J Mascis - I Been Thinking Lyrics

I've been thinking about it
All I want's to go back home
Don't even know if it matters
Here's a shot and now I'm done
Hey you
Were we?
'Cause I wanna go
Where you are
And I wanna feel
I wanna [?]
Hey you can forgive me
I hope 'cause I don't see know way
Thought I'd like to come with you
Thought I'd like to come and stay
Hey you
Were we?
'Cause I wanna know
What happens now
Did I blow it all?
'Cause I know how
And I'll be okay
Some other time
But it's not enough
To get me by
Hey you
Were we?
I've been thinking about it
All I want's to go back home

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J Mascis I Been Thinking Comments
  1. Momo

    Man U haven't heard Jmascis in forever. It feels good to come back to it.

  2. david addison

    Beautiful song. Hard to believe it was relegated to the b-side. Another hidden gem from J. Amusing all the interest in the sleeve. Not surprising though. The Dino/J sleeves were always interesting - J's got good artistic sensibility & humour.

  3. clare x

    hey youuuu, were weee

  4. freshsqueezedsunshin

    Thx. :)

  5. Cosmic Machine

    i'm all about the grimace/manta ray sad face... gives this tune some cool points.

  6. ArBuEs Santa Cruz

    i can't find the name of the band in Ares..why??

  7. Cosmic Machine

    a lovely song and a lovely image to match..

  8. CCRockit

    A manta ray.



  10. Kyle Stone


  11. Daniel Tittyfish

    its a manta ray

  12. freshsqueezedsunshin

    Thanks.... lol... thats what I thought.
    So imagine Grimmace from Mcdonalds with these colors and reptile type skin.... I dreamt of that craziness the other night and this strummed up memories of my dream. Gotta love the mind! lol

  13. freshsqueezedsunshin

    I know this is likely to be considered a really weird question, but what is that a picture of?

    Jack V

    freshsqueezedsunshin a manta ray

  14. funwelldone

    This was my first listen to this new song from J Mascis & I really like it. I have been listening to Dinosaur Jr. since the 80's, & I have always admired the sincerity & yearning aspects of J's singing. Good luck with the new album :-)

  15. shit311

    the answer is the most famous one ;D

  16. earmud

    Yeah, I was also confusing him with the hundreds of other people named J Mascis....

  17. earmud

    Did i miss something or am I just simply amazed that someone didn't know that this was J? Poor guy must be living under a stone or something like that....

  18. Jen


  19. Steve Fitzgerald

    love this

  20. A Bundy

    @ElectricMethod nope its the other J Mascis from Take that and West life.

  21. Justin MC

    @GodraModra I was just joking around

  22. Godra Modra

    @423musicfan - I am sure you have cousins popping up all round the world...

  23. Electric Method - The Art of Elisha Hale

    this must be J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.

  24. nymetsrock

    @TheNatedogg56 he was kidding cause so many people responded

  25. TheNatedogg56

    @FeebleNosemanny you sound like you're talking to a 5 year old lol (but maybe you'd have to be 5 not to know who J Mascis is...)

  26. nymetsrock

    @FeebleNosemanny HAHAHAHAHAHA

  27. TheNatedogg56

    @drufulus Nailed it right on the head, good sir: J Mascis is the singer of Dinosaur Jr.

  28. Victor Buck

    @drufulus This is the lead singer of Dinosaur Jr, =)

  29. Justin MC

    @423musicfan and hes my uncle

  30. Justin MC

    @drufulus Yeah he is J mascis is his name

  31. Nurtle Urt

    @drufulus Dinosaur Jr. =)

  32. Drufulus

    Is this the guy from Dinosaur Jr? I remember this voice from somewhere, possibly Sun Volt? Anybody know?