J. Holiday - Where Are You Now Lyrics

Now I usually don't do this
But sometimes you bring out the best and you bring out the worst
And I don't know just how to say it, no
But I wish I knew you better

Sometimes I think you got a hang for me
But I just don't wanna believe
That you have that much hate towards me

Oh love
Where are you now?
I tried to hold on to, never resented you, told me that you do
You're not around
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

I tried to GPS you but I... oh oh
It said there was no address found
And every time I'd need you, you are nowhere to be found

I thought I knew you better yea yea
But that just shows me how much I know that I want you
You know that you want me
I thought you'd be here for life

Oh love
Where are you now?
I tried to hold on to, never resented you, told me that you do
You're not around
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

If you had any heart you'd reach for me
Despite of how I feel I'd do the same
Cus I need you
Cus you're the missing piece to...
My happiness

So don't wait another minute
I've been fairly even without you
So I'm runnin to ya
Please and wish me luck

Oh love
Where are you now?
I tried to hold on to, never resented you, told me that you do
You're not around
Where are you now?
Where are you now?

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J. Holiday Where Are You Now Comments
  1. piaoliang jiejie

    He should sing with chrissete michelle would be amazing

  2. solostarr3


  3. TRHenry Vlogs

    My god he got old man, looks so different now

  4. Hope Burks

    Wow!! Nice voice, looks more sexier fine gentleman, God bless your 💓. Where are you now??


    I hate that I'm late but, this is REAL R&B I hope the industry go back to respecting true craftsmanship.

  6. Moe Gant

    First off, from an artistic aspect alone, this is a super-dope a&% video. Second, this dude just "OWNED" his own song. Watch everything he does from 3:30-3:49, you cant tell me that this negro didnt feel that ish foreal, lol. Hurt his damn soul

  7. Anthony Ford

    These artists that produce on they on. Write and don't change they style are not getting the publicity that they deserve. Garbage out these days. Tank Holiday Neyo donnell jones. Real R and B

  8. Juanita Harris

    So very talented...wow

  9. Juanita Harris

    So sad he did not get the respect that he deserves jholiday is bad in a good way ...wow!

  10. Leticia ms


  11. Javier Dexter Florian

    Sounds like Trey Songz a little tho

  12. E-Live Da God

    He was exactly in the same position as Trey Songz and Chris Brown, but he chose not to do the bullshyt.

    Dawn Pratt

    He wouldn't sell his soul . Great !

  13. Tadeu Oliveira

    she looks a dej loaf

  14. Tadeu Oliveira

    ela parece a dej loaf

  15. Kairo

    glad he's still making music

  16. Jesus Timonet

    Real RnB,Where are you now?

  17. ladylove8907

    love him where is at

  18. Tedd Josiah / GummyBear

    So glad your back!!!!!!! And keeping it so old school r&b!! Timelessness right here

  19. Chris Shannon

    where are you guys
    thats the right question to be questioned. Need more this typr of songs J. bring back the old school R&B


    This guy is so talented.
    I Love his songs.

  21. Kelvin Hannah

    j holiday give us that real r&b

    Dawn Pratt

    He probably would be the one to bring R&B back , while there's no R. Kelly he has the voice .

  22. Crystal James

    where is jay holiday?

  23. MsPia1980

    J Holiday....... my my my

  24. wilwat9

    Tight song!!!!

  25. Sapphire blue

    12/22/16 I'm at home

  26. Mo Smitty

    Got a Cyborg in his feelings this evening. #MEHENNESSEY&YOU

  27. Allison Bani Fadel

    that note at 2:17 😍😍😍

  28. Essence Waldo

    I love this song... way to go J. with getting back to Real R&B.

  29. JPB The Creator

    Very sad how R&B just vanished so fast from these corny artists these days it's crazy errbody who used to be poppin for example (Neyo) R&B is officially dead


    Neyo, J. Holiday, Mario, Usher, etc..

    Darius Herrington

    I think j Hoilday is a great r&b singer AN i always like his music everyone is in title to a opinion. He said some things that i think was important and matter as ppl with got to see the bigger picture an understand it also last but not least he is a very attractive man"

  30. neeka Love you

    Real R,,,,,,,,,N,,,,,,,,,B

  31. Island Girl Jammy


  32. I AG

    I miss u patricia 😢

  33. Sosmcs See

    Real talent, real rnb, real singer.. Just overall realness which we very much need and lack these days.

  34. Crystal James

    love this song

  35. Shon9tilR

    He love dark skin women 😍

  36. Crystal James

    at home

  37. Crystal James

    Jay holiday is very fine wish I knew him better.


    +Crystal James YES!!!!!

    Crystal James

    MsPia1980 yes he is. wish i really knew him better.

    Crystal James

    love his music too.


    where are you Jay???? Im right here :)

  38. Crystal James

    love this song

  39. Marilyn Burgos

    love that song of j holiday where are you now love it

  40. Gina Murray

    that's my niece

  41. werkz_workit

    Yes! J holiday. ...wish I would of known about this here...

  42. herpienne12

    Why is he underrated? He has a great voice.


    @herpienne12 Seem like good quality artists are always unsung.... why? because they havent been tainted by the poison of the mainstream music record label execs..... where are groups like Jagged Edge and artists like Jaheim, Javier, Myron, Bilal, Res, etc? Most main stream great artists have complained about shade from the record labels, like Michael Jackson did about Sony. RIP Mike.

    Dawn Pratt

    That he does !

  43. Ms. Canada

    Oh this is a great song for sure!! Always have been a fan of J. Holiday 
    I wouldn't mind Nahum Thorton Grymes being my husband :) <3


    @Ms. Canada Indeed-Yes he is fine!!! Sagittarians are great gentlemen too :) And he reps the DMV cuz he from DC.... YEAH

  44. T.V. PSE

    That is Ariana from Love and Hip Hop


    @T.V. PSE No. her name is Naima.

    Christian Princess

    @T.V. PSE Whomever it is, she's beautiful; she looks like Carmen Jones--old school beauty. ; )

  45. Dre Vic

    I was relieved to hear this. Cuz After We F**k is cool, but this is the J Holiday that I mess with

    Queen Elle


  46. That ANKH thoooo. Eye see u bae... 843! Come back.💘

  47. joebuchan

    A1 album and track

  48. lonai simmons

    I like this song

  49. lashay Allen

    J.holiday look good to be in his thirsty 3

  50. Brittany Rodriguez

    I so excited to see you have new music! I've been in love with you FOREVER!

  51. Marian Bradford

    Beautiful song,"Love your music!!"

    Dawn Pratt

    This brother can sing 💯

  52. Jeremy Riley

    no words ... Perfect 

  53. Shaun McClean

    Its good to see you back bro !

  54. Rosangela Canela

    É perfeito! Eu amo isso! Ele sempre traz o calor com suas músicas

  55. manny ortega

    # hees back!!!!

  56. manny ortega

    man nice song!$

  57. Nashon Johnson

    Love the song

  58. X ocorox

    He's Back.................!!! from the Future....!!! (Y)

    Dawn Pratt

    Let's hope because he can sing !

  59. Sonequa Cunigan

    WOW!!! I Like this 

  60. MIKO Smith

    Great comeback J. Love the song.....

  61. FAME

    She's so beautiful!

    Dawn Pratt

    Beautiful black woman !

  62. crystal phillip

    Huge smilessss hmmmmm true song ....love it!!

  63. Anthoni Styvens

    That girl in this video looks so sweet on camera. Very nice track and the video matches perfectly!

  64. Lakia Shavon Lightner-Padgett

    J. Holiday nice song and video,''BRAVO''.

  65. CheeksDaFreak 305

    Been a fan since the first album. One of the best voices in the game.

  66. delenahall06

    I loooove this song!!

  67. Kindall Davis

    Love it! One of my fav songs off Guilty Conscience! Still got it for ya! Lol! Love j holiday!

  68. jennifer holiday

    It's perfect! I love love love it! He always brings the heat with his music. This ones a banger!

  69. Naimah R

    That's not Ariane. That's HER! Love It & You!! Great job Everyone!! Great job!!

  70. Nyakz

    is that arianie from LHH ATL? album is great

  71. Nicole Edwards

    This dude here dont get no play, he is a great artist..Lyrics are great, voice is amazing, sound is awesome...

    Dawn Pratt

    One word " Haters "

  72. Mr Nevergiveup92

    Lovely song makes me think of my girl. Miss her like crazy and knowing she is a missing piece of my happiness.

  73. Bianca Aragon

    Best r&b singer.love u jholiday your voice is amazing plz come back to phx az

    connor wentzell

    The weeknd/sam smith than j holiday :)

    Daniel Recio

    Bianca Aragon I'm with You baby girl