J Rice - My Revolver Lyrics

Ridin' my way through the desert
guided by my trusty steed
I won't stop till I've got my revenge
that's all I need
everyone's been warning me to stay away
cuz you've been brewin with a witch
you can try to poison me but I will just regen
and only get more pissed

So take it up with my revolver
you can hide, but I'll get stronger
and this time you'll be screamin for help
but I, I'd keep my fingers crossed
just take it up with my revolver
you can hide, but I'll get stronger
and this time you'll be screamin for help
but I, I'd keep my fingers crossed

I tried bein a hero with you
you never gave me the chance
I carried all of your loot for you
with only my bare hands
All I wanted was to make you proud
Promise I had no clue
I took a bounty and I left you out
like you always do

So take it up with my revolver
you can hide, but I'll get stronger
and this time you'll be screamin for help
but I, I'd keep my fingers crossed
just take it up with my revolver
you can hide, but I'll get stronger
and this time you'll be screamin for help
but I, I'd keep my fingers crossed
I'd keep my fingers crossed
I'd keep my fingers crossed
I'd keep my fingers crossed

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J Rice My Revolver Comments
  1. Patrick

    Okay but how tf is this is God damn minecraft parody?! Theres no guns in minecraft!!

  2. Victor Hunter

    I watched this 2015 im watching it 2019 and for some reason, this is the first music video of wake me up I saw so now I keep thinking the songs a country

  3. Marcus Soundtracks

    ***9 year old me trying to find this song in our Videoke***

  4. Gamer_Guy_2018 _xxx

    I could have sworn that this look better when I was 6 years old I’m not the only one right?

  5. Jaden Sargent

    My dad like it🤠🤠🤠🤠🤠

  6. Pandafighter

    omg i jsut found this again
    AAH thenostalgia im crying man this shit is on the level of revenge AH

  7. hoover c

    I first saw this video when I was 8. I'm glad I still remember it 5 years later.

  8. Cinnamon _

    I’ve come back after forgetting about this for 5 years. The good ol days

  9. Denis Does some bullshitting stuff

    Nothing much just came hear for the old memories for 4 years

  10. Logan Da Savage

    😢 childhood

  11. Ham Bone

    I own a revolver I’d keep your fingers crossed

  12. Tommy Ta

    I’m just getting so many memories
    I think none of my classmates ever listen to these types of videos
    I been here since I was 5 or 6

  13. N.N.N

    2019...oh my memory

  14. lapis_ lazuli

    I remember when I used to listen to this song, and I was so afraid of my parents finding out it has the word “pissed” in it

    Mark Mulumba

    I was afraid since it had someone getting shot

  15. Zoidy

    This, this is music

  16. DigitalRabbit

    2020 is almost here say goodbye 😩😩😩😩🥺🥺🥺

  17. Critical-Bubble

    I remeber having an app that played this on my old iPad

  18. Yato Noragami O Otaku

    Best minecraft amv

  19. Yato Noragami O Otaku

    Brasil liked this video

  20. Throwaway account yes

    My favorit song back in the old days where we played minecraft on the school computers.

  21. Random person

    see you in the next recomendation😉

  22. EulePlays

    R.I.P avicii

  23. Wuft Chan

    there aren't to many minecraft song videos made like this props to you man

  24. Wuft Chan

    This is a goody oldy

  25. DutchViking 6949

    Like of you still watch this in whenever you read this

  26. Kelpew22

    The first ever Minecraft song parody I've ever heard and seen, still good till today

  27. Video Master123

    What is this song??

  28. SpionZeka

    two beautiful memories in one video. what a blessing.

  29. Ham Bone

    I miss avichi 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟😩😩😍😍😩😩😍😩😍😩😍😩😍😔😔😔😔

  30. ShrekWazowski

    Man, Imma miss Avicii. Made a song that will stick by me forever. RIP

  31. Jamzani Jantan

    ✊✊✊✊✊level of nostalgia is increasing beyond its maximum capacity by each old minecraft songs im finding and listening to

  32. Early Lifter

    is there a revolver in Minecraft?

  33. Early Lifter

    getting minecraft memories or is it just me

  34. Pyra -_-

    It looks like Call Of Juarez Gunslinger! Nice work

  35. Johanson Gacha Channel

    Last time we Have Wake me up Now We Have Old Town Road

  36. Fiizypopdrinkk

    *when this parody comes out*
    me: oh nice!
    *6 years later*


  37. paco willy maldonado murillo

    la mejor cancion de mi vida

  38. kate Topous

    The first part I didn't remember starts sing ok I remember now I used to sing this

  39. That Guy

    Who else listened to this for hours on repeat

  40. Mr_DankyBo1i

    Of all the minecraft songs I have seen, I haven’t seen this yet. YouTube is really full of surprises, huh...

  41. Anastasia - Chan

    Gooosh I was searching this song for 4 years now and I finally found it by searching Avicii. Thank god it's still alive! I soo badly love your minecraft parodies and songs! Just pure nostalgia! :))

  42. OreSmelter321 Main

    I didn't understand anything.
    Is this a red dead redemption reference?

  43. Lxcas

    Rest In Peace Avicci, i remember listening to this in 2013... anyone else lee returning to the nostalgia zone by watching all the videos from the good old days...❤️😓😭

  44. Even is my favorite YouTuber Wilson

    Who else is looking for Minecraft songs they listened as a kid

  45. Z_Stricker slicey 728

    2 feelings
    2: Sadness for avicii

  46. sad Trash teens

    Brings back memories 👁👅👁

  47. yeet bros

    Oh I always listened to this

  48. Michelle Collins

    R.i.p avvici

    Michelle Collins

    Legends never die😕

  49. TXLAdventure


  50. Josh The Nerd

    These were Minecraft's Glory Days. I remember coming home from school and playing Minecraft all night.

  51. POG Madden

    R.I.P Avicii he was my favorite singer and when I learned the news I actually cried


    John Marston?

  53. mechanized Fruit

    The main character looks like Red Harlow from red dead revolver

  54. le0n

    R.I.P Avicii

  55. Colin Farley

    This was my favorite mc parody

  56. Healing Vampire

    It's so good!

  57. Dan LE Trinh Hoang

    Rip my idol

  58. Chris Hennick

    Most Mineworks videos may take place on vanilla servers. This one's clearly a nod to a mod.

  59. obsidian yeet

    O the good Ol days of minecraft paradys

    Sammy Sicari

    obsidian yeet *parodies

  60. Alexander Rojas

    "Your Alright Boy"-Arthur

  61. Misty Matchy

    Someone tell me the story pls

  62. Abraham Jin

    Later in my olden days

    Grandson: Grandpa, what music did you listen to back then?

    Me: *sigh* Let me tell you a little story...

    Timothy Torres

    @Abraham Jin It started with two boys. They were talented sharpshooters. However, one grew jealous over the other's fame and killed someone close to his partner. The famed one wanted payback... and he succeeded.

  63. Laura LeeFan666

    I remember being a pure little kid, obsessed with this song, trying to learn the lyrics of by heart. Nostalgia

  64. brookie namjinsopevminkookrules

    I'm gonna cry...

  65. Spooked Is here

    Yo read dead redemption stole from this bruh my life is a lie

  66. communist crusader

    I remembered all of the lyrics

  67. Koby Khock

    Holy shit, I feel so old.
    Rip Avicii.

  68. Slane Films


  69. Dylan Peila


  70. UrLocalYoutuber

    Brought me to tears especially the last part

  71. Caleb White

    As The Trash Truck Went with minecraft I grabbed But git crushed am I better Because of minecraft is never boring

  72. T0xic

    Damn I remember this

  73. TL2055

    Big iron ingot on his hip

  74. Samtheham 08

    One of the most iconic channels on YouTube... you brought us the parodies that everyone listed too when they weren’t playing the holy game. What a great soul

  75. Ryan Jakubowski

    RIP avicii and Minecraft

    Roskolnikov Von Busen

    Minecraft isn't dead. It's in a renaissance.

  76. ゆりEtika

    Avicii would be proud at you

  77. dj pon3

    Don't mind me just relieving my childhood

  78. Dragon

    Nice song

  79. Freeki

    In memory of Avicii.

  80. ITD _zus /


  81. Arzant Yt

    R.I.P. Avicii

  82. Officially Interesting

    This was released on my 5th birthday. 😔

  83. Only2000s Kids will remember

    F remember when all the kids knew this and know no kid knows this and all the teens know the fuck

  84. BodKa Movie studio


  85. _ Vice _

    Back on the days this was MY red dead redemption 2

  86. Sapphirewingthefurrycritic

    So that guy took revenge on the guy who was his friend for shooting his dad?

  87. Proest -

    Another classic

  88. ICri

    I feel like someone is gonna make this into a red dead redemption parody

  89. pablo the Chihuahua2019

    Why that guy. have that face? when he kill him? on 2:38

  90. Imahumanpleaseloveme

    *squarely yee-haws*

  91. I dont know what to name myself

    My Glock 43

  92. Typical Asian

    Red dead redemption 3 looks lit

  93. MCDucket McScarllet

    Avicii... 🥺

  94. Raphael Voyer

    RIP NOOB 🖕

  95. Oliver Bailey

    yee, and i cannot stress this enough, HAW

  96. Asriel Dreemurr

    -better than- as good as old town road

  97. Nooo111

    I remember when it said “2 weeks ago” now it’s 5 years ago


    Nooo1111 damn i’m old