Ooh!)
Plain cheeseburger, I don't get toppin'
Chauncey tryin' show me what the crip walk is

[CyHi The Prynce:]
CyHi, yeah, huh
Drip droppin'
Call the maintenance man, I don't fix faucets, huh
Smoke is strong, can't quit coughin'
Valentino with the Louis, boy, I make sauces
Big bosses over here, girl, I'm Rick Rossin', haha
Big toppin' with the cheese gossip
She like my last CD, I guess she disc jockin'
Spokin' word over bass, I be grid lockin'
She was bad so I had to take the bitch shoppin'
Hit the Rollie store to kill time, now we tick tockin', huh
Hurry up before my dick soften
She put the panties on backwards, got her criss crossin', huh
Send her home in some sweatpants
She vegan so I hit her with the eggplant, huh
Her daddy rich so so I'm Stedman, huh
Vetements Gucci headband, huh
She said I'm better than her ex man
If you fuck another bitch, you a dead man
Hold on, girl, you talkin' like you pregnant
I am not your nigga, I'm your bestfriend, huh
Shhh, quit talkin'
I just wanna' know what the drip drop is, huh
I pull her hair, girl, I rip stockins'
If you ain't fuckin' with me, you can kick rocks then
Never take the hat off, boy, I'm Kid Rockin'
She said, "I'm sorry, I don't get that type of dick often"
Honey gold diggin', hope you tryin' to pick pocket
So I'm swip swappin'
Got a thick chocolate
Little chick from the market, caught her wrist wathcin'
Now we at the crib and we binge watchin'
I'm straight forward on some Chris Rock shit
I'm just tryin' see what the drip drop is, huh

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Jack Harlow Drip Drop Comments
  1. Jordan Smith

    #CyHiDaPrynce #TueChree_23

  2. ThisisArdit

    bro you got bars!

  3. Benjamin Cantu

    She said she vegan so I hit her with the eggplant 🥺🙏🏽

  4. Kenneth Martinez

    He will blow up. Believe me.

  5. JustPlay Media

    anyone else thought Cyhi was Ski Mask when first listening?

  6. you need spots

    He freestyled this on sway 45 or the intro at least

  7. Kal Vin

    Oof this shit is KNOCKIN 💥
    Also, I love that the video has actual visuals of that hes saying in the song and it's not just random ass stuff. Loved the song, LOVED the video! Keep it up boiii🔥🔥🔥

  8. PayUP

    Like Whoooa!!

  9. Jae Arcades

    Songs need to be at 5 plus million views by now

  10. Arthur Morgan x

    Cy hi’s Black Histori is fire. Check it out if you like bars

  11. Murph

    Poplar Level Millwood Apartment complex Reppin'.....I'm so Louisville lol

  12. Frank Palma

    Bruh jack Harlow be slapping and then he comes out with cyhi.... can it get better than this? “She vegan so I hit her with the eggplant”

  13. Nisu Hewlette

    He is nice, been sleeping on his talent

  14. hooniganlife

    Cyhi needs more love

  15. Grassroot James

    only here for cyhi

  16. Jeremy Santos

    Nobody expected this level from that man's Harlow

  17. Kaleigh Moore

    damn. this song is LIT I turned it on in my car just to see what it sounded like and I spilled my coffee bc it was so lit also MTV had aired this video GREAT WORK :)

  18. Jared Giacomini

    His first few videos he looks like a nerd in high school that shops at places like tj maxx and platos closet to make his drip somewhat ok and I'm also betting he was that kid everyone was like "he's trying to rap but he's doing his thing."

    But look at him now in 2019. Getting the finest bitches and collecting the hardest drip.

  19. Viraj yeah

    What's her @ 00:34??

  20. Mac Miles

    If YOU don't fuk wit me YOU can kick rocks then!

  21. A Matalo

    cyhi so short LOL

  22. JiffyWax Jesus

    He seems so genuine, not like a slim jesus where u can tell hes fake. Hes like ya I'm white, I like new balances, and I ain't change to contacts when I got my buzz

  23. P LEE

    so fucking corny he will never get to next level

  24. NUE REC.


  25. Robby Morin

    nice teef ass boi

  26. Nobarz

    Hit it once
    She said that we've been talking 🔥

  27. AceOfSpades

    God flows these bars are.

  28. RYZEN

    That connoisseur // on skewers .. bar was insane
    Sounded like Royce on that one

  29. гелик stxr

    “she vegan so i hit her with the egg plant”

  30. Trey McGarity

    This nigga cool as shit

  31. Psychevexation

    A fucking bop 🥵

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    워우 좋네ㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔㅔ

  33. Justin Younkin

    track worth ten times the views

  34. Zephaniah Frost

    Harlow bodied this mf. And this beat hot than a mf!!

  35. Anthony Garcia

    I like when Kanye’s writer and drakes writer get together

  36. Alexander Bitzer

    Who produce this beat?

    Lil Yo

    2fowoyne & Kill

  37. Gigi Gasama

    These youngin's taking the science of rap and hip-hop to a whole new level 💯
    Silver Spring MD loving this!!

  38. Julien Alexander

    Man I'm a fan of jack harlow boy got flow and cyhi still cold!

  39. Young Belief Records

    aye let me send u some beats to check out and keep!!!!!!!!

  40. Ty Nation

    I'll smoke a 4 gram blunt the day this hits a million views


    Love song an beat makes wanna remix it 💯✊🌹🔥🔥🔥🌍

  42. Dayton Keeling

    cold ass video

  43. Wayne Dwops

    Little bit of a N.E.R.D. influence? Shit had me hoppin’ around like it was 2005

  44. Davon Williams

    is this MARS ?

  45. TheVibes


  46. Coolhand Luke

    Damn!! The bars tho. sheesh

  47. Sowderman

    "Chauncey tryna show me what the Crip Walk is"
    I used to work with Chauncey at a phone store. I'm pretty sure he was editing one of these videos too one day. Good shit, yall. I bump all yalls music now. Doin 502 proud.

  48. GGVilleman1

    This is Fucking Badass!

  49. Sleep_Paralysis_King

    His cadence is similar to Cal Scruby, I like

  50. Nurse Belle

    Love when actual talent is getting recognition and not just the hyped short bus rappers

  51. Ana Valles


  52. raylan jenkins

    It’s to easy great collab

  53. Nate kidwell

    This man is a visionary I love this dude

  54. DarkSide Rider

    Love CyHi on this 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Jewlz Cartagena

    “She’s vegan so I hit her with the eggplant” 😂🔥😂🔥 holly shit what a good feature. Them bars

  56. Dreaming kid

    Fuck this needs more views and more likes it deserves it .its Madness great vibes respect

  57. Crypto Hustler 101

    FIRE !!!

  58. lialoveislife


  59. Krystal Cartier

    someone drop the @s of the girls

  60. Krystal Cartier

    Jack so wavy bruh 🏀🏀🏀

  61. Devon Woodson

    Bruh just found out about dude today and started binge watching his music. This man sum else fr💯💯💯💯 underated rapper that needs to be out 👀👀👆🏾👆🏾

  62. kingkrankSPW

    i know the beat aint really hot till im pacing around and im pacing right now this shit KNOCKING

  63. coyc jean

    Откуда у него столько харизмы?

  64. Cleo Christians

    I don't mind I'm enjoying the company!

  65. Uccello Grifone

    Someone for God's sake explain to me how Lil Mosey is on XXLs list this year but no Jack?! TF you mean. I blame Lyrical Lemonade for Lil Mosey, but I blame XXL for sleeping on the boy Jack

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    This is fire

  67. Twig 828

    What's the rest of this line? It's the one after the eggplant one lol

    "Her daddy rich, so I...."

    Drew Thomas

    i'm steadman. vetements, gucci headbang

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    yall had fun with this, dope track

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    Damn I didn’t know Steven suptic had bars

  71. Moxie Senpai

    I know its unlikely that you'll see this, but listen Jack, your flow and style is ahead of its time man. I've been listening to your music for so long and I can honestly say that you're gonna be a legend. Keep grinding homie, you're gonna go far. Come back to Colorado soon man!

  72. trap flavored instrumentals and rattling hi-hats

    Mac made this shit possible

  73. xavierdachosen

    Fucking wit in Cali on loop @ the casa. En fuego 🔥🔥🔥

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    This dude is from Kentucky so u gotta love gripos bbq chips

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    Ricco Baffa

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    D S


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    Bruh said “we gon set the camcorder up and make a Hitchcock” shesh🥵

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    he looks like a rugrats but the song is pretty cool