J Rice - Where My Diamonds Hide Lyrics

When the days are ending
And iron's smelting
The dreams we see
While we're sound asleep

And the thieves chain mail
Helped them tread through hell
All of my traps failed
Now my ores run stale

I wanna hide my stuff
So they won't have a clue
Cuz fate has not been kind
Need a place they won't find

Even when they don't need
They still are made of greed
How could I be so dumb
How could I be so dumb

I put it in my house
I thought it would be safe
It's where my diamonds hide
It's where my diamonds hide

Don't get too close
I put traps inside
It's where my diamonds hide
It's where my diamonds hide

So I learned my lesson
And moved my chest and
I crafted weapons
You won't suspect

So I dug a hole
And I set my trap
When you think you've won
Justice will be done

And you won't get my stuff
Cuz you don't have a clue
And finally fate's been kind
Cuz you blew up this time

Even when you don't need
You still are made of greed
This time I won't be dumb
This time I won't be dumb

You don't know how you died
All you can do is cry
Cuz you don't know where my
Where my diamonds hide

Explosion was so loud
I heard it from my house
You oughta know by now
I'll never show you how

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J Rice Where My Diamonds Hide Comments
  1. Nullexporlorgamer01 Roblox

    *I SwEaR I DidN'T LeaVe mY ChiLdHoOD HerE LiSTeNinG TO ThIs SonG*

  2. Neon

    Holly shit man nostalgia. Just had an urge to listen to some minecraft songs.

  3. Blake Gardella

    We gonna get a part 2 about netherite?

  4. Antidisestablishmentarianism

    Fuck this is still good

  5. Josiah Low

    someone take me back to 2013, thats when most of the good minecraft songs were made :)

  6. Brenden Lang

    It’s been almost 7 years. This really take me back.

  7. Space Sheep

    Back when they didn't use motion capture

  8. Happy John

    I remember hearing "Demons" after learning to swim a bit in the YMCA quite a few years back and associate that song and this parody to that moment every single time I hear it. Sigh, I miss my childhood!

    8:37 PM

  9. Happy John

    Trying not to cry. I would be called a nerdy geek 2 years ago for saying this.

    8:34 PM

  10. Google Moderator

    I saw this vid 6 years ago and get so much nostaligia i has a Samsung tablet and downloaded a freaking app that was just this video replaying

  11. Windy Kitten

    I miss being young D:

  12. ur local giraff

    just hide your diamonds lol

  13. Segevs Email

    You took such a beautiful song and turned it to garbage ☹️

  14. Bakhtiyar Tabyldiyev

    I remember thinking that the song "Demons" was made by this song's melody... I was so proud of listening the "original" while everyone listened to Demons...

  15. TwentyOnePilots Garbage

    I've cried at like... 4 different minecraft songs tonight... this song is no exception

  16. hofi

    shit boys it’s 2020

  17. Endergirl21twins Minecraft Angel

    Still after all these years my favorite part is when the griefer gets hit in the face with an anvel!!!!

  18. Blue apple

    Steve ain’t a noob anymore

  19. banana guy

    I have a diamond heart...Oh wait wrong music vid.

  20. Mika is cute

    HAHA suckers

  21. FretzenPH


  22. GhostySweep

    is that magma blocks at 0:24 in 2013


    Good eye

  23. Rezal Gibran

    They should name this video *it's Where my trap hide*

  24. Kay

    Shii I remember listening to this when I was 10 or 11,now I’m 16 great memories 👍

  25. Mr Onurb

    in my hut

  26. OranX Gaming

    It’s nothing compared to demons... I’m sorry. I just feel that the song demons deserves more respect. No hate intended

  27. Ƙαιƨнʋ Ƨнαυ •βƞѴα•

    This being from 2013 and a high production Quality means they Really mean business and I respect that a lot are low and high but this is high(not the drug the Quality is high)

  28. Alpha Male

    I rmb watching this 6 years ago lol

  29. Nathan Mayhook

    Revisiting this 5 years later... how times has changed

  30. DisgustedProductions


  31. FishingHobo

    This doesn’t feel like it was very long ago

  32. EpicKitCat02 Branch Comic Creator

    I was making something on Branch and this played on iHeartRadio and it felt like a punch to the heart. I downloaded this as an app so many years ago and I loved it. I had a crappy little tablet back then... Ohh.... This made me tear up.... Like if you remember this song

  33. ACasualBrit TM

    2020? Long live Minecraft.

  34. TrentFlint

    I remember this I listened to it day and night every day I stayed up to 2am listening to it. *I MISS IT*

  35. YouTube Ninja

    good to know where your diamonds are

    *Communism Intensifies*

  36. TheUnknown919

    Probably one of the first Minecraft parody songs I listened to. Gosh... The memories

  37. Jede2865 Pff

    Childhood joins the chat

  38. Nerd search

    Song is good, but THE FINGERS

  39. Isaiasg12 Sagelimming

    I like this song it’s my favorite

  40. Donovan Lopez


  41. Falco

    sure super nintendo was great and whatever but...


  42. shnarky

    Love the song but just one question, how the hell did that explosion not wake him up, he didn't wake up until morning.

  43. Gustavo Cardenas

    we worshipped this, we made fun of this, we cry to this😞

  44. Favio 138

    0:35 remember that this was made before "run" was invented

  45. Splatswitcher

    I miss the old youtube times

  46. Mettatonyx

    Nostalgic life

  47. NOobmAst3r 69

    Well people, who saved the playlist?

  48. Please excuse my dope ass swag

    After years of not seeing this I randomly started singing it

  49. Axew325

    dam I know that feeling of being robbed by people while your not at your base

  50. D4C

    Don't mind me just ending decade with minecraft parodies that I was listening to back in the day

    Cameron Allison

    This comment. I'm gonna cry

  51. WB Comment

    Remember folks, all comment sections are NOT calendars!

  52. impulse

    2013 :(

  53. Jayden :D

    😢it’s already been 6 years

  54. Baseballninja 05

    2019 anyone?

  55. C Plague

    Good old times in 5th grade. Brings back good memories

  56. Apollo Knight

    The memories... I feel so old

  57. Mayo Animates

    Minecraft came back and is awesome

  58. Moto Moto

    This stuff makes me feels happiness

  59. JasCorp - Gaming & More

    This is the song why I discovered Imagine Dragons

  60. say hello

    How does the people can Hate thus Song i Love IT

  61. say hello

    I Love the begining

  62. King L.V

    Back when I was little I found Ted bear the difference between diamonds and demons

  63. say hello

    WHO Love Minecraft and Hate Fortnite when you Love Minecraft give me a Heart ↓

  64. thunda2god

    Great as always!

  65. 7 Grand Dad

    No matter how much time passes this will never be forgotten

  66. Builder

    Is this where home alone got inspiration?

  67. crafteur 22

    his music is better than the original, the lyrics are well changed, frankly, this music is in my favorite I love it thank you @mineworks for having created this beautiful parody and I make this comment late jespere that you have it seen and desolate if you did not understand too much I use google translation as I am french. liker if you like music!

  68. Jelly fan

    Like if this brings noztalgia

  69. TreacherousMaelstrom

    Is there anywhere I can get the house schematics?🙏🏻

  70. GamerFlashy2

    I like this songs best songs all the time

  71. jasmina

    poor him

  72. phocantyler

    This song makes me think of the these lyrics when i hear the actual song.

  73. ParkerrX _

    I remember me and my friend had a survival world and we still work on that world to this day and we started it like a year before this song and we used to listen to it when we playef

  74. ahomestucker

    this is simultaneously way worse and way better than i remember

  75. Rezal Gibran

    I hide my diamond under my bed

  76. Alex Nguyen

    i just unlocked a memory i had such a long time ago, what a great feeling

  77. RED_CROW

    i want to cry

  78. Pamela chwala

    I was one of the first veiwer back in 13. I miss when life was a simpler time.

  79. Ivan Grozni

    That PBR texture pack tho...

  80. Arnel Ferrer

    Wow cool song

  81. randomgaming hd

    Remember when it came out 6 years ago I believe I made a comment near when it came out saying it was my favorite song but I dont really know where my comment flew off to still love this in 2019 almost 2020 and this must have taken forever to animate but thanks for creating this!

  82. sergeant skull

    *crys in nistolga*

  83. Snoozy

    Im so nostalgic 😔



  85. Escanor The Lion Sin Of Pride

    You think fighting a bear is hard

    Imagine dragons

  86. Cole 661

    I was laughing at this animation when I was 10. Now everything is changed Im crying when I watch this animation

  87. sleepy-creator

    Love this song

  88. Arvid van thorre

    still my fav mc music song

  89. GoOseBumps Hiragi

    Ok first of all..


  90. TamedwolfMC1143

    Minecraft will always beat Fortnite

  91. TamedwolfMC1143

    Go from the back

  92. Jj Studios

    This brings me all the way back to my childhood im sad

  93. SADUN 78

    Кто скучает по 2014 лайк

  94. PaulTheOG

    I used to watch these all day everyday when I was little

  95. Electro Chrome

    Time is flying. Minecraft will always be a part of me, I will never forget this game. Thank you Mojang for an awesome childhood. ❤️

  96. Mineworks

    Hey everybody! We just started a Patreon to enable us to continue this series and many more videos for you all! Check out the awesome Perks we've got - https://www.patreon.com/atomthealien

    Nomix TDM

    this song is a version of My diamond sword but with different words

    zboy 7312000

    Mineworks dude I built this exact huge house all the time in every world I did after I saw this video I owe it to you for my building improving so thank you for making the video, it’s a nostalgia trip.

    Brawl Stars Fan



    Francis B. Daliva dude I’m your same age hope you respond I’m 12 right now but at the time you posted the comment you were 10 but yea nostalgia hits hard and I’m pretty young.