J-Hope - Base Line Lyrics


Nae eumagui Base Line
Nae momjisui Base Line
Nae salm sogui Base Line
Nae seonggongui Base Line

Base Line
Jigeumbuteo base Time
Neukkyeojineun base chai
When you see my Base Line

Nae sesange isseo
Bonjireun neul kkaeisseo
Wae jeungoreul ipryeokhae

I don't need your hate code
They say, base on
Geungeo eopsneun chaejeom
Geudeurege baeteo
Hope World, Base Line

Street dance
Yukche rideumeuro jal dadeumeojin Rap
Hyeon neimtaek
Top Class

But ajikdo pi kkeulhneun Life Plan
Nae eumagui kkumi ajik nama issgie
Yeoril hae
Maeil maeil
Nae jigeobe gamsahami naui bon base

Nae sujeoro da tteomeogeo beoryeo
Yubimuhwan naigie geokjeongeun eopseo
Base Line nae seonggwaui woncheon
Hope World ije modeun sesangeul eopeo

Nuguboda yeolsimhi haessgie debwihae
Deol jago deo haeseo dwaessgie, nal wihae
Yeonghwa gateun insaengui Main base, Mainstay
Jeongsin mot charin aedeul da, Play back

Nae eumagui Base Line
Nae momjisui Base Line
Nae seonggongui Base Line
Base Line
Jigeumbuteo base Time
Neukkyeojineun base chai

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내 음악의 Base Line
내 몸짓의 Base Line
내 삶 속의 Base Line
내 성공의 Base Line
Base Line
지금부터 Base Time
느껴지는 Base 차이
When you see my Base Line

내 세상에 있어
본질은 늘 깨있어
왜 증오를 입력해
I don't need your hate code
They say, Base on
근거 없는 채점
그들에게 뱉어
Hope World, Base Line

Street Dance
육체 리듬으로 잘 다듬어진 Rap
현 네임택
Top Class
But 아직도 피 끓는 Life Plan
내 음악의 꿈이 아직 남아 있기에
열일 해
매일 매일
내 직업에 감사함이 나의 본 Base

내 수저로 다 떠먹어 버려
유비무환 나이기에 걱정은 없어
Base Line 내 성과의 원천
Hope World 이제 모든 세상을 엎어

누구보다 열심히 했기에 데뷔해
덜 자고 더 해서 됐기에, 날 위해
영화 같은 인생의 Main Base, Mainstay
정신 못 차린 애들 다, Play Back

내 음악의 Base Line
내 몸짓의 Base Line
내 성공의 Base Line
Base Line
지금부터 Base Time
느껴지는 Base 차이

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[English translation:]

The base line of my music
The base line of my movement
The base line in my life
The base line of my success
Base line
From now it's base time
The difference in base you feel
When you see my base line

You're in my world
The essence is always awakened
Why do you put in hatred
I don't need your hate code
They say, base on
A grade without basis
I spit it out to them
Hope world, base line

Street dance
10 years
Rap that's shaped through the rhythm of my body
Now a name tag
Top class
But my life plan still boils my blood
I'm earnest
My music's dream still remains, so
I work hard
Every day
Gratitude for my work is my base
I'll eat them all up with my spoon
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure
I have no worries
Base line, the source of my result
Hope world will now flip over all worlds

I debuted because I worked harder than anyone
I slept less and did more, for myself
A film-like life's main base, mainstay
The kids who can't come to their senses, play back

The base line of my music
The base line of my movement
The base line of my success
Base line
From now it's base time
The base difference that you feel

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J-Hope Base Line Comments
  1. Farah Naz

    😳 well shit

  2. GachaGalaxy101

    I had to come here too see the lyrics bc I thought at 0:07 it said "that's some fncking baseline "

  3. tambaonfandom

    I hadn't heard about this song till John Cena said it's a favourite of his
    It's so underated!

  4. Rebel girl

    Love you 0ppa

  5. Rebel girl


  6. Rebel girl


  7. Little Amy


  8. Melissa Cota

    This is a fucking bop. Hoseok has the rythm, the flow and the discipline to achieve anything he sets as a goal. I appreciate his humbleness, gratitude and passion for what he does. What an absolute talent he has!!

  9. Park Jimin•박지민•

    Who's watching this still in 2020????😂😅💜

    Park Jimin•박지민•

    Me myself and I Me myself and I Me myself and I Me myself and I Me myself and I Me myself and I Me myself and I Me myself and I Me myself and I Me myself and I copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste copy and paste

  10. Ashlyn Shuler

    His voice is so deep holy s h i t

  11. Elizabeth Wright

    *aggressively twerks to the beat*

  12. peeny wise

    it is why hoseok is my favorite rapper in bts

  13. Darby Payne

    Hobi over here making strip club music. I live for it.

  14. Kim Taehyung

    1:04 nooo meeen esa parte me mató JOOOOOOO

  15. pringelsthegamefreak

    I love how wonky the beat sounds and how disorienting it "feels" like as if it's loopy and "outside reality" Don't know if that is connected to the meaning of the song or the lyrics, but it does sound really cool, almost a bit scary due to tritones being played which sound very unpleasant and chromaticism which is hardly seen in pop songs.

  16. Mahé Ambert


  17. wolf91069

    fuck this music is very short !!!

  18. Smy D

    This is not Base Line.
    Base line is an entire music genre from the UK, it comes from the same tree as UK Garage and UK Grime that started about 20 years ago and is still going strong to this day.
    I know what I prefer to rave to.

  19. sourz0mbixou

    this shit hit HARD thooo

  20. Jabu4u B

    Am I the only one twerking to the beat lmao

  21. Takahashi Katsumi

    I understand that Yoongi and RM are considered 'better' rappers than J-Hope, but J-Hope has the best flow in BTS for sure!

  22. sweet potato

    hope-cena 🥺💗

  23. Zenobia Hollenback

    after one second i was like....... WOW hobi

  24. yoona stole jimin's underwear

    whenever this song comes on…that uncooked turkey twerking comes to my mind

    Red Ruby

    Me too XD jhope should use it for a meme some day XD

  25. Hedi Mak

    i fucking heard this in my college cafeteria and i absolutely lost it , i never expect to hear it there.

  26. J - HOPE.


  27. amber cota

    I’m a good mom and dad

  28. alexSIS

    OK DID ANYONE ELSE NOT HEAR "thats my f*ckin baseline" AT FIRST OR??

  29. mochi


  30. iitoxic pawns

    His pronunciation is on! God I love his voice.

  31. yeontan sonyeondan

    This is one of my favorite bts songs

  32. Fantom Girl

    Ok this is fire

  33. Karina Sánchez

    No words 👏👏👏❤️

  34. Christina Yi

    “street dance
    10 years
    rap that shaped to the rhythm of my body” damn that’s the truth

  35. Be Mine

    Hobi 너의 목소리 진짜 너무너무 좋아~! 다재다능한 제이홉 못하는게 뭐니? 자랑스러운 대한의 아들들 J.hope and BTS

  36. Apurva Doddakurugodu

    Who came from chicken noodle soup as the rap gave baseline vibes...? Only me... ok fine..

  37. CJ Bando

    Coming back here because of CNS because of his flow! 💜

  38. BTS UwU

    This needs more appreciation

  39. Abril Porras

    SOMEONE make a 10 hour version of this pleaseee 😭😍🤧

  40. little mochi

    1:16 omg he's deep voice😱😱

  41. xXJ3NXx 1

    This song needs so much more attention

  42. carlagirl7

    I am just now discovering this!!!! Underrated for sure!..Did we all sleep on this one?.....This is the funkiest jam I have heard in a long time!!!

  43. Fiza Zahid

    Jhope this aint funny return my wig immediately or my lawyer will be in contact

  44. Buggy Boi

    He fucking broke man. He went Ham.

  45. Carmen Nadasan

    1:27 is not enough for a mesterpiece like this

  46. Nancy Ramirez

    Why is he looking like el Chavo del 8 here? >.<

  47. Ffff Ffff


  48. Ffff Ffff


  49. Shikseong_isa_팝오

    Ok, I just found out about this song???? Needs more appreciation, its so good 😔👌💜

  50. Sock •-•

    This is a bop.

  51. Rohanna F

    You have to dance when you hear this.

  52. jiyongx

    his low voice in the last part.......... I'm burying myself alive as we speak

  53. jiyongx


  54. lil' meow meow's paws

    this song hits HARD, LIKE DAMN

  55. Lencie Wtf

    I can just see bts twerking to this and Jin slut dropping 😂💀

  56. Denise Borja

    This is such a bop why is it so short Hobi? It's one of your best tracks! 😭

  57. Denise Borja


  58. lixxeth

    damn, this shit slaps hard

  59. Fame In Lights

    I'm trying so hard to imagine Jhope singing this and the only thing that comes to mind is Base Line in Hard Mode on SuperStar BTS.

    *Help me*

  60. Purple Heart


  61. ash 19

    Excuse me may I know why this is so short?? Whywhyehyehyyy

  62. Nondescript

    He's made really good music. I just want to hear more of his music. Hope world is awesome!!! 💜💜💜💜💜

  63. Alpha Wolf

    To me it sounds like"thats a f***ing baseline"...

  64. precioushirai

    Too short and sad Rapper line stans :( but still a bomb

  65. Jung Hoseok is an angel

    Shit goes h a r d— 나는 이 노래를 사랑해요 🙌

  66. Mariam Musri

    I feel attacked

    Jung Hoseok is an angel

    Mariam Musri bitch me too

    Mariam Musri

    @Jung Hoseok is an angel 😂😂

  67. Angela Harris

    Hobi singing about lines 😀

  68. Volt N

    That beatdrop, though

  69. Jeon Lim

    I'm here to support our hobi ⭐❤️

  70. phamixx

    This nigga ass the only shit I understood was Base line tf y’all singing along


    IDK if you knew but ya know, English is not the only language on Earth, so most of us remember or know Korean/ Korean lyrics bud

  71. Zury Marroquin

    He looks like El Chavo del ocho in that picture 😂😂😂❣️❣️

  72. Jungkook Jeon


  73. Javeria Baloch

    *pLEeZ hELp MeE EYe cAN nOt stOp lISteNiNG DiS sONg*

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  75. Kitten

    Okay Hoseok can you chill
    🤬🔥🔥 damn this is lit

  76. nina

    most underrated song out.

  77. MeMe Trash

    For the longest time I thought he said “fuck your baseline”

  78. yenisey mendoza

    Jhope is amazing and will always be

  79. Parkside Birdmint

    Pray to the Sun god that is Hobi if you don't he'll attack your bias list....⭐

  80. Blank Tae

    The Drop gets me everytime. I love this song so freaking much

  81. Shivana Changour

    Am I the only one who just really loves the first 5 seconds of the song?😂

    Parkside Birdmint

    Nope I'm here too lol

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  83. Mari Nikoline


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  85. Kunal Mittal

    Tu chutiya hai


    Kon chutiya h?

  86. peppermint kookies

    Yeah!!!!!!! This is my favorite song of all time!!!!!!😍😂

  87. Flappiest Cat

    So underrated

  88. Owen Novak

    177k views???? Is YouTube lying to me?????

  89. Nourelhouda Saadi

    One of the things that I love about Hobi is changing his voice fastly and repeatedly... SO LIT( >﹏< )

  90. Lado Isla Bonita


  91. outromeagan

    0:55 the only verse that matters

  92. JokerInWonderland OFFICIAL

    Damnn j-hopes deep voice makes me insane 😍😍

  93. happy

    호비랑 탄이들은 베이스가 다르지 💜

  94. The Squirrel



    Im a baseline hoe

  96. nadia villa

    I don’t like Kpop but this song fucking slaps

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  98. anna fitkarova

    Everytime This is played my bitchass heart changes its rhythm to match the song and I hope Hobi knows he almost kills me on the daily.

  99. J-HopeIsMyHope

    This is....... life