Jack Harlow - Cheap Cheap Lyrics

You cheap cheap so you freak freak when you throw up I just throw up (sheesh)
My bitch too pretty askin' when I'll grow up I don't show up
The dick make her backbend I swear back then they ignored us
I swear next time we meet I'm gon' act like I don't know ya

Last year was broken now this year they tell me
That there ain't shit they can tell me
Y'all hear the click of the tele
I put this dick in her (uhhhhh)
This year I'm bout to make muh fuckin' millions
Watch them all get in their feelings (woah)
Once you be up you be chilling (okay)
Oh what a wonderful feeling

Uh, (BRRT) smashin your bitch at the clurb
I peel off at the curb, yerd me (Young Fel)
Pearls on my neck you would think I'm on Bourbon
Stick to the street, but my money suburban (Big Body)
Swerve, pardon me when I'm swerving, yeah
Uh, real deal. You don't fuck with me, meet me in person
Give you the look like there's two things I want
Wish for a bag and a two headed blonde
Keeping three bitches for company (THREE)
She start to think she in love with me (DAMN)
This year I'm bout to be muh fuckin' up
This year I'm bout to make way with the art
Bitch do not stop
This is not pop, this is rock (ay)
This for my opps

Last year was broken now this year they tell me
That there ain't shit they can tell me
Y'all hear the click of the tele
I put this dick in uhhhhh
This year I'm bout to make muh fuckin' millions
Watch them all get in their feelings (woah)
Once you be up you be chilling (yeah)
Oh what a wonderful feeling

[Jack Harlow:]
Oh what a feeling
Straight to the top I don't know where the ceiling, is
I don't think you know who you dealing, with
Might just have to go to the dealer, ship
And cop something
Shout out to my pops, whole lotta sauce that I got from him
Reminiscing on times we was all youngings
In the function late night til the cops coming
Back then, they was acting, like we wouldn't be shit, but now it's packed in
Quit talking, like you know me
Because you don't know a thing about Jack man
In class, I was zoned out, I didn't learn how to multiply fractions
I was leaving my backpack at the crib, can't trip now cause the whole bag's in
No acting, this is real life
Tell me what it is what it feels like
Tell me is it wet is it real tight
Can I slide in with my lil guy?
I know it's been a minute but I'm still fly
At Derby with a bow tie on like Bill Nye
I'm with your girl she a real vibe
We just had a picnic on the hillside

Last year was broken now this year they tell me (HUH)
That there ain't shit they can tell me
Y'all hear the click of the tele
I put this dick in (WOAH, WOAH, WOAH)
This year I'm bout to make muh fuckin' millions (ya heard)
Watch them all get in their feelings (ya heard)
Once you be up you be chilling (okay)
Oh what a wonderful feeling

Yeah, bitch
Bitch it's Young Fel, we in this

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Jack Harlow Cheap Cheap Comments
  1. Arnav {anavonthetrack}

    Multiplying fractions is not that complicated

  2. Daniel Wesselink

    This clown sounds like Lil Windex hahaha. I got cancer listening to this, aside from Harlow. That dude is next.

  3. eyeVANDALeyes

    Logan Paul and John Lennon got togheter i see. nicu

  4. XIII Valentine

    when he said "uhh" at 0:24...i felt that.

  5. Dylan Vowell

    anyone think the whole kids thing is weird?

  6. Mohit Bhagwanani

    Why felly be lookin like Jake Paul from the 80s

  7. SpicyFilmss

    fel goin off per usual

  8. zxcvbnmmasdfghjkl

    I feel like Caskey birthed all these rappers

  9. Tummy Tickler


  10. The Real Tim Wimer

    Yes them bois leading us into salvation

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  12. No Name

    you couldnt look more like a young Jimmy Savile if you tried.
    even infront of a school...

  13. Brone


  14. kermit

    So fucking dope

  15. doublechin tim

    I been listening to felly and gyyps since middle school. feel like i really grew with them lol.

  16. Espy Acosta

    You look australian

  17. Tevin Archuleta

    Need Caskey on this joint

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  19. Antonio M.

    Felly 🔥🔥🤙🏾 like that country rap.

  20. Hunter Thomas

    Logan Paul got bars🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Ky harvey23

    go get em jack 502came up

  22. mountedpatrolman

    This mf'r walked straight out of Ridegmont High

  23. FVnerd


  24. G Mister

    Louisville ky 502💯

  25. Tutui Vianna

    Harlow and Felly are so fire together

  26. Tyler James

    love this new wave Jack Harlow murdered this too... If you like this check out my latest music video and subscribe

  27. Remy Martin

    Melly out here really asking kids if they can "come out and play-ee-ayyy"

  28. nicky 2times

    Felly owns his that intro sheesh

  29. Mark Golson

    Felly - why dont u actually rap anymore? The Realest was your best effort so much better than this.
    Jack - stay real

  30. King Kohls

    This is stupid music, looks waisted. Jack was good though

  31. Remy Martin

    The warriors came and play-ee-ayed and this guy messed them up

  32. KRIYO2Devontae

    Felly shoulda been XXL Freshman 2019. not hearin it lol

  33. Jack HB

    Damn haven't listened to this guy in like 6 years, him and his music has changed so much. Looks a bit like a meth addict I saw in a Louis Theroux documentary now.

  34. Walter Selvidge

    Drama bout to take Harlow to LA and link with JID and that shit will S L A P

  35. Rainy Angel

    Yo I found felly back in 2011 when he was makin Nats in his room . Come a long way man !! Kill it 🔥🔥🔥 jack Harlow ill AF 2 . Perf combo

  36. Shandale Watkins

    Early morning turn up.

  37. Tech Mic

    Yea this shit bumps

  38. myles rucker

    If Logan Paul and Caskey had a baby with the tism

  39. Jesse Thurley-Ratcliff

    U look like logan paul

  40. Shelly B

    Go listen to “No Such Thing As Free” by Yelawolf. I literally feel like that’s where the song came from. These sounds a lot alike

  41. Trip Fontaine

    Logan Paul's cousin snaps

  42. onacsut

    Wrong vibe music video for this song.. shoulda done something hard... not hang with a bunch of little white kids. Kinda reinforces that your audience is a bunch of little white kids. I get what they were trying to do but this shit falls way short for such a dope song

  43. Snowclops 15

    Harlow killed this...other dude is trying way too hard.

  44. tobsch

    if they ever make a movie about matthew mcconaughey you are definitely the younger version of him.
    still great music man!

  45. Janexify

    is this logan paul with long hair

  46. Jake Adams

    Bro that boy jack really out here going crazy 😳

  47. SoundHead420

    Yall go good together indeed!

  48. Jackie Sixx

    And I thought Blueface made we want to put a bullet in my brain- jesus

  49. Poppa Rock

    Felly WTF.... COM"ON bro i KNOW you got bars but yet you put out this dumb shit! I couldn't even make it past 0:48 ... Don't do the same ShortBus shit all the other Dum's are doing to "fit in" the sad state that hiphops in due to the dumb ass kids controlling the views .. STAND OUT and showcase that lyrical word play! #MakeHipHopGreatAgain #OnlySupportTrueLyricists

  50. scriptahh 24

    Why these kids have beer...

  51. yungflyflashy1000

    This is Caskey flow

  52. Vantrill Beats

    Dude has Logan Pauls damn face

  53. Goyard God

    He think he slick he stole caskiey flow birdman artist this is kap

  54. WB N

    I remember felly from a long time ago when he was still a teenager. I found him through a video of his where he made a beat sampling “two weeks” by grizzly bear. I was worried that he may have given up on his dreams because I never checked on him. I’m glad to see that he followed through and is now doing big things.

    Mark Golson

    Found him same way. Except I find his new stuff sooooo much worse than those early flows.

    GG kaasblok

    @Mark Golson need to adapt to the new wave

  55. Jacob O’Reily

    Felly looks like Logan Paul with more hair and skinnier

  56. J Harrell

    First dude is just a Mickey Avalon copy cat.

  57. Ashvin Rud

    is it just me or does he look like a skinny Logan Paul with long hair

  58. Dom Sioux

    And why have I been sleepin on this song. Tf🙄

  59. Guerry Dean

    Alright alright alright

  60. Caleb Huglin

    Its the white 6ix9ine

  61. PsychoGecko89

    Well this is trash.

  62. Ohsyruhs

    skinny long slick mustache like a catfish

  63. mula dinero

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-h6MWkgSxgw whos the real producer ?

  64. Juice TTV

    Lit af🔥 Whoever produced this film is a beast 💪🏼

  65. Emily Fear

    deadass look like Logan Paul as a hippie

  66. Wackaroni

    Logan paul killed it

  67. Jacob Johnson

    danny duncan?

  68. RAiD SwiFTy

    Bruh you look like Logan Paul homeless version... Jack the shit though.

  69. Chris M

    Wtf lame ass wannabe #whitelilpump. But harlow is straight

  70. 100 Abris

    Thanks to the replay button

  71. Jesse Wentworth

    If you ain't got a job. don't listen to this song bruh.. Shit bumps best in a car and we all know you broke niggas ain't got it like that. Get off mamas couch and do sum with yo life bruh.

  72. matt russell

    Jack only puts out heat! This song is tight

  73. Gabrielle Richardson

    Jack Harlow is the ONLY reason this song has plays. Felly's verses are trash and Jack comes in once and changed the whole flow. Felly is just like riff raff hanging out with children and someone else's crew trying to look lit. It's Harlow and his boys that actually made this song and video worth a damn.

  74. Dbaker98doh

    Fel kills me bro lmao


    private garden next up! so hard i had to hop on the drip drop remix

  76. looney

    felly voice is fire

  77. d d

    Listen to me very closely Jack if that's even your f****** name go fuc yourself you're not f****** with the kids no more might as well just f****** call you Tom Hanks and Seth Green you got to rape Room 2 in bagelville? F*** you shadowbanned discounts I see you! eye

  78. ACT WON

    this is a dope match up

  79. Bluntest Sweetheart

    It's white J.I.D.

  80. Anthony Berg


  81. Draconic Clothing

    Jack’s verse was trash af. Didn’t even match Felly’s energy

  82. d d

    Yeah hurry up and spend all them millions that aren't even really backed an actual gold you stupid f****** like I'm jealous about your paper money f*** out of my face time is up tick tock tick tock tick tock you're going to want to hurry up and spend those Millions since you have so many millions. Nobody cares about your f****** money and it's not going to buy you out of s*** when my God comes back and finds out all the souls you've misled


    are u ok

  83. d d

    Oh no! And you got the f****** nerve to have pizza in this video? And I know I don't see shakewells Affiliated ass back there in the corner you f****** creeps I'm done with you. You think this is the appropriate time to be eating pizza? Or yeah that's right Katy Perry switch that up to the cheeseburger didn't she? So you feel like pizza safe? You guys might as well have f****** Bagels on the table I'm telling you right now I'm going to expose all of your own f****** sick of your s*** you're going to stop stealing the kids and raping them and f****** eating them selling them into the sex slave industry and putting the aborted fetuses in our food supply you f****** weirdos. I know all about the pineal glands crepes we're coming for you

  84. d d

    Okay that, and I just left? That was before I heard your f****** disgusting ass sex verse sitting at the table with the f****** underage children. All right jack! I see what she died you've chosen. It is f****** on! I'm not picking on you white dude with the other hair cuz I don't even know you are selling cheap cheap. But you're just as guilty so this goes for you as well. #pizzagate #EpsteinIsland #Walnutsauce #RachelChandler #AllisonMack #McMartintrial

  85. Catlin MacQueen

    “Tell me is it wet is it real tight Can I slide in with my lil guy?” Lmao I love this song but damn that was to funny

  86. Pwill Fitness

    Put GYYPS on this my dawg🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. TwohandLagoon006

    Looks like Logan Paul with long hair

  88. michael bernal

    Felly it’s jus a matter of time for u. U already done it. Straight 🔥

  89. jon deere

    Lil jewish kids

  90. Rebel Underground Network

    Harlow got a little guy but big ol balls saying so in the video 😂😂😂😂

  91. Aesop Bricktop

    Yo a music video makes a song but..legit jack harlows verse is nasty. Just heard of him and felly got that VIBE.

  92. Nimer Bashir

    Danny Duncan be rapping now?


    Felly sounds like a mix between lil windex & caskey lol

  94. Azerrz


  95. Jayce Alleyne

    Felly look like a hippie Logan Paul

  96. SS & HP

    The collab we needed, but don't deserve...