J. Cole - Kerney Sermon (Skit) Lyrics

[Kerney Thomas:]
I'm just thankful 18 years of suffering gone just like that
You been suffering 18 years yourself
You been going through pure hell but it can be over just like that
This is pastor Kerney Thomas and I literally have tens of thousands across the country
That were hurting for God to heal them
And God could work a miracle for them
All you gotta do is either log on to our website
Or you can dial the toll-free number
And place your order right there
For the Personal Prayer Package
I want you quickly, to place that order right now
For the Personal Prayer Package
Pick up the telephone right now
I said pick up the phone right now
You're past due a miracle

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J. Cole Kerney Sermon (Skit) Comments
  1. DJ Adonis2K19

    Sounded like Stephen a Smith lmaoo

  2. Hyron Harrison

    Praise God it's hard to stay spiritual how they got these niggas on the TV sellin miracles?!

  3. Nick Sealy

    Can’t lie the first 18 years of my life was definitely something. Especially being in school

  4. Babajeeds


  5. The Juice

    18 yrs! of suffering


    Gone just like that

  6. Dude Love

    J.Cole greatest song ever.

  7. Nick Sealy

    wish we could hear the instrumental without kerney talking

    Nick Sealy

    Ivan Herrera this song should of had a video


    @Nick Sealy land of the snakes has this beat

    Nick Sealy

    Master Votrex 100 want the instrumental

    Jarrett Allen

    Outkast- The Art of Storytelling Part 1(Aquemini)

    Thank me later.

    Outkast/J.Cole fan.

    Paul Larbi

    Jarrett Allen Out here saving lives😂 love both artists

  8. James Y

    Would hear shit like this late night growning up lmao

  9. KidMadi

    That first line made me really sad when i first started listening to j cole

  10. carl fagerstrom

    this is very FUNNY!!!!!

  11. Existential Error

    For GAAAAAAAAAAH to heal them.

  12. Dae Dae

    this is the shit i used roll down lewis street with.

  13. Ronald Marmito

    This gives me a Bioshock vibe idk

  14. Mesfen Oliver

    Nerf or nothing

  15. r f

    0:31 land of the snakes beat in the background

    Amateur Conquerer

    this is the intro


    plushrecon thanks captain obvious

  16. Lyn Love



    Every time I hear this shit I can't stop laughing

  18. Little Eastwood

    I stopped going to church after seeing this shut first hand. Personal prays cost from $150-200 like damn.. Churches are out their Cotten picking minds..

  19. Joseph Wilson

    Im Pretty sure this is talking about how pastors and the church has People PAYING for a mircle &/or help from the Church and apperently God . Which it should Not be like that .

  20. mrblakman

    maybe cole is trying to say somethin? might be trying to expose the fake and lucid people. prayer should be free.

    Nugs McDankerson

    "Devil don't play fair" - Villuminati

  21. Alexander Overby

    "I beleuve tens AND THOUsands across this country that were HURRTING!"
    (wtf moment)
    "but GAAAAAAAAUUD!!! can heal them and GAAAAAAAAUUD!!! can work a miracle for them." This made burst into laughter so hard, I was rolling.

    mkhisto Mdingi

    Funniest eish I've heard in a long time

  22. Ace G. Sloppy

    yeah its beautiful tho, lol I sound corny

  23. kmmx91

    This has a sort of dark vibe to it.. I love it

    Joshua Dallas

    kmmx91 that’s the point.. he is exposing him as a snake

  24. Kenneth Graham

    Born sinner

  25. raptor

    Agreed. This skit was something special. I don't know why but it's just appropriate for the mood of this album.

  26. raptor

    18 years suffering GONE just like that

  27. J MONEY

    This nigga craaaaaaaaaay

  28. Mr. Squeeze

    this the shit I used to roll down Lewis street with.

  29. Ace G. Sloppy

    feel like im fallin from heaven in a funny way

  30. Mizz Kandy

    sounds like a little bit of a sample in the background from OutKast ft. Slick Rick - Da Art of Storytellin'. But i remember Kerney Sermon used to scare me out of my sleep with all that crazy yelling on b.e.t LOL i think he used to come on after Uncut!

    Jarrett Allen

    It is Outkast. From Aquemini album.

  31. Shar the HipHopHead

    Surely that's how it is..