Iwrestledabearonce - Gift Of Death Lyrics

Slaughter the children. To Protect the father.
The blood to water.
Aware inside my body. Trapped in a pool of blood.
I dig my fingers in the open sores of the ones who've given up.
I hear them suffocate.
They are bloated. A waste of life.
Relax my hands. It's a blessing.
Their eyes turn up. I force mine down in the hole.
The gift of death is such a blessing for us.
Cut out my wicked eyes.
Gift of death.
Cut out my wicked eyes.
A gift is carved to hide the markings on palms.
A mask could hide the father.
Blood to water.
Blood to water.
Sacrifice like you do your daughters.
Blood to water. Blood to water.
Their eyes turn up. I force mine down.
The gift of death is such a blessing for us.
Cut out my wicked eyes. Wicked eyes.

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Iwrestledabearonce Gift Of Death Comments
  1. Richard Russell

    She's 🤤🤤🤤


    This album should've gotten more respect.

  3. Shawn Cicalese

    Laplante is Ahhmazing,yet I miss Krystal,what a cool chick

  4. Brady Kirkpatrick

    This is like Dillinger but with a female vocalist

  5. Bourbon Ernie

    Miss them but Spiritbox is even better.

  6. Dominus Svantevitus

    It reminds me early Napalm Death ;-)

  7. Ibrahīm al-Ameriki


  8. Daren Walker

    Imagine a circle pit of bears moshing to this.

  9. jmscrft

    i am deaf and just eargasmd

  10. Ervin Santiago

    Mordern hair style institute a progresado por los estudiantes que han sido aplicados! Ninguno de sus Profesores han logrado que sus estudiantes hayan progresado!!

  11. Jeff Arnold

    Fuck I miss this crazy ass band. I loved both singers, they were amazing.

  12. Luke Roberts

    holy fuck nice

  13. 3rd Dragunov

    Fucking AWESOME !!!! 👌😈🤘

  14. IceIX Killer

    Krysta is way better lmao

  15. lemonc4ke lemon

    arch enemy on crack

  16. Felix Mata

    Courtney was the nice person I met in the scene. God bless her and her beast as vocals!

  17. GlamPhantasm

    It reminds me of a really well-done YTP with the mirrored parts and spastic noises haha

  18. Aaron Clements

    Fefe Courtney

  19. Aaron Clements


  20. Trevor Gregory

    metal af

  21. Brad Miller


  22. Tyler Remy

    Surprised by all of the Tony Danza tapdance extraganza comments. Guess look out for new emmure? Weird to say

  23. Yisus Core

    Esta bien buena la vocalista

  24. Chris Ross

    Here because I love spiritbox

  25. X F

    0:20 That look she gives you when you leave toilet seat up.

  26. mastermanio2

    Well. That's it. I'm officially old. I don't understand what the fuck this is supposed to be. It's just noise. Sounds like someone shitting out MIDI notes every 3 seconds, and the vocalist completely incomprehensible. Even moreso than is normal for the genre. I can't understand a word she says. RUH RUH RUH RUH MIDI MIDI MIDI MIDI RUH RUH RUH RUH PEW PEW LASER MIDI RUH RUH RUH RUH
    thats the fucking song. this shit is trash. put down the fucking instruments, you're insulting them. frankly, it sounds like you're assaulting them too. I bet those instruments would take your ass through domestic court if they could speak for themselves.

  27. Fullmetal Norik .

    I've been a metal fan for most of my life, i listen to everything from Metallica to Slipknot to Whitechapel to Immortal, and this album is fucking undeniably amazing.

    the production is satisfying and heavy, the writing is clever and creative,

    i mean, it's a fucking metal masterpiece. i have no qualms saying this at all.

    long live the Bear.

  28. skullduggery

    I just have to come back to this now and again. Soothes the ol' nerves. Gives me peace. (actually, this whole album was KILLER!!! Brilliant work!)

  29. Илья Веревкин

    The hammer

  30. Vicious Oz

    Thank fvck they started doing metalcore

    yuyi rv

    But they're no more a band :((

    Jonathan Ostler

    @yuyi rv Spiritbox is a thing and it's great

  31. Dennis Brown

    She cups the mic so bad she’s not obviously in the video. But as a vocalist whom cupped the mic when I first started, you can just hear it in the audio

    Dennis Brown

    But let me be clear this shit goes in hard

  32. CizreK

    New singer ruined the band sorry. Yall should of changed your name. Aint the same vibe. She aint got the pipes.

  33. Bryan Perkins Art

    Holy Shit this is awesome 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  34. Yus 0

    Check out Spiritbox if you're all wondering what happened to this band.

    Tianshuo Yang

    so the vocals left, along with a guitar. And why?

    The B

    Had to come back here and say thanks for the heads up.

  35. Bill Kile

    I lika ...... Dooooo......... A da cha cha.

  36. Syn Soul

    owo jeez.... i havent listened to this band... and now its air sirencore xD

  37. Mitch Lucker15

    su voz me mando a lavar los trastes :"""(

  38. DeadKold

    buckethead called, he wants his weird guitar noises back

    Christopher Chambers

    DeadKold this is the most normie comment I’ve ever read


    @Christopher Chambers wow u must b max edge

  39. JunePhoenix 96

    What do you think their click tracks sounded like


    damn this is so terrible bad that it is good man this song is baaaaaad it is like you love metal but won't and they force you with a ear rape

  41. Wes B26

    I haven't cranked these guys (and gal) up in a while, r they still a band???

    Yus 0

    Spiritbox is the new band the singer made & it's great!

  42. Alexander Loos

    This is music god and angels listen too

  43. xxstonegamer get lit

    Love this song

  44. Matt Y.

    Wow, they finally got gud

  45. Wes Dees

    Still doesnt beat the original singer

  46. Happy Arnold

    This song makes my dead heart race.

  47. Ice Man

    whats this song about?

  48. Ivan Santillanes

    Those cleans are so creepy haha!

  49. [ J A N E P U P P E T ]

    0:32 - И тут я понял, что отныне это моя любимая группа)))

  50. Daniel AL - Hakim


  51. Matt Allen

    this is too awesome

  52. Izra Channel

    this is not a music,, this is noise

  53. Harrison Manygoats

    Heavy AF 🔥🔥🔥

  54. Antonio Aleman

    I just liked it fuck yeah

  55. Aaron Huddleston

    Still horrible. Always was. Always will be.

    Super Deluxe Kid

    damn that's cool

  56. La Reina de los Lamentos

    I Love this Band

  57. La Reina de los Lamentos

    Así si dejo todo que hermosa que es Courtney te Amo!!!!!!!!!💓

  58. Some Guy

    https://youtu.be/DvD8y1IdYgs Check out Courtney before IWABO!!! This was legit AF!!! There's a change up about a minute in that will give you a Breakdown Boner...

  59. kuchesezik

    i brush my teeth to this 😁

  60. Mák

    When you do not like the track, but you have to listen it trough because you love this band. And finally press the like button...

  61. xtlm

    Why do extremely dark lyrics make a band "serious" and why is that better?

  62. BulkBrandon78

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  63. Diego Sanchez

    Are they still around? I haven't heard of them since they dropped this legendary album 😩


    Check out Spiritbox, it's Courtney and Michael's new band. Prog metalcore

  64. Aaron Chris

    I love this!

  65. nicholas baron

    eu transaria loucamente com essa mina

  66. Shepard

    Maddening, insane, obscene, incoherence of melody, cacophanic, psychotic, demented, maniacal, deranged, hysterical and disturbing. Fascinating.

  67. hotstuff 420

    the girl from hack my life found a hobby

  68. Vocal Venom

    It isn’t bad but it just doesn’t feel like iwrestledabearonce

  69. Tiffany Lynn W

    She is in spiritbox now kid's 💗

  70. Audi Joseph

    What fuckn key is this in?! FLAWLESS.

  71. BeardedTilDeath

    Now that IWABO is no more, where have all these dudes gone? They write some nasty riffs. I hope this style has gone into some new projects...

    Colin Lavoie

    yo, SPIRITBOX thank me later

  72. Jose Arturo Hernandez Lopez

    She's the same vocalist


    Jose Arturo Hernandez Lopez nah

  73. Oldominion

    2019 and yeah banged my head off! I love her dress!

  74. Stephen Lyninger

    yo 00:33

  75. Johan Thorstenson

    Hugh glass' favourite band

  76. Vlad Lipay

    nice staff

  77. Ben Fazio

    This is absolutely terrible

  78. Lerith

    These guys and lady are serious... i love that

  79. Jesus Christ

    I wanna marry her

  80. Oliver Proxy

    Hmmci k riko

  81. AJB

    I listen to this all the time


    ¡She's so pretty!

  83. Nikolaus Wendel

    Omfg yes heavy heavy stay heavy

  84. Jose Rodriguez

    I got Tdwp vibes mang

  85. DeadTownManifesto1985

    Wait hold the phone. When the fuck did they get a new lead singer???

  86. Lunchb0xBRO

    Fortnite sucks

  87. PureCore

    Awesome, , i like this!

  88. Devin Sisson

    Shes good but still garbage compared to the original vocalist

  89. Naaglash

    I haven't check them out since that one song on century records, daamn what an improvement

  90. Олег Беззаботнов

    жесть... Очень круто.

  91. Ares Apollo

    I love Extreme metal, like death metal etc. But I don`t get this deathcore genre.

  92. Paul Douglas

    That spin at the 36 second mark where her cute little dumper pokes out. Nut busting blast beats

  93. Dont Stop

    What a stupid name for a band. I dont understand how people compared jinjer with this nonsense

  94. therockstar barber

    Way better than older stuff

  95. Rae Dasme

    I read an article saying that Khabib used to wrestle bears, so that reminded me of this band. Hence why I’m here lol

  96. Alexandre MONBAILLY

    Go check "Spiritbox" dear friends.

    Tyler Remy

    Legit all I’ve been listening to lately so good it’s criminal

    Devin Young

    Try out Belacara - Spiritbox

    Zack Attack

    Man fuck am i late?


    @Zack Attack - better late than never.

    Tanith Turner

    Its ehh.

  97. Chuck Globus

    Men are better at screaming in bands 100% of the time. Fight me.