Ja Rule - Put It On Me Lyrics

[Ja Rule]
Where would I be without my baby
The thought alone might break me
And I don't wanna go crazy
But every thug needs a lady

[Ja Rule]
Girl it feel like you and I been mourning together
Inseparable, we chose pain over pleasure
For that you'll forever be a, part of me
Mind body and soul ain't no I in we (baby)
When you cry who wipes your tears
When you scared, who's telling you there's nothin to fear
Girl I'll always be there
When you need a shoulder to lean on
Never hesitate knowing you can call on, your soul-mate
And vice versa, that's why I be the first to
See Jacob's and frost your wrist up
Now you owe me, I know you're tired of being lonely
So baby girl put it on me

[Chorus 2X: Ja Rule]
Where would I be without you (uh)
I only think about you (yeah)
I know you're tired of being lonely (lonely)
So baby girl put it on me (put it on me)

Yo, and I appreciate the rocks and gifts that you cop me baby
And that house on the hill when you drop like 80
On a down payment thinking damn ain't life gravy
And ever since for my honey I been twice the lady
What would I do without the nights that you kept me warm
When this cold world had a girl caught in a storm
And I accept when you riff when you caught in the wrong
And respect when you flip, 'cause our love is strong
And when you hit the block, I watch for 10-4
And when my pops asleep you snuck in the backdoor
Baby boy we been down since junior high
So when life get hot in july it's the world against you and I
We ballin', tied together and never
Heart from the heart, knew that it would last forever
When you told me, you would never leave me lonely
So baby boy put it on me


[Ja Rule]
Since we met it's been you and I
A tear for a tear, baby eye for an eye
And you know that my heart gon cry
If you leave me lonely
Cuz you not just my love you my homie
Who's gonna console me, my love
I'm outta control hold me, my love
Cause I'm yours
And I don't wanna do nothin to hurt my baby girl
If this was our world it'd be all yours, baby
The thought alone might break me
And I don't wanna go crazy
Cause every thug needs a lady (yeah, yeah)
I feel you baby cause them eyes ain't lying
Wash away all the tears there be no more crying (baby)
And you complete me, and I would die if you ain't wit me
So baby girl put it on me

[Chorus] -[ 2X]

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Ja Rule Put It On Me Comments
  1. Life of Zee

    who here 2020?!‼️ still listening to this shit hard dab🤪

  2. bubba watson

    Jayz couldn't come close to rule talent wise.

  3. Judicael paz ODJO

    2k20 we are still here
    Classics shit😍😍😍

  4. retro b

    Classic and timeless

  5. BRENT MAARMANS Everyday random channel

    Mis this music back in the day.. Blasting this through my first woopti mp3 player 6x9s mis those days

  6. Nisi Castro

    Vita and kima from total are sisters they look alike here

  7. Kimberly Chapman


  8. William Worthington's Ballsack

    I wonder if they were bumping this at the Fyre festival

  9. Bryan Lee

    Still Listening in 2020? 🤔😏👌


    Ya'll hating on Ja now but man his 1st 2 albums were straight Bin Laden (the bomb 💣💥)

  11. Nia Wright

    Ja Rule I love this song Put it me with Vita

  12. Nia Wright

    Ja Rule I love Put it me with Vita

  13. I HEART Dove


  14. Jeanette Briones

    Fa real this song brings me back to my teens year

  15. jimmyd32jm

    Huhhh 😔.... I miss childhood🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💔🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💔💔💔💔💔.....

  16. CK Y

    Who is coming here in 2020?

  17. MK MK

    I can’t find this version on Apple Music. The version I have it starts with Ja Rule

  18. Urfan Theekri

    The house on the hill Vallejo California when I was Chief executive officer of Eastbay

  19. Gii

    Ft Vita and Lil Mo cmon guys

  20. Brandy Irizarry

    Every thug still needs a lady in 2020

  21. 31membami

    Ja Rule is the blue print to all these singing ass rapping niggas of today Ja was the 1st nigga after bone thugs that is lmao

  22. Ms. Ambitious313

    I dedicate this to my first bf when I moved to FL I10 you know who you are??? Eye for an eye (code talk) Virgo love💜💜💜

  23. JJ Vlogz

    Back when LiL Mo made me got some cute braids.

  24. Wokeasf

    Ja Rule has better songs then 50

  25. Egypt's Father


  26. Robert Miller

    "What would I be without uuuuuuuu" ja voice. Whose else here because of fabulous interview hit like. Smh I miss these days of good music

  27. Argee Crowell

    I use to get so sick of this song; it was on the radio so much. But without the oversaturation of it by radio, I love it. Nice to revisit the classics.

  28. Musa Hassan


  29. N H

    JaRule 🔥 was Hip Hop R&-bring it back ❤️

  30. Amaan Khan

    So this was the song the he got dissed for in hail mary. 😂😂

  31. iris Lee

    Somebody finish the rest of ja rule hair, please, its killing me !


    you gonna have to wait til he get out xD

  32. Jason buckley

    Damn vita was fine af 🔥

  33. Dan Wiles

    Where’s Vita at these days? She was in a few great tracks

  34. Forget It Brian

    I can't jook to this song

  35. anando assi

    Ja ,tu me fascine énormément.big up à toi

  36. Chop City

    Dis song still go hard

  37. Yardie Barbie

    I’m 13 and I swear I was born into the wrong generation .

  38. Christopher Parker

    This is the reason why 106&Park created the retiring of number one videos!..Ja did that!.. please don't believe me..do your own research!

  39. PVC SKIP Davis 87'


  40. Vernique Belily

    Listening to this 21 Nov 19'

  41. killa krak 617

    Lil mo dissed ja rule lol

  42. Moses Lupai

    Damn this song old. A real classic tho! Ain’t no denying.

  43. Moscoe Bdn Smith


  44. Hollywood Brickscale

    R U L E ! ! https://youtu.be/X9KhCULdHHU

  45. Yemi Ola


  46. Kelvin J Guevara

    Ja be blasting on my 2009 Toyota all day.


    Remember back in 01 going to the clubs I was 15 yes 15 with a fake I'd I use to have fun

  48. trey Stewart

    I thought all along this was ashanti

  49. Aaron Hobart

    I dont care what anyone else says ja rule is the shit, I remember my dad always bumpin rap when i was a kid and now he is a metal head and wonders why I love rap lol

  50. Olivier Lame

    Love love love U

  51. nell866

    Every bitch from da hood go crazy to this on mamaz

  52. 27 Heavy

    JaRule needs more respect, he underrated af

  53. keme ndere

    great throw back, Jah Rule

  54. indigo

    2:16The lady thats raping look like kionna from belly idk everyone has a twin

    Paulos Kidane

    indigo It’s her


    @Paulos Kidane oh ok 😊

  55. Marquies Simmons

    Lil mo being on this song made it sound so much better it was that finally touch

  56. Nia Wright

    Ja rule I love this song Put on me with Vita

  57. Nia Wright

    Ja rule I love this song Put on me Vita

  58. Candy Lady

    🕺🏾💃🏾🕺🏾💃🏾 Moving and Grooving ya dig 😎

  59. Jakub Svoboda

    One of best duets of all time cant drive without Ja in my cars!!! 2019 and forever!!!

  60. Azirul Azry

    My all time fav song

  61. Ralph Cozzino

    Me and my ex wifes song.....and that house i dropped 125 not 80

  62. Tom Young Jr

    Still a banger

  63. Shane Simpson

    This song makes me cry till now deep words put on me me baby girl

  64. Hayan Young

    On a playaz way into manhood , rule helped!!

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    Feat lil Mo! Wtf

  66. Colonel Doughy

    Who’s here after ceez😂😂

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  68. Nia Wright

    Ja rule I love this song put on me with vita

  69. Nia Wright

    Ja rule I love this song put on me with vita

  70. SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020

    Man murder Inc had dynasty around 1999-2003. Them good ole golden days when music was good. Ja rule the g.o a.t. still the g.o.a.t. His music will forever live in my heart and everybody elses hearts to. This man is so legendary and so slept on. Thank you God for murder Inc, because they have us good music handsdown.💯🗣️💙

  71. Tashawnba Thomas

    I dedicate to my baby Regina Hawking's. I love u bae.

  72. wylie brooks

    2020 still bumpin 😎

  73. Akai Bell


  74. B Floss

    Jah rule was the man in the early 2000's fr 🔥🔥🔥

  75. Cesco

    Miss the time

  76. latisha mitchell

    📢🎶Where would I be with youuuuu (uh)🎼
    I only think about youuuu(yeah)

    Love how he did this...always be will be my jam...

  77. Valerie W

    Fuck whatever 50 cent said, I don't care I love Ja Rule and I always have! We even waved at eachother when I was just a little kid at summer jam. This song is LEGENDARY 🙏❤

  78. loverochelle

    im suprised this video doesnt have more views

  79. Murphy Uye

    Timeless tune, so dope. Still listening, October'19

  80. Candy Lane

    Aye! 2019 /2020

  81. Nadale Celestine

    Who's here after his interview with Wendy?

    melody rico raul rossi

    lmao i was lookin for that comment :D

  82. Jennifer Vargas

    Omg 😫❤

  83. MOMO

    *_If your from Jamaica, you already know this track is always played at a kids' birthday party_*

    Paulos Kidane

    MOMO Why😂


    @Paulos Kidane idk tbh but I always hear it playing at a party. It weird, I know😂😂😂😂

  84. oben hans

    Thumb up;Synergie-FM. org. DHL.com.

  85. pedro dro

    # 2000 missing my first love RIP 😞😞😞😞

  86. 525brucebruce

    Ja was really that dude n 50 just came really destroyed his whole record label whole career smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Mike Jazz

    Feds destroyed Jas career and Murder Inc. 5-0 Cent was their Snitch 💯💯

  87. kIDNEYKid 1999

    This guy thought he could be the next Pac? Pffftt

  88. Michael McNamara

    This track is Fyre 🔥

  89. Melanie Baldwin

    We need this kinda music back 😭


    FUCK the haters man Ja Rule had the game in a sleeper...

  91. RnB ThaGod

    Ja was damn near tha hardest nigga back in them early 2000s

  92. 277jayforever

    The house on the hill in rio linda ca on elkhorn rd sacramento ca Where the The shrooms grow The perfect elevation

  93. 277jayforever

    That was the house that barbara boxers sold me i went on my lunch break from Lincoln school yuba city ca in 1995 with my cousin murtaza bath that house didnt have a central heating the real estate agent was not silver bath with Century 21 it was a white gal that barbara boxer had the house listed with!!!!!!

  94. Teniqua Allen

    This song takes me back in junior high school 7th grade I had my first puppy love boyfriend dedicated this song to me I miss those days young and innocent

  95. kaysha tyson

    ja rule was the shit.....he ain never gotta rap again cause he done make his mark

  96. Walter Hudson

    These songs hit harder nowadays.

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