J Rice - Fight Lyrics

I’ve been kicked around,
And let down,
Been told a lie,
And lied about,
It wasn’t until I found you
Right here in front of me.
I had to be broken so I could see,
The angel in front of me,
And I’ll never take for granted,
Another day.

And I’m gonna fight to keep you mine,
Before I let you walk out of my life…
I’ll die,If you’re not by my side
I’m gonna fight for the life
I’ve been lookin’for …for so much time
I’m gonna fight,
I’m gonna fight.

I’ve been used a day
Then thrown away
Been told to leave
Then asked to stay
I was so confuse until
The day that I met you.

I had to be broken so I could see
The angel in front of me
And I’ll never take for granted
Another day.

And I’m gonna fight to keep you mine,
Before I let you walk out of my life…
I’ll die,If you’re not by my side
I’m gonna fight for the life
I’ve been lookin’ for …for so much time
I’m gonna fight.

Then I’m gonna fight
For every moment
That I wasted being broken
You deserve it,every minute
And I wanna give it
All to you so take my hand
And follow me home
Cuz you know…
I’m gonna fight.
I’m gonna fight,
Not gonna give up.

And I’m gonna fight to keep you mine,
Before I let you walk out of my life…
I’ll die,If you’re not by my side
I’m gonna fight for the life
I’ve been lookin’ for …for so much time
I’m gonna fight.

And I’m gonna fight to keep you mine,
Before I let you walk out of my life…
I’ll die,If you’re not by my side
I’m gonna fight for the life
I’ve been lookin’ for …for so much time
I’m gonna fight.
I’m gonna fight.

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  1. Vergel N

    Spotify please.

  2. Kiyah27123

    First heard this song when I was 10...10 years later, and this song is still a banger🔥🔥🔥 should really consider putting this throwback on spotify❤

    J Rice

    Wow that’s blowing my mind right now haha. 10yrs 😬— good idea. I forget sometimes that I have songs not on there.

  3. emma mc donagh

    Awwwww memories ❤️

  4. Subaru Kun

    Nov 11 2018 and still one of my favorite songs

  5. lil T

    Please put this on ur Spotify

  6. Savage Ruthless


  7. Official Vurse

    2016 and this is still my favorite song

  8. Jeena Hunjan

    Omg every song is amazing! definitely subscribing, and downloading every song

  9. o 'driscoll

    this is incredible.

  10. Than Mya

    love this

  11. MrPope14

    Love this song, can place myself within this story, love it :)

  12. J Rice

    If you guys liked this video, check out my new ORIGINAL album "12" that's up for pre-orders! - http://smarturl.it/JRICE12

  13. Sheryl Bendicio

    I love your voice jrice and your original songs awesome!

  14. Bella Sweet

    Im gonna fight to keep you mine:) loveyah JR...3

  15. Latisha AR

    I've known J rice since her first upload his original song and i still listen to him !! much love

  16. snow101as

    My crush sent me this song wishing it was him singing it to me <3

  17. rajaah dhananjey

    how come u r not famous ?

    lost my faith in talent .....

  18. Ma. Rosario Navarro

    nice song.. i love the lyrics... fighting spirit..ahahahah

  19. Lotti Kinsfather

    Wow!! This song really makes me want to fight not only for my country even more but for the one I love!!

  20. Yukito Amano

    Nice song


    WOW. THIS SONG. I'm loving the lyrics. Do you write all your lyrics and music...or at least most of it?

    Sometimes I wonder if men really think like this. I DO truly believe that when a man falls head over heals for someone....or a woman, they will fight for it.

    Really like this song.

  22. Jesse

    INVINCIBLE is still my 1st favorite lol good luck

  23. karl llavore

    Like :'>

  24. Zi Lin Liu

    17 now :P

  25. ლAmaliaლシ Avaლ

    great voice l love you

  26. Anne

    Okay who's the stupid person who made 16 accounts to dislike this video? ;/

  27. Aimi Kishimoto

    I love this !!

  28. Kalina W

    You should be famous. You are more talented than any one on Youtube.. ;)
    Wish You best :)

  29. Raira Soru

    i rape the replay button

  30. Mono



    This song is amazing.. To fight for something. Very motivating

  32. michael madrazo

    i really like his voice.....specially the duet w/ jessica sanchez.... ang sarap pakinggan...

  33. Jerico Kua

    @MissMugiwara face is also important not only ability. LOL

  34. Gamesta94

    15 people are Justin Beaver fans!

  35. Meth MTB

    15 people can't find somebody worth for fight forever

  36. adam alkaz

    They gotta use this for an intense love part in a movie!

  37. ZEPHYR

    13 people gave up ",

  38. Yuki Uchiha

    13 people don't know good music.

  39. Will Nystrom


  40. doodfg

    This is over to top!!!!!

  41. allan master

    Love this faking sOng.. :)

  42. 陳小明

    13people are not gonna fight

  43. Tami Fischtein


  44. kota

    @merryhillsucks1 While I do like this song, "retarded" is extremely offensive, and not the right word.
    The way you lack grammar and proper spelling also tells something about you.

  45. ealyena

    Well impressed :)

  46. Magi Drums

    Cara , voce canta muito bem, parabéns, que faça muito sucesso, abraços de Brasil
    falo ae

  47. jlgJiL

    definitely great song! "..I Had to be broken.."

  48. Chewingboy

    12 people cannot fight for happiness. Pity them!

  49. Clinton Rockwell

    An absolute no. 1 hit!!! very nice J.

  50. Kelly Shen

    luv ur songs so muuuuch

  51. FarmingNoob

    i want to make a remix on this. is there a chance u can make an instrumental with hook version of this? It would help me so much if u did.

  52. anjiel blue

    i'll fight for you to make you mine.....

  53. Albert Kopilovich

    i love ur voice, great song :) love u cuty boy

  54. BubbaRyan

    Good Song and Lyrics. You got memorable talent.

  55. Alice Chieng

    LOVE it!! Thank you. ^^

  56. Tim Li

    lol I'm sharing like all your songs cause its sooooo good !!!

  57. 1436iloveu

    very nice loving the beat and lyrics wen my voice heals i want to practice singing this song

  58. Kekko1

    Why aren't you famous yet?!! This absolutely fantastic! I love your voice!

  59. The Real Meaning of Life

    dude u shud be famous man ..u got a fan right now :D

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    awesome !

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    why arent you a superstar your so good better than much other stars

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    So relates to my problems

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    Wow! This song is just Amazing...

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    this song really goes with my situation ..

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    I really love this song! It's catchy!
    Thumbs up for such a great song. You should visit Thailand! :)

  67. crazedk1ll3r

    awesome awesome awesome! Really, this is so much more meaningful then most official songs out there.

  68. Christina N

    Pro. This song made my day. Your voice is amazing. ^-^

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    wow and justin beaber was found and not j rice, gotta show this to usher lol

  70. Stinoism


    This guy is amazing... Heard from him through a friend - happiest day of my life ;D!

  71. Russell

    What are the chords for this song??

  72. SendTorquez

    I love the piano in this.

  73. WhatayaWantFromMe7

    i do really love your voice <3
    what a beautiful song.. nearly makes me cry.. <3

  74. Anika313

    <3 loved it

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    the best song everrrrrrr

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    i've listened to this song for over 10thousand time and never get tired

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    Amazing !

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    Can I still email you for a free one :D haha

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    sorry replay button i i dont mean to rape u

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    J RICE GOT TALENT . end of story .


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    *_____* Best

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    justin bieber got famous because of youtube, Your gonna be 10 times more popular than him.

  83. Scarface94AS

    fuck bieber !

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    Good one!!!!

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    @ScaryStuff5 totally !! i thought that too! XD

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  87. Nou Xiong

    One word: Skillz. WITH A "Z" ;) Good job

  88. ScaryStuff5

    when I first heard this song (at the end of one of Jason Chen's videos) i thought it was another cover you did. but DANG! you WROTE this! nuff respect. it's better than a legit song.

  89. Ai D K

    looks like I'll be needing 8 bullets... -_-

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    i would like to dedicate dis song to my one and only boyfriend...he deserve dis song.. :) and i love all ur song jrice..ur the best..more songs please..^^

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    this would go straight to number one if it was a record! what a song!

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    Pretty good song! I like it! ;) Nice beat! You sound great! :)

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    this is HOT! man that girl is lucky ;) whoop whoop go j ricee!

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    this song is so amazing, why is there so little view on this video -.- people out there dont know real music man
    keep up the good work =)

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    U should sing Hey, Soul Sister by Train. U'r amazing !