J Rice - Very Crazy Griefer Lyrics

I don't know if you know but I'm actually a nice guy
I don't know if you know, I'm not bad I'm just griefing
I don't know if you know, I'm just trying to have fun
I don't know if you know but we like, we we like to grief

Hey you need to let me
indroduce myself
I'm just a crazy griefer
with redstone and some buttons and some tnt-Ah
Its not what you wanna hear, but I just can't help it
Damn! Maan! Thats one massive house

Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm a...
Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm a...
Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm a very crazy griefer
Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm a...
Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm a...
Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm a very crazy griefer

I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer
I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer

I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer
I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer

I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer
I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer

I don't know if you know why I need grief so bad
I don't know if you know why I'm spawning on your map
I don't know if you know, where all these boats and carts are from
but now you start to la ah ah ah ah ah ah lag

Your food, is, now, mine
I'll wreck your stuff and watch your health go
on the decline
I'll make you think that we are friends
and then I'll smash your design!!
I'm sorry you don't like it, don't like it I'm a griefer!
Damn! NPC! We about to greif YOUU!

Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm a...
Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm a...
Ah Ah Ah Ah Im a very crazy griefer
Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm a...
Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm a...
Ah Ah Ah Ah I'm a very crazy griefer

I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer
I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer

I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer
I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer

I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer
I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a very crazy griefer

Gonna make you die
Gonna make you cry
You know who I am crazy griefer

Gonna make you die
Gonna make you cry
You know who I am
Grief! Grief! Grief Grief! Crazy cra crazy griefer.

I'm a crazy crazy griefer
I'm a, ah I'm a
I'm a crazy crazy griefer
I'm a, ah I'm a, I'm a crazy crazy griefer

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J Rice Very Crazy Griefer Comments
  1. Jojo Starmaster

    2013: Gosh i hate Griefers
    2020: Yeah i still hate those fuckers <-<

  2. EchoNoir420 3

    I vaguely Remember this omg I realized I need to listen to before the decade ends and did it.

  3. Inneaz

    Memories omgg

  4. Gadsden

    Christ sake, its been 7 years.

  5. Joergen the 1st

    basically a 2b2t player

  6. Daniel Benavides

    Now THIS is og bois

  7. EdaJ cMrM

    I used to listen to this all the time

  8. Covered_in_Rust

    Why are the credits higher than the song?

  9. vFluffii

    This song is soooo underrated

  10. The Beyond

    "I ignored my destiny once, I can not do that again."

  11. I_kutzs _king

    The girls in the video are flat chested sorry if I say that wait mom wait I'm sorry

  12. Whimsical Wyvern

    I want to go back to elementary school. Life is worse now.

  13. Dat Boi

    I now realize this was so cringy

  14. freddy and foxy

    I random to dance to this and I didn’t know this was pa parody and still sometimes get up and dance

    Tales Silva

    Very crazy griffer

  15. Xx_Waterdragon_xX

    I bet thats a six y o thinking hes funny and tyhen sombody does it to him and he cries and tells his mom


    not the creator but the "very crazy griefer"

  16. I hate everyone equally

    Day 8: The minecraft loop is also contagious, you start to remind people that minecraft parodies exist, recently there have been a lot of cases of the minecraft loop, why you ask?

    aww man

  17. Slender Absolutions

    Ik this like 6 years old but it was stuck in my head

  18. Tariq Mahmood

    The past of mumbo jumbo

  19. Videogamer0615 The real agent 3

    The griefer looks look mumbo jumbo, but without a mustache

  20. Jamzani Jantan

    Havent heard this song for 4 years now that i found this again i feel determined to find the other songs that i have not listened to for quite a long time

  21. Eduarda vasques

    I'm remember this......


  22. Flamestone Dragon

    lmao wth did i just watch.

    oh right.

  23. Logan Ruiz

    He got the smile of Woody

  24. Alyssa Johnson

    Nostalgia, 6 years has passed.

  25. Sebas Rodriguez

    Every gangsta

    Until the Minecraft cave sounds enter

  26. Pug Pug

    In this video I feel like memories dont count and this is the worst video on youtube

  27. ZeLeXDaBeast

    This brings back so many memories

  28. Vinnie Bennett

    I used to watch this with my cousin over and over again and this brings back memories from when I was 7 😂

  29. Rozanne Evans

    Pg"parental guidance

  30. vibby


  31. just.mikey

    My favorite song back in the day

  32. For Noxus

    El momento de bruuuh

  33. Lee

    9 year old me thought this was a cinematic masterpiece.

    Glad to know that 7 years later I still have taste.

    oastry ghosty

    My favorite comment

  34. The topic of meme No

    Thank you
    If this video didn't exist I wouldn't have a childhood

  35. ThatCleverFox

    Never played Minecraft, and yet this was on my liked playlist from the very beginning.

  36. dan

    back then my brother didn’t know what ponytails were

  37. Alfero

    You guys know kontol means?

  38. Nathan Melancon

    This reminds when I would sneak down in the middle of the night when I was 8 or 9 watching Minecraft parodies on the youtube app for Wii. I miss those days.

  39. lil Moosey

    I watch this way back 6 years ago

  40. Cristine Craft Gamers

    Very crazy grifer uwu amazing

  41. WHIBMSF Bb

    This is a bop

  42. bruh moment

    Nostalgia can't save this, this is far too cringy, even for that

  43. Sadangle thefox

    o0o ima wash my eye out with water now that song and that person humping the floor is going to give me nightmare. help me

  44. sharky

    speed it up 2x. i'm not disappointed.

  45. eecruu

    this was always a bop admit it

  46. Hoodz

    *Watch out for local insane man dancing around throughout the day while causing a man and woman to drown with a group of cultist followers dancing to him in worship. This all happening before he commits arson and more crimes against humanity. Officials are advising citizens to stay indoors while we catch the perpetrator.*

  47. Daniel Butters

    How come when he does it it’s all harmless fun griefing, yet when I burn houses and blow up stuff i’m labeled a “terrorist” and put on the FBI’s most wanted list?

  48. Quire

    Fortnite: Haha look at our dance moves!

    Mineworks: Hold my pickaxe--

  49. K1ng Tony

    Anyone 2019

  50. Hey i’m gay, Also

    Animated better than the monster school videos

  51. Your Local Mexican

    I remember watching this in 2013 and thinking what the hell is this now i literally am laughing my ass off god the good times i miss them.

  52. zombo07

    0:11 fun fact i did that in public once everyone looked at me

  53. Lum

    I actually downloaded this song back in 2013 and listened to this on my iPod touch for hours on end. My childhood was great (:

  54. Just A Laughing Sun

    I don’t know if you know I got yelled at for playing this at 2 am C:

  55. Colin Booker

    I feel sooo old

  56. caleb Ultra Instictt

    This made me cringe so hard bc I used to dance Along with the vid 🤢

  57. zorie

    2013: *Me Jamming to this on a video in front of parents*

    2019: *Me watching the video realizing im a mistake*

  58. megat abdul qayyum megat zaquan

    this made me remember my old skyblock which got grief 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  59. Kael Madding

    Everybody gangsta until mumbo shaves his mustache

  60. Sillimant

    I want my happy childhood back

  61. Asian Aesthetic

    1:21 When Minecraft overcame Fortnite

  62. Asian Aesthetic


  63. Asian Aesthetic

    2013 me: What the fuck lmaoooo **laughs a million times cause of how funny it is**

    2019: *_holy shit it's still so funny idk why_*

  64. Rae Vi

    2013: ew why is he moving his dong like that
    2019: JUST TAKE ME BACK!

  65. Mad Lad

    I'm dissapointed in so many levels.

  66. 暗夜冷風


  67. Diamonds DS

    The lower lower part of the comment section is so rude

  68. Sean L

    2013 was a year.

  69. Splatking 8

    I am needing a Minecraft fix just because

  70. hey guys its me


  71. SonicDemon 18

    If you know this parody, you are a true minecraft OG.

  72. Anonymous User


  73. King Cobra Games

    This is what I listen to when destroying a town full of people who love Fortnite

    King Cobra Games

    It means I hate Fortnite

  74. DavidCrypt

    I showed this to my grandma when I was like 8 lol

  75. Monkovich Production

    2019, со мной все в порядке?

  76. crash the gaming master/CanadaSlasher

    2013:hanging with my brother
    2019:oh he's in juvie now

  77. InYoFace 05

    Me(2013): this is kinda good
    Video: ):

    Me(2019): Ah the Good ole times why didn't i watch this more back then
    Video: You couldn't live your Failure. So where did that lead you... Back to ME!

  78. Lunime BunnyCake

    2014 me: what in the world is this??

    2019 me: *questioning life*

  79. Leon Wolf

    This doesn't match my skeppy expectations but close

  80. PurpleNinjaPikachu

    CRINGING because of the music.

  81. Dimas_Gaming_Chanel

    100 o/o copy of original clip nice job

  82. BulletKingIsHere

    0:27 Sir you're violating me

  83. Χρήστος Κυριακ

    I love this music video

  84. Χρήστος Κυριακ

    Εληνασ κανεισ

  85. Wolfie 27

    Going around listening too old MC music.


  86. / / T i n k e r B e l l / /

    I remember watching this 6 years ago-

  87. a bowl of ramen

    Dude I've got so many memories, used to love this song

  88. MimiCuki안녕

    *the memories*

  89. TheBoltMaster

    This was funny and great in 2013, then in 2015 - 2017 it was pure cringe, then in 2018 people just kinda forgot about minecraft...now in 2019 it’s pure nostalgia

  90. яαмєи вяαωlєя

    BRUHH I CAME BACK AND IT'S STILL LIKED (Why wouldn't it be) I used to listen to this back on my iPod and then later IPhone 4.

  91. 4EveR

    2013: Wow!I like it!
    2019: Please!!!!Back my childhood!!!

  92. Little Light


  93. Dr. Kevlar

    you just murdered two people why are you still dancing