Iwrestledabearonce - Boat Paddle Lyrics

I felt the ocean breaking over my head
I'm spinning
A constant pressure I can't fight
I might not make it through the night
the night
the night
the night

I was raised in a state; so much at stake, a slab of meat deteriorating
Muscles are weak, no bone in my back, ligaments slack
Sensations, my insides cave as they rot
Infested in waves, take hold of my marrow and wash it away
No bone in my back, ligaments slack, sensations, my insides cave as they rot

I'm treading water, dreading
the end won't numb my feeling
I'm calling out to you, I'm begging you for help
Because I've been given all the answers and I can't
even help myself
Yes, I've been given all the answers and I can't
even help myself

I held a glass out in my hands
I made a fist, a consequence
My fingertips are filled with shards
My open palm is filled with blood
A single drop will conjure up unspeakable creatures preserved in the salt
Worse than darkest pools in my mind
They float, suspended
There is no time, no time

I'm treading water, dreading
the end won't numb my feeling
I'm calling out to you, I'm begging you for help
Because I've been given all the answers but I can't
even help myself
Yes, I've been given all the answers and I can't
even help myself

I curse the god who brought a vision as I cry for help
an island passing and I'm reaching out for help
because I've been given all the answers but I can't
even help myself
Yes, I've been given all the answers and I can't
even help myself

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Iwrestledabearonce Boat Paddle Comments
  1. Zebulon Swearingen

    Great vid. Great vocals, this lady roars right, sings great. Very talented band, great metal, great band name too. Gonna check out more vids.

  2. Raqubor

    Is Courtney like Jim Carrie's daughter? The facial expressions are so similar.

  3. itsnicksharpbro

    When a drummer is having that much fun, they are the most dangerous. What a beast.

  4. ciblesetsuna

    Courtney became a goddess in Spiritbox now!

  5. darkfullgor 0_0

    Rest in peace I wrested a bear once... You guys were great but I understand your done you guys are retired.. rip..

  6. marky 6

    This nerd metal is pretty alright

  7. Ryan Hernandez

    Spiritbox that. Is. All.

  8. Ironsights85

    uuummm.... what?!

  9. quicKnife TM

    Пердак бомбанул жёстко! xD

  10. xy crone

    is that a pussy rolf

  11. Buried YoUx

    That girl is so ugly I bet they all gangbang her with a paper bag on her head.

  12. Павел Горковский

    Ёпти бля!!!

  13. MetalTimmy

    It takes more confidence than I think I'll ever have to act natural in those zentai suits in public

  14. ксхн-канал с хорошим названием

    WTF I just watched?

  15. TOMYKONG Revolti

    When someone has a full death rare firing at you you just gotta sing and you automatically win unless the enemy also sings, then you just gotta use the power of friendship

  16. Marshall Davidson

    2020 anyone?

  17. Angel Negron

    Yep listening to this in 2020

    Artem Shtyrba

    Reverse here from riffshop animemetalcore madnes🤗

    Matthew Clark

    This is the first singer that had right

    John Thompson

    @Matthew Clark 2nd. Check out Spiritbox for her new music.

    darkfullgor 0_0

    They are nomore a band the new singer she even quit too.. iwabo is retired now sadly.. the singer quit and does her own project now.

    darkfullgor 0_0

    @Matthew Clark this is second singer the first one didn't show up for this album.

  18. Vyacheslav Abramov

    Yes, PUNK'N'DEATH and women vocal, this is the thing!!!

  19. Psykowo

    wat did I juss watch...

  20. aldarion192

    Esta chida la música. el vídeo bien fumado xddd

  21. Jason Brand


  22. Ulrik Moller

    Power rangers or lanterns? 🤔

  23. Fav Sounds

    she got a fat ass

  24. Life with mae mae


  25. Котега в шлеме Усы,лапы,хвост

    Чё за долбоёбизм???

  26. Rob Hinyngr


  27. Christian Carter

    I miss Krysta.

  28. Denden

    The acting skills look like a porn show.

  29. MRWICK 06

    Stupidest thing ever

  30. Jason Miller

    Different but incredible

  31. Chachie balboa

    Yep you caught me listening to this in 2019

    D_J_M_S ?!

    You are under arrest for something i forgot can someone remind me

    Tiny Rick

    Here here

  32. Hunter Lambert

    This looks like a really bad porn intro

  33. Melanie Carter

    Songs good but the video is just stupid.

  34. Joe Price

    Song starts at 2:19

  35. Life with mae mae



    They're just wacky and fun <3

  37. Reyyan Açıkgöz

    Pretty catchy i'd say

  38. Zuerjelberger

    This is like Jinjer ate a bowl of tubbie custard :D

  39. Geoff Prettyman

    Fuck this.

  40. vivek thapa

    I miss them

  41. Johnny Mnemonic

    I love this song and this video is one of the best music videos ever made!!

  42. Daniel Omitted

    That beginning the greatest impersonation of an unfunny saturday night live skit ive seen in my life.

  43. Mason Rosinsky

    This hits hard!

  44. SpamReciever420

    I feel like this MV is probably banned in Germany.

  45. Kurt H

    Actual music video starts at 2:20

  46. Homeopathic Fossil-Fuels

    please start recording again and make minecraft parody music videos :(

  47. Therealqq

    lmao 4:45 and onwards is literally spiritbox

    do a blood ritual be young and beautiful forever

    she’s improved soo much, Spiritbox makes fucking masterpieces

  48. wailand karisma

    this is the kind of metal i like

  49. Lonestar

    "Oh no he didn't"

  50. Chris Kinh

    nya cat?

  51. YodaOnTheDrums

    god damn i love this band... always have and always will... is this their best song... no... is this song amazing.... yes it is... so simple yet amazingly beautifully and haunting at the same time... 👍🤘🍻🇺🇸

  52. Bobby G.

    Courtney is fucking slamming. Krysta I was a huge fan of. But now I don’t know who I like better. They both have beautiful singing voices and insane screaming. Wonder why krysta left.


    She had a kid. Courtney grew up and she's doing spiritbox now.

  53. HolyRest NoMore


  54. Freezie Pop

    I just realized that the singer is the same singer from spiritbox

  55. mikabass

    this song still is so good

  56. troy barnhouse

    Not trying to sound sexist but there's only one woman that is a good metal vocalist and that's Angela from arch enemy. No other front woman sounds even half decent.

    Lucas P

    Not trying to sound racist but

    Kiefy Wonder


  57. Clark Miller

    her voice is great. It was difficult to find a female screamer i liked that can go hard too

  58. Craig James Myran

    This is one of the most beautiful songs I've heard!! Courtney and the the guys are incredible musicians.

  59. Nick Coamey

    The intro is fuckin agony

  60. michael callan

    I suppose its a good thing that these dudes make music and not comedy or film

  61. Sum Arbor

    1:13 Weird flex but okay.

  62. Lex _

    Is it just me or does she have a weird shaped nose?

  63. The Dick


  64. Racer 67

    Ima say it again....wen people take acid and fall into rabbit holes!

  65. Charles Barber

    What is this power rangers shit?

  66. Douglas Venceslau

    what a fack liked it!

  67. Lillith Brimhall

    I’m scared

  68. sm tb

    мне нравится этот злодей!

  69. YuLee

    What did I just watch? XD

  70. DeGoyen

    Why the F*ck didn't I found this in 2013?

  71. Aaron Huddleston

    Planet ass face plus no balls to go with them hairless gooches.

  72. Underground Warrior

    Her cleans are amazing, but her scream is kinda meh :/ I'm glad her voice gets better now. This song is enjoyable, but the video is lmao, even better.

  73. calob climer

    Rubber drum sticks

  74. דוד מרדכי שלזינגר

    Ok this weird but I love it

  75. Ciaran Crosson

    The drummer is my fave

  76. Dindu Muffin


  77. Cesar Barrientos

    Oddly satisfying. 10 /10

  78. Facepalm Mute

    why am I just now seeing this?!?!?

  79. Teddy Ballgame

    Your Ex deserves to hear this

  80. 78superboss

    Its like the pick of destiny when thy sent satan back to hell with there metal

  81. Christiaan Ungerer

    That cake part was awesome

  82. Brandon Shiados

    I wish they woulda showed Courtney's thicc thighs more lol

  83. Jared ADEPT

    She has a country singer voice I wish they made more music like this

  84. Tristan Sartor

    but why are all the comments from so long ago?

  85. Dr.evilporkchop

    i miss this band hope they get back together sooner or later

  86. Phillip Lehl

    What in Crystal meth did I just watch? XD dead 😂


    Epic shit

  87. Ninefinger Joe

    2:19 to skip the intro skit and get to the jam

  88. cribbles '

    Thanos is fucked

  89. Justin Hughes

    What, no vomit??

  90. lifecore 777

    This girl has a beautiful hair

  91. Oldominion

    She is one of the best singers i have ever heard <3 worst thing is she cold be the twin of my GF lol like everything..

  92. Greg Keen

    I now know why I've never heard of this band before.

  93. Alex Smith

    This seems like a case for Burt Macklin

  94. Broke Guy

    I want some of whatever drug's they are taking......

  95. Andrew Myles

    low budget power rangers

  96. Mau Arce

    The powertubbies metal show

  97. Ryan Smith

    2012-2015 was an odd era for the alternative scene 😂