J-Hope - Blue Side (Outro) Lyrics


Nae paran kkumsoge
Neol dameullae
Anirago haedo
Nae nun soge

Nae paran kkumsoge
Neol aneullae
An doendago haedo
Nae pumsoge

Blue Side
Back to Blue Side
Blue Side
Back to Blue Side
Blue Side
Back to Blue Side
Blue Side
Back to Blue Side


내 파란 꿈속에
널 담을래
아니라고 해도
내 눈 속에

내 파란 꿈속에
널 안을래
안 된다고 해도
내 품속에

Blue Side
Back to Blue Side
Blue Side
Back to Blue Side
Blue Side
Back to Blue Side
Blue Side
Back to Blue Side

[English translation:]

Inside my blue dream
I want to contain you
Even if you say no
Inside my eyes

Inside my blue dream
I want to hold you
Even if you say we can't
Inside my embrace

Blue side
Back to blue side
Blue side
Back to blue side
Blue side
Back to blue side
Blue side
Back to blue side

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J-Hope Blue Side (Outro) Comments
  1. EggJoon Boba

    respek mah boyye

  2. Dark Valley

    Wow, your artwork is so pretty. It fits so well with the music too😁💗

  3. Lou Yue

    Hope it's ok if i ask, are you going to high school or college? And are you learning this animation or did you learn it yourself?

  4. Tessa

    Idek why this made me cry. This is such a relaxing and calming song and then this amazing animation just adds more beauty to it.

  5. Daniela Fuentes López

    This the most beautifull thing i've ever heard

  6. _ Federica_T. _

    Omg it's so relaxing

  7. Anita Agris

    You are greattt 💕 how so beautifull

  8. inDEANcisive

    I'm still not over that bass line in blue side, your animation is a blessing!

  9. auxa

    This was so good

  10. Q Tee

    Therapy: expensive

    Your art: free and 100% effective

  11. DaisyDaStache

    How pretty

  12. Nabella Almadista

    OMG so cool

  13. sofia_kir

    I really hope he sees this

  14. Heniz Baked Beans

    I love this art style and hope world is my jam

  15. Single Pringle

    it’s 12:28 am
    I have to wake up at 7:30 am for my first day of school
    I can’t sleep
    Thanks for helping me relax

  16. icha 53

    this is so beautiful yet calming and feel a little bit lonely. idk why 😭

  17. Ariane Patino

    you need to get noticed TT i love your art style 💜💜 your art is really calming and i love the way you use the colors.

  18. Natalia Roman

    I've been humming this all day and couldn't remember where it was from but now I do 😂❤️

  19. anD sPRitE


  20. Tai’s Land

    The talent that Army has never fails to amaze me 😫🤧

  21. jay hopeful


  22. 노츄 nocchu

    Back to this animation because I keep thinking about it, and I just feel the urge to say that you captured Blue Side so beautifully. The song gives off a type of feeling thats so hard to describe, and I feel like your animation captures that feeling somehow??? Its just so amazing and I love it so much

  23. just danghost

    J-hope need to see this

  24. Shookys.sister On Instagram

    We stan a blue side nation😌💕

  25. friedtilapia

    this is so underrated omfg

  26. Namjajical

    This is so creative and beautiful, your art style is very pretty and aesthetically pleasing. I love your work so much 😭

  27. BTS Animator

    I hope it’s ok if I share this with my fans on Wit.
    I did and I think they will defiantly love it ^v^
    Don’t be too surprised if you get at least 50 more subs ^^
    Love ya bye uwu

  28. Bts Ccp_

    I love it so much

  29. MOONlight

    hooh my godh my hope world heart

  30. bunterschneestern

    I like your Animation very much, thank you <3

  31. 최민상.

    the color palette is so diverse yet it fits so well

  32. Sierra x

    0:38 putting this here for personal reasons

  33. Gloria Santana

    I want to jump into the world of this beautifully aesthetic masterpiece when i'm having a bad day and i want to escape reality. Thank you for making this exist 💙

  34. benedictte

    wow thank you 🥺

  35. Camila Margarita Pereira

    Your animations are sooo smooth

  36. Leslie Aguirre

    This is beautiful and makes me want to cry

  37. Veronica Star

    This is so gooooood💛💛💛💛

  38. Monokyo

    Kiera, you're a very talented creator. We need more people like you. A animator and a J-Hope stan? Yessss

  39. bangtanxtra

    Finally back after a while huh 😏


    For some reason this song makes me calm but at the same time it makes me feel like I'm home alone it makes me feel lonely

  41. Tae tae tea

    The first time I heard this song my dumb ass thought it was suga singing it j hope and sugas voice sound so similar for me

  42. yu qan

    you really are a GREAT GREAT artist. I always love your animations.

  43. Tomi, pronounced like toe & me Harada

    I'm the tide pods.

  44. Yuuya Azusa

    I dont know why but all of your videos are so nice. It really hits the feels. thank you so much

  45. Sophie Renne


  46. i am her

    eu amo essa música ♡
    ela é pequena, mais eu amo dms

  47. star the sailor

    0:58 ive been trying to guess what that is for 15 minutes now

  48. Ju Valentini

    i keep coming back to this, it just gives me such a comforting, nostalgic feeling. i wish i could show it to hoseok.

  49. maddy on the moon


  50. Key mee

    Lo ame, es hermoso ♥

  51. Mahiru

    Wait... wtf how come I never knew this existed! I'm so mad at myself Dx I've listened to his whole album but never came across this!

    But I guess on the bright side I get to experience more music from J-Hope /o\

  52. Frida

    Wow I FELT that

  53. Naya t

    My emotional ass is about to cry

  54. BTS paved the way The Fact

    wooow Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Sasa Su

    I hope he will see this! its on point with the music, his style is there, the vibe between sound and animation is perfect!
    And love the color combination!

  56. Fluffy Suga Kookies

    wow that's amazing great job with everything

  57. DeepVoiceJoonie

    0:27 I got the same acne wash sjskdk

  58. its ya boi uhh dat boi


  59. missile kid

    I'm genuinely in love with this. the colours and scenery really capture this languid kind of hopelessness that I really feel in the song. amazing work <3 <3 <3

  60. Naru

    My friend died ..and idk I’m just watching this and crying..

  61. J-HopeIsMyHope

    Sorry but this just makes me so freeeeeeeeeeeaking attraced to j hope omg i need him

  62. - caia -

    This was absolutely beautiful thank you

  63. sweet dove

    sooo sad
    thank you for your hard work

  64. paigie inu

    holy crap this is so iwhekwnwowneosnekwnsjejkeneje i love it

  65. Sonata Tracey

    I'm inspired.

  66. daddy dani

    this style would be like the perfect mv for any hope world song omg i love ur art💜

  67. yoshi.enthusiast

    Sincerely, I just can’t, your art is amazing and your animations give me chills and make me so happy! Thanks 💞🥺❤️💕💜💘

  68. very tiredeu ,sleeping

    I found that incredibly satisfying 💜💜
    Thank you 🌸💜

  69. komple kafayı yememe son 3

    mom : what are you watching?
    me : antidepressant

  70. Fangirl? Fangirl.

    Hello person who matters 👉💞👈

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    Guria, que talento tu tem

  72. Jinnibbles

    I keep hearing “back to suicide”

  73. bewaiifu

    i’m watching this for 5 hours now and i’m still not getting tired of it. 😌💅

  74. tahmia kisina

    wow this is so beautiful 😍

  75. Твоя Неразбериха

    Пожалуй именно это видео передаёт то, одиночество (в моём понимании именно одиночество обозначает песеня), которым пропитана музыка

  76. Peaches N Cream

    Idk why but this made me tear up lol

  77. jazmin

    omg this is just way too good!

  78. Jazmin G

    ughhh this is so mf cool how do you do this

  79. Aleynah Lovendino

    Thank you for taking the time to make this, as well as encapsulating this beautiful song with equally beautiful artwork and animation <3

  80. Baby jiminie

    I fucking love it.😭💙

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    This song is really sad and I don't know why

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    This makes me feel like I'm floating through space and time

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    This fits so well with the song looks really nice!

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