J Rice - Minecraftable Lyrics

So you can try to hate on me
You say it's just blocks, let me explain
It'll take a song to educate you, yeah
"Minecraft is dumb," you say to me
Just listen up carefully
Cause it will take a song to educate you

Yeah if you come over then you will see
You can craft things so effortlessly
We can fight guardians at sea
Try not to get mining fatigue
If you want peaceful wander around
If you want hardcore go underground
We can do anything we please you know

Maybe we will find some diorite
A trampoline made out of slime
It's minecraftable-craftable, minecraftable
And we can play Hunger Games a lot
A bad ass map with amazing mods
It's minecraftable-craftable, minecraftable

You say the graphics aren't enough
Well your imagination sucks
It's Minecraft you build what you wanna build, yeah
I hope by now you understand
It's more than blocks of dirt and sand
It's really anything that you want it to be

Yeah if you come over then you will see
You can craft things so effortlessly
We might see cows flying in trees
Or in a big giant ravine
If you want peaceful wander around
If you try hardcore go underground
We can find creepers and zombies you know

Oh maybe we will find some diorite
A trampoline made of slime
It's minecraftable-craftable, minecraftable
And we can play Hunger Games a lot
A bad ass map with amazing mods

It's minecraftable-craftable, minecraftable

And if you die you got more lives
Come on just try yeah yeah yeah
And when you mine you will loose track of time
Come on just try ah

We will find some diorite
A trampoline made out of slime
It's minecraftable-craftable, minecraftable
And we can play Hunger Games a lot
A bad ass map with amazing mods

It's minecraftable-craftable, minecraftable whoa

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J Rice Minecraftable Comments
  1. WolfSS Chanze1488

    Lembranças... Velha infância

  2. Bigball 710

    Villager stronger than Ender dragon

  3. Ben

    geiles lied 10 von 2 daumen hoch

  4. PKMNCharitard - Minecraft and more!

    I found this after a long time. I last watched this in 2016 or when i was 7

  5. Hayama Kaily

    Two people made two minecraft parodies of Radioactive...and I listened to both

  6. Trapiz playz

    May I say this song had the same rhythms as redstone active and enchanted no really it does

  7. kahraman hero


  8. Mr Kapa

    I Love This music <3

    Não importa o tempo que passe eu amo faz acho q 2 anos a última vez q vi

  9. Happy John

    I miss my childhood :(

    8:30 PM

  10. Fᴇɴʀʏʀ

    Dont mind me , i just came back after 5 years

  11. thewatcher935

    imagine if villagers and golems were this badass.

  12. Austin Lamdagan

    This is why villagers have no arms

  13. infinity art

    Can we talk about how beautiful this animation is btw? Like seriously, this is amazing

  14. NewDisPhit

    Bruh this was fire...

    Still is

  15. Windy Kitten

    Who remembers the nether rector core in Minecraft Pe?

  16. Jsmith15972

    These songs were my childhood...

  17. Jsmith15972

    Comment if you watched this in 2020...

    These older Minecraft songs bring a tear to my eye...

    I am still surprised I found these.

  18. Burninroses

    Imagine if you had a group of friends big enough to raid a castle like this, I can only imagine ;-;

  19. Mark CoreLytro

    *Where is 2020?*

  20. Dio CVD

    Nostalgia anjay

  21. Fireblaze 50

    Now that I look back at this, this would be an excellent concept for a raid on hardcore Minecraft. I think dealing with a lot a either skeletons and the ender dragon at the same time would really pose a challenge. Also I think this is more of what a raid shoyld be since the pillager raids are relatively easy

  22. Fizzy Bandit


  23. Oznur Turgut

    so I love minecraft

  24. Oznur Turgut

    Pocket editon

  25. Jeremias Perdomo

    Como se llama la puta cancion

  26. mohammes7774

    *N O S T A L G I A*

  27. MatijaGamesHD


  28. Psycho_art_270

    Oh God. I remember downloading this from Google Play XD
    The nostalgia tho...

  29. NeverDIE

    Ля, ностальгия

  30. Michael Davidon

    Dad:stop it!
    Dad:We have bigger speakers downstairs

  31. Jason Voorhees 80's

    Make double nether portal and one
    Ender portal with button **Wait that Illegal**

  32. Arshad Arjun

    Old times but good times!

  33. Erwin Rommel

    nostalgia for the past, I miss the past


    2014 :)

  35. WolfyWolf 2988

    I love the nastalgia and the music,animation everything about it is great

  36. היי ביי


  37. היי ביי


  38. KimiGaming

    You just killed that cobblestone man! :(

  39. MalloryB.

    The fact that we still remember the lyrics by heart.

  40. FuntimeLefty XD

    Wow I never thought I'd be crying of nostalgia but here I am 😭😭😭😭

  41. jeff the killer

    Nice video and i love minecraft

  42. Chengcheng Lin

    I can hear the other Minecraft song with different words

  43. TWx_noobx #2162 &hank&

    thank you for my kid time

  44. [̲̅S̲̅ρ̲̅i̲̅k̲̅є̲̅ Y̲̅т̲̅]


  45. PL Sz

    today I imagine these skeletons being replaced by pillagers

  46. MERINI i.q .

    It s now an up

  47. PanHead 537

    Jump on the nostalgia train, everybody!

  48. EpicKitCat02 Branch Comic Creator

    Plot twist: one of the wither skeletons brought a boombox

  49. Baby yoda is Gay

    Sorry Minecraft I left you, you will always be #1. F*** fortnite

  50. 12-8pm

    I remember waking up early and snatching my dads phone just to hear the songs a Minecraft videos, I’m happy to say we got this instead of fortnite

  51. XrayGaming 06

    Happy 6th birthday to this song! :)

  52. Wander

    Wtf ಠ_ಠ

  53. EpicKitCat02 Branch Comic Creator

    I burst into tears watching this again. Last time was five years ago..... My life was so easier.... At Round Table.... Just...... I can't.... *THE SONG OF MY CHILDHOOD*

  54. Shayneplays

    2020? I got shivers

  55. Виктория Сидорова


  56. Vaughn1

    When the song starts, dead chills. So glad I grew up in that gen

  57. Chung-zi Awesome4Ever

    I feel old


    Это божественно...

  59. Jsem kari syneu

    Who is still listening 🔥

  60. Brandon Antonio

    Los que aman Minecraft delen laic

  61. Brandon Antonio

    Los queman Minecraft delen laic

  62. Toast Survival Evolved

    2020 anyone?

  63. Sandra Sheefel

    Creeper Crafting a win

  64. IIswagdelicious

    Don't mind me. Just on a trip through a decade worth of nostalgia like the rest of you.

  65. Farhan 176

    orang indo di 2019 siapa

  66. ninja1246677 josh lopez

    Who’s here in 2020 to bring back sum memories

  67. Street Food

    20 minutes till the last midnight of my childhoods decade

  68. BerryBush

    I remember 6 years ago on ROBLOX I'd tell people that I sang this song. Haven't listened to it in 3+ years and decided to watch it now on the last day of the decade. Nothing's made me happier. ♡

  69. Entity Il

    Bro this use to be the shit when Minecraft was poppin

  70. bUm BuM

    Yo this good af but redstone active MVP doe

  71. Daniel mineroyali

    Can't believe i watched this over 4 years ago, wow time flies

  72. Roi The Boi


    his birth:2018

  73. Cringe Central

    I’m gonna say the N word


  74. Amg_ Mafia

    Good old days😋😌

  75. JT Pedraza

    2019 who else is glad they grew up with minecraft and not fortnite


    Still waiting for minecraft ps4 servers

  76. JT Pedraza

    2019 nostalgia

  77. JT Pedraza

    2019 childhood memories anyone

  78. Thierry Mohmo


  79. gadiel perez

    Malditos niños ratas jajajajjaja xdxdxdxd 😂😂😂😂😆

  80. Ban dido

    N O S T Á L G I A

  81. Timothy Jose

    2019 like

    Wouter van der Heide

    ofcourse good old days

  82. Spark99

    I had almost forgot about this parody and I remember this was my favorite minecraft parody.

  83. OreSmelter321 Main [Beta]

    I feel villagers fit to be traders and workers instead of fighters, that's players' job.

  84. V1TÃO

    Old but very very good, childood so happy

  85. Toshinori Yagi

    I remember watching this with my class in high school 5 years ago

  86. X-Hxrpxr-X

    It took everything in me not to cry.
    I'm only 13, but minecraft is what I grew up playing and I remember the day my older "brother" made me listen to this song. This is the reason I even knew YouTube existed.
    And I'm crying-

  87. Beep Boop

    N O S T A L G I A

  88. Seb Wijnands

    It has been a long time since i visited this side of YouTube, a long time....

  89. Stunner Playz

    My childhood is here

  90. Mr assassin hunter

    Is it just me or the iron golmes are walking like tank

  91. Jessen Fernando &Playing Games

    Did you hear something?

    A Nostalgia Train is Coming

  92. Zo Mo

    Almost 2020 and this song is still fire

  93. oounii

    i used to listen to this all the time, omg

  94. HighTide Kraken

    Still my favorite Minecraft parody and I found this in 2014

  95. Mineworks

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    Ender Watcher's

    For me it sound like enchanted song

    Colton W

    I can't stop listing to it so good!!!

    Jonathan Soto


    Jonathan Soto


    Mr foxy

    damn it this video is such a damn 3 year old nostalgia when I was happy minecraft kid