J. Cole - Runaway Lyrics

[Intro: Mike Epps]
Married men act totally different when they're by themselves, don't they?
You see them with their wife, like
"What's up Tony? Hey man, how's everything going brother?"
"Just taking it easy, hanging out with the lady"
"Alright, God bless you, take it easy now"
You be like that nigga ain't like that
You see him by himself, "What's up Tony?"
"Hey, where's the bitches at, nigga?"

[Verse 1:]
Yeah, give me my space
Lord ain't enough time to chase all these dreams
I mean I got no time to wait
Love my girl but I told her straight up "don't wait up"
Stumble home late, I'm drunk, we fucked then made up
Used to living free as a bird, now I'm laid up
Feeling like a nigga got handcuffs on
How the fuck did my life become a damn love song?
She ride for a nigga and she stand up for him
But a nigga wanna be a nigga, be a nigga
Ride through the streets with freaks and real niggas
She never understand what it's like to be a man
Knowing when you look inside yourself you see a nigga
And you don't wanna let her down but you too young for the settle down
And maybe you can thug it out, learn what is love about
When you can't live with her and you can't live without
Oh shit, goddamn, I think the devil got his hands on me
Stripper saying: "Baby, won't you throw these bands on me?"
And I came to spend, she pop a molly let the motherfucking games begin
I'm running...

Run away, run away, run away, run away
I'm holding on desperately
Run away, run away, run away, run away
I'm holding on

[Verse 2:]
When it's all said and done everybody dies
In this life ain't no happy endings
Only pure beginnings followed by years of sinning and fake repentance
The preacher says we were made in image of Lord
To which I replied: "Are you sure?
Even the murderer? Even the whore?
Even the nigga running through bitches on tour?"
With a good girl at home folding clothes and shit
She losing faith in him and he knows and shit
Like what the fuck is a break, don't know how much I can take no more
I give you all I got till it ain't no more
No more tears it's been ten long years, damn near
I don't know if I can wait no more, and who can blame her
You complaining 'bout every time you out, you come back she pout
Sleeping back to back, this is wack
We 'bout to go platinum in a minute, crib acting out
My childhood fantasies of wife and home
But it's a whole lot of actresses I'd like to bone
And despite the rumors you hold out
On account of the guilt that she has got to spend her nights alone
And she ride or die like Eve and 'em
Make home cooked meals every evening
And even then, your lowest days when you no longer Superman
At least you know you got Lois Lane
But you...

Run away, run away, run away, run away
I'm holding on desperately
Run away, run away, run away, run away
I'm holding on

[Verse 3:]
Yeah, unbelievable seen evil that not even Knievel know
At age 3 I knew this world was three below
Listen, even know my ego low achieved the unachievable
Imagine if my confidence was halfway decent, yo
This just in, fucked more bitches than Bieber though
Still I keep it low, got my niggas on the need to know
Basis, my manager back in the days was racist
I was a young boy, passing skate and tucking laces
Old perverted white man who told me:
"Jermaine, it's all pink on the inside. Fuck what color their face is."
Wise words from an indecent man
Made me reflect on the times when we was three fifths of them
And change empower less, brave souls reduce the cowardice
Slaving in the baking sun for hours
Just to see the master creep into the shack where your lady at
Nine months later got a baby that's not quite what you excepted
But you refuse to neglect it cause you know your wifey love you
Does you refuse to accept it?
That's that type shit that tell why my granny light skin
Rich white man rule the nation still, only difference is we all slaves now
The chains still concealed in our thoughts
If I follow my heart to save myself
Could I run away from 50 mill like Dave Chappell?

Run away, run away, run away, run away
I'm holding on desperately
Run away, run away, run away, run away
I'm holding on

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J. Cole Runaway Comments
  1. Jason Charlorin

    I feel the same way about my girl. And I don’t know which route to take

  2. 2manyissuez


  3. Peter Jr

    You rethink life when you relate to this song

  4. French Magician

    2020 🪐

  5. Llama_chickens _

    This song has such a strong message.


    its all pink on the inside

  7. Erik Harris

    People are too fucused on bullshit to appreciate art like this

  8. Kevyn Tavares

    If I follow my heart to save myself could I run away from 50 mill like Dave chapellle ? Realest shit I’ve heard

  9. D ikki

    Instrumental version anyone?

  10. Dornail Mays

    Best track on #BornSinner

  11. Tricky Haze

    This is that work. J. Cole most def be spitting some fire. If you wanna here some more heat. Check out my record Tricky Haze - Dreams (Official Video) https://youtu.be/w-pRIRHLAVs

  12. Tresor Ramazani

    When it's all said and done everybody dies.

  13. Self Governed

    The Kingdom Is Here! God Is With Us!

  14. GirlMeetsEvil

    Man this song fr depresses me, why he gotta cheat on his girl when she ride or die for him..

    Cali Baby

    GirlMeetsEvil he explains why

  15. ironsidesnh

    What Language I Don't Use The "N" Word & I'm 60yrs Alive!!! Thank You!!!

  16. Weez Torres

    Still here 2019☝🏽🔥

  17. Brandon

    one of my favorite jcole songs ever

  18. Gregory Baguidy

    I remembering quoting this song when I was with my first serious girlfriend. I can't help but feel sad Everytime after now

  19. QTube

    I'm still holding on desperately in 2019 🙇🏾‍♂️💯🙇🏾‍♂️

  20. TRUNK$

    This gotta be my favourite cole album. Good times when this dropped

  21. Habid Abdelkrim

    2019 anyone ?

  22. Dennis Da Menace

    Couldn’t Say No Better Cole World

  23. EvilJayy

    Love this song. Old shit but really make you think

  24. Omar Shafi

    Wish J-cole would make a song with Mos Def....my life would be complete.

  25. Marie Chanel

    and she ride or die like eve n them make home cooked meals every evening and even then you know there are days when you're no longer superman at least you know you got lois lane but ya #Runaway #BARS

  26. Shwaggy

    "Oh shit, goddamn, I think the devil got his hands on me
    Stripper saying: "Baby, won't you throw these bands on me?"" so fuckin smooth

  27. MAL

    Even tho my ego low achieved the unacheavable imagine if my confidence was half way decent yo

  28. DJ BLANK 702

    This is the dilemma for most guys

  29. Orianateyor Beard

    What's so funny is the guy that I could relate the song to is the same guy that suggested this song to me.. I think he did that intentionally..which made me care even more...

    Cali Baby

    Orianateyor Beard I listen to this song because it reminds me of my ex and how I know he feels inside. It’s bitter sweet

  30. Do_double_g55

    5 years later and this song is still great. Very deep bars

  31. Dorian McCormick

    “Imagine if my confidence was half way decent yo...”

  32. Justus Braggs

    Damn. How can a song tell a nigga whole life in 5 minutes

  33. Vernon Johnson

    For those that don’t know, this is a reference to comedian Paul Mooney, who once said “everybody wana be a nigga, but nobody wana BE a nigga”

    ...His way of saying that everybody wants the would-be “benefits” of being black, but nobody wants the “struggle”

  34. Shatera Mcneill

    2019 and I’m still rocking out to this ❤️

  35. Kelly Blose

    2019 who's here?

  36. SooESoss Studio tutorials sessions

    https://youtu.be/k7k2nTEOZm4 check out D SPELLER

  37. itzderek !!!!!


  38. KiiDKiiNG3

    ‘Seen evil that not even kanevil know, at age three knew this world was three below’ - 3 below zero degrees (at age three knew this world was cold) just put it together wow.

  39. Jack Tesar

    damn forgot how underrated this song is

  40. chill Will J.r

    I wasn’t married when this dropped lmao 😂 man I can relate now

  41. Donald Siller

    My favorite track period

  42. Cadilac.

    I miss this Cole...

  43. celest simmons

    This hit differently when you listen to this year's later........😔💔

  44. Aman deep Singh


  45. Fundi Nkuta

    been listening to this for years. it only just struck me, the first two verses are about the fear of intimacy.

  46. Donald Siller

    I HAVE TO RUN THIS BACK EVERYTIME, 2 or 3 times before the next joint!!!!!

  47. Donald Siller

    This shit is the coldest if not one of thee coldest TRACKS I EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE ............ THE THIRD VERSE 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ MANNNNN

  48. DopeMn Oxy

    Jcole is so fuckin lyricist he's dope and everything but I bet he don't pick the right instrument

  49. Antwan Brown Jr

    298 dislikes , what is there to not like about this . Truth in everything mentioned here.

  50. Tommy T

    one of coles best right here

  51. Hugo-G12

    Born sinner is my favourite Cole album, as amazing as Forrest hills was, I always find myself coming back to this Album, its just great

  52. yazmin vv

    don’t know how much i can take no more, give you all i got till it ain’t no more.. rs

  53. mangi sunam

    Man personally, i can relate to this song so much. Been dating my girl for about 2 years now and shit is hard. Never cheated on her or anything, but things always seem to grow sour so quick. And almost everyday i end feeling unhappy with 'us'. Then comes the times when i see other girls walking by and i can't help but stare and the thought of fucking around hits me so hard. It's hard man. It really is. Cos i love this girl but i don't wanna break her heart. It's just she doesn't understand me a lot and i shouldn't use that as an excuse but yeah, that's my story. But i know Cole wrote this, then went on to marry his girl. So hopefully, this song can continue to be a teaching experience for me.
    Appreciate you cole 💯

  54. Nick Gibbs

    2018 still one the greatest albums in hip hop history

  55. T Amazin


  56. Nhlanhla Mtolo

    “A nigga jus wanna be a nigga.
    ride through the streets with freaks and real niggaz..”

  57. Jaelen Gatewood

    Bro this shit soo powerful

  58. James Woods

    Tha most greatest and most transparent hip hop artist sine 2PAC........

  59. SorzMusic

    When i need to think i go back to dis song

  60. Goldcoaster

    Sick Story Teller J. Fuckin COLE

  61. Lolly Tape

    November 2018 anyone? ...... RUNAWAY RUNAWAY

  62. Julian Compean

    Had to come back to this to realize who i am.2019

  63. Meenz

    Born Sinner > Anything since then

  64. B Houston

    This should have way more views. Cole raps nothing but real shit

  65. Kevin Battle

    This song a real tear jerker for me man frfr. One of my favs by Cole

  66. Benny Blanco

    Great song still playing in 2018 😈

  67. Maureen o

    Mad song naija

  68. Richson3

    why this track only have 1.1m views?!?!?!?!?


    Man this art beautiful. Imagine if he had sang run away more harsh like he sang in that performance he was supposed to preview his new album and he hit everybody wit some unexpected real deep shit it was on that old white dude talk show idk know wat it was called 😭


    Ah his voice resembles a saxophone hitting those note image that a saxophone hitting those and his bro damn ay cole get me in the Stu 😭

  70. jjbiggs21

    Damn. I feel this song in my soul. I can relate word for word. Women will never understand tho

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    Best song, Best album, Best beat, Best story-line....all on Cole's name truly speaking he is the best we ever seen

  91. Bucket Walking

    We all slaves now the chains concealed felt that one in the heart ❤️

  92. Govliin

    Damn... I relate to most of this. Im just a young nigga ion kno if im ready to be tied down for a long time I feel too young for it.

  93. Quinton Westby

    Finally at 1m

  94. Ashley Alston

    That 3rd verse!! My God!!!


    Ashley Alston Yo u are so damn cute.

  95. Cris Medina

    In this life ain’t no happy endings, only pure beginnings followed by years of sinning and fake repentance.

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