J Rice - Can You Hear Me Now Lyrics

Girl you’re so poisonous
Just like a cigarette
You’re always pushin it
To see how far you’ll get
But you won’t easily
Make a fool me
I’ve seen this happen once
Oh, that’s my cue to leave

You say it’s a misunderstanding
But I know know know
Yeah I know know know
When this is done I won’t be standing
At your door
No more

So just go
What part of no don’t you understand
No no
And I know
That I won’t be the one crawlin back
Maybe I need to say it more clearly
Can you hear me now? (I’m leavin)
Can you hear me now? (I’m leavin)
Can you hear me now? (I’m leavin)
I’m gone
Can you hear me now? (I’m gone)
Can you hear me now?
Can you hear me now?

You say it’s a misunderstanding
But I know
Yeah I know
I found the message you’ve been sending
On your phone
In my home

I’m breakin up (you say)
I’m breakin up (you say)
Emme get to a better spot…ok ha

We’re breakin up (hah)

We’re breakin up

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J Rice Can You Hear Me Now Comments
  1. LRDSS

    A girl send me this almost 8 year ago and now i haear the messega

  2. J Rice

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  3. CrazyBecci240

    Oh my god i can't believe how damn much i love this one :O
    You are awesome

  4. Tmoney Parker

    One problem with him being the most famous in the USA, eminem is still here

  5. Tiffany Marie Oset

    Daniel de bourg is wayyyy better than this guy

  6. Yagen Moh



    I don't know if your music is all personal experiences, but I truly can feel the emotions you portray in the music. This song is just one of 'em.

    Phenomenal artist JR.

  8. rueben de smedt

    then why don't you even have any videos on your channel?

  9. Alisa Valery

    dont hv testicles?
    try to keep silent

  10. Sara Taha

    keep doing whatchya do, your honestly amazing!<3 Lovee you!

  11. Khadijah Jama

    i love this song!!!! :) i dont ever get tired of this song!!!!

  12. Arishmael

    @1xbabiegal seems to me that i made love while crushing it xD

  13. Clinton Rockwell

    Hellz yea man!

  14. Jennifer Her

    whats the last song call?

  15. TMzong

    wow, i cant believe i have never heard this before. this is some awesome work of talent.

  16. Jay Jay

    HAMMMMERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Geil wowwww :D boah geil :D richtig gut

  17. Jay Jay


  18. phandan1

    I love this song

  19. Raachel L

    im officially in love with this song, because i just broke up with my boyfriend. he fell back in love with his ex when she kissed him ..

  20. patricia niyo

    keep doin your thing, love all your songs. Im now a fan ( from Belgium)

  21. SatorieMitchels

    this song grabbed me when i first heard it..wow THIS SONG IS SOOO ON POINT...

  22. hollapala24

    Man J I ove this song!!

  23. Sebastian Thorsen

    @redroc61 yea hes freakin amazing. That good that he derserve a VEVO. I coulden't think of a better voice that he got. And hes lyrics is soooo sweet. Hes a perfect singer. He derserves to make a dream come true :)

  24. Lamese Amanda

    @MiuraHarumaObsessed *posters

  25. Lamese Amanda

    I'm undoubtably you newest, biggest and number one fan now. You are my idol, consider ever having osters made, I want you on my wall. xD Just kidding but the song is a new favorite and is just as beautiful as the others.

  26. Katie Rose Aloe

    @redroc61 *you're <--- before any jackass corrects me and lectures me bout my grammar :P

  27. Katie Rose Aloe

    @redroc61 dudeeee your a legend

  28. pietje puk

    J Rice nice one keep it coming...

  29. Bea J

    this song is soo mean and funny i l love it so much

  30. redroc61

    im a 36 yr old father of 4 and am proud to say a J RICE FAN !!!!!!!!! Man ur awesome !!!

  31. TheLaibo


    this is the piano of the song ight. also a song from him

  32. suessestelaura

    i looove it and ur sooo cuute x3 (:

  33. carolebearr

    :) This is my favorite song of your originals! I totally put this on repeat sometimes~ loveee it! your voice is amazing~ keep up the good work!

  34. Loneee

    This is my fav song on the mixtape.


    Maaaan this is dope!! You sound a bit like Taio Cruz!

  36. WarningGoShSign

    Like it )))

  37. DontClick About InMyChannel

    this is my favorite song, and thnx 2 u i found the lyrics 2 it

  38. Kevin C

    Love this song J! You amaze me

  39. Danny Doan

    i love the piano at the end <3

  40. ronnybmusic

    hey j seriously sick stuff you got bro....how did you get in touch with the phantom boyz?

  41. Mono

    the best song on the mixtape :)

  42. dcrusader123

    Damn love this track

  43. LacyCakes

    You sound great on this one :) I can't believe you wrote all of these yourself, you have some true talent

  44. Meghan

    your such a good writer !

  45. Jiselle Roman

    OMG J, I love this track. It is awesome just like your previous songs.

  46. Larimojt

    Sick song!